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The segment discusses the negative consequences of jealousy and envy, including negative reactions to others, heart attacks, and evil behavior. The segment also touches on the negative impact of the dona on people's views and behavior, including the belief that everyone is happy with what they have and potential catastrophe. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of not envy anyone and not comparing oneself to others. The segment also touches on the use of R centers to protect oneself from envy and avoid harm, and encourages people to be happy with what they see.

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You know from the readers who want to stay in who wants to throw on our winter we need to go in and Pacino's say, Marina may not be enough and Phillip Willa, what are you waiting for that idea? What shall we know? You know that we no longer water the water Shahidullah Why not number 102 who wore a pseudo solo provided via your software, he was seldom available for even the halo KBP be done while he died. While halo over your head, the head you will have been sold a lot by hiding in one system, or chakra ruling, the third. Welcome

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to login id medalla. Hopefully, now

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if someone were to ask us, each one of us, are you an envious person? Do Harper has it in your heart?

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What would our answer be?

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Of course, we take care of our external appearances so that we don't show others that we are envious, but deep inside our hearts, are we envious of others when we see that they have what we don't have?

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Do we feel jealous? Do we wish internally that they would lose the net amount that they have the blessing that they would have in order for us to feel better?

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This has said that envy that jealousy is a serious disease of the diseases of the heart and it yields many other illnesses.

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It doesn't really stop at what you have on the inside. It ruins your life and ruins your hereafter because it invites many other sins backbiting,

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assault, wishing the worst for your brother and for your sister

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has said it is said.

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It is the first sin to be committed in the heavens and the first sin to be committed on earth.

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And Allah azza wa jal when he tells us these stories, he tells us the story so that you realize that it is hard to escape, he said, Unless you actively combat it in yourself, and unless you actively protect yourself from it, because there are two things that you're supposed to do when it comes to hazard. When we hear hazard

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and V. i

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We often think about us being the recipients of it. So we wonder how can I protect myself from it? And if you read surah 10 Follow up woman surely has it in either hazard. You're well aware that this is an enough evil that Allah azza wa jal wants you repeatedly to ask him protection from protecting me from the evil of the envy when they envy

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of the envious when the NVQ repeatedly asking Allah to protect me from that evil. So we only think about it in terms of I may be envied, how do I protect myself from it. And that is a legitimate concern that we should have, as we will see in sha Allah. But there is another side of it. For envy to happen, there needs to be an envious person.

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And the envious person needs to treat his and her heart so that they don't envy others.

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And it's not really only about me, inflicting harm on another person when I see them having something beautiful.

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It's about what it does to me, first of all, so the first sin that was committed is when a bliss looked at Adam Alayhis Salam and envied him for the fevers that Allah had given to him. And I want you to understand what has said and cable arrogance did to IBLEES because we each one of us is not immune from that, as you will see. He was worshiping with the angels and the bliss from source from the jinn.

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He had access to the higher realms.

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He could speak to Allah Zota directly and hear Allah back.

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And because of envy,

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and jealousy, he was kicked out of heavens and was doomed

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to hellfire and because of envy, he had vowed to misguide the Children of Adam till the Day of Judgment. So it's not enough that he rejected directly Allah's command. He said, If I'm sinking, everybody else will sink with me. And that is the fire of jealousy.

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On Earth. The do children of Adam and Eve sit down when they submitted a court ban an offering for to hope

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I mean howdy Hema welcome you Taco Bell minute to Lana, one of them. His offering was accepted the other saw than mine was rejected, rather than go back to himself and accuse it and say why is it that I was insincere enough? What did he say I'm going to kill you?

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Because you got what I did not have and this I want you to understand is a consequence of jealousy. It doesn't stop at what you feel. He said, I'm gonna kill you

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has at least to murder and killing.

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I'm gonna kill you. And his pious brother said what? Allah in pneumonia, the Ebola hominid MacDuffie, Allah only accepts from the pious meaning in other words, if you see me having something that you don't have, if I see you having something that I don't have, why should I be angry with you?

