Yusuf Estes – Stories of The Prophets for Children (Episode 25)

Yusuf Estes
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Well, he was taken the side, which goes towards Syria, and Syria or bladder Sham is the area where he went, people have maybe he went there. Remember, we talked about them before. And that's where he went.

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Think the people have shaved. If you remember those guys, well, anyhow, we go back that way.

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He realized something. I didn't bring anything with me. I didn't even bring a change of clothes. I didn't even bring any other shoes. All he had was some little weak looking sandals, which were around the palace, and they fell apart real fast. And he's walking on the hot sand, burning up his feet. And he didn't live like that before. He wasn't a desert person. And he had no food. And he had no drink. And he was walking. He said, I can't do this. And then all of a sudden he looking back behind him. Oh, my God, look, look, look that some people come in a whole bunch of people, it's like coming over there. I better hide. So he hid in the day. And then at night, he would travel, of

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course, it was a lot cooler at night. That's one thing, easier to walk on the sand form because the sound was cooler. But you know what the problem is, at night,

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can't see anything Kenya might step on some, like a scorpion or a snake

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or a rock, you could hurt yourself. So at night, he would travel in the day would hide himself. And this went on for one day, two days, three days, four days, five, until the eighth day. And trust me, he was exhausted. He had just gone so far. And how much water did he have? He didn't find a root. Now sometimes in the desert, you can find roots of something, pull the root out of the ground and kind of rub it against a rock or something, get it to break open, you can get some kind of liquid or eat the root or get some value out of it probably didn't taste very good. But at least you'd have something he couldn't even find. When he finally come up out of the desert, on the other side of the

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desert. He saw a tree

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a tree last. And he got up to the drain just collapsed by the tree. And he was watching and there was a weld down at the bottom of this valley there and saw this well. And he saw these guys coming up with their sheep and they're getting water there and just going That's good. That's a good idea. And these guys were moving this big huge rock off the top of the well, then he saw looks like some other sheep, they never even go up and get their water. So these guys would come, they would leave, some guys would come and they will leave different different groups of sheep, they will line them up because you can't mix them together, you get them all confused, you know. So they will try and get

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cheap, separate going in and going. But these, this one little group of sheep never did go up and getting water.

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First time ever again. And guess what? It was two girls taking care of those sheep. Now everybody knows men take care of sheep out in the desert, because it's very tough and very dangerous. And you have to be very strong, and how you can take care of sheep. And it's just two girls, you know?

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So he asked him how come you don't get some water? And they're like, shy or like, didn't look right up. And I said, Well, you know, these men are, you know, they're coming first. They were too shy to walk there. And then what happened when the men would leave? The men would put the rock back on top of the well now this rock was big. Would you like to know how big rock was?

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It was so big. It took 10 men all around it to pick it up and move it. And everybody's gone now. And Moses looked at that rock. And I told you Moses strong. You recall I said that? Yes. He walked over to that rock.

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Got under it.

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And he looked at it

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and he brought the sheep and watered mission

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10 men to mow this rock.

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Moses did it by himself.

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What do you think of that?

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Pretty strong, huh? It gets better. Well, he put the rock back. And the girls left with the sheet and went back upset under the tree. Anyway.

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I forgot to get a drink.

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I should dunk and make you forget you get so excited about other events. But you see how he really liked to help people. It was always trying to help people just like helping those girls.

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Well, it wasn't very long. And one of the girls came back a couple days, whatever. She came back

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and she was looking for him. She said my father wants to talk to you. He said what what's going on? She said, Well, you see it's like this, sir. Me and my sister were the only two can take care of the sheep as we told you, you know that we're the only ones

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My father is very old, and he can't take care of the sheep, he can't go out. And now he wants to thank you. He's inviting you to come. By the way, do you know how to say invite in Arabic, Tao, Tao, if you say that word,

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it means to invite. So it's always been the tradition, all throughout the whole land, if anybody gives you an invitation like that, you must accept it. Even in today, you find this in the Middle East, if anybody gives the invitation, you should accept it. fact, that's part of being a good Muslim, is to give imitation to come to your place, and also to accept the invitation. Anyhow, so he accepted it. And he went, and along the way, though, along the ways following her, you know, what he did? It sort of new minded go behind me is like,

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said well, just because, so Okay, so she went behind it, but she knew why.

