Ali Hammuda – A Life with Allah #06 Al-Ghafr (The Forgiving)

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a murderer and his victim's behavior, highlighting the importance of forgiveness and the significance of forgiveness to both the victim and their partner. It also touches on the meaning of people's actions and actions of their victims, as well as the importance of forgiveness to both the victim and their partner. The segment concludes with a discussion of people's actions and actions of their victims.
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We visit clinics and surgeries and we're willing to spend every penny to our name and search for good health.

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And we knock on every door in search for happiness and peace of mind. We visit scholars and psychologists and even our keys in the hope of alleviating our pains and dispelling our fears. Not knowing that in many cases at least,

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the root cause of that illness was simply a sin that required an apology to Allah and a humble retreat to His Majestic Name, Allah for

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We translate this Majestic Name as the most forgiving.

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But a deeper look uncovers a much deeper meaning. The word allow for is from a lover which refers to adultery or to assist recovering and concealing something. And that's why when the Arabs want to say that so and so died his gray hair, they say Guevara, a Schabel kebab again, you hear that word Huffer. When speaking about hair dye, because it involves covering

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and also the word that they use for battle helmets is metaphor because it covers the head and protects it from harm. So from these examples, you've probably noticed two primary meanings from the term of refer, which is protection from harm, and veiling from exposure. Now, if you've understood this, you've understood the name of Allah Allah for a Lord who hides the sins of man and conceals his faults, veiling his treacherous behavior so as to not humiliate him, whilst at the same time looking for is he who shields him, protects him from the hands of those sins, by accepting his repentance, replacing the sins into good deeds, and even loving him more than he did before the sin.

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That's different to us. After we forgive, we can love that from a distance. But when Allah for forgives, He loves from a place even closer than before La Ilaha illa Allah that is in order to be appreciated and loved.

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And forgiveness is a universally admired trait. We are inclined to those who pardon, particularly when the victim did not need to do so. In April 2015, Salahuddin jet mood a delivery driver for Pizza Hut,

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was making one of his last deliveries of his shift when he was robbed, and an apartment in Kentucky. In us he was stabbed to death.

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What caught the headlines, however, was what happened during the court hearing of the murder. The father, the father of Salahuddin was present. And he came eye to eye with his son's killer. And the father addressed him and he said that, you know, it's been two years and seven months of suffering along with many nightmares. But I am angry at the devil who misguided you and misled you to do such a horrible crime.

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I don't blame you. I'm not angry at you, I forgive you. And then he said to him that the door of opportunity for God to forgive you is open reach out to him you have a new chapter of good life comics.

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Now the defendant was sentenced to 31 years in prison. But before he was taken away in cuffs, salehoo Dean's father embraced him he hugged him.

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And the defendant wept, the father whispered into his ear to do good deeds, and that when he is released from prison,

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to have confidence that Allah is forgiving. Now, at that moment, Subhan Allah, the sounds of heavy crying from the attendees could be heard.

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When the judge was reduced to tears, she called for a break. So we admire these examples. Yet at the core of it is an example of forgiveness between two equal human beings. So what then are forgiveness when it happens between two who are very different to one another?

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When a crime was not between two equal human beings, but between a slave and the Supreme Master, the helpless, when the Supreme King, the deficient and the perfect, the created and the creator? how intensely should he be loved, for the forgiveness that He shows?

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This love is then intensified in your heart towards him. When you think about the sheer number of ways that Allah Allah for has given for people to have their sins cleansed from them, as if they never did them, no less than 10 different ways. Three ways in the life of this world, Count with me. Toba is one way to have those things arranged to repentance, calamities, that by their nature erasings number three good deeds which by their nature erasings

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But if you still have sins by the time you pass away, don't worry there are another three opportunities but from within your grave

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the funeral prayer that is performed over you

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good deeds that you have left behind that continue to benefit you in the grave. Number six, the traumas, which many people will experience in the grave.

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If however, the Day of Judgment begins and you're still carrying sins and the grave delivery then don't worry, another three. Number seven, the horrors that people experience on the day of reckoning that array sins number eight, the standing on the playoff plane of resurrection for 50,000 years. Number nine, the intercession of the intercessors and as for the 10th way,

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it is the greatest and most encompassing of them all than the most hopeful. It is through the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Illallah and that is why Abdullah Hebron or Mr. Old he would say Allah he's going to forgive people on the Day of Judgment in a way that cannot be imagined by any human being.

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Is this not a lord worthy of being adored and loved ya Allah you have them in doubt anyone? Joe Tony refer to like an American I mean Kerala or valley. Allah said, Oh, son of Adam, as long as you call upon me and ask me, I shall continue to forgive you for what you have done. And I will not mind you have been there Adam. Hello Bella to the new book. I'm Anna Santa Ethan Mr. Furth any refer to Luca Wallah Oh dolly oh son of Adam. Allah said, where are your sins to reach the clouds of the sky? Then you are to ask for forgiveness of me. I would forgive you and I would not mind you have to add them.