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Think about it, that sink, why should I be angry with you? Allah accepts from the pious, you want the same thing that I have? Be pious, like me. That's the path to it. Killing Me will bring you no joy, no comfort, except it will add to your sin. And what is he? What did he do? As you all well know, he killed his brother.

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And then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that every person who was killed on this earth unjustly, a portion of that sin will go to the first son of Adam who killed his brother, because He's the first person to introduce murder on Earth.

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jealousy and envy, linked to that disastrous consequence.

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The brothers of Yusuf Ali said and what did they do to him?

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They committed such great injustice towards his their brother and their father. They faked his death, they banished their brother, they don't know what is going to happen to him. And in fact, in the beginning, they wanted to kill him. That was the proposal. But they say Allah just punish him and they did not know where he will end how we will be treated such cold, cruel hearts. How could you treat your brother like that? And your elderly father like this? What is the thing that agitated the hardest turn that against your own family?

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Envy again.

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And when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Qing,

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some of the people of the book and some of the polytheists in Mecca, they rejected the message of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ye out of what? And V and nothing else?

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And he says subhanho wa Taala

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what the cathedral mean? allyl kita Billa we are doing a human body Amen. He can Kufa hazard a mean idea unforeseen body, matha you and Allah will have it says many of the people of the book would want to turn you after your belief into disbelievers. Why laws of agencies hazard out of envy from themselves after the new when the truth is. So here, the issue is not ignorance. They know very well that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the prophet of Allah. And they know that the believers are following the path of Allah as though did and yet what did they want? They want to turn all the believers into disbelief. Why out of envy, why should they get it and are us? Why should Mohamed

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Salah Allahu Allah, you're sitting and be a prophet, and now one of us because of envy, they reject the message of Islam. And yesterday when a nurse Allah, Allah whom in fugly as he says, subhanho wa Taala in another area.

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To the extent he said, You know what I will give to Dr. Who were Kulu deli Lavina Cafaro How can I add them in under the ammonoosuc Vela? out of envy, they hid the truth so much that the non believers of Metka they would go to the people of the book, and they would say to them,

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you have messages from Allah azza wa jal previously, Muhammad Ali, his Salatu was Salam, this man, Is he better or are we

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out of envy, they will tell them you are better than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the you know, the polytheism that they practice, but it's all out of envy.

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And that as we said, the disbelievers or Metka

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wakad Will Ola on Zillow huddle Quran who Allah Raju liminal Korea Tanea Alene it says why hasn't this Haoran been revealed on one of the on a great man from the two cities great cities of Metka and of PA ye Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Why him?

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And they knew the virtue of

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Mohammed and the character of Mohammed, but they were just offering excuses. And then Allah azza wa jal says, I hope we see Munna Ramadan have big are they the ones who divide the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal and of His favours. And this is here Allah azza wa jal does not only he's talking to them, but he's talking to us as well. When you envy someone for whatever reason, Allah is saying, Are you the one in charge of dispensing Allah's mercy and His favors? No Hassan nabina who may shut down Phil higher did dunya all of Anna Barbone folk da da da da da da da da da ba boom bada Supriya, Warahmatullah Becca Hi Roman my edgy motto is, we are the one who dispensed worldly favors among

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them and we raise some of them above others, so that they will be in need of each other. And then he says and the mercy of Allah is better than what they collect, meaning that look at each other. Some of us are rich and some of us are not. Some of us are healthy and some of us are not. Some of us are tall and thin and some of us are not some of us enhancing some of ours are not. So Allah zone is saying, Who is the one who divided it this way?

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Think about it.

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Allah azza wa jal

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and he varied this so that you would need each other and you would thank Allah azza wa jal for the favours of Allah when you see it, and you would have compassion towards each other, there is wisdom behind it. And then Allah azza wa jal redirects you from the dunya to the RPL. And he says, but the Ratana of Allah azza wa jal is better than the worldly things that you're envious of art

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is better than the money that you think so and so has but you don't have?

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Where does envy come from? But why do why why are we envious of each other?

