A Life with Allah #05 – Al-Jabbr (The Compeller)

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes Al Jabbar as the driver of the impossible, a man who creates suffering and loss, and eventually leads to the creation of a womb. Jabbar's actions are explained in a logic of the "by the waystar," meaning he is the driver of the impossible. The healing process involves various factors, including blood cells, cells of the body, and cells of the body, and is designed to restore healthy tissue and lead to the creation of new structures and functions. A woman lost her job and lost her connection to her partner, causing her to become a woman himself.
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For every opportunity in your life that slips away, Al Jabbar is he who brings about another

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for every time your heart broke for something that left you or agonizes for something that has come to you, a Jabbar is he who brings the pieces of such a hot together again.

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If you're still unsure, then your body is here who restores what is lost and repairs what is broken and carries the bad end. And he is the one who has invited you on i as well as the rest of humanity to remedy that our pains through him

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it Kra or compulsion is one of the shattered meanings of this Majestic Name of Allah al Jabbar which we translate as the ever restore and ever Compeller

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so when the Arabs want to say I forced him they say agile bottle to who the same as three letters of Jabara. So it has a meaning that revolves around force compelled compulsion, coercion.

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And that's why some will translate this name as the other Compeller but another one of its meanings that's not so commonly discussed is ls la rectification to repair the broken. So when the Arabs want to say I repaired the broken they say Jabatan Cassia.

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Again, you hear the letters of Jabara Jabara to this act of repairing in Arabic is called jumble.

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So, what is interesting is that the term algebra is derived from the same root jumble, because you have to fix the mathematical equation, and the term used to describe a caste, which helps fix broken bones in Arabic it's called Jebi era again, the here the three letters of Jabara. That's why some people will translate this Majestic Name as the other restorer

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when that's one of the miraculous aspects of this name, that on one hand, it has a meaning of supreme power of Jabbar the ever Compeller whilst at the same time it carries a sheer subtler, gentle meaning. Al Jabbar meaning the ever restore, because it's he who repairs poverty with affluence and repairs loss, whose success and repairs injury with healing and repairs despair with hope

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and repairs broken hearts with Eman and contentment and he does so endlessly al Jabbar subhanho wa Taala

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and his signs in the universe cannot be missed. They're etched all around you even within you take a look in the mirror did you choose your gender, your complexion, your hair type, your eye color, your height, your skin texture, it was all chosen for you by compulsion.

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Then take a look a level deeper. Do you have any say in the millions of simultaneous processes that are taking place in your body every second of the day?

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The answer to both of these questions is an emphatic no. So every one of us whether Muslim or otherwise is under the compulsion of Al Jabbar the ever Compeller Allah said who will never use or will configure Arhavi cafe or SHA It is He Who shapes you. In the wombs. However he wills you had no say in that. Of Jabbar legislated Islam decreed its final form, and he didn't consult any being in the process. He commanded humanity to surrender their hearts, their bodies, their minds their souls, because he chose to do so.

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He prohibited us from rejecting his religion because he chose to do so. He offered a reward he offered a punishment. There is wisdom in all of this but ultimately he chose to do so in Hola Hola, como. Now you read Allah orders as he wants. He's al Jabbar the other contender.

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Now let's stay on this line of reasoning for a moment.

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Why did he choose Mecca over all other cities of the world? Why were the first 10 days of hedger chosen as the best 10 days of the year? Why is Friday the best day of the week?

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Why was Angel Jibreel

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chosen for the task of delivering revelation of all angels? Why did he select the prophets from all of humanity?

