Ahmad Saleem – Ramadan Prep Week – Day 7

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting and avoiding errors in culture is discussed, including avoiding inhalers and drinking to survive. The speakers emphasize the need to address the coronavirus pandemic and raise hands when asked about garlic. The Dr. Hadees movement focuses on fasting and avoiding errors, while also addressing the issue of the fatwa and its potential benefits. The segment also touches on the history of the Dr. Hadees movement and its potential benefits.
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Does although it's not something that you usually eat. So whether it is something that is accustomed to eat or somebody's like well yeah, I put I put a microscopic morsel of a strawberry.

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Well in Ghana somebody you know, even if it is so infinitesimally small that you cannot necessitate, it's the Ironman. It's not it's the humble that you've entered something past the Haluk right and has gone down in Jos whether it is from all the different passages right it has gone down to your body.

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Whether it is whether it is like the suppositories, we're going to talk about that anything that has entered that invalidates the fast okay and this is according to Jimbo and validates the past.

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So that is one of the things that will slip the song

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now, first issue is hola Baja, Rabu or asthma, right? What do you guys think? doesn't invalidate your fast or no?

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inhalers does it validate the past or no?

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One there's no Yes or No. Because either yes, it does or it doesn't.

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It doesn't take the definition of things that break your fast could lie in in Missoula, Ill JioFi anything that enters the passageways

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open passages through those passages anything that enters this cavity of ours and Joe's breaks are fast. So now does it break or no

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It has to cross the Hello.

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And the HELOC anything that crosses so so that's a very good that's really good. Definitely. So when the doctors have talked about it, let me explain this now. So this is going to be really interesting. So the roller they said there are rules healthy that you need people. Okay. What are the proof healthy

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Jewish people come on guys, some of the professor we're gonna need a lot hoorah.

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Okay, Hamza, I'm Elaine Cole. Okay, so what's the deepest

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cries Ha, all the way down. Okay, so if you read the I nabasa.

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That's the deepest. So when we used to learn to read, you know, we practice this. So your heart has because it's.

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So you're doing that bounce, it has to go all the way to the bottom of the HELOC right where it splits and then it has to come back up. Okay, so it is called Taylor.

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And the sheriff would make this practice even more so we get good at it. You'll say Taylor.

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You can go further and you want to try things like no too much doors that you need. Right? So you go extend and then you hold it back right so the ruler they say about this

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in specific about this that these proof halaman Anything that crosses the Maharaja of so Hanza ha ha ha for anything that crosses the Maharajah ha

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the the knots the additional upside the beginning right the right hair that the attorney adenan hella the first thing that you can, anything that crosses the muhajir palette invalidates your fast, even if it's a microscopic drop of water, for example, you were doing gardening but it didn't even go all the way to your thing as soon as anything that crossed that Maharaj because Ha is where you can actually

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you can stop any passage of anything. So beyond that is considered invalidated. So according to the foot Baja

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inhaler, because it just consists consists of water, medicine, and oxygen that is condensed. So there's medicine that allows the pulmonary glands to expand and has condensed oxygen and water. Right. So all of these even if it didn't have any of this, if it had any other form as long as it crossed the HELOC it invalidates now what is the state of a person who has to have an asthma attack? If the person knows his state that Oh, I will have an asthma attack. If I come and play basketball while I'm fasting?

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Then it is not allowed for him to play basketball.

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It's haram for him to play basketball, knowing that basketball will trigger his asthma attack.

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You see how basketball I went from Khaled to haram for an individual and that's what she does when we study fit. You realize that all Shakira is doing is taking things in certain circumstances and becomes wider and in certain certain

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instances becomes haram. And in certain circumstances it's recommend videos and the circumstances it MOBA. Do whatever you want

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to do silent on it. Okay. For example, a person who is not able to control their desires their university kid, they're not able to control their desires guy or girl. They're not able to control their and they're extremely afraid to fall into haram. Then Shediac comes and moves the Nikka thing which is MOBA wajib.

