A Practical Program For Parents to Enable Productive Summer for Children – Day 3

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Day 3 – How to do Spiritual Development Of Children

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The importance of educating parents on spiritual development for children is emphasized, particularly during summer when children are more available. The focus is on individual, social, and cultural development, rather than just evaluation and empowerment. A plan for summer activities is suggested, including five areas, including spiritual development, social skills, and physical development. A book on Allah's Islam is recommended to help teach parents how to properly recite the Koran and measure their success. The importance of empowerment for children is emphasized, along with the need for parents to educate themselves, evaluate their spirituality, and measure their success.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim, Allah Allah He was happy as marine to Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. are abana habla na min as vergina was Oriya Tina kurata are you on? Watch? Tina Mama, rubbish Riley sodre us silly Amrita, aka data melissani Yahoo Cali. Do you have brothers and sisters Welcome again to our third session of a practical program for parents to enable productive summer for children. Well hamdulillah by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala we are done with day one and day two, in day one, we had covered productivity in an Islamic perspective, what is it all

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about, we have talked about the program as an induction, and we have also touched base, why this program is important for us. And we talked about the approach that we are going to take moving forward in this journey. In day two, we had covered the 10 golden rules of parenting in general and in particular, you know, aspect of summer, we have also touched base, just the introduction of five key areas that we have defined in order for us to develop our children insha Allah in summer and the rest of our lives in Sharla. Now, in today's session, we shall be taking you know, some decent amount of time and and explore the first area of development of our children and that is spiritual

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development or spiritual productivity. One thing which we need to realize and understand is that spirituality should be the first priority of parents for the development of children, I repeat, spirituality should be the first priority of parents for the development of children. Now, this does not mean that you do not care, the other areas or the other aspects of their development, that just means that you have to set priorities, most of the problems happen because of the improper priorities that we set in our lives, the more accurate that we are in terms of setting up our priorities, the better life will be and the more valuable life that we can spend. So, when we when

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it comes to the development of children as well, we need to ensure that we have actually divided or defined the areas of development and we talked about it in the previous session, we have defined five areas number one spiritual development, morals and manners development, social development, skills, development, and physical development. In today's session, our focus is and that should be the priority as well and that is the spiritual development. Now, as we said in the first session, that our approach for each area of development will be three E's. And this these three E's approach will be done through five W's and one edge. So, what are these three E's we have mentioned in the

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previous session, and that is, the first is educate, the second E is evaluate and the third E is empowered. So, each area, we have to have these three E's number one, educate, evaluate, and empower, when it comes to educate,

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evaluate and empower, we have to ensure that we do it through five W's and one edge and that is, we need to educate these through five W's these five W's is what why, when, who and where. And the third one edge is is how. So, we are talking about spiritual development, this spiritual development

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you know, we need to first and foremost educate, educate what so what is spiritual development? Why spiritual development is important. When is it required

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Who should develop? Where do we need spiritual development? And the most important question how to develop, you know, our children in a spiritual sense. So this is the first e educate. So what is spiritual development?

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Islam does not view spirituality separate from everyday life activities. As we know the word Islam comes from the Arabic word sin and Salaam, which means submission and peace, to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala peace has several levels, internal peace and external peace. In the same token, there are individual, you know, peace and communion or collective peace, as the two independent interdependent with each other, does without internal peace, external peace will not be possible. Similarly, without individual peace, communal peace will not be possible as well does spiritual development will make one to achieve peaceful life and is bounded with principles and ethics,

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spiritual development brings peace, which leads to external peace. So the spiritual development is, you know, in an Islamic perspective, is, is the inner peace, that that inner joy, that stability or the serenity or the, or the pleasure or the state of happiness, that you are, internally, it is very much to do with your soul with your spirit, that that that's very much within and we need to understand that the more peaceful I am internally, the more stable I am internally, the more

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satisfied I am internally, it is going to reflect my outlook. That is what we are going to talk about in spiritual development of our children, we need to number one, educate what is spiritual development, and be very clear in our minds, so that when we develop our children, spiritually, we are crystal clear in what are we actually, you know, doing? That's number one. Number two, why spiritual development is important. Now, we need to realize and understand that

