War Against Shaitan – Part 04

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cinnabar aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Welcome back to another session of the tricks of shiping.

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We don't want to be dealing with a pan, but let me tell you something. Schapiro Jean, he will be with us until the last breath

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shavon Mela protect us from it from them chevonne will try to make you not to sit in a in a in a lot

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of the shape and he will try to make you not say that enough so that it tells you that until your last breath, Chapin is here

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to play with you, we have a Corinne

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that always tried to make you fall into error.

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So we had to be very, very careful when we leave within dunya that we we know that we are leaving a battle every day. Notice you don't notice. But

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a time gonna come when you come to notice from Japan. Okay, something happened as from Japan, you you just wake up everything is fine between you and your wife. Something happened and argument burst out. And then you're next to Panama this from Chevron. You do recognize it from Chevron. You do acknowledge but the thing is, the sad thing is that we don't try to build the weapon against it. Oh, man, you haven't prayed this today? Actually, I was so busy. I was so tired. And you know, from shape on, either pray because of shampoo. You don't want to pause because of shape on you knew this.

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You that's the sad thing you do analyze your enemy, but you don't try to defeat them that that's the big sign.

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Therefore, we had to be very careful.

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In regards to what we spoke about in the last session, we spoke about four points. Think about how Chapin attackers are trying to make you fall into Khufu

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good know you're able to resist that Greg, then he will come to you to make you fall into shirt manager can make your shirt. Alright, so you try to resist that gray, then he tried to come to you in order for you to come and be there to commit innovation. Great. If

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he comes to you, and you're able to refrain from this, then he makes you fall in he tries to make you fall into major sin.

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So if he comes to you, asking you to do the harem, the big, super mo because you know the big sin like Xena stealing, lying.

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Magic gambling, Reba. Oh, these are

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so vague as to parents, if you find out that he couldn't get you to do this, what did he do? He comes to you in a different way to make you fall into the small sin.

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Small sin is very dangerous. We're not aware of small sin is very dangerous. You know,

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chip on he tries to make someone coming

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small sin frequently.

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Frequently, what does that mean? You know you do yeah, you know something called a white lie. You know, you you lie when you joke, you know, I'm saying it's okay. Or you try to bring an argument. You know, you try to be argumentative, where you know the bad words come out of your mind of your of your mouth, you know, you you just get it head on. And then you you try to do something

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you're like you know something I'm gonna make a step out later on. So these small small minor sin, the prophet Mohammed says and ask us to be careful of the minor sin for there really it leads to destruction, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said that every time you commit a small,

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these small sin or whatever, sin, Allah subhanho wa Taala put a black.in your heart

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Allah subhanho wa Taala with a black.in your heart so you keep on doing x moles in again and again and again and again. And give that heart has become fully black. And when that heart has become fully black Subhana Allah

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casia you know, the heart becomes very hard when you pour a man you pour the the sweetness of a man and it didn't go in.

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They don't feel the sweetness of crying, don't feel the sweetness of siyam they don't feel the sweetness of Ramadan. They don't finish sweetness out Salah. Why because their heart has been hardened has been fully blacked. Why? Because they did not do ship. They didn't do q4. They didn't do

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They have they did not do minor, major, major sin, but they were doing minor sin and that minor sin is leading them towards destruction without them being notice. Therefore we have to be very, very careful in regard to the minor sin. We think it's something okay. No, it's not okay.

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You think it's alright? His feet behind his back. It's alright to listen to people backbiting it's okay you know to send unverified news on WhatsApp, it's okay to listen to this. However, it's no it's not okay. The more you do it, Shabbat is happy, because he is actually coloring that that heart black without you noticing a lot like

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therefore we had to be very careful chef on come into these kind of homes where he can try to get you not to entheogenic because he did not want to be alone in jahannam. Put this in your mind Robin systems. So we had to be very careful. We think it's something small. But no, this is a trick of shebang.

