Reviving Ramadan #21 – Ramadan Burnout

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I'm feeling a bit of a burnout from the nightly tarawih prayers some people may ask so is there any advice that can keep me motivated?

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This is usually the time of the month of Ramadan where enthusiasm for the tarawih night prayers begins to weaken. It's been quite a few days of doing the same thing over and over again. Some people will feel the brunt of that. What advice can we give him or her to keep them motivated to remind them of what it is they are doing when they are worshipping Allah Almighty through the night tarawih prayers. Let us take a look at a few points in the hope of refreshing the purpose of this great act of worship. Number one, an opportunity to erase those many crimes of ours come through these taraweeh prayers. There shouldn't be anything that bothers us more in life than the prospect

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of being reminded by Allah of each and every one of our sins in his court on the day of reckoning. Can you imagine the shame and the fear of being asked about the small and the big before him on the day of judgment. And with that in mind, these night prayers are a means of raising them. Men Samarra, Madonna Eman and ratty seven off your alma mater, Kundalini Bambi whoever stands in prayer at night during Ramadan all of his previous sins will be raised. Remember that? The to remember that the enormous quantities of good deeds come about through the Tarawih prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the regular either Salam Al Imam tion Sarraf Hasib Allahu kriya Molina, a

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person who stands in prayer behind the Imam till he concludes, he will be given the reward of the person who prayed the entire night. Remember that? Number three, remember that and in order to qualify yourself, for the title of Mottaki, to be God conscious. One of those tools is to pray at night. And according to the Quran, they will be the ones who will be given the guardians of gender. What are their traits can or kalila Mina Langley, Maya Joan, they used to sleep little at night or be less hardy homeostatic pheromone, and in the hours of dawn, they would ask Allah for forgiveness. This is what you are doing every night in Ramadan.

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Number four, remember

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that not any level in paradise but the people who prayed that they are given the highest levels in Jannah

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and description of Allah's true servants. The Quran mentions when Marina Joby tuna lira became Superjet and Wakayama, those who spent the night to the Lord prostrating and standing. This of course is taraweeh and supposed to be a way of life as well. But this is what you are doing in Ramadan.

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And what is the reward of such people? Hula Iike huge his own a lot of atopy Masaba who they will be rewarded the highest place in Jannah because of their patients. While you will not go in if you have to hang out and watch an AMA and they will be received with greetings and words of praise.

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Number five remember that the people who pray at night will be given a reward

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the nature and entirety of which is only known to Allah subhanho wa Taala Subhanallah those who make a habit of praying at night by man and beyond there to express expect surprises on the day of judgment. And that's why after Allah Almighty spoke about those whose sides forsake their beds, meaning they pray at night he said about their reward fellow Darla Moon assume aqui Allah Who knew karate iron, just be American, we are maroon no soul knows of the delights of the eyes that have been hidden for them as a reward for that what they used to do.

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The same way that they were so keen to hide their good deeds from the eyes of people. In thanks Allah has hidden their reward from the eyes of people today Subhanallah number six remember that praying at night is an essential component in the lives of the great so you can be a great believer in the eyes of Allah without it. And that is why speaking about Abdullah the son of Homer blah pop the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, What a great man Abdullah is if only he prayed at night. And after this incident, Abdullah would only be seen sleeping very little amounts during the night. So righteousness and Imani greatness that are quite kept without the night prayer. Also,

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number seven. Remember, when you feel a dip in your motivation to pray your title, we are so glad that this is where honor is found. Honor Khurana foolish is the one who assumes that honor is found in clothes or watches or cars properties or savings or academia or their lives. These are not our standards. Yes, we are achieving excelling them. But honor is found in many things. And one of them according to our religion is your ability to pray consistently at night. Angel Jibreel once came to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said to him on Muhammad, live as long as you wish you shall die in the end and love whom you wish you will be separated from them in the end and

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do whatever you wish you shall be held accountable in the end and realize that the honor of the believer is in his night prayer and that his dignity is when he is not

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reliant upon others.

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Number eight, when you feel a dip in your motivation for the Tarawih prayer, remember

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that smiles and love and acceptance of Allah Almighty comes by way of your lights Allah. Did you know that Allah Almighty smiles at some people of his servants? Did you know that your night prayer can bring this about the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are three categories of people whom Allah Almighty loves, and he smiles at them, and he is happy with them. And one of them is a person who has a beautiful spouse and they soft bedding, but nevertheless arises to pray at night.

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And then Allah Almighty said, such and such person has left his desire in order to remember me. And if he will, he would have continued sleeping, and you may ask me the question, what does it mean if Allah smiles at me, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answers this question and he said, well, either Allah Hikaru Buka Illa Abdon feed dunya further Hyderabadi if Allah smiles at a servant of his in this world, then this person will have no accountability on the Day of Judgment. So clearly we were not in our right minds when we harbored second thoughts about performing Tara we have prayer. If you've slack and you still have time to come back in line, and using Ramadan as your

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preparation for praying at night, all throughout the year.