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Because Maha Katana, Yama and Haram is there is a fear that you're going to fall in your haram that it becomes

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it could be another person that goes to university and for example, he he is not able to fulfill relationships, he has bad behaviors, bad habits, he has drinking habits and stuff and he needs to work on himself. And if he has not rectified himself, he should not take on the responsibility of another person. So if a person has a lot of work to do on themselves with the Haram and kava and with Allah subhanaw taala in certain certain circumstances, the copy of that ballot, the judge in the past would say it is haram for you to get married, until you rectify yourself, until you get rid of all the vices that you have in your life. So you don't harm another person. Okay, so that's what

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shittier is doing. And in this case, basketball becomes haram for a person who has asthma attack, knowing with guarantee like, he knows that if I play any activities in sport, it's going to trigger my asthma 85% of the time now it was 100% If it's like yeah, there's a 1% chance that not a problem, right? That person is going to make that judgment. Now if that asthma attack happens, and he has to take asthma, because that's another state he comes over here. Why? gypped Well, my Huffington hudec You're about to die, then all mandates of Allah subhanaw taala drop and you have to save your life becomes the first thing

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that's why you're allowed to eat Finzi when you are in extreme dire circumstances, so much so that you are about to die, then in that case, the Shediac drops, your life becomes the priority.

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And you must eat whatever to survive.

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ate enough to sustain Okay.

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On on Finzi reminded me I had a really good friend of mine.

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He converted to Islam, right so and he was used to work with me in the masjid. MashAllah really good brother Filipino. So, I asked him once I said, Man, what do you miss from the old days? Like it's just curiosity. Like we got really good friends. I'm like, I was like, What do you miss from those? Like, literally the guy's like,

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what I tell him.

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That bacon's sounds really tasty. Honestly, the only thing I miss is eating bacon and breakfast. And he's like, wherever I go. They certainly bacon and it's a biggest fit for me because every breakfast places serving bacon. Right? And so there are different tests, but you know, subhanAllah this bacon even become a salon or a Muslim when he's about to die. Okay, and that's what you're gonna learn in Sharia when we return. So that's one element. we'll clarify, if a person has died, he must use the inhaler. And then he has to do the law of that fast. Okay, let's come to now cigarettes

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or for the young people

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who are coming to that vapes. More contemporary vapes, okay, vapes, and a lot of this oil baby has nothing. It's just, you know, just fumes and it's just, you know, it's nothing. It's vapor.

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Okay, it's vapor, and cigarettes. It's vapor. Oh, and what if we inhaled smoke?

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Why do they allow this inhalation of smoke and these are these are questions people raised because they're driven by enough's desires are driven by this. Okay? So the Han, according to the consensus of the contemporary for Baja secrets, all of them that nobody says sacred does not break your fast. Okay? It breaks it into conditions, two reasons. One, that if you were to, and they have done experiments to football, how they've done experiments, if you were to put some form of a filter, or even that filter within the cigarette, if you take a puff out of it, it's white, and then it changes its color. So they're trying their best to filter out as much as possible that whenever you smoke,

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all of that stuff that's going to go in, so you only get the cleanest form of nicotine going into your bloodstream. So they're trying to clean that out for you. Right, and that's why they have those filters. Second thing is that if a person if you were to tell a person that you by consensus, no thought behind is going to defer to that, that if a person takes an you know, two drops of poison,

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not enough to kill him,

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but enough to cause some pain. And then two days later, he take

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is another tool and two days later it takes another two through this date of enter and eventually that leads to his death

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Okay, so the bar either is that ma harem Cassie, you who if the abundance of something is going to be haram, haram, I'll tell you who

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the smallest amount of that thing is also home. Now it is by the World Health Organization, a consensus of the doctors that cigarettes are carcinogenic, they cause cancer.

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And cancer is one of the diseases that are once you get lung cancer, it's very hard to recover from it. It has the highest mortality rate. So from that perspective, by the consensus of the FDA, right contemporary formula not talking to this secret was not an issue in the past. Right? They all including the sad I mean, the ones who follow just Hadith, even then they are all by the consensus that it's same across something really bad. And number two in our Sharia and number two, it's something that kills you in the long run. So from both perspective it's making make makes it haram and the fate fall under the same category.

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Got a question?

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Okay, the vapes they fall under the same category now if you think about it when we come to Salah what are we not allowed to come to Salah before coming what you cannot eat? What are the two things you can cardigan on in Marshalls that's the main thing main course in every single meal. Okay, despite the fact that we know the benefits of garlic

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right then what about cigarettes?