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trick of Sherpa Don't do this. And the second point I would like to speak about is

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SharePoint upon he whispers arrogance into your heart. Which means that he makes you feel that you're better than others. He make you feel that your opinion is better than others. He made you feel that your eloquence your way, the only way or else this is a actually a treat of fear our own and our own. And those people who were Jabbar, they thought they were the elegant they thought they were like the garden of you know, selves in a lot. They had thought that they had everything in this dunya so they were like it's only my way. I'm the one it's me en la la la we Muslim ever then everything goes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala either we become an authority, we become a boss

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becoming manager, we become a leader, we made sure that we are a servant leader, this the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to be, don't be an authoritative one. Or don't be like those dictator one is going to lead to destruction. It leads to arrogance. Therefore, this is one of the way worshiping coming to your heart, making you feel you're better than that person. You're more qualified that the person it's me, it's always me and me. Remember, the Chapin was

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destroyed it was destroyed because of arrogance, where he said no hi Roman Hanukkah taming the human brain for verything.

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I am better than him. You see arrogance.

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Around What did he say? and heritage name integrity. This river that's flowing underneath me is mine. Allah subhanho wa Taala and I make him drown in this whole river.

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He was arrogant, Harun, he was walking

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Allah Subhana Allah to open the house, he went inside of the earth, he was walking like if he owns the earth, so we have to be very careful. And sometimes we feel that we are humble, and we always look down on other people. So the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, ladies and gentlemen, men can fit in with him and keep him.

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If you have in an atom of pride in your heart, you will not entheogenic you need to make Toba

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and that is that Allah ism ask you to look at the people that are less fortunate than you Why not for you to boss around in order for you to feel that hemmed in Allah has given me and whatever Allah has given me I need to share it with them. That's right. Not for you to boast about number to think that I'm more than him. No, don't make don't fall into that disease. It's a serious disease of the heart is a serious disease of the heart that may ruin ruin your own yo deeds.

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One of the other ways of attacking your brothers sisters, is

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in regards to your good deeds

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in regards to your good deeds, well, how can I help on attack me my good deeds? You know how many times we say we want to do something and then we're like, tomorrow. Sometime we want to do something like later we'll do it later. You want to give sadaqa later, you want to fast next week. You want to you want to pray, just let's delay a little bit until SharePoint comes and he actually makes you forget about it. Oh, this delay tells is from SharePoint.

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So we have to be very careful about when she says

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these kind of thoughts are from SharePoint. Like he said he wrote a lot

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there are those people who I mean who doesn't

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comment on a lot. There are people who they are Li they are in between when it comes to deeds and there are people who they rush to work good deeds because they know that if they delay ship I'm gonna come in

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Chevron gonna come in and be like you know just do later

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you want to give soda pumps do later you want to return data Do I know you delay? No, no, no no. Once you think you want to do open up what I'm doing make your boo boo and do Asana then we want to fast tomorrow this week of Serato fast tomorrow. I mean this is how you keep the ship on the way

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Tony Shepherd come and ruin and ruin your your good intention

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Don't let Shabbat come and ruin your good intention

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you know

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we try to you know

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you know procrastinate good deeds never gonna do it later and later you know you wake up for you want to make up for the headache you know late and I'm tired. No way can you recover tahajjud touriga no problem.

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One other guy with no problem.

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But you know by do by you just keep on procrastinating. You want to call it or delaying the good deeds is one of the trick of Chapin that makes you fall into this one. You don't even realize.

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Sometimes you will you will you walk in the street. You find someone you're like, no. Should I have Should I not help? I hope I don't have someone knock at your door when you don't know if he's a bad guy. He's a real one. You're like chiffon come to like you know, don't give don't to give. He's going to smoke. You know, layer two said Allah subhanho wa Taala he would not refuse anyone who asked and the profit center will not refuse anyone who asked to never say no, someone comes to you.

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When rupees. If you feel you doubt something is mine for the goal. Whatever they do with the money you will not be responsible.

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Helping others thinking good of others, making you a badger. You always try to delay this assumption upon therefore we have to be among the slave of Allah. Allah says Allah Can you save

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me mean how many maybe I mean home among the people of the Muslim, those who believe in Allah, among them, the belief people who believe in Allah and they rush towards good deeds

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and among them the people who rushed towards good deeds and they know that trick of ship on therefore we have to be like these kind of people that we know what the chickasha apology in this

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apology, shepherding this to us.

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Therefore brothers and sisters, I hope that whatever I said, it's a reminder to myself first and share to all those until then send mRNA comm or go to lie webinar kit.