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our life has a bunch of activities. And as we know, as a Muslim, we have two worlds concept, now, this world and the hereafter. So spiritual development will actually nourish our souls in this world and leads to success in the hereafter in the era. So when we are actually talking about our children's spiritual development, we need to ensure and be very clear in our minds, that the first priority is the spirituality of my child. Yes, physical is important. Yes, social is important. Yes, skills are important. Yes, morals and manners are important. But let him first internally be stable, let him see Islam, let him live Islam in his heart, and this is really important because, as you

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know, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, there is a flesh in your body, and if that is good, the entire body is good and that is your heart. So, heart, it basically receives the spiritual energy, and that stays in the heart and that basically, you know, enlighten the entire body. So, we need to ensure that we focus on our children's spiritual development, which is really really important that will make them you know, happy and joyful, in a true sense, when is it required all the time, it is required all the time, especially when your child is more available for you and that is summer. In summer, we know they don't they don't have school, so that they are not, you know,

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heavily occupied. So are they they are there at your disposal, disposal, you know, disposal. So, we need to ensure that we make use of their time their availability, and work on their spiritual development, who should develop it. As we said in the previous sessions, it is you and me As parents, we need to take the charge and develop our children's

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Spirituality, you know, as a responsibility, where do we need spiritual development well in their lives, there are so many aspects that they need spiritual development, you know, as a whole. So, this is pretty much that we will cover in the in the in the later points as well. So, how to develop spiritual development. Now, this is very important for us to understand because we need to explore areas through which spiritual development is required. And, and and, as we know, Islam is prescribed by Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is described by Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So, he taught us the discipline of life and and taught us how to actually gain and develop spirituality, for

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ourselves and for our children. So, there are ways that are a means by which you can actually gain the momentum in your spiritual sense and there are areas or our means, that you need to understand in order for you to develop your, your children's, you know, spiritual development, and those areas are, you know, so many, but you can actually drill down and you can focus on selective ones indeed. So, how to develop spiritual development is through education that is was the first point is we educate our children

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you know, for various means that Allah subhanho wa Taala has provided us to, to develop our spiritual being or to develop our children's spiritual being number one, what you could do in summer, you have to ensure that you make a plan. Now, this is the first step that you have to do as parents and this has to be done meticulously, what I mean by it is you have to sit all together as a family, as a family, I mean, the Mother, the Father, the children, whom you want this area to be developed for them, all of the all of you have to sit together, sit together, and then draft a plan, with discussion with consensus. So, there are so many things that you can actually, you know, write

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down and for your child to facilitate him, you write down Look, my child, Abdullah, Amina, both of you, for example, are you know, we will take this journey of summer, by developing ourselves in five areas, so you you share this plan with them and take their constant as well and ask their suggestions as well ask for their inputs as well in order to incorporate in, in your plan. So, you know, father, mother, Abdullah, Amina is sitting together and they are drafting a plan for their summer, productive summer and this plan has five areas number one is the spiritual development, number two, you know, morals and manners, social skills, and physical. So, these are the five areas

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that they are sitting now and drafting it. So, yeah, in the spiritual development, the means of developing, you know, your child is number one, attach them with the Quran. So, as a part of the plan, you made them convince that look, we know that you want to plate we know your entertainment is required, we know that you have to enjoy your summer. So all will be rest assured, let's draft a plan, area by area. So they are now satisfied. They are, you know, calm and they they want to participate in this planning of theirs for the productive summer that's really important. So, father, mother, children, all of you sit together take a piece of paper and write down this plan,

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define the areas as we have defined it for you. So you have a spiritual development and that is what we are talking about. So the means of developing is number one, memorization of the Quran or pondering or studying the Quran. So you have to check the the understanding of your child and and give them the or make the plan together and ask their consent.

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says, so what do you think of the love? For example? Shall we make a plan of you to memorize 10 Sutras, 20 sutras during the summer What do you see? What do you say, you know, so they are now participating, they are involved and engaged. So with that participation as a joint effort, you are drafting a plan for the Quran, number one, number two, you share a plan that you look, in order for us to spiritually develop, we have to know Allah, we have to know the names and attributes of Allah. So how about view or, you know, memorize three names of Allah subhanho wa Taala and his attributes and share it with me by in the form of drawing in the form of your writing in the form of

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memorization? Whatever way that you want to define, let's put this in the plan. So what do you say above the law? What do you say Amina? So when you make them engage in and share this planning on the names of Allah, Look, my brothers and sisters, this is really important. We can never ever develop spiritually. Our children will never ever develop spiritually, if they do not know Allah subhanho wa Taala they need to know Allah.