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I mean something that is so beneficial for your health, but the smell of it causes pain to the angels

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there is no excuse for anybody to come in domestic one minute before and and sadly you know on my third day I was driving to show my family and there was people at that there was like a whole bunch of people that were smoking cigarettes. Right and this is not acceptable on dismissive property. This is the land that was dedicated for the cause of

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and on Joomla right and if we have some volunteers they should go and stop those people right I was the third day I didn't want to say the guys they go the first third day geology Buddha was here in a block this all right now everything is done. Right Do you went around you saw them and they didn't even have this hierarchy. Like they saw me leave the gym. I was the mid they saw me leave the gym or they settled under me they carried on smoking. It's a pattern. Right? So and then that same individual is going to come in prayer. There's no jobs for that there is no permissibility for that behavior. Right coming to the masjid especially in Ramadan because people have been fasting all day

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and then they smoke cigarette and then they're like, Man, I'm gonna have to do this long traveling Imams I was gonna need so long two hours three hours to tomorrow. Let me just have one outside let me just you know read before and especially those that do eight

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out coughing and that are child that and then they come back for so long.

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There's no excuse for that. Right and we need to call this out right in other manners like you know don't don't don't miss out on the masculine do it in a nice polite manner tell the people yes

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you're not hearing I'm seeing that very clearly. Yes Mike and like especially because when the World Health Organization all the doctors they declared it carcinogenic that this causes cancer and constant cancer is a non interval disease until now there are some people that you're get cured but they're always going back into remission. Right very few cases of people that once they get cancer they did not die from cancer. Very few cases. So majority is that we don't have a cure for it.

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Is that clear? For everyone? Okay.

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But I like Dr. Have you put on because he keeps me on the head so I have to prepare my does according to his he's like he's a but and he's gonna bring you that objection. And I was like I was prepared for that. I was like, if you're gonna ask because he's the only one I thought he's going to ask because he's a doctor. So he's going to ask about all the pulmonary glands and everything going down so I was prepared for his question. hamdulillah but again, I love it. You know, I love it because that's how we learn. You should address the concern and you should raise your hands and ask. Okay, next one. This is called suppositories. Anything that enters your body from any hole

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breaks your fast.

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Oh, but it's not giving me any nutrition.

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It's the condition is not nutrition.

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Condition is anything that enters from any of them.

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Oxygen is different, right? Oxygen is different. That doesn't mean we're talking about Amen.

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If oxygen is not paying the definition design, I mean something that is tangible that has entered your body. offset is not something you can hold it can heat it, it can do that. Okay?

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But I like God. Okay, next one. Don't put time to taste food. Okay, taste food, if you are a chef, that is your need and your requirement for your job that in that particular case you are permitted.

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If you're at home, your wife is cooking, she has to take something that is permitted. But if you are crossing the street, yeah, it's allowed to do testing

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my shoulders, I'll come back for a time.

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That is not

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the permissibility of or the allowance of tasting is poor condition of that person's Iman.

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If that necessitates that he or she has to taste them, they are allowed to taste. But if it's just me, just just because Wasaga then then it doesn't it doesn't fall on your lap. Okay. Next one, this is going to be interesting. The bottom row with dumb blood donation allowed or not?

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It's really interesting. I'll reiterate the QA ADA, the thing that breaks your fast is anything, the only thing that breaks your fast is anything that enters

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your ears, through your ears, through your mouth, through your nose into your head out, or any of the passages, right.

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Those are the only things that break your fast anything entering into your account.

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I didn't hear that.

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It's not through the holes.

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It's not through the holes. Okay, it's not through the holes. So like injection like that, you're not entering it's not entering through the passages cavities because the hadith is very clear about it's not entering from any of the open passages. So debabrata them giving blood, right it's not recommended. It's a mcru act in the state of faster okay, it is a mcru hacked in the state of panic. Now according

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Drew Hura dilemma it does not break your fast

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developed with them Intel Hana villa, in the HANA fees in the hunt buddies, it breaks even tomorrow with them. Because they say that it leads you to a state that you possibly will have to break your fast because you'll feel weak.

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Because when you take them to give you juice and all of that, so in handy that they have the slider that everything that could lead you to causing something haram or breaking an Ibadah of yours. So getting into haram or breaking it other than everything that leads you to that.

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So from that condition, anything that leads you that's why you will find the humblest or the strict, the most crickets.

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Oh, this is not allowed. Why is not allowed. This could lead to this, this could lead to that. And they call it the old Mufasa closing the door of any possibility of creating more facade. So they will do speculations and said this could lead this could lead this could possibly lead us to that haram since we traverse back in everything that could possibly lead us to that in the humbly madhhab is considered haram. Okay, that's why they're very strict.