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It stems first of all, from a displeasure with a decrease of Allah who has his origin. That when you think about it, if someone is famous, and you're not, someone is successful, and you're not, when you object to it, to whom and to what are you objecting, except first of all, to Allah azza wa jal, the Almighty,

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to his wisdom and his power, thinking that you could do things better. And Allah zodion is telling you, this is how I divided it, can we dare go back to Allah Zildjian and say, You are unfair.

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I have to have more. And the other person has to have less.

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is in this all a test from Allah azza wa jal, what you have and what you do not have. Don't we also understand that the dunya that is given to some and denied to others, that that in itself is a test. And that in itself could be a source of catastrophe? If not thanked or used? Well, you could look at someone who's famous

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and say, I wish I could be as famous as he is.

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And that is very short sighted because you don't know if that fame is taking that person to heaven or help

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right or wrong.

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I wish I could be rich. How do you know that that person is going to end up in heaven with all the money that he has?

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Or the Allah if he were to give you that money? You would disbelieve? How do you know?

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Do you think Allah azza wa jal gives, or does not give without thought,

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without wisdom, without a plan, without wanting the best for you.

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So it really stands in the beginning, from what from not trusting Allah subhanho wa taala. And not again, second thing not being happy with what you already have.

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And if you and I,

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if we fail to think the little that we have, how can you think when Allah gives you more?

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So if Allah gives you $100 Today, and you feel to thank $100? How could you think 1000

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Because the more that Allah gives you, the more that is going to distract you. Right? Ask those who are rich as those who are famous as those who are athletic, what is consuming their time, the accurate the next life or the duniya

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on average.

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So the more that Allah is going to give you the more that that is going to distract you so if if the for the little that you have, you're unwilling or unable or incapable of thanking Allah, how will you thank him when he gives you more? So sometimes Allah tells you, I'll give you what you can make

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Manage exactly how when Allah tells you, I will not put our honor on you a burden more than when you can carry

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your gun, I'm going to be sicker than what you can handle.

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I'm not going to afflict you with something that you cannot take. With that in mind. Allah also tells you, I'm not going to give you more than what you can handle when it comes to riches and fame and health and what have you. Because if I give it to you, it corrupts you.

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So why should you look at somebody else and compare yourself to Him and you're not him?

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Why should you look at what they have and say, I want what they have good, nothing could be very bad for you.

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Also, it stems from loving the dunya

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and ignoring the

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you're not envious of anyone, typically. Unless it's about the dunya.

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So and so is Richard so and so has kids, his kids are successful, his business is successful. Most of our envy comes about the dunya and the dunya in the sight of Allah azza wa jal is less than a mosquitoes wing

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is less than a mosquito swing. It is very relevant to Allah and it's irrelevant to Rasul Allah. He says, Allahu Allah, he was in them. And to that he said, Alayhi Salatu was Salam. La has said that he left with nothing. There should be no envy except in two things. All right, you don't tell Hula, hula Quran, what are known as the Hula, hula and Pharrell Williams. Oh, come on club. It says only two kinds of people can be envied. And that type of envy is not a vicious envy. It's an envy when you look at them, and you say, I wish I had what they have, without diminishing anything that they have

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two things, someone who has given knowledge or when given the Quran, and he's teaching it.

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And some of them Allah had made rich, but it doesn't stop there. Allah had made him rich, and he spends that money for Allah sake. These are the two things and these are the two people that you could look at and say, I want to be like them.

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Anyone else or anything else? He said, no envy. Don't look, don't wish

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because everything else is dunya

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and everything else perishes, and you should not want to compete for the sake of the dunya

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he says SubhanaHu wa ala Wallah Turman, Noma football Allah who will be here Baba come Allah

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do not wish what Allah had favorite some of you over others

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don't look and included in this iron men looking at women or room when looking at men and say they have what we do not have.

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No Allah had blessed each he says,

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concern yourself with Allah had given you and don't compare yourself with others don't look at what they have done wish what for what they have. So what happens if, inadvertently, unavoidably I noticed that they have something that I don't and I feel that bitterness on the inside that emptiness on the inside? What do I do?

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What is Allah say? What's Allah haven't fully ask ALLAH from his fever?