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So in how do we know Allah by his names and attributes? Primarily, right? So let them

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you know, understand that this is the journey of summer. And this is an opportunity and a possibility to take this journey of the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. That's number two, number three Sera, Sera of Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, they need to know their best role model, they need to know their hero, they need to understand who was the most significant and prominent, spiritually elevated human being, right? That is prophets of Allah Islam. So that's his, or her role model Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they need to know Who was he? How was he? What did he like? What did he didn't like, you know, how did you live his life? What was his

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ambition? What was his goals? What was his schedule? What was his purpose? What are all the things that you need to know? You have to understand that you share it with them as a part of Sierra of Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, so pick up any sera book, you know, one of the nice books is Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, you know, no, as a few see him, this is one of the beautiful books, which talks about in a very practical sense, the Syrah of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that's available in the in online, as well as in bookstores as well. So what do you do is is is ensure that they go through the Syrah in summer holidays, in the area of spiritual development. Similarly, they

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can actually, you know, and empower themselves and educate themselves about the proper recitation of the Quran that is read and their Muharram and their, you know, the rules of Tajweed. If you can do it by yourself, that's the best way. If you can't, then let them have a teacher who can teach them how to properly recite the glorious Koran, the 48 year is Hadith you know, introduce, educate, we are in in the first e as we as we, I would like to remind that we are in the first E of, of spiritual development that is, you know, educate, so we need to educate them, what is hobbies? What do you mean by hobbies, this is the the sayings and the silent approvals of the Prophet sallallaahu.

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That's how these, you need to tell them this is the Hadith. Look, my child, this is the Hadith, which came from Allah subhanho wa Taala, from the lips of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was our role model. So we need to know the Hadith. And there are, you know, if you just share with them, you know, arbaeen and our IV, that is the 40 Hadith, which are the foundation of all the ideas of Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, that is also will be, you know, a wonderful achievement during summer. So daily one Hadith, that's it, it doesn't take more than five minutes I'm telling you, this father, when you come back home, share one Hadith with them from those 40 a hadith of another way,

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and that's available online as well. So when you share that as one and try to talk about that Hadith, the lessons of that Hadith, the fruits of that had these with your child and imagine over a period of 40 days or 30 days that they have, they will be transformed. Insha Allah be in the light Allah similarly you can take care of their Salah.

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How to perfect their Salah in terms of the actions, their intentions, their, you know,

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understanding of Salah just spare some time for each of these aspects. Alternatively, you know, whatever the way you would like to engage your child while you're doing this planning so that he is a part of that plan and he knows this is the journey that he is going to take and he has to be given supportive environment indeed. So, these are some of the areas and also you know, dwyers panel is again a very significant aspect that you can actually highlight and share with them and list out for example, five was 10 was based on the capacity of your child as them Do you think that we can memorize these duels with the meanings and understanding if he says yes, I can do 10 I can do 20

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whatever the number you define, try to make that plan together, this is how you actually are done with the first e educate spiritual development or productivity.

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The second E is evaluate evaluate again through five W's and one h what is spiritual evaluation, you need to check the level of spirituality of your child, where does it stand? I mean, what is his level? What is his you know, inclination and what is the status that are the position that he is in, so that this evaluation will help you for the next he that is empowerment? That is very, very, you know, essential to understand what is spiritual evaluation of your child that you have to do? Why do we need to evaluate? Well, in order for you to see before and after change, you have to evaluate and evaluation is required. Because this will give you the understanding where your child is and where

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he can be right. And when is it required this the right time, summer is a better time to focus on this evaluation of their spirituality. And and this is how you can actually utilize it fully. Who should evaluate you as a parent is the best one to evaluate your children's spiritual status where they are. So you as parents have to evaluate it, where do we need evaluation? Check out the areas that we have mentioned. Like for example, where does it stand in terms of memorization of the Quran? How much

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you know, Sierra does he know how many hobbies does he know how many hours does he know? How many, you know,

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Names of Allah subhanaw taala does she know. So, depending on the areas you evaluate, you know,

