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AI: Summary © The importance of remembering the principles of Islam is discussed, including hesitation and hesitation. The speakers emphasize the need to be aware of one's weaknesses and hesitation to avoid wasting one's time. They use a case study to illustrate the negative impact of actions and mistakes on one's life, and encourage the audience to remove excess excuses and focus on their actions. The importance of researching one's actions and understanding their consequences is emphasized.
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man has a tendency to argue a case for his actions, even when fully aware that they are in reality completely unjustifiable. Allah subhanaw taala who said belly in Santo Isla infc Heba. So your man is a witness against himself. Well no uncommon idea or who even if he gives himself his excuses.

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However, the medicine of this Quranic principle when it is applied to these actions that we try to justify, the behavior is exposed for what it truly is a flimsy veil, used to cover a flimsy side to a person's personality.

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There is something that Allah subhanaw taala has installed within each and every one of us, that flags seems when contact is made with one of them, and no one signals them and the companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I asked him Alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and it will be really well if him I said to him, what is the reality of piety and sin? And He said, I'll be a rule, personal HELOC. piety is good manners.

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When if more Maha caffeine fcwc our character and your body early he does and sin, listen to the reality. Sin is that which bothers you inside.

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And you hate that people should see it. So man is a witness against himself. Even if he gives his excuses he knows. I'm going to share with you a few classical examples of this principle, that man is a witness against himself. But how we overlooking.

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Look, for example, at the obligate obligations and the prohibitions of Islam, a person may come to learn of an Islamic instruction. Let's call it the commandment, let's call it a prohibition it doesn't matter and be pertaining to dress, or finance or relationships or consumables a month of fasting gender roles, or anything like that. But then this person tries to find a way around the instruction to accommodate his preference,

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his career choice, her family tradition, his talent, his appetite. And this person therefore starts to behave with this Islamic instruction as Imam Rotimi. I said, inevitably after the role of CBRE, will you do a little while while you will see it or have you seen a few Derek, that he provides justifications for himself and argues a case for them, whilst knowing that the truth is the stock opposite of it.

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what's at the core of this behavior?

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At the very core of this behavior, is a fundamental objection to the Islamic ruling. But this person finds himself quite unable to openly articulate this discomfort and so he masks it with an opinion which he knows deep down is quite erroneous.

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As you may know, I am here beautifully said Subhan. Allah can mean hydrojetting fi know for seekers here in Mina Nassim in Kassir in Mina, no saucy will be with Him alone, the load haven't had it. He said. So Subhanallah It is remarkable.

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How many people are bothered by many of the Islamic texts? Wishing that they did not exist? And then he said, What can mean Herati fie academically? He mean? What can mean? shedule? A few 100? Okay, you mean how I mean already? And how intensely? Is it their hearts bog and how intensely do their throats choke at the existence of these Islamic texts?

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So naturally, there will always be elements in their religion. Right? We're human, that you will struggle to apply due to a weakness in email. That's normal. But you see, even in that situation, beware of falling prey to the temptation of justifications, trying to bend the rules. Instead, just acknowledge that it's a weakness, and that you know, you're not where you are. You're not where you would like to be in your Islamic journey. And you recite you humbly recite the principle that we are studying now, man is a witness against himself, even if he presents his excuses. These are the people who are near to Allah subhanaw taala because they are showing Allah that despite their hearts

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falling short to an Islamic matter,

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they remain funding

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entity pleased with Allah that are pleased with the messenger of the Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, please read the entirety of Islam, with all of its commandments, and all of its provisions, and all of its limitations, but they acknowledge that the deficiencies with them, but they are content with the religion, then they beg Allah for help in upholding his religion. This is when the flavor of iman is experienced when you're truly satisfied with their religion, even though you may not really not be able to uphold every part of it. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that Oklahoma Imani Monrovia builder here Ogden will be listen me Do you know when we were harboring

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lavinia whoever is satisfied with Allah and as his Lord

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and is satisfied with Islam as his faith, and is satisfied with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as his messenger will taste the flavor of.