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And when they got there, and he met the Father, father was very happy, slaughter the sheep, and they had food and they enjoyed, he took care of Moses is very nice to him. And then

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the girl came, and she said to her father, you know what, I think this is a good idea for me to marry this guy. He said, You know, I'm thinking the same thing. It's a good idea for you to marry this guy. But, but know about him. He's telling us some story about he was a prince in Asia, he killed somebody, and they're looking for him. And I don't know.

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I mean, he dies, but he killed somebody. And they are looking for him. But again, though, he's very nice. How do I know that he'd be the right one for my daughter? She said, Well, let me tell you what, when we were traveling all the way coming over here, he was too shy to even look at me. So he asked if I would walk behind him. So he wouldn't be looking at me. Or traveling. He said he did that. Yeah. That's the guy for me. And he got married. But here's the deal. He said, Would you like to get married to my daughter?

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And on a condition, though, you work for me for eight years taking care of the animals, then you're free to go?

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Or, if you stay on two more years, make it 10? as a favor to me. And that's also cool.

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musette? This is a very good deal. After all, a, I don't have any place to go. Be I don't have any job. See, I don't have any money. Oh, yeah. And I don't even have a wife. This is excellent idea. So he got married, and he was very happy. And for the eight years, he just toiled away working, taking care of the sheep doing so many things. And then, as a favor, he stayed the other two years to guess what he did while he was there. With the sheep he brought into the desert, and go out and he would look and he would observe and he would think and he would watch and he would see things and really contemplate what contemplate means. It's like when you think about a thing, and you look at it, and

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you think all about it. So he would notice it night, the stars. And he would think how these stars are different places every night.

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And then the daytime, we would look at the things that come up out of the ground. How does this come up out of the ground? What makes it come up? And how does the water come down and take what looks like it's dead, but you put water a few days, something's growing up out of it. And some things even break the ground, and break even rocks. Some stuff can break around growing up there just

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like that

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automatic data, but in fact, he realized there must be a law. He knew that just knew it. There is a law. And the law would inspire him with thinking.

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He became very spiritual at that time.

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He developed his mental process real nice, because it's so quiet out there. When you're quiet, really quiet, and there's nothing around the body and you can think and the air is fresh and clean. And you relaxing and you're looking at the creation of a law. He came to know that there really is the rub anatomy. Now that means the Lord of the worlds are up. Lord, Alan being the world's at the 10th year, all of a sudden, a law put something in his heart real strong. And he felt so attracted to go back. I have to go back. I have to go back. We don't know for sure if he was missing his mother, or his brother, or sister or all of his family. Or maybe he was missing the lady that raised

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him up the coin. Maybe you just wanted to go back and see the place he grew up in but for whatever reason. He had to go back and he knew it. So he told his wife, you know what? We got to go the next day. Just don't

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We gotta go. She said, huh? He said now, she said would mean now. Right now we're going, Okay, well, we're going.

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I'm gonna go back to my land where I came from going back to Egypt. She's like, huh?

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Excuse me. Do you remember they're looking for you?

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Yeah, but I have to go back. You killed somebody you said, yeah. You said you're gonna kill you.

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doesn't matter. I'm gonna go, okay. She could think about 1000 dangers in the trip back, but she was a good wife. She said you want to go with you? Let's go. So he packed up and he took her. He took all the sheep, his family, everybody that he had done, by the way, you know, of course, they had family, you know. So the one back, she could think about 1000 dangers in the trip back, but she was a good wife. She said you want to go with you? Let's go. So he packed up and he took her. He took all the sheep, his family, everybody that he had, by the way, you know, of course, they have family, you know. So the one back, and on the way back, is crossing the desert. And Moses pretty smart.