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And likewise, if you want to take blood, that blood transfusion for a person, then it is fine. But all of this is mcru I mean, it's not a highly recommended act. Although it's a lot of Azure to give blood but not invest. If you can delay then it is better or you could do it at a time outside of the month of Ramadan and you should Okay. What about putting what about putting oil and creams you know those that Voltaren or any type of these medicinal things that can enter your blood through the ports?

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Darker Side like this one is like ah

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it's not. So all of that does not so when they say the word Jelf. I mean, Dr. Habib will tell you or any other doctors they'll tell you that there is this vacuum cavity inside of our body. Right when sorry, somebody gets a bullet wound or stab wound. First thing they do is they would pressure that because you don't want to do the pressure within that vacuum cavity. And also you don't want to lose. So when they say the word Jove, they mean that cavity of ours, okay, that that cavity which encompasses all of our organs, if you've ever slaughtered an animal, when we slit the thing, you see that entire cavity inside all that

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comes out in salt clean. That's called a joke.

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So, according to the gym who anything that enters the joke

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will break your fast. Okay? So in this particular case for example creams and stuff that go through that muscle for example, somebody who swims in the water, okay, somebody is in the water, the water you will get hydrated, you will get some water going into your that does not break, follow your rules. So the Dan Bishop with the chatroom, that if you're in and this Imam knowing and many of the other scholars have said that, that there is no harm in that, okay, anything that enters from your ears, now we know there's like the the first year the middle here and then the internal here. Okay, the internal here is what we're talking about. Right when you put a drop, you'll hear that like

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you'll you'll hear the drop going and eventually you hear the sound completely disappearing sound will change. At that moment if something has entered to that point then that breaks your your fast because there is a direct connection to that and your taste lines. So you can actually change the dialogue in that okay.

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Now, the next one is a masala that I wanted to touch upon. So what has happened with Philip is that the fuqaha they have laid some foundations for us and I'll end with this one Inshallah, I know most of you have to go. So the folk AHA they have laid a foundation on how these principles are going to be deducted used, okay. So, there is a something called our I will fit the principles of fair and also rules, right through which the foundations through which we are sorry, foundations of fish and the principles of fit through which we come to these conclusions.

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Sometimes, when these conclusions were made, and a particular opinion was taken, that opinion was either based on lack of actual anatomy, knowledge of human body.

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So it was based on the lack of autonomy of human body, or it was based on a political decision. There was a political climate at the time of enactment which led him to take a particular decision.

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And what has happened with most of the format hubs, and why people turn away from them as I had today, what is happening with today is the going back and looking at a fatwa that was given using the same principles of the foci it is not my job, it's not your job is not anybody else. It's the job of the element of this method. Right people who are off you know, for example, the Mufti of or the, the most knowledgeable person in the shop furniture, for example, he can get together a team of people from all across the world and they can discuss a masala that, yes, look, all the shuffling books, they have the consensus that this is like that. But today, we have 100% knowledge that this

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is wrong. This opinion was taken out of lack of knowledge, the one that we're going to address now is something like that. So by the consensus of the scholars that anything that is entered in, the eyes does not reach.

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It's not a minefield, it's not a it's not a passageway, okay? Because they consider the eyes as a poor, it's one of the pores, but then over here, you have for example, the scholars they have said that

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he was sillery he will happen with Messiah. So what happened was the scholars did not have that scientific knowledge at that time. So they basically saying that he or some people must have complained that Oh, I put something in my and I could taste it.

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So they're like, Yeah, but it's just like your pores because there's no hole inside that we see. But because it is such a small hole.

