Adnan Rashid – Muslims lost in Peru

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker describes a group of people traveling to a remote region to practice Islam. They discuss the difficulty of driving in the mountains and the need for new Muslim support. They also mention a new Muslim workshop and a visit to a hotel. The group shares their experiences and offers a reward for practices.
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Bono Fassi Oh, Bono Fassi Oh 5000 meters above sea level, no phone signal. It was getting dark. All you could hear echoing through the mountains was

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who was born faster and why couldn't we find him? The brothers were scared, it was dark, and they were up in the mountains in Peru, Abdullah told us about a person who took shahada with him many years ago, but lived too deep in the mountains. So he couldn't provide much new Muslim support for him. We traveled six hours to the village and once we got there, we had to go a further one hour off roading through the mountains to reach his house. There were a podcast on the way and lots and lots of fog making it difficult to drive. There was no phone signal. So we had to use the old fashioned method of shouting at the top of our lungs. We heard a few noises but couldn't locate it. So we had

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to drive back for the night. We went around looking for hotels, but because the neighboring town was so small, we were very limited. We finally found a hotel and decided to have some dinner. The next morning, the team prayed further. And when looking for bone or fasciae again, back up the mountain past the waterfall. We split up and kept calling out until we finally told someone we are looking for Borno fasciae. To our surprise, it was Brother Bono fasciae himself. We went up with him, met his family. And he invited one of his friends who after speaking to the team for a bit and decided to take his shahada too, along with Bono fascias daughter, we didn't want to miss this opportunity,

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and decided to provide a quick new Muslim workshop for them. as cold as it was both of them wanted to do with the cold water available Subhan Allah, they then prayed Salah with us, and we're very happy that we came to visit them in such a remote place. They mentioned that the mountain goes even higher where the Hakuna and pumas can be seen. So you might be thinking Subhan Allah, I would love to have been the one who taught those people how to do imagine the reward every time they pray salah, but the reality is you can share the reward. If one person accepts Islam, you share in the reward of every single good deed they do. Every wudu every prayer, every letter of the Quran they

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read, this is your opportunity to be part of the reward. What are you waiting for?

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