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Now at a tiny bit corabi RB haha. So Makita Nila to Sri Kobushi. It took me corabi hamartia. Oh son of Adam, Allah says, Were you to come to me with sins, nearly as great as the but having not associated partners with me.

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I will bring you forgiveness as much as Allahu Akbar. Think about who Allah isn't and think about who you are. Which of the two is in need of the other? Which of the two depends entirely on the other, which of the two cannot function for a split second without the other?

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The answer doesn't need spilling out.

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Yet look at the manner in which he calls you back. Why does he do this?

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Because you read Allahu and you have fever and come Allah wants to lighten your load.

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You see, there are so many forms of luggage that man shoulders throughout his life.

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The luggage of work, illness, debts and dependents stress, so on.

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But there is no luggage in existence that is more steady with some your back and more damaging to your peace of mind and more detrimental to your hereafter than the luggage of sins.

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It's this luggage that expelled IBLEES from Allah's mercy and what drowned the Pharaoh and his people and what caused the earth to swallow up Corona and his riches and what annihilated the civilizations of higher than fumbled the people of low tribe. It's this luggage

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that causes in many, if not most cases, the loss of peace of mind and contentment and the goodly life. Since Abdullahi madness he said good deeds bring about light in one's face, luminosity in one's heart expanse in provisions, strength to the body and loving the hearts of the people. And since he says bring about darkness to one's face, darkness to one's heart weakness to one's body, listening in ones provisions and hatred within the hearts of people.

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Anyone who believes that happiness can be found in other than Allah's obedience, has thought the worst of ALLAH SubhanA data. So take it as a rule in life. The fatigue or the rest that your soul feels is proportional to how far or close it is to Allah? Because we all know how it feels to be torn between two items of clothing, or torn between two job opportunities or torn in the decision to travel or not. So what then have a person who is constantly torn between the life of sin and the life of worship?

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Can such a person rest?

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Of course not. So Allah Allah for he knew very well that sins will bring misery to your life. And it will change your daylight hours to darkness and convert your certainties into doubts and make your private time endless moment

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of agony.

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Allah knew this. So he sent you a lifeboat to hold on to. This the name of Allah Hunka for and there is a flag on this lifeboat, and it reads when a yarmulke Sue and we have a limit officer who with whom you're stuck Sheila Yoji de la hora Rahima. Whoever does evil or wrongs his soul then asks God for forgiveness we'll find that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

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A man nicknamed Ibotta will approach the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said to him are Atia gradually anomalous Luba for lumea through communication? What would you say of a person who's committed every sin out there?

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Who have you daily Columbia to Karjat, and voila, they are jet and for whom in Toba? In fact, he hasn't left out a single minor or major sin out there. He's done. He's done them all. Can this person be forgiven?

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked him have you embraced Islam? The man said, I testify that none is to be worshipped but Allah You are the messenger of Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him in that case, yes.

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Do good deeds, desist from sinning, and Allah who will change every one of those sins into good deeds.

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Now the man he couldn't believe what he had just heard, and he said what other it are for jrrt Even my treacherous ones, even my monstrous ones. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yes, so the man walked away, saying, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, again and again until he disappeared.

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So a Lord who was not only offering to erase your every sin, but to change them into good deeds, good deeds that you never actually did in your life is the Lord who has not disadvantaged you in any way.

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And is the Lord who wants you who wants to to turn a new leaf in your life. But there is more. And this is where it gets even more baffling.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam illustrates an imaginary scenario to help us understand the level of Allah's happiness to have you back. It's a scenario of a person who was saved from a near death experience. Honestly, really listen to that until it sinks in.

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The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that I swear by Allah, that Allah is happier with the repentance of a believer than a person imagine than a person who set out on a journey in an open arid desert. And during the journey, he retreated to the shade of a tree and fell asleep, he woke up only to notice that his camel had run away.

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So he made his way to a nearby cliff to look around and he couldn't see anything. He went to another cliff, he couldn't see anything. So he said to himself, I'm going to go back to the shade, and stay there until death.

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And I want you to imagine the level of his grief. I want you to imagine the level of his grief as he is waiting for a slow and torturous death to claim him. And as he is sat there in despair, all of a sudden, he sees his candle making its way back to him. And he's so happy, he grabs it by the reins, and he, he says in extreme joy, Oh Allah, you are my slave, and I am your Lord. And the Prophet said that he made the mistake due to his extreme happiness.

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SubhanAllah. So take advantage of this. And I'll tell you how.

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By gathering every one of your sins before your eyes, load them up, all of them, the public and private ones that are old and recent ones that minor and major ones, even those you feel so uncomfortable thinking about. As well as those sins that you feel can never be erased. Bring them all together, until you until your eye to eye with them, and then boldly declare, Oh Allah, I swear by your might and glory, that you will forgive me for these. You will remove them from my life. You will veil me from their shame, you will replace them into good deeds, you will purify my heart from their poisonous effects. And you are the one who made me daring and ambitious in this request of

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mine. Because you told me that your name is Alec before

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then after that if for a single moment you doubt Allah's happiness to hear those words from you, and his willingness to honor your every request that you have to listen to this episode. One more time.

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