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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters, I am back with another history byte very, very important story very, very inspirational story. Before I tell you the story, I want to remind you to subscribe to my channel, and also support our work by following the links in the description. So now to the story. The story is a very powerful one. And I want to start the story with quoting the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated

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Lata Kiran, middle Maru fishy and while out on Tulpa haka, beware version polich. Do not belittle any of your good deeds, even smiling at your brother. So the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad told the Muslims not to belittle any of your deeds, even a small deed can turn around and become a huge deal without you realizing. So you might do something good while you are alive and not make any big deal out of it. But then after you died, maybe 100 years later, or 200 years later, that deed might come back to life and do wonders for you. I want to share a very quick story about this very point, there was a man called founder founder was a Christian missionary working in India in the mid 19th

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century. Those of you who know the history of colonial India, you know that after colonialism after the rise of colonialism in India, British colonialism, many missionaries came into India to convert people to Christianity, okay, founder was a German missionary who came into India and in 1850s, he started to preach in the streets of the Indian Capitol called Ogra. Right? He was preaching in the streets, he was challenging Muslims. He was very hostile, very aggressive. He knew the Arabic language, you know, the Persian language, he also knew Urdu. He had even authored a book titled Misano, Huck the balance of truth. In this book, he was arguing that Islam is false and Christianity

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is true. And he had some arguments against the Prophet and the Quran, and the list goes on. So he was challenging the Muslims in Ogra, at that time, and not many Muslim scholars are trained and able to deal with these arguments because they had never faced them before. But while shaitan is working and preparing his people, Allah is also working in preparing his people. In the in the 19th century, let's say the first half of the 19th century, there was a man called Wazir Khan, who was an Indian Muslim, he had traveled to Britain to study medicine. While he was there, for some reason, Allah inspired him to start studying Christian works on the Bible, right? There was a lot of criticism

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coming out at that time. In the first half of the of the 19th century in Britain, many people were writing works on the Bible criticizing the text of the Bible, highlighting the corruption of the text, and many, many other problems, right was the Khan was studying these books, and he knew that the colonial rule in India is supporting the missionary activity, and he wanted some sort of solution to it. So he was studying these books for knowledge. When he came back to India cut the long story short, he realized that founder is going around challenging Muslim scholars. And none of the Muslim scholars are accepting the challenge. You know why? Because they didn't know how to deal

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with these arguments. vizier Khan had found this knowledge in Britain while studying medicine. And he was empowered by this knowledge. He met a Muslim scholar who knew the Sharia, who knew the Islamic sciences while he knew the Biblical Studies, both of them got together and they decided to debate founder. And there was a historic debate that took place in 1854. In the city of Agra, right, in this city, the city of Taj Mahal, by the way, those of you who know Taj Mahal, the magnificent Taj Mahal, a very famous monument mogul monument, in the city of Agra, in that very city, this debate took place, the Muslim scholar was shake Rahmatullah kerana we, and the biblical scholar from

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the Muslim side was Dr. Z Han. And from the Christian side, it was founder. Now this debate was hyped. A lot of excitement. Excitement was created. People came along many British, many British dignitaries, important figures influential attended the debate in person. And the debate took place. Lo and behold, to the shock of founder was econ and Rahmatullah kerana. We came up with arguments funder wasn't aware of founder was thinking that he's going to wipe the floor with Dr. Was Bukhan and check Rama to lock Iran away because of the arguments he had mastered. But he had no idea that doctrine was econ had studied the history of the Bible

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thoroughly, and he was blown away completely blown

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whereby the questions he asked, and the sources he presented in this debate, founder was humiliated, absolutely humiliated in this debate. And this was a great news in India, Muslims and Hindus alike are very, very happy that this Christian missionary, this arrogant Christian missionary was completely decimated in this debate. Even one of the British politicians or influential wrote a book on this. His name was William Muir, who was also an Orientalist. Merely Muir wrote a book on this very issue, titled The Mohammed and controversy right. This debate was devastating for not only the British colonial establishment, but even the Christian missionary establishment. So humiliated was

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founder in this debate that he had to leave India. Now, where am I going with this story? I want to share this story for a reason and wait for the climax. Now, after this debate, Shakra amatola had gained fame so the doctor was UConn and they became very influential. Three years later, in 1857, the Indian Mutiny kicked off many Indians, they rebelled against the British rule because of his oppressive nature. And many Muslim scholars were specifically targeted as the instigators of this rebellion. Shaker amatola was one of them who was targeted by the British establishment. He had to leave India for his life and he took refuge in Makkah. Now fandor had left India as I told you

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earlier, now Sheikh Mohammed Allah was in Mecca, founder then moved to Istanbul, okay, another Muslim territory to disturb Muslim scholarship in Istanbul. So when he started to preach in Istanbul, or Constantinople,