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In fact, he's brilliant. But he still did what all of us Do you know what happened? He got lost. It got lost big time. And it was by this mountain desert, and he was thinking,

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I get lost me. Let me go over here. I'm gonna go on there.

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And all of a sudden, he saw a fire,

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And it was a strange kind of fire because it didn't just like burn up and just get, you know, burning real, even if it wasn't consuming it. So just being that being said, Okay, you guys stay here, I'm gonna go check out this fire. And see if I can bring back something because it could be some people there I could get some fire from something, you know, they got over there closer and closer. And the voice spoke to him and told him, Moses, this is sacred ground, take off your shoes in the ground. Don't pay for Asians

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to go fish you

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miss talking to me. He said, this is the law. And the law spoken directly. And a lot tells us in the Quran that some of the prophets, they came with the message and some of them they have no relation. And one they know a lot spoke to him directly. And who is the one?

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Say Salaam. I was telling him many things.

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Well, this is kind of a big deal for Moses, and allow was telling him that ilaha illa Allah, there's nothing to worship except a law. So all these false worship all these gods that these people have, especially Pharaoh, that Pharaoh was telling people what to worship Him. He said he was a god, right?

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And I was telling you now

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you go back, go back to Egypt. When you go back into Egypt, you go to Pharaoh, and you tell him

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no more false worship, nobody's going to worship you anymore. They're only going to worship me along the road below me

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was just thought about that he's gonna win it.

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Hold on a second, you know, is

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this is a lot. It's sitting, in fact, you know, and it's going through his brain. Oh, this is something amazing.

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Then he realized that I need strength to do this. And I need courage to do this. And I need. Wait a minute. He had another problem too. I forgot to tell you about this. Moses had a speech impediment. That means he couldn't talk blind. Like we talk our tongue and lip don't stop applying. Or maybe sometimes or not.

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Because when Moses prayed for a lie, he said, Give me the strength. And that's one things he asked for. And give me the ability to argue with this guy because he knew he's gonna have to argue with him. I said and tie the knot in my tongue. So evidently, when he's got to be under pressure to speak

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or something, maybe stutter, maybe we don't know. But just to give you the idea, you know, it was tough.

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And many added something that he said, Oh, yeah. And include my brother to her room. I want him to help me for backup.

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Now after 10 years, can you imagine that he's on his way back crossing the desert gets stuck out there. Last see a fire roll and the fire is talking about the fire but law is but you see how that goes. And he's like glue man. Other stuff happening here

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while he came back

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When he got back into the in Egypt,

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they remembered him of course, nobody forgot anything.

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I'm sure he would like to go see his mom, like, go see sisters and go see his brother. But one thing's for sure he went to see Pharaoh. And in front of Pharaoh, the king the hot shot the big shot, right? He went to him, and he started to tell him what's going on that you know,

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you need to let the people go. He said, What do you say?

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Excuse me? I'm sorry. What did you say? He said, No, these people here you're treating as slaves.

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These are the children of Israel. Let them go with me.

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There I said, Okay. These are my slaves.

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And not only do they work for me, they worship me. Because I'm the God.

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Because nobody ever dared to say that before. Even way before all these things when they came, they would tell people worship me. And they would just do it. Nobody argued with them. So here is this man who was actually raised there, telling them that said, You're telling me that you're going to take them and you count on me. They don't need to worship me said No, they're not your slaves. They're slaves of a law.

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We're all servants of Allah. Even, you

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know, this fellow was pretty sharp. It wasn't stupid. And he had a lot of people around him as a pretty big court, you know? Is it? Excuse me? What's your name?

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Said Moses.