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So that's the first category of people who really should remember this principle. When you are approached with the Islamic prohibitions or obligations, the second are whom I call the full finders. Now when I say the fault finders are not suggesting that we need to suspend the enjoying of good and forbidding evil, under this guise of, you know, focus on your issues and don't judge other people. No, no, I am casting blame here at the fault finders who actively seek out the failings of people and maybe, you know, experiencing the subtle rejoice and happiness when they discover it.

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But then, when we talk about their issues, they're deaf, dumb and blind, to their own catastrophes. This indeed is one of the starkest signs that Allah could be forsaking a person as a bucket, even Abdulla. He was funny, he said either itema Rajan, Mukai, land Bureau Giovinazzi na ciently IV,

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therapy. If you see a person who all he ever does is find the faults of people whilst having forgotten his own, then realize that Allah is plotting against him.

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So if we apply this principle wholeheartedly, that we ask the question, and ask you the question, what is the very first fruit that this principle causes to blossom in a person's life?

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The answer is repentance. And immediate change, because the one who humbly confesses that he is indeed a witness against himself, even if he presents his excuses, will cast aside all of the futile justifications for personal shortcomings, and they will dismiss all of the cover up pursuits of erroneous opinions. And they will meet head on their faults, or their qualms with Revelation, they will tackle them, one after the other, till that person's soul surrenders at the doorstep of servitude, because paradise cannot be accessed without tilde repentance. And repentance cannot be arrived at without humility, and humility cannot be arrived at in the absence of this principle to

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be a witness against yourself. So it all starts there.

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It all starts with looking at yourself in the mirror and acknowledging your faults, and put it into putting aside justifications and excuses.

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Just to leave you with this, I want to relate a amazing case study of this principle in action, from the life of the great Imam even though hasn't Rahima home long and far from ignoring his own faults, the unknown trying to search for, you know, grounds for them, he targeted them in an immense display of honesty, and he created a plan for each and every one of his deficiencies. Listen to what he said.

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He said, I had many folds, which I treated with a huge effort by reading the statements of the prophets and the wise men from the past and the present. And with respect to manners and etiquettes, he said, I struggled against myself in trying to cure it till Allah allowed me to overcome it.

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And the majority of my problems as well through his assistance and kindness, and then he says, listen to this, he says

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thermen Her colourful theory about

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one of the problems are isolated and identified in me

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was a huge difficulty that I had in apologizing to friends. When I made a mistake. I hold grudges, and I cannot overcome it.

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And what a follow up on Philip

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and I had a huge anger issues. And by the way, if you go through the early works of humanity by hasm, you will see that there is rage, especially in his early writings. How did he treat it? He said, So I continued remedying them till I learned how to not exhibit my anger in speech and actions.

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And I also taught myself to stop defending it in the impermissible ways. He said, What the Hamiltonian Veronica's circle and studied and was about to Isla mother than me maiden name in Canada, rubella Amrapali. And this struggle against my bad habits caused me huge agony. But I exercise patience, despite the pain, which at times made me ill.

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He said, other issues I had was self admiration, I thought so highly of myself. So a debate took place between my rationale and my soul, where my faults were discussed, to the all of the self admiration disappeared, without a trace remaining Alhamdulillah. He said, In fact, I've forced my soul to belittle itself and to employ humility. He then concludes by saying, Allah Who, and most Stan are either lucky, and ask Allah to help me rid of the rest.

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So, ignoring this principle, today, this evening of man is a witness against himself, even if he gives us excuses, ignoring this principle is essentially the choice to do one

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to carry forward your flaws into the next day

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or into your next relationship over and over again, till the brick wall of a harsh reality is collided with him.

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And that will happen either in this world and it will definitely happen in the hereafter if not treated before that. So make a decisive decision to remove those veils of excuses for good. Then start your research into how they are to be treated. And beware of surrendering to the fallacies of this is simply who I am or I've just been raised upon this all my life or I could be a lot worse. Now. That Day of Judgment will bring with it relentless realities

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that will crush all excuses so the intelligent one crushes the BS excuses well in advance of that

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why Bill

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Bill helped

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obey shield oh

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well go

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follow up on.

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Zelena Hooton Zilla.