New I Ramadan Reminders Series #2 – What Is Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the importance of thanking people for their contributions to society and promoting Islam. They also talk about the upcoming months of labor and the significance of the month ofFinancial, which is the month of which the Prophet sallahu alayhi born. The speaker also mentions a chef recitation and a presentation about the upcoming months of labor.

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a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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How are you doing again? Landing 100 in law from the law. So we we answered your question, how do we welcome Ramadan right? Is there any other question that you have that can act like a reminder for all the people and benefit them inshallah? Yes.

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The second question is, what is online? And how do we enlighten Ramadan, masha Allah, how do we enlighten ourselves? What is the importance of Ramadan? is a very powerful question actually. And if we are able to get the actual answer, the sense of its importance, it will actually help them to pay attention and utilize that money in the best possible manner. Yes, because if you don't know the importance of that particular month, then how are you going to spend it more effectively, isn't it so the month of Ramadan is the the most important month for us because it Allah Almighty has revealed the Quran in it Allah subhanahu wa taala has made the fasting obligatory for the Muslims in

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it there is the greatest of all night Lila Takada. This is the month about which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said the month of Ramadan is such that when it comes the gates of paradise are open and the gates of hellfire they are closed and the devils are chained. So this is a beautiful opportunity for us that comes as a month or long which programs is to do that which is good insha Allah so that inshallah we can get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala Can you recite the iron enrich Allah Almighty says that Allah has revealed the Quran in a little puddle? Yes, I was a nine minute chef on Awadhi Bismillah AR Rahman Rahim in

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the novena Isla de Lucado or my dog

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on Minelli, masha Allah Masha Allah, you see this is the month in which Allah Almighty has revealed the Quran. And Allah revealed it on the Laila to Ricardo and Allah states that this night of labor to God is better than 1000 months Subhan Allah that is something which is to be reminded by ofosu that Insha Allah, we can spend Ramadan most effectively. The EVO my dad is seen over there and

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