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was Moses, but he was getting ready to set him up and said, Are you the Moses that was in the basket that came floating down the river? said, Yeah. Are you the same Moses that we brought into this palace and

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took care of you? Yes.

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You the same Moses, they got your food here. You've got your drink here. You got your clothing here. You got your shelter here. You got your money here. Yeah.

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We were the same Moses that killed an Egyptian citizen and ran away 10 years ago? Well, yeah.

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I see. And, excuse me,

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getting tapped me.

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According to the teaching, you just told us whoever kills a person is disbelief. Not a believer. Isn't that right? You kill somebody. You're not a believer. Is that right? Well, so that means you're not even a believer. And you're telling me about belief and Allah and

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all right, yeah, thank you very much.

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UCLA cinema was stronger in his will. And I love really giving the ability. And he told me Listen, what I did

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was an accident. I never intended to kill this man.

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And even though a law has since then made me as a prophet, and I'm a prophet, to you, and to all the people telling you telling you, there's only one God worship Him, and you're not God.

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Excuse me, Mr. Moses. Do you have any?

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Well, Moses, lamb was out in the desert when he got lost. There's something that a lot of children

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Yes, when he was in the desert, what happened was this.

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Allah said, Moses, what's in your right hand?

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He said, my stick.

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What do you use it for? He said, Well,

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I use it to walk with when I'm going along. And I used to beat down the trees and get stuff down for the animals to eat, and many other things.

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Allah said, Moses, pull your stick on the ground.

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Moses stayed on the ground, and it became a huge serpent. A big snake. Oh,

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oh, what this

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allows it, stretch out your hand and grab it, and then return back into a stick

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out your hand and grab it. We'll turn back. It'll be alright. Go ahead. put his hand down since he touched it. We can stick again.

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take your right hand and put it inside of your club.

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Now pull it out. And he did and it will shine like light

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He looked at it. So what

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happened? Now put it back in. Again, pull it out. And there it is. normal again, free of any kind of disease or anything just as nice as it can be.

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So when Pharaoh was asking Moses, Moses

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is asking him for any proof. any proof you'll have? He didn't think it was gonna have any proof

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of what Moses did. Took the stake.

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Do it down snake. big snake. Mom, wherever. What do you call this? Coburn

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crawling? What?

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Yeah, like this way, on all over the place, big quivering.

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Then when he stepped his hand down and he grabbed it turned back into step kings like

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K, did anybody else see that? You saw that? Oh,

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wow. And then Moosa put his hand inside of his coat.

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And he pulled it out. Shiny white, it was like, you know, watch this.

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And he put it back.

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And he pulled it out again. And it was back to normal.

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To mega mega mega mega, wasn't this. What is this? Come on, guys. What's up with this?

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Basic magic. Just magic. We know guys do the same thing. You do your ad, don't worry about it. There's a magician.

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That's pretty scary. Don't worry about it. We get this guy under control. Okay. So mortgages.

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You'd like to try that with some competition. And Moses said, Sure. There's a day of festival coming up. So what I like to do is tell them, I like you to get everybody on that day. Because on the day of the festival, all the people of all the lamps are going to be there. So bring all the people together on that day. And we'll have a competition. Where is it good enough for me. So in the meantime, they started getting ready, they started letting everybody know there's gonna be something really big going on. Now throughout the land, the people that heard this story about one of the servants, and one of the slaves that had been raised by Pharaoh and then killed an Egyptian in this

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gate, they knew the story was pretty famous. And they were saying, hey, that's the same guy. He's back, knowing that he's a magician. And not only that, he's got this magic snake that turns into a stick and he's got some weird stuff he's doing with his hands and all this kind of stuff. And there's gonna be a lot of other magicians there's gonna be a big competition. And it was like, fantastic. Everybody's gonna go everybody's gonna see it. This is gonna be the event

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of all events.

Some episodes of a very famous peace tv program about stories of prophets. Please listen there are beautiful lessons for people of all ages.

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