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You don't need to hate so and so because what they have, you don't need to when do you see them happy with their family and their spouse, wish them destruction and dissolution of family just because you feel bitter.

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By the way, feeling bitter is natural.

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It's absolutely natural. I'm not successful or not as successful. I'm not I don't feel happy, not as happy feeling bitter, is natural. And the shaytaan will take advantage of it and make you hate everybody including yourself. If you surrender to envy, but why should you? You see them having something that you don't the easiest thing and the coolest thing upon the heart for you to say what you Allah bless them with what they have. And grant me similar things if it's good for me. Yeah, Allah grant me similar things. If it's good for me, you turn those negative bitter feelings into a DUA. And once you ask Allah azza wa jal as he said was ALLAH has been fully expect the best from

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him. subhanho wa taala. So you don't need to wish ill for anybody. You don't need to be competing with them. He said Allah is Salatu was Salam in a hadith Latin alpha. So while at the hacer do Walter de Abreu do not compete with each other, do not envy each other and do not boycott each other because it's a chain. If you compete for the dunya you will be envious and if your envy

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is your boy cut each other and plot against each other? So he said don't compete for the dunya. And if somebody has a question about excellence, how do we achieve excellence in the dunya if we do not compete, he says Muslims do not compete for glory or for money. Muslims compete in the dunya to please Allah azza wa jal and help people.

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So you can excel in the dunya but the motivation is very different than the capitalist motivate motivation. It's not about you. It's not about me, it's not about money. It's about helping everybody that you see and above all of that is about pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah protect us from enviar holy ha That was tough for Allah it would have been.

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hamdulillah Hello, Bill al Amin, Hampton Kathy, you're on to even Mubarak and fee. Also Lee what was salam ala Rasulillah Mohammed in while he was happy he was salam.

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The consequences of envy a person can either they receive it, there is something specifically called a lying on hazard is a more general inclusive name of it, where a person could be envious of things that they see and things that they hear about. A lion specifically is to be envious of something that you see. And that could adversely affect the person who receives it by the will of Allah azza wa jal and the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to our do bIllahi min Elian seeker was refuge and protection from a lying because it is true. And if there is something on average compete with Allah's destiny, it would be aligned, which is the evil lie. We could translate that.

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If anything could compete with Allah's destiny, meaning it is so potent, it is so strong, that he said salatu salam In another Hadith that a person could climb a mountain and fall because of envy. Or a caramel could be walking and be cooked and killed because of envy. someone looks at it, admires it. And either they wish for it to perish to fit to fail, or simply simply they admire it without mentioning Allah's Name and asking for Baraka. And that happened and the term of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what it was once a Sahabi, and another pass by and he saw him and he saw his skin and he admired his skin, he admired his body, and that other Sahaba who was envied felt

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immediately ill

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and they went to the prophets of Allah, Allah He was sent them and they said, Oh prophet of Allah, this happened to so and so all of a sudden, he says, do you accuse someone? Do you suspect someone? They said so and so said this, and once he said it, that person fell ill? And he said to me, he is Salatu was Salam Alaikum I have to learn how to come. Why would any one of you kill his brother like that? Either item in Africa Yoji Buka federal law who will Baraka if you see something that you admire, from your brother, ask Allah to bless it. Ask Allah to bless him meaning yella Baddeck ID Baddeck LA. So the prophets Allah Allah wa salam commanded that that person who envied wash his

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hand, wash his face, wash his hand to the elbows, watch his knees, feet, and then his lower garment. And they took that water, they poured it on that man who was envied, and Allah as they're gonna remove that affliction immediately. And that is a way of treating envy from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that is immediate once a person suspects or knows that so and so is responsible for it.

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And you could actually,

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you could actually cause your own

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affliction. When you look at yourself or something that you love, you don't wish them harm. You just admire, but you don't say Baraka. That's why he said, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, if you look at yourself, your children and your money, and you admire what you see, as for baraka for it, otherwise there is that possibility that you could hit, what the ones that you love with your own eyes. So if you look at yourself in the mirror, you look at your children, you look at your spouse, you look at your house, and you admire what you see, don't stop there. What would you say about Allah? Allah, Allahu Allah, Ya Allah bless it and make that a habit that whatever you see, that

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pleases you from yourself and others, so that you protect yourself and then from NVC, Varrick Allah Who Baraka Lo Fi May Allah bless that. May Allah bless this.