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Why did he choose certain people to give them the gift of Eman but not others? The answer to all of these questions is the same. What are Buka Hulagu nyesha waystar Your Lord creates and chooses as He wills

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he is Al Jabbar the ever Compeller

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now come with me to the world of sleep. And there again you will see the signs of Al Jabbar Subhanallah

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in the

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1950s Dr. Harold Williams of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research conducted an experiment on sleep 25 volunteers came forward to participate in long hours of wakefulness almost 100 hours, and the findings are amazing. Subhanallah as time elapse, they began to experience confusion between their own thoughts and external events. Certain bodily sensations began to develop a tightness around the head gave the impression that a hat was being worn. Some of them started to complain that their eyes were burning or itching, their vision was blurry. After around 60 hours of sleep deprivation, now depth perception became difficult. small objects seem to dot out of place chairs

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apparently were changing in size. Some said that lights appear to be wearing a halo fog and even the fourth floor seem to be moving.

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At around the 90 hour mark of sleep deprivation, vivid hallucination started to set in one volunteer even asked for help to wash the cobwebs from his face apparently, and his hands and brief dreams would intrude and become confused with reality. And people found their their sense of time distorted

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and they continue to deteriorate. And the experiment will stop that 98 hours because prolonged sleep loss beyond 100 hours would push them to the edge of psychosis.

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The point of mentioning this is to say that no matter how triumphant you and I may feel by day, the minute the sunsets, man slowly begins to appreciate the might of Allah because that nightly experience is a reminder of Al Jabbar who has compelled you to sleep.

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Now, the ever Compeller this translation was only of course one of the two meanings of the name of Jabbar, the ever restore was the other

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and you've seen the effects of this name as well. Take for example the process of healing for cuts and bruises that a lot of us really take for granted. If you get a small cut, you may clean it, cover it with a bandage and move on with your life. Yet what happens is anything but simple. wound healing is a highly complex, tightly coordinated interaction physical, chemical and cellular events. Take a look. Bleeding has to first stop in the process is called hemostasis. Within minutes or even seconds of a scrape or a puncture, blood cells start to clump together and clot which protect the wound and prevent further blood loss. The clot turned into scabs as they dry by way of a blood cell

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called a platelet. The clot also contains a protein called February which forms a net that holds the clot in place.

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Then the body initiates a process called vaso constriction that causes the blood vessels to close tight, similar to turn turning a leaky valve to stop it leaking Subhanallah

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then you have a process of inflammation. And it's the body's way of alerting you that an injury has happened. And it helps dictate where the next barrage of healthy cells should be headed.

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Now once a clot closes off a wound, the blood vessels can now slowly start opening again to allow fresh nutrients of handle and oxygen into the wound for healing. The right balance of course of oxygen is also crucial because too much or too little will not allow the wound to heal correctly.

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Then you have another type of blood cell a white blood cell called a macrophage that takes the role of wound protector. It acts like a site manager where it fights off infection and oversees the repair process. A clear fluid sometimes you'll see it around the cutter this time, and that essentially helps clear out the wound.

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Then there's the growth and rebuilding phase. Once the bleeding is under control, oxygen rich blood cells arrive at the scene to help rebuild the tissue. Then, in a complex endeavor, the damaged veins and arteries are replaced by the body cells by either creating new sections or adding onto existing portions. Then chemical signals are released to tell cells to create collagen which is a type of scaffolding in the form of a scar that starts suit starts out red and then eventually doubles. Then you have the process of strengthening over time the new tissue gets stronger and you may see it stretching and itching and even creasing of the wound.

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As the changes take place and your body becomes stronger

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As the wound gained strength quickly over the first six weeks of healing and about three months, the wound is about 80% strong in its repair, as it was before the injury.

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The point of mentioning this is that the next time you sustained a bruise or a cut, and with no intervention from you, your injury is taken care of for you. Allow your heart to prostrate in love and glorification of Jabara.

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The ever restore, who not only heals what is physically broken, but heals injuries that are far deeper than that.

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Think about the number of children who are raised in broken homes, abusive families, environments of extreme stress. Yet despite all of the odds, they grow up to be fine human beings, successful in their education happy in their marriages, grounded in their religion stable in their personality, who was the one who repaired their breakage

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Jabbar, the ever restored it.