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They attributed it to the category of pores not to the category of phones. Hence, the decision was made based on that. Today, the entire scientific community does not attribute the the passageway into it or they say it's a passageway. It is a passageway that can enter. Okay, so because of that that fatwa is wrong, right? Because we have scientific evidence on that, and many of the fuqaha today, for example, that are left out of Odin, darling Iftar of Egypt, where they have changed the opinions of the Hanafi as well as the Shafi that they are wrong on this masala do we have to call this out? Now we have scientific knowledge that negates that is that their premise of de facto we

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use that same principles and deduce a new phenomena. So now, according to the modern day folk Aha, that anything that enters through your eyes, right in the shattering Madhab will break your fast because of the science that tells us that although the general fatwah off the books only read the bookshelf reading books, it will say nothing through the eyes can break your fast. But I hope that we understand that that we have to start looking into into that. But again, it's not

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My job, I can read a medical article and say, Oh, I'm changing the fatwa. Like there has to be some credible bodies that, you know, that's another issue that is happening is like, oh, we need to change everything. Everything has changed. No, it's not like that. It's like, there has to be people with the credible knowledge who have spent 2030 years of studying neural. Right? Like look at that like and I'm shuffling you just studied with Imam Malik for nine years. Right? Let alone the 12 years that he spent with another scholar another 10 years and other scholars, like nobody today is spending that much time learning knowledge. And then let alone the nine years that he spent just

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learning Arabic language,

00:25:40 --> 00:25:58

hygiene, and then somebody comes charged Sargon degree for Salvini and he says Imam Abu Hanifa does know anything Imam Shafi doesn't know anything I know everything. As EvenOr this is this, this attitude needs to change. Like I remember my shift when we were studying in Medina, he was teaching a Kitab he was teaching a Shamaya let me

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know that this was not in Medina, it was around that this was in Riyadh, I there was another. There's that happened. So this was in reality we were studying there's so you have to know, we were reading a hadith.

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And the Hadith was written the book was compiled by Imam turban. And as we were reading the Hadees, the chef paused, because the book that he had in his hand was a contemporary latest print. But the shell, you know, was a madness he studied in India and an early ceremony but he went to India and got all these ijazah from so many scholars of Indian artists, because the scholars of any are like filled with knowledge and hence, there's a misconception people have the ruler of the Arab world have the knowledge of heart disease. That's not the case. All the asana need all the Senate that go back to the sahaba. They go back to the member fighting stuff, all of them are founded Indian boxer,

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most of them today that are alive. So many of the Arab world scholars traveled to India and Pakistan, then they go back and learn from them. So he says, he read the book and the Hadith said harder Hudson during this hadith is a diaphanous so the shift paused and he became so angry. He said Subhanallah Yeah, the T Wi Fi is a man, you know, there's a guy who has the audacity to come in our times. But I could tell you that you just read a few books. Okay, a few books here and there. Then he takes the bulk of Imam Timothy, a fella and so mighty warrior. Imam Tirmidhi he comes and rectifies the issues of Iran, Germany. And then he says this is very different. Just how sorry and

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doesn't happen. What a carton Imam did when he himself calls this is so Hey,

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where is in antimony? And where is he? Right. And we have to be careful. A lot of these classifications of Dr. Hadees and stuff. They're done so loosely, that it's so dangerous for our societies today, especially with those translations. It's even big problem. Huge problem today. Right, like imagine and Buhari wrote the Buhari Sharif. Okay, so after he wrote the best book ever, then he wrote another book called a double muslin. Or the permafrost is a book that I have a Jazza and I have an angel book, although audible preferred basically means the eloquence of Adam. And we are as the OMA unique muestran. We are unique in that adapt. So it's a book of hundreds beautiful

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kitten, and my Jazza goes all the way back to my body in that book. Now we were studying that book. And he's like, you know, the chef pauses and says, subhanAllah this guy has said, you know, Imam Bukhari had a hadith or even some guy contemporary comes and fixes Imam Bukhari, he said, Zimbabwe and all of a sudden forgot after he wrote he should eat that now I am good some days Hadees or is it that the Halima had another purpose of entering dive Hadees in those books,

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and that purpose, inshallah we'll discuss some other

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Inshallah, there is a purpose but again, one thing at a time, we will discuss all of that and Sharla Baraka lofi come in sha Allah may Allah bless you Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Allah I will send it to someone because you're not alone. Nobody can interfere. But I mean Allahumma radical and FEMA or whatever and alone and finally Muslims in our lives when I was in Albania curry Lamartine for Senator Paul I was I can't tell you how long you're here but I'll be alone but surely in our country right in the generic economic problems running the country right. Go to jail anybody from alone material in law Hello. From New York, but I live in a lot of abandonment out of avant la

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mobile living and I'm alone alone, but to get them out. I'm about one find out. Feed them alone. Yeah, but I mean, what are you gonna do with the whole funeral Maloney lady Well, troff in a hurry. I love watching that you have the current Dr. Brad

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