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the Sultan became aware of his activities and he wanted Muslim scholars to deal with him. He was told that there is a scholar from India in Mecca who has already dealt with him, and he heard the story of the debate the Sultan invited Shekar amatola Chiranjeevi to Constantinople or Istanbul. And when founder heard that chakra amatola is in Istanbul, he made a quick run he left the city and he did not debate chakra McCullough did not face him, the sultan, I'm guessing it was Altana. To Hamid, he requested from the chef to write a book for the Muslims so the Muslims can use to deal with missionaries like this, these kind of satanic missionaries, liars, deceivers who are deceiving

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Muslims and Muslim scholars. So not Allah kerana we decided to write a book titled is haram Huck is horrible. Huck was authored in Istanbul and it was published and amatola came back to Makkah, and he passed away in Makkah, and the book was forgotten. The book was forgotten. It went into libraries, and no one really knew about it. No one was studying it. Then fast forward in the 20th century, there was a young man in South Africa, working in a shop, Christian missionaries would come from a missionary school and they would bully him with arguments, they would throw things at him, and they would expect him to respond. This young man from India, from Gujarat with with a hat with a white

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hat on his head. He was a fifth grader, he never passed the fifth grade in school, he was very disturbed by these Christian missionaries posing questions, right? Lo and behold, for some reason, the young man finds a book in the store room of that very sharp, okay, the book was a translation of a translation. Let me explain. Check Rama cola had written the book is Harold Huck in Arabic. And then there was a Gujarati translation made from the Arabic work and from the Gujarati translation was made the English translation, which was found by this young man in the storeroom, this young man read the book he became extremely empowered. And he started to use these arguments similarly, like

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check Rahmatullah doctor was econ we're using the 19th century he started to use these same arguments against these missionaries. And the missionaries were blown away by these questions. They had no answers. Like they have no answers today to this day. They find other tactics to attack Islam, they deceive people they lie, you know, from for the sake of money to make money from gullible Christian masses, they will do anything and say anything to attack Islam. But when they are asked the questions, they have no answers. So this young man started to debate Christians and the Christians were extremely, you know, you know, blown away by him. You know, intellectually, this

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young man completely overwhelmed them, overpower them. Okay. And guess who this young man was? This young man was she Ahmed Deedat. So this little

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What do you call it spark left behind by shake Rahmatullah.

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Cyrano de as his contribution to the OMA without realizing the outcome, without realizing or without even imagining how Allah will make this effort of is a big huge thing in the 20th century, to an extent that this young man from South Africa became an old man. And this old man became a real powerhouse for the Muslims around the world. He instilled passion, he drove this confidence through the Muslims around the world that we can debate. We can defend Islam and we can do it powerfully. We just have to study we just have to learn arguments. We have to learn our deen and we have to learn the views and the history of other people. And once we do that, we are able to defend the initial

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ama DDOT single handedly sparked the dour evolution of the 20th century, which still goes on to this day. All these people later on who started to debate Christians, Atheists, and others around the world are a product of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat efforts. And lo and behold, guess what? Who gets the reward Shaker amatola Qaradawi in his grave in Makkah. He wrote one book that one book was read by this young man who got empowered. And then he came out and he started debating and he instilled this passion and confidence throughout the ummah. And today we have 1000s of comedy dots around the world, doing the same work. Inspired by the efforts of Dr. Was Iran and chakrata Lucky Ranui the

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moral of the story is brothers and sisters, do not belittle any of your good deeds. If it is a word of compassion, if it is a good deed, if it is something small, do it. Don't wait. Don't belittle it because you don't know what Allah is going to do with it. You have no idea how Allah subhanaw taala is going to make it a huge tree. That seed you may plant today may become a huge tree in the future that may bear fruit. And on the Day of Judgment, you will be shocked when you look behind you Allah will show you look behind you that army of people who was who are guided by your little efforts, you will be shot like check Rahmatullah doctor was econ may be shocked on the day of judgment for

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instilling passion through this young man in South Africa, who later on single handedly took this passion of TAO to the world. And lo and behold, there is a dour evolution taking place today in the world. A lot of people are accepting Islam. A lot of people are studying Islam. A lot of people are defending Islam because of that passion. I just wanted to share this fascinating story if you want to read on it. There is a very good article on the debates between Dr. Aziz Khan chakra with Allah Chiranjeevi and founder and this article has been written by a scholar called every camera on every camera on has written an article on this very topic. If you want to read an academic work on these

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debates, that's the work to consult. Again, subscribe to the channel and support our work by following the description. Thank you so much for listening history bytes Assalamualaikum warahmatullah