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Think about so many who were labeled as failures in life,

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only then to defy all the labels later on in life, whether we speak of Thomas Edison, who was told that he was too stupid to learn anything, but only went on to becoming one of the greatest inventors of all time with more than 1000 patents held to his name in the US alone, and and revolutionized everyday life with inventions like the light bulb Subhanallah, who was the one who repaired to their breakage

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he was on Jabara the ever restore. Think about the many bereaved ones all throughout the ages, who cried intensely at the death of a loved one, and they said they would never recover. They would never move on. They could never be happy again. But guess what, all of them recovered. They moved on. Happiness did find its way back to them, who was the one who repaired that breakage

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he was on Jabbar if he ever restorer. Think about the many who were diagnosed with some of the most life threatening illnesses that times multiple life threatening illnesses that aid their well being and shattered their morale. But they would go on to survive and make a full recovery and live a life of prosperity who was the one who repaired their breakage he was on Jabbar.

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One of our contemporaries

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narrates a story that he witnessed of a wealthy member of his community, who was known to be a successful businessman.

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An engineer approached him and requested the hand of his daughter in marriage engineer mashallah was a righteous man with an average stable income. But the businessman rejected the proposal because the engineer was not apparently rich enough.

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Now on top of that, he rejected him in a very cruel and degrading way.

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Years later, subhanAllah a law was passed in that country, which severely affected the business of the businessman, and it rendered him bankrupt

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and he found himself unable to make ends meet. So the ex businessman now pleaded with members of his community to intervene. In speaking on his behalf to the engineer whose marriage proposal he previously turned down, in the hope that he would reconsider his daughter for marriage.

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And Alhamdulillah the engineer did end up accepting and he did end up marrying his daughter.

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Now Subhan Allah by this time, the engineer had become very successful. And in a miraculous and bizarre turn of events, he offered a job to his father in law.

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His father in law accepted the job offer, and was now an employee of the one whom he had already killed just a few years before

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this event for not being rich enough.

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Who was the one who compelled the circumstances to produce this outcome, restoring the smile to the face of that humiliated engineer and bringing his broken heart together again, he was Al Jabbar who compels the oppressors so that honor is restored to the oppressed and compels illnesses to evict ailing bodies and compels enemies to crumble in defeat, in aid of the believers who rely upon him and at times compels the fixed laws of the universe to temporarily shift in order to restore a value of justice on the land. This is Al Jabbar

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and to acknowledge Him brings about another automatic acknowledgement, which is what an acknowledgement of how feeble and helpless we actually are.

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Who am I to behave with importance and to read

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act apologies and to belittle employees, and to demand my rights in full from my spouse, and so on who am i Besides a Jabara?

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This is Al Jabbar

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and to acknowledge Him brings about another automatic acknowledgement and acknowledgement of how feeble and helpless we actually are.

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You say to yourself who am I to behave with importance to reject apologies to belittle employees, or to demand my rights in full from my spouse, whom who am i Besides as Jabbar but a person who was harmed by a fly, killed by a germ knocked unconscious by sleep, brought to my knees by hunger and thirst, that's what we are. And so, as long as we live,

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we're gonna keep hearing stories of power being compelled into weakness and weakness being restored into power, stories of wealth being compelled into poverty, poverty, that is restored into wealth, till man submits to the reality that there is no true Jabbar but Allah subhanaw taala and that this job bar, the only one who is deserving of unconditional love and reliance. So what is it that's hurting you? Is it an accident that has physically broken a bone? A rumor that has damaged your reputation? A mental health condition that has broken apart your positivity?

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Is it a fear that has broken your resolve to keep going, or a fraudster or a selfish business partner who's who's left you broke? Is it the never ending demands of life that have shattered your peace of mind? In any case, remember what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, when he would be set between the two sittings of the prostrations? And he would say, hola homophily What harmony was botany or funny? We had any laughing He was Oconee Oh Allah forgive me and have mercy upon me and repair my breakage or jabroni and raise me and guide me and bestow upon me well being and provide for me.

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As if to say that I belly my humanity. Oh Allah.

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I made to break many times each day.

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And I am in need of your reparation. Oh Jabbar that many times a day.