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Now, how do you protect yourself from it?

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He said, sal Allahu Allahu wa salam in a hadith. Thou will do bIllahi min, an IEE

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All right, seek Allah's protection from him. He went he once saw a woman, a young woman, a girl, and there was discoloration on her face. He says what is with her face? There is no bra. Right? There is a look, that evil look and that evil look could come from humans and it can also come from the gym.

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He said also, he saw some young boys and he said to those young boys, why do I see them thin and sickly? So their mothers said they're easily envied. He says, Make give them rakia.

00:25:34--> 00:26:18

So you want to involve yourself, surround yourself with the Rukia to protect yourself from envy. And to do that continuously, and the best rakia that we have is full of Allahu Ahad could allow the gerbil fella, pull out the barrel of Venus and you keep repeating that. So you say in the evening, you say it in the morning, you say it before you sleep and wipe it over all over your body. And you say it after eat sada and if you are a person who had been afflicted with envy in particular and you feel it, or you suspect it, use Rukia on yourself, read Quran, wipe it all over your body and keep doing that. If it is really serious. If it's really serious, you could seek karate.

00:26:19--> 00:27:03

Someone who reads the Quran and he has experience in it but make sure that when you are seeking or after you're seeking someone who is recommended, highly trusted follows the Quran and Sunnah. And is not suspicious in any way not anyone who claims to be a rocket is a legitimate person. So if you go to someone, and they start asking you for weird things like give me your middle name, or your mother's name or your mother's maiden name, or bring me this trace of this or trace of that tells me when you were born information that no one needs for a Rokia. When they asked for things like that, run away from him, run away from them. The only thing that you need for a Rukia is for a person to

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sit and read the Quran, no information on your behalf as needed. So make very sure that when if you want to go to someone who's going to read the Rukia don't pick them from the internet. Don't just go by somebody's recommendation. Go to your message and ask for someone who can be trusted because you're dealing with something that is serious. But if you don't need that, keep yourself and your children

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protected with lupia if you have young children Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say to Al Hasan what you're saying, Are you do Kuma bikini Mattila? He mean Cooley shaytaan, in Wareham melamine could lie in in lamb. Learn this, or similar to us, or at least the more we that and day and night, protect your children from the aim. And most importantly, as we conclude, let us also been not those who envy but those who submit to Allah azza wa jal on the outside, we could be very nice on the inside. Our hearts could be boiling with envy, wishing ill for everybody that we see. So remove that bitterness, be happy with what Allah had destined for you and me and ask Allah as it

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will continuously to keep blessing you and your family. If you find that you have something or you don't have something as Allah azza wa jal to give you Allah is the best of givers. And Allah azza wa jal is the best of takers to ask Allah Allah but Allah Amenia Allah cleanse our heart from envy and cleanse our hearts. bodies from envy. Allah protect us from envy and amiable Allah me here Allah who protect us from envy and amiable Isla me Allah protect us from hassad and amiable Isla me yeah Allah if we are afflicted with that we ask you a little bit Alamy to clear it all completely from our bodies. eorum hamara Hamid and from our our families and from our loved one yard of Belle Isle me,

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Robert Alamy, makers of those who meet you with a sound heart makers of those who meet you with a submitting heart make us of those who meet you with a cup selenia or hamara I mean Lahoma attina for dunya Hassan Hassan Okinawa na LogMeIn open Liverpool with a bit Kulu BANA Isla de bajo Maya Musa. Hello besotted with Hulu been Allah I think la hermana is a local Jen Neto Makarova la Hammond COVID environment when an older becoming a narrative of Aqaba la Hammond COVID environment Yeah, how you have a human will be automatic and as sturdy as little inertia in an Akula Walla tech in the unforeseen out of a day. Welcome.