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in that aspect, how do we spiritually you know, how do we evaluate you know, spiritual development. So, the the best way is to ask questions, ask questions, the questions for example, how much do you know, what is your interest? Why do you think this is required? So, when you ask, you know, many and variety of questions, these questions will help you to evaluate their spiritual development or spiritual status or their spiritual productivity, when you are done with the evaluation, we go to the next E and that is empowerment, empower again through five W's and one h. So, remember, our approach is three E's through five W's and one H three E's we are done with first e that is educate,

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so we educate

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through five W's and one H, what is it? Why is it where is it when is it Who is it and how is it a similarly we are done with evaluate, evaluate what why, when, who, where, and then how to evaluate. And number three, which is the last one is empower your children's spiritual development through five W's and one H, what is spiritual empowerment? When you see your child has become spiritually elevated, he is empowered when he actually educate himself or herself through those areas of memorization of the Quran, Sera Hadees, to us, Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala and, you know, several other things that you made them through that first he that is educate now you see what is

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spiritual empowerment, the reflection of their study and education on those areas.

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It will be so obvious that you will be able to see that your child is now spiritually elevated spiritually, he is now going on a higher position, why spiritual empowerment is important, as we discussed among all the areas, the most crucial area for the development and their empower, their empowerment is spiritual empowerment. If there is no spiritual empowerment and you have social, you have morals, you have manners, you have skills and you have physical, but internally he is not happy internally is not pleasing to Allah and Allah is not pleased with him internally he is not, you know, peaceful within himself. So, there is nothing that can help him in terms of growth and

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development. So, why spiritual empowerment is important is because it is the need of your child, it is required and essential for your child or children. When is it required, it is required all the time, to be honest. But then, again, as I said, this is an opportunity, we talking about summer productivity, this is an opportunity that you and me can make aware of, and ensure that they can develop themselves inshallah, through our support, who should develop it. Again, as we said, it's a joint effort, it's a shared responsibility, as we sat as a family, you know, Father, Son, and the children, we're going to take this journey together with the complete support and facilitation from

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the parents and proper education, proper evaluation, and empowerment, inshallah, it's the parent who will see the fruits from their children inshallah, so, who should develop who should empower it's you as parents, you should empower them through these ways means and you know, approach where do we need spiritual empowerment So, as we said, there are different areas by which a person internally feels enriched through the Quran sometimes through a hadith to the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, there are different ways that you can actually make this empowerment of your children's spiritual being now how to empower spiritually in order that you educate, you properly evaluate, the

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empowerment is bound to be done. This is how you empower them spiritually, you educate them as much as you can in the most exciting manner, engaging manner and you evaluate them, you know, periodically every single day. Have you done that? You know, for example, the son the father is calling, you know, in the midday and asking the child you know, Abdullah, how are you Salaam Alaikum How are you doing? Are you doing your your exciting journey of summer by you know, memorizing the names of Allah, okay, can you tell me how many have you memorized? Okay, you have memorized Rahmani r Rahim al Malik al codice Oh, excellent, Mashallah. Baraka Allah. So, when you evaluate, you know,

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through these interference, through these intervals through these, you know, ways periodically, this is a brighter possibility. And then this is how you actually empower them spiritually, let them be appreciated, you know, with what they are actually doing, how they can be empowered, is is really, really, you know, a powerful way for them to actually understand that this is how I can be empowered, this is how I can feel the difference in me, this is how I have a way for me to uplift myself. And really, I'm telling you this, my dear parents, it's time to rethink how we are empowering, educating and evaluating our children. And we need to understand that this is the thing

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which has to be done for them to be empowered spiritually. So,

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empowerment is is done through proper education, through regular evaluation, and through you know, periodical empowerment. This is how you actually empower your child and and in the periodical as that you do for your children. This is something which is very, very significant and powerful.

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When do I have a mother? When do I have a father can transform the life of children big time, it's a it's a big deal. So don't think that your daughters are not important or it's just you know a some conscious effort as we said, You and me need to do conscious conscious parenting and conscious parenting requires that you plan you program and then you proceed for the practice. So, this is how you actually empower your child and this is how you actually develop your children's spirituality which is the number one priority as a parent. So we hope that inshallah this has this will help you inshallah, in in making your children's spiritual development possible with the help and the mercy

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to help us all, you know, putting all these points into practice and own the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala was salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh