Character of the People of Paradise

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Dubai Jumua Khutba Summary

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As Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Karim. Why and he was happy he H Marine. All praises belong to Allah Subhana Allah we praise Him we seek His out support in all matters. We send peace and blessings upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, upon his family upon his companions, and upon all those who follow him up until the last day, my brothers and sisters Welcome to Joomla chutzpah summary, the topic of this Joomla chutzpah in Dubai was from the characteristics of the people of Jannah Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah is extremely merciful.

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He is so you know, merciful that He has built already Jana for us, and he is so merciful that He has shown us in the Quran, and to the example of the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, what are the qualities that we must possess in order to gain Jannah and this is exactly this topic of today's hotbar Subhanallah among the qualities of the people of Jana are those as Allah subhanaw taala mentions and they who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala and due to that fear they actually

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prevent from any unlawful acts. This is the quality of the people of Ghana. You know, when you are conscious of Allah when you have Taqwa of Allah when you have fear of love, and you have consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala you prevent from that which is wrong, which is unlawful which is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala and you protect yourself. This protection actually leads you to Jana Subhan. Allah. So if you and I would like to be among the people of Jana. Prevent, because of the consciousness of Allah prevent from that, which is unlawful. Likewise, my brothers and sisters, people who are attentive to their prayer are the people of Jannah people who prevent

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themselves from ill speech. They are the people of Jannah people who spend for the sake of Allah. They are the people of Jannah people who got their modesty and chastity. They are the people of Ghana, people who got their prayers, they are the people of Jannah. My brothers and sisters, people who control their tongue as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is a Schofer alayka Illa min height in laminate. So

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protect your tongue hold on to your tongue, you know Subhanallah except that which is good Subhanallah so my brothers and sisters guarding your tongue makes you the people of Jana guarding your private parts. Makes you people of Jana have brothers and sisters. We need to understand as the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam says,

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If you want Jana ask Allah Alfredo's and Subhan Allah

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every single day, it's a big question to myself and to you. How many times a day do we ask for Jana? We all want Jana but then do you and do I ask for Jana every single day? Well listen to this, the prophets love our new Salamis and anybody who asked Jana thrice, three times Allah will grant Majan Subhan Allah, this itself shows that you want something if you want something you ask that thing from the one who controls who owns it Subhan Allah, my brothers and sisters, let us ask a janitor for those from Allah subhanaw taala and let us perform those deeds, those acts and let us uphold that character which is so beloved to Allah subhanaw taala which has the quality of fulfilling the

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trust which has the quality of truthful in speech, which has the quality of self sufficiency, which has the quality of gratitude, in our things that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us to be among the people of Jana. These are the traits that we must possess my brothers and sisters, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who will be among the people of Jannah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who will be with the Prophets Allah and Islam in the highest levels of Jannah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who will witness the face of ALLAH SubhanA Hudaydah We ask Allah Almighty to grant well being and success to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin

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Zayed and the young the president of the UAE likewise we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless all the rulers of the Emirates We ask Allah Almighty to protect and guard this beautiful nation, the UAE from all kinds of evils in Homs we ask Allah

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Almighty have mercy on the Muslim lands we ask Allah Almighty to grant guidance to the entire humanity what actual Dawa Anna and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen