Abdullah Hakim Quick – Jumuah Kuthbah 10-11-2023

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The speaker encourages Muslims to accept the loss of their children and their relatives, and to accept those who have died and give victory to Muslims on the ground. They encourage Muslims to accept the loss of their children and their relatives, and to share their struggles and struggles with their loved ones. They also encourage Muslims to accept those who have died and give victory to Muslims on the ground, and to be prepared for the struggle. The speaker mentions a socialized campaign to encourage Muslims to accept those who have died and give victory to Muslims on the ground, and a socialized campaign to encourage Muslims to accept those who have died. The speaker also mentions a socialized campaign to encourage Muslims to accept those who have died and give victory to Muslims on the ground. The speaker encourages everyone to be prepared for the struggle and not let it stop, and to be as pure and sincere as possible. They also mention a socialized campaign to encourage Muslims to accept those who have died and give victory to Muslims on the ground
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Hello Rahmani Raheem at 100 I'll be allowed amine or soluble salam ala sailed overly will often in the Vienna Muhammadan. While early he was happy with adequate salah, I'll praise the due to Allah Lord of the worlds

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and peace and blessings be constantly showered upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, the master of the first and the last at his family as companions and all those who call to his way, and establish his Sunday to the Day of Judgment.

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My beloved brothers and sisters to our friends salaam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah

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Alhamdulillah. So another opportunity for us to reflect upon our submission to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And to try to come to grips with what is happening in the world today.

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And these sessions are developed for new Muslims. And for those who are reviving their faith, to try to clear up some of the confusions that are going on, and to answer some of your questions in a forum, that is not really available in many cases in the Muslim community.

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So those who are in the class and those who are online,

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feel free to ask questions concerning the topics that we are dealing with in the new Muslim corner.

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I'm not a politician. So if you want burning political questions, this may not be the right forum for it. But what this will do, I believe, is shed light upon what is happening in the world today.

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This year of 2023, has been very slow,

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because of the intensity of what is happening in the Middle East, especially the area of Palestine.

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And it's important to have a perspective on this, especially for those who are coming into Islam. And those who are reviving their faith trying to understand what is happening.

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One of the key issues is that our faith should not be separated with reality.

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In other words, when you become a Muslim, you're not going into a bubble

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that sort of protects you, and keeps you away from what is happening on the ground. The Marxist Leninist would like to say, these are the socialist people they used to say, Religion is the opium of the people

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that religion puts you to sleep.

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And it doesn't deal with what is actually happening in your life. But with Islam, it's the opposite. Because Islam is submission to the will of Allah.

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And as a human being, you are trying to submit to the Creator, and trying to live your life in the best possible way.

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What we have to realize now, and again, I want to reflect on this just briefly, is that what is happening in Palestine today, as shocking as it may seem,

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is not something new.

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It's actually an extension of a colonial project that began hundreds of years ago,

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at around 1883 or so, there was a big conference called the Berlin Conference. And then the European powers set and they, with their newfound technology, and communications, and their greed, and wanting to conquer India and Africa and places where they knew there were a lot of material riches, they divided up the world into sections. And so they said the British you take these countries France, you take this Germans, Belgium, Holland, Italy, and they divided it up and then they went out to try to conquer the areas that they had been designated.

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And for the most part, they did succeed because of the weakness. That that was a reality in the Muslim countries and in other so called Third World countries, some areas they never conquered.

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Eventually, after a few 100 years,

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there was a major movement that developed actually, it was 1883 it would have

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around 1950s 1960s.

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Okay, what developed

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is liberation movement.

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Now, again,

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the colonization of these countries didn't begin in 1883, don't get me wrong, this is where they divided it up officially. But from way back in the 15th century, when Columbus went across, and so called discovered America, and they realized that there were things countries outside of their own, they could go to, they could enrich themselves. So it is from the 15th century, that this actually began. It just had it final level of organization

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in the 19th century. And so,

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the settler colonies.

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So this is where a particular power

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takes over a region, conquerors, the leadership

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takes land, and then begins to either keep the people poor and exploit the land,

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or they settle on the land. So they settled in the country itself.

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And they wipe out the indigenous people.

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And if you look at different parts of the world, you will see that in some cases, the settler colony failed. But in some cases, it succeeded.

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Like in the case of Australia,

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and New Zealand, and these areas there, where the Aboriginal people lived for 1000s of years, and the British sent their prisoners of war to make a colony. So they conquered this area, destroyed

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the people and then settled inland to the point where the island of Tasmania you may have heard Tasmania, because they have a creature, the Tasmanian devil. It's a little, you know, wicked little creature. So they call it a devil. It's really active.

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They wiped out the local population 100%. There are no indigenous people left in Tasmania

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and New Zealand. You have the Maori people they call the Maori people

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in Australia who have Aboriginal people.

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And but for the most part, the Europeans then settled. And when you say Australian, you are talking about white Australians.

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It's the same in North America,

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when Europeans came suffering from the bubonic plague, and all the different diseases and poverty, and they came to the land, and they found that it was freshwater and open land, and it had minerals, and they set about to conquer the land.

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They weren't able to conquer it militarily, because there are about 73 million people living in the Americas when Columbus came. Now, if you think about that number, 73 million, doesn't sound like a lot today. But in those days,

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that's a huge population. Compared to what was on the earth, it might have been 15%, or more of the Earth's population of human beings. And

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disease. It was the diseases that they brought,

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that the indigenous people did not have the ability to throw off these diseases. It is because of that, they wiped out the populations. And in some cases, it's not just a settler being sick. In some cases, they knew it was going to work. And so they took the blankets that they had slept in knowing viruses there, and they actually gave them out, they spread the virus.

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And they wiped out the population.

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I was born and raised in the Boston area that's called New England,

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New England, and in a place called in Rhode Island, around Providence, Rhode Island. There was a report of

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settlers European settlers, they call them the Puritans and the pilgrims coming in, and they came into a village of indigenous people because of disease. The people who drop dead 98% of the people were dead. And the report goes, they came into the village and they found the people dead and they got rid of their bodies but they found turkeys and they found cranberry growing and

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potatoes, different things corn and soy. They put it together.

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The, and they had a Thanksgiving dinner.

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And they prayed to God thanking God for clearing the land.

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This is an actual report. They thank God for clearing the land of the indigenous people.

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And then they ate the Thanksgiving dinner.

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And we up until now, we have Thanksgiving dinners, right. But Turkey is not a European bird,

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cranberry squash, all of the elements of a classical Thanksgiving meal. Although we have curry inside of our turkey and pepper and what not, you know, things other people wouldn't have. But in a classical Thanksgiving meal.

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That's an American meal. Not a European meal. See, but they wiped out the concept, they wiped out the presence of the indigenous people. So you don't associate the turkey and the food and the moccasins and, you know, leather clothes and raccoon hats and all the things. You don't connect that with the indigenous people.

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And so the indigenous people in Canada here,

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and we cynically start our programs off by saying we recognized unceded territory of the Mississauga people. This thing, you know, makes me want almost want to vomit? Why? It's unseeded land. That means they're still in control. Do you see any native people around? Think about this. They're in reservations. Okay, they're wiped out.

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So what is happening is what Palestine is, is the last major settler colony. It's the last one.

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And in the same way that they wiped out the people here in the Americas, and in Australia, or in other parts of the world, their intention is to wipe out

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the indigenous population, drive them into the Sinai Peninsula,

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drive them over the border, and to totally take over that area of call Raza and the West Bank, and to populate it with their people.

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And then they control the boards of education. And the history books. You see the control they have in the media now. Write it and then try to brainwash people. So you will forget about the Palestinian people, in the same way

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that we forgot about the natives on Thanksgiving.

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And some of the native people even say today, Thanksgiving, not a holiday for them.

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It's actually a day of sorrow.

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Right is a day of a catastrophe the same way the Palestinians talk about a Nakba, which means the catastrophe, were over 750,000 people driven out of the homes, and the land was occupied.

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So the war is the struggle is not just a physical struggle.

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The struggle is also a mental struggle. It's an educational struggle.

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And it's existential. For the indigenous people. It's their existence, right? It's not just fighting over a little piece of land, but it's literally the existence of the people. So therefore, it is it is critical, you know, for Muslims and people of conscience. Right to to continue. And we're fortunate to have social media today, before they just block out all the news, and you don't know what's happening. But they can't block out the news now.

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And so because of this, and the willingness, the new generation of people coming up, there's a resistance growing that didn't exist before. But part of the struggle is not just the emotions.

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Part of the struggle is long term.

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And long term means that we have to understand our history.

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You have to understand what the real story is.

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you have to look forward to your generation and the next generation to continue struggling until the people are free.

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So this is a long term struggle.

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And that is why I'm emphasizing within our foundations course, for the new Muslims, and those who are reviving their faith is that we understand terminologies. We understand the major players in this part of the world.

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And you will see apocalyptic discussions now happening. You'll see even leaders, political leaders were not religious at all. They're quoting Old Testament.

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Right? They're trying to justify

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I, what they are doing through biblical characters. And so Muslims in general, and especially new Muslims need to be aware

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of what our position is in terms of the major players. And that would be the great prophets. He saw a Salam, you know, Musa, Moses, Muhammad salah, all of these prophets, where they stand where we fit in with the people of the book,

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okay, but not really is political. Now it is becoming political, it's supposed to be religious, right?

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But it's actually one of the most important things that we can do is to have a strong foundation, you know, from the Quran, and from the sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as to where we are going, and where we stand in terms of what is going on. And so we left off with,

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we are dealing with the different sections of email, or kind of email. And that is our belief in Allah and His angels and his books and his messengers. And that, to be a believer, you have to believe in the last day.

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Okay, so this is the section wrong. And by believing in the last day that there is a final hour, there is a final day of judgment, that changes our mentality. Because if we thought that this is it,

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that when you die does nothing else, this world would be really unjust, right? You'll be really unjust, the people who are suffering and dying, and then the people who are living in so called comfort, okay, if there's nothing else, then that's total injustice. But if there's something else that is there, then we ultimately believe that all of the wrongs will be set straight eventually.

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And this is the day of judgment. And so, we are looking at the signs of the Day of Judgment, Allah Mata saya. And we reached that case of Isa de Islam, the descent of Jesus, and all of the characters, I would say, that Jesus peace be upon him is probably one of the most misunderstood

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characters or prophets within all of the books,

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in terms of distortion of his message, who he actually was, what he stood for, what he will be in the future, it is totally distorted by people.

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It is

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used to brainwash and to confuse, but our position is very clear. And Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam in in one of the sayings, which is found in Buhari Hadith, this is the authentic book of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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He said, by the one in whose hand is my soul.

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Soon the son of Mariam will come down among you, as a just ruler Hackerman adilyn, he will break the cross, kill the pigs, and abolish Gija, meaning the tax on non Muslims in Islamic states, wealth will be so abundant that there will be no one to accept it.

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Until one sedge dark prostration will be better than this world, and all that is in it. And so this is this is a really important statement. It clears up a lot of things. Because it is saying that the descent of Jesus, and we believe this Christians believe that Jesus is going to come back. And it is being said publicly now that the evangelical Christians

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are actually siding with the extremist Israelis, because they want

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the Jews to control the holy land and build a temple. And then Jesus will come back and along with Jesus, they will wipe them out.

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So it's an unholy alliance. They're not really together.

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Because the Christians are angry at me know that the Jews because they say, you know, you killed Christ.

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Like you are the ones that turned him into the Romans, right? You believe his mother was a prostitute. That's how they talk.

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So there's no love lost

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between these groups, but strategically they're working together now in order to bring about their results. But Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu did not speak from himself. He said that easily. Salaam

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We will return you will descend. Okay, as we learned he was not killed or crucified, he was raised, physically raised.

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And he will return as a righteous ruler, or just ruler, not as a Prophet. This is a very important point, not as a Prophet, because the last prophet is Prophet Muhammad peace people. So Jesus will come down as a just ruler, he will rule with the Quran itself. But he has a mission to fulfill.

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Okay, and in that mission, he will make it clear for those who have the false image of the of the cross. That was the sign of eternal life. Before Jesus's time.

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You got to break them. Evangelicals, I'm here.

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Okay, there's no discussion. And then also, he will kill the swine. Right, all the wrong things that they did, and eating swine was one of the clearest transgressions they made of the Old Testament. And also, within his rule, that there is no people of the book now. It's either you're with him or you're not with them.

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So there's no gesture, because within an Islamic state people are the book can live there. They pay taxes, we pay zakat, which is our poor do and they also pay a tax which is called the jizya. Okay, so he is returning.

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And as we learned, in this time, there will be prosperity, there will be universal peace. Right and Islam will be spread out throughout the earth, but there's a lot of things hectic things that are gonna go on.

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And it's interesting, though, something about East La sala, that comes out in our traditions not known by many people that Taliban reported to the process on them said to groups of my ummah

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will be saved by Allah from the fire

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the group that conquers India

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right the group that conquers India

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and the group which will be with isa Ibn Mariam, may Allah be pleased with it.

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Okay. And historians look and they they believe it is.

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Muhammad bin Qasim,

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Rahim Allah, who, under the Romanians, they opened up the Sindh the sin section of what is now Pakistan. And they entered into that area their indo Pakistani subcontinent.

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It this could refer to the army of Muhammad ibn classic, Allah knows best. But this the other group will be that group that will be with isa Lisa. Okay, this is a special blessing for them. Now, the next group, according to the chronological list that we had,

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and when you look at Hadith, you won't see it in this order. But the scholars put all the Hadith together, and they came with a basic order.

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So putting it together, so it makes sense. The next group that comes is a group called huge Walmart is huge.

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And this in English, we say Gog and Magog.

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So that's something that's known by Christians. And other people use this as well. And the concept of you are using my Jewish it comes from the meaning of something dry and harsh. Okay, the judge and then allege something that attacks quickly.

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It's really harsh and attacks fast. Okay, so yeah, Jewish Jewish, you this has given you this concept. And

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these people, it goes back to the time of Musa alayhis salam or we're not chronologically sure exactly where they lived or who they actually are. But it appears that they come onto the scene, somewhere around the time of Musa alayhis salam in an area that appears to be the high Himalayan regions or somewhere in northern Russia. Because you have mountains up in that area that has snow all year round.

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It's too high for anybody to live. So there are valleys and there are a whole areas that are just covered with snow. And nobody actually knows what is underneath. Now the Christians have a concept in the revelations of the Christian to John. Okay. The names Gog and Magog are applied to evil forces that will join with Satan and a great struggle at the end of time. Okay, have to Satan has been bounded

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Chang for 1000 years, he will be released and will rise up against God he will go forth and deceive the nations you see here. This is like the jewel right?

00:25:09 --> 00:25:42

That would be what our understanding is of the Antichrist. So he's bound right and then he'll be released. He will deceive the nations of the world see the deception. Okay, there's something left in the book. He will deceive the nations of the world, Gog and Magog, gathering them together in great numbers to attack the saints and Jerusalem. The city God loves God will send fire from heaven to destroy them, and will then preside over the last judgement, okay, that's the distortion that comes, you know, in the Christian discussion, but you can see

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our understanding what's left of it coming out there. So they're using Gog and Magog and some of our scholars

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and so called intellectuals have tried to say that Gog and Magog have already come.

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And they try to interpret these things not as something in the future. But something that came some even say Gog and Magog is like America and Russia. And you'll get a lot of different discussions. These are rejected. They're rejected by the chronology of the science. So, once you know the science, Isa has to come first.

00:26:26 --> 00:26:31

So if you do not have the descent of Isa, you cannot discuss Gog and Magog coming in.

00:26:33 --> 00:27:07

And in a chapter called CIRTL. Caf, the chapter of the cave you will see discussions this an important chapter to deal with the signs of the last day you will see discussions, you know concerning Gog and Magog and what happened with Ducati name, okay, the possessor of the two horns. But our scholars tell us that they are literally descendants of Adam, Alisa. They're human beings. Okay, but they're destined for the fire in large numbers. So Gog and Magog are not little,

00:27:08 --> 00:27:36

you know, they're not little elves or dwarfs or, you know, like some of these wild movies that are coming out. Okay, not they're not creatures like that, you know, that are elves that are coming out, but they're actually human beings. Okay, and you'll see them coming out chapter 21, verse 96, to 97, your usual modules is mentioned that they will come out, okay. Now,

00:27:37 --> 00:27:39

who was the car name?

00:27:40 --> 00:27:47

This is the data in which means the one who had two horns. It's like his helmet had two horns on it. Who was he?

00:27:49 --> 00:27:59

He was a righteous king, who traveled through the Earth. This is what circuito calf says, okay, he called to the good and he forbade evil.

00:28:00 --> 00:28:09

And he met a group of primitive people he's moving along, it appears to be up in the Himalayas. So he meets a primitive people.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:13

And it's a long story. But basically,

00:28:15 --> 00:28:35

the people were so very primitive, primitive. But they said there's another way to talk to these people. He needed about 24 translators to go through all kinds of languages to finally talk to them. And they told him that there's a group in this valley, which is going to destroy everybody.

00:28:37 --> 00:28:38

And he has to do something.

00:28:39 --> 00:29:07

So he asked for iron, this Zobel Hadid, he asked for certain metals, and certain things, and he built a wall. So the valley was locked, they were locked in by a wall. And every every time they tried to come to the wall, they weren't able to surpass it by the power of Allah as well. And they were, they were trapped in this what is called the set.

00:29:09 --> 00:29:24

Now, some scholars tried to say the Ducard name was Alexander the Great. You've heard of the great Macedonian you know, leader, but that's, that's a false understanding. Because Alexander the Great was an idol worship.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:28

So though her name believed in one God,

00:29:29 --> 00:29:46

so could not be Alexander the Great and immoral idol worship. So there's no way that it was Alexander the Great. We don't know exactly who it was. But this group is trapped, is trapped by the power of

00:29:48 --> 00:29:51

and on one occasion, the Prophet saw someone woke up and asleep.

00:29:52 --> 00:29:59

And I usually asked him what has gotten you up and he said, that there's there's a hole in the wall

00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

Like the deer coming,

00:30:03 --> 00:30:15

right, he sensed that they're coming through. Okay. So they were aware at the time of Prophet Muhammad, Salah aversion magische, they were aware of them, but nobody knows exactly

00:30:16 --> 00:30:17

where they will be.

00:30:19 --> 00:30:22

And so in the time of ESA alayhis, salam,

00:30:23 --> 00:30:25

they emerge,

00:30:26 --> 00:30:28

there's peace in the land

00:30:29 --> 00:30:31

is universal.

00:30:32 --> 00:31:01

You know, Islam is around and things appear to be good. Here they come. And they come and they are destroying everything in sight, destroying and eating and like locusts, right. And they come by the hundreds and 1000s when they break over the scent, and they are destroying everything on earth. And they are moving from city to city and it is getting so bad that isa de Salam has to make dua.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:18

And he makes a dua with his companions, because they have that like height on mountains. And Allah subhanaw taala, according to this tradition, will send the type of worm or some viral thing, and it affects them in their necks.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:39

And they will die in large numbers. But when they die, the stench of their bodies will be so terrible, it's causing another disease. So isa has to make another dua. And in this prayer, then, heavy rains come and their bodies are washed into the oceans.

00:31:41 --> 00:31:48

Okay, so this is apocalyptic. Understanding, you know, that we have and

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who they are, Allah knows best. But you know, some of the Muslim writers and I spent a lot of time going through history books. And if you read the story of the Mongols, remember Ganga scan.

00:32:01 --> 00:32:08

So you read the story of the Mongols that the Mongols came out of China, of northern area, Mongolia.

00:32:09 --> 00:32:13

They went crazy. And they were killing everything in sight,

00:32:14 --> 00:32:15

or revenge.

00:32:17 --> 00:32:47

They were out of their minds, and they thought they were the punishment of God on this earth. And they would come to a city and kill like 300,000 people 500,000 people. This is hard to even imagine this right? Pile the heads up. And it was so bad that one of the writers even Alethia he said, I wish my mother never gave birth to me. Because I have to write this and his writing. Can some of them thought that this was Gog and Magog?

00:32:48 --> 00:32:57

This must be Gagan. We must be nearly out of time now, because we've never had all of our histories seen anybody killed on the level that they killed.

00:32:59 --> 00:33:04

Right and some of the descriptions, you know of them. But they weren't

00:33:05 --> 00:33:07

because Muslims took a stand against them.

00:33:08 --> 00:33:14

Alhamdulillah given them Dawa, right maintaining Islamic character and the Mongols respected force.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:23

Right. And people were not cowards, right. They respected that. And a section of the Hmong or the mongos.

00:33:24 --> 00:33:50

Better Keihan the Golden Horde in Russia. They embraced Islam, one sexuality. Other major section was stopped by the Mamluks of Egypt Mamluks are also from Asia as well. But they will lead us of Egypt at the time. And they defeated the Mongols. And then Dawa came and some of the Mongols actually became Muslims.

00:33:51 --> 00:34:05

Right and the Mughal Empire is actually there so they will not Gagan, Mecca. Right, as some of you have had in your name, right? I'm not trying to expose you. If you're a con,

00:34:06 --> 00:34:08

then that means you're Gog and Magog

00:34:10 --> 00:34:19

you're not Gog and Magog right? Some of the great scholars we have are exempt Rahimullah and great leader and you know great scholars came out of the moguls.

00:34:20 --> 00:34:22

So that argument is wrong.

00:34:23 --> 00:34:38

So that's where it stands in terms of our understanding of you know, Gog and Magog and this time, okay, I want to open up the floor for any questions anybody may have concerning Gog and Magog.

00:34:40 --> 00:34:44

From the time of Isa Lisa floor is open for any questions.

00:34:45 --> 00:34:45


00:34:48 --> 00:34:57

So with the digital, we're told certain things that we will be able to identify what are we told about how we identify that it's

00:34:59 --> 00:35:00


00:35:00 --> 00:35:47

So the Islam, you know, it is said that he will come down in Damascus, when there's a great war. And the Muslims are praying in by the white minaret of the main mosque. And he comes down at Fudger. And he becomes the leader of the Muslims. And so there's some descriptions of him, but it's pretty clear when he comes. Because this is serious, like the level of power that is coming with, there will be no doubt in any of the Muslims minds, who we actually even dial himself is going to, you know, melt, like, like salt in water. You know, so it'll be it'll be fairly, it'll be clear for the believers who he actually is. There won't be a problem

00:35:49 --> 00:35:51

to murder. So

00:35:52 --> 00:35:55

when he first comes, he's going to lie to the people and say that he's

00:35:57 --> 00:36:06

he'll say that he's God. What was the first line? Yeah, so No, he's not saying he's Jesus. He's saying he is God, you must worship him.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:20

Yeah, so I know that the there's gonna be flags with 70,000 soldiers against the Muslims. Are those consist of like the current Israelites? Or are they going to Orthodox Jews?

00:36:23 --> 00:37:09

It appears that between this is not the time of the job. Yet, some people say it's the forerunners of Tojo. So Allah knows between now and when he actually comes, there's a lot of deception in the world. There's a lot of extremism amongst them, too. So there's these extremists that will be with him. Right, and about 70,000 of them or so. And he will be coming out of Isfahan in Iran. But first, you're located somewhere in Syria and Iraq, you know, area. And, but no, we can't say that. They're actually the forces of the jungle. Because you know, their deception is weak. Like they're losing the war online. Now. The geologists, you're not going to beat him so easily, right?

00:37:10 --> 00:37:29

Because he can literally make it rain. He can literally cause drought. He can make kill a person and make him come back to life. I mean, his fitna will be not like what you see today, this is just a warm up, as they say in baseball, right? You're just warming up for the real lions.

00:37:30 --> 00:37:44

Okay, but it will give us a glimpse. But one of the things even when this lion comes, it is said that he will have it'll say Kapha around that he has a disbeliever written on his head. And if you're a believer,

00:37:45 --> 00:37:48

right, I mean, a serious Muslim, not, you know, we can Juma Muslim,

00:37:49 --> 00:37:52

you know, but you know, if you're a believer, you're gonna see it.

00:37:54 --> 00:37:57

You'll see through it, right. But if you're a weak minded Muslim,

00:37:58 --> 00:38:02

like some of our leaders today in the Muslim world, and the things they're doing,

00:38:04 --> 00:38:15

you might think that know these people, they're on our side, right? They know they're not lying. You get confused. But in those days, for the believers, it'll be clear

00:38:17 --> 00:38:24

next month, so what what will become the, the Orthodox Jewish that don't buy into the lies?

00:38:26 --> 00:38:38

You know, there are groups of the Orthodox Jews who do not except Except the State of Israel, because the state of Israel is a political thing. It's not a religious movement, Ben Gurion, and some of the people who found that the state they used to eat pork,

00:38:39 --> 00:38:53

like they were not religious people at all. So therefore, there are groups of the Orthodox who do not accept this. And they they don't have they don't believe that they should make a political entity. However, they do believe in a messiah.

00:38:54 --> 00:39:40

So they do believe a Messiah will come. And with him, they will have, they will have rules they will rule, how they will rule what they will do, Allah knows best, who the Messiah is. We believe that that Messiah appears to be the JAL himself. Like they're setting the stage for this job himself. Whether these people who are against the State of Israel will go with the job or not. Allah knows best. Like we can't answer questions, but fortunately, there are people amongst the Jews and the people of the book. There's a group called not not in my name, hundreds of them who are actually demonstrating and standing up against, you know, what is calling for a ceasefire, and you know,

00:39:40 --> 00:39:59

which, which is a positive thing. So we need to accept that positive role they have but let's not be fooled right? See, once we understand our science, from our sources, not CNN, and not the pop Toronto Public Library. Once we understand our information from our sources, then we're not going to be fooled.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:21

It seems like people were fooled before, because we're going to go back to our sources. If somebody comes with a weak Hadith, or some wild argument, we're going to ask him to prove it, whether it's authentic or not. And we can authenticate our saying So the Prophet SAW Salem, we can authenticate. So we can separate the truth from the falsehood.

00:40:23 --> 00:40:25

Any question online? Anybody have?

00:40:29 --> 00:40:45

Like when you say that they're waiting on Messiah, like as, and we have like, very, like clear signs that indicate who to follow in their scripts? Do they have any kind of signs that might help them identify your device, Messiah was, in fact a prophet

00:40:47 --> 00:41:08

that might help them like, within the scriptures of the Jews within their own scripture. You know, it's really confusing because the original Torah is no longer existing. And they have their own writings, the writings of their rabbis, and they have this Tafseer thing called Talmud. So they have their writings put together so it's not really

00:41:09 --> 00:41:41

totally authentic. So we're not sure their writings are very confusing, because they they base it upon certain famous rabbis and their own inspirations and you know, what not so like, it's not really, you know, clear, you know, whether they would be able to separate so they're just like walking into their jobs. It's very possible they could be walking right into the trap. The problem is that we should not walk into the trap because it says the job will be able to enter every city on Earth.

00:41:42 --> 00:41:45

Except for two cities. Which one are they?

00:41:47 --> 00:41:49

Thank you, Mecca and Medina.

00:41:50 --> 00:41:52

Definitely come into Toronto.

00:41:53 --> 00:41:59

Kota Young Street and Church Street Church tree, young and blow right Dundas and Young

00:42:00 --> 00:42:01

is definitely coming.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:07

Okay, so don't be fooled by that

00:42:08 --> 00:42:13

and you know, understand the reality of the situation

00:42:30 --> 00:42:31

so we will be

00:42:32 --> 00:42:33

Yeah, you have a question

00:42:39 --> 00:42:41

yes, definitely.

00:42:42 --> 00:42:42


00:42:47 --> 00:42:48


00:42:49 --> 00:42:51

oops, that would be speed and fire

00:42:53 --> 00:42:57

once especially one group that defeated India and what was the issue with

00:42:58 --> 00:43:06

along those bests you know, it's a very interesting Hadith right. But India was the base center of idol worship

00:43:07 --> 00:43:13

you know, and Mohammed bin Qasim and the forces there were very strong Muslims and you know, what not to

00:43:15 --> 00:43:16

Allah knows best.

00:43:18 --> 00:43:24

There's also another tradition about a group that will open up constant and open they will be one of the greatest

00:43:25 --> 00:43:34

believers and the leader will be one of the greatest leaders who opened up Constantinople which appears to be Muhammad Muhammad, the conqueror

00:43:35 --> 00:43:37

of the ordinance audit

00:43:41 --> 00:43:42


00:43:53 --> 00:43:54

a lot

00:43:55 --> 00:43:55


00:44:01 --> 00:44:13

so we do Dan is going off we're here we mastered area. So for those online we will be taking a break. We have to make the show a lot now. And we'll be back you know, to conclude

00:44:14 --> 00:44:26

this class inshallah. So everybody you know, once you finish your useless left and come back, and then we'll have a general discussion, you know, after that time, okay, it would be lovely to fit. So we're going to break for some

01:12:06 --> 01:12:09

Smilla Rahmanir Rahim will be in a state.

01:12:11 --> 01:12:16

So now we want to look at the end in terms of East LA salaam

01:12:17 --> 01:12:18


01:12:19 --> 01:12:21

With all the turbulence and

01:12:22 --> 01:12:42

difficulties, the story ends in a positive note and that is that the Prophet SAW Selim said by the one whose hand is my soul, the son of Mariam will certainly recite Lila hill a lot in the valley of roja performing Hajj or Umrah separately or together

01:12:43 --> 01:12:56

at a court according to our traditions, he easily Islam will stay on the earth for about 40 years, then he will die and the Muslims will pray janazah so that is a he is a human being

01:12:58 --> 01:13:10

cool enough and equal to remote as the Quran says every soul must taste death. So he in a sense, we believe, remember, they did not kill him nor crucify him.

01:13:11 --> 01:13:23

So in their false story, he died and he was resurrected. But in our understanding, it was not killed. He was not crucified, he was made to appear to them that he was

01:13:24 --> 01:13:38

okay but he raised so he has to die. Every soul must taste death. So the end of his life is to pass away and a funeral prayer will be made, you know for him.

01:13:40 --> 01:13:50

And there's some discussion about the fact that there's a place in Medina that is there you know for him and Allah knows best. Okay. And

01:13:51 --> 01:14:30

the prophets of salaam also said is an interesting Hadith where he said this affair will reach whatever is reached by the night and the day and Allah will not leave a dwelling of brick nor affirm except that he will cause this religion to enter into it bringing either honor or humiliation honor which Allah grants to Islam, or humiliation, which Allah gives to unbelief. And so that is a time of universal peace and, and the spread of Islam with the coming of Jesus and Isa laser, so it is a positive thing for us to look forward to.

01:14:31 --> 01:14:33

To get to this time is something else though,

01:14:34 --> 01:14:59

because there's so much turbulence in between, but hamdulillah the story ends in a positive note. Okay, so, this this really is the end, you know, for this particular section of it will be going on next week, you know, to the last of the meat or the major science that will come. But before we close this part of our class, tomorrow, open up the floor

01:15:00 --> 01:15:08

Ready. Other questions that anybody has concerning Gog and Magog, and Isa de Salam or anything? You know, something similar to this question.

01:15:10 --> 01:15:18

The jaw has a large following what will happen to like the people that follow him once he's defeated?

01:15:19 --> 01:15:19


01:15:22 --> 01:15:27

Allah knows best, we don't get details really about what his major wall

01:15:28 --> 01:15:35

but you know, within Islam there's always room for people who repent and then turn around.

01:15:36 --> 01:15:44

Because surprisingly enough, there are traditions that state that the jewel will actually come to Mecca and Medina.

01:15:45 --> 01:15:50

And when it comes to Medina, there are angels there blocking him, he can't get in.

01:15:51 --> 01:15:57

But something like 70,000 hypocrites will leave Medina and they'll go out to him.

01:15:59 --> 01:16:01

Medina, not New York City.

01:16:03 --> 01:16:07

There's Medina, they will go out to him 70,000

01:16:09 --> 01:16:17

And that's our reality. Because in some parts of Arabia today, you know, they're they're having like, they're raving and dancing around and

01:16:19 --> 01:16:22

having hip hop, you know, concerts now.

01:16:24 --> 01:16:32

So people can get very confused by material things. And his fitna, his test is the worst ever.

01:16:34 --> 01:16:48

So even though, you know, Mecca, Medina is protected, Muslims are not protected. We have to follow the faith. We're not chosen people who can do whatever we want to do. That's a misunderstanding.

01:16:50 --> 01:16:59

Now, any other general questions, if anybody has floors open? Yeah. So given that he won't be able to enter?

01:17:00 --> 01:17:08

Like, I've been hearing a lot that, like, the most simplest way to combat that, is to just move there or go live there.

01:17:10 --> 01:17:41

Is it really that simple to just relocate yourself? There, your family there? And once you find out that the job comes? Well, no, it's not easy to relocate there, because everybody on the world wants to go there. All the Muslim world, we'd like to go there. And, you know, unfortunately, it is to the Saudi government. They do not allow, you know, people to gain citizenship. You know, they I, I lived in Medina for six years in Saudi Arabia for seven years to my children are born there.

01:17:42 --> 01:17:48

But even though they're born in Saudi Arabia, it says on their passport, they can't get citizenship.

01:17:49 --> 01:17:56

They were born with what the government even like when it's very apparent to the entire world.

01:17:57 --> 01:18:07

Well, the government still make it hard for Muslims to just take refuge there. That's a good question. Like, that's another time period. And this present government probably won't even be around at that time.

01:18:09 --> 01:18:12

Is very weak right now. So I doubt it.

01:18:13 --> 01:18:18

And, but you know, it's only a small piece of land, it's not large.

01:18:19 --> 01:18:25

So I mean, how many people could actually fit there? If they wanted to, everybody would like to go there, but it's not going to be possible.

01:18:28 --> 01:18:46

Again, these are these are, these are apocalyptic times. So things are going to change, even transportation, communications, many things that we have maybe cut off. And the present day, you know, we depend so much on our cell phone, you know, more than likely,

01:18:47 --> 01:18:49

the cell phones are not even going to work.

01:18:51 --> 01:19:04

There was a famous Afro American poet Gil Scott Heron, he was speaking about the black revolution in America, in the 60s, but one thing he said, you know, may be true, he said, The revolution will not be televised.

01:19:06 --> 01:19:17

It's a very deep statement. It's not going to be televised, like the real thing that's going to go down. And there are some traditions even when the time goes to the end.

01:19:18 --> 01:19:22

People will be even fighting with swords and stuff, what was an arrows

01:19:23 --> 01:19:26

because the present day production of weapons may have stopped

01:19:28 --> 01:19:32

completely. So these are apocalyptic types. And things are going to change.

01:19:33 --> 01:19:34


01:19:37 --> 01:19:40

Yes, the only place he will not enter is Mecca, Medina.

01:19:42 --> 01:19:49

So Jerusalem is you know, a place which is sacred to us. But it's not protected like Mecca, Medina.

01:19:50 --> 01:20:00

And you can see now, what's happening. It's possible that even that structure itself that we call martial OXA you have the doorman or the rock

01:20:00 --> 01:20:13

With The Golden Dome and you have the masjid there, but martial arts are is the whole complex. So you look at the complex inside of it is the Dome of the Rock, the Masjid.

01:20:14 --> 01:20:17

There's a number of other things all within that well, all of its mashed in Luxor.

01:20:19 --> 01:20:40

And the proof is that when there's a large Joomla I pray Joomla there before and when it's a large Joomla the sisters actually pray at the Dome of the Rock, because there's so many people there, it's all Marcia Luxa the whole courtyard could be filled. So even if those buildings are knocked down, may Allah forbid.

01:20:41 --> 01:20:44

Then we still consider it to be Masha Luxa.

01:20:45 --> 01:20:49

So don't don't get depressed if something happens, right.

01:20:50 --> 01:21:05

Because in the time of the Prophet Solomon, he went on his Israa and he and he traveled on a night journey. And he tied his Buraq this wings deep, you know, onto the wall, it was only a wall.

01:21:06 --> 01:21:08

That's all there is no match to do.

01:21:09 --> 01:21:11

So Masjid is just

01:21:12 --> 01:21:13

place of

01:21:15 --> 01:21:31

Sr. and the province of Salam said, one of the differences, you know, and specialities of my Prophethood he said, God let Lehel artha masjid and what the Hora the whole earth has been made for me as a masjid,

01:21:32 --> 01:21:57

and purity. So, so he said, Wherever you can make your press, make your press, as long as it's clean, and pure, you can make your breath. So if you're not inside of a master, you can still make your press so Marshall Aqsa, inshallah will always be you that sacred area, no matter what happens, you will politically, you know, in front of us. No question.

01:21:59 --> 01:22:02

Because you've been talking about the child for a few weeks.

01:22:03 --> 01:22:07

I know, you spoke to us about the best way to prepare ourselves.

01:22:08 --> 01:22:09

And our

01:22:10 --> 01:22:13

thinking back to your question to be asked about, there is,

01:22:14 --> 01:22:18

I think maybe for those who weren't in previous sessions, maybe reiterate how we

01:22:20 --> 01:22:26

Yes, I mean, the main way of how do you protect yourself from the gel, that the first thing is to practice Islam.

01:22:27 --> 01:22:48

Because this is the key thing, that we are making our prayers to the best of our ability, eating halal food, you know, trying to practice our deen, the more you do that you get a natural protection. So therefore, the person who's practicing Islam will be able to recognize that that is a liar. You'll see it written all over them.

01:22:49 --> 01:22:52

If you're not practicing Islam, you can get fooled.

01:22:53 --> 01:23:05

Also, it's important that this same chapter, that chapter of the cave Serato calf, that on every Friday, you should read this chapter of the cave.

01:23:06 --> 01:23:32

And the Prophet peace be upon him said if you read this, then you will get protection, you know, till the next week, you can't read the whole thing that at least read like you know, 10 is 20 is from the beginning. Versus, or the end, read a section of it, because this will actually protect us. And we have to seek refuge in Allah, you know, from his his test is trial on this test.

01:23:36 --> 01:23:38

Okay, any other general questions that anybody has

01:23:43 --> 01:23:45

the forest liberate Alexa.

01:23:47 --> 01:23:50

So, correct me if I'm wrong, that I remember hearing.

01:23:54 --> 01:23:58

One step army is marching towards there, they're the best of the people.

01:24:00 --> 01:24:04

If you if you have to crawl to join them, then you should crawl to join.

01:24:05 --> 01:24:14

What would what does that mean for people who live in the West that are like surrounded by Western powers who may not be able to join?

01:24:15 --> 01:24:17

Yeah, you know, again,

01:24:18 --> 01:24:51

these are apocalyptic times. So so the regular borders that we have and passports and visas and all that, not necessarily going to be the same in those days. But you know, there is Hadith about black flags coming out of her son, which would be Afghanistan, you know, in northern Iran in this area, the parts of Azerbaijan, whatever is called a sin. And if the other flags are coming from out of there, then you know, there is a Hadith says that amongst them will be the mighty.

01:24:52 --> 01:24:59

So you should try to go to meet that. However, there have been people who have had black flags on that area

01:25:00 --> 01:25:21

Before the Abbasids, this is over 1000 years ago, they used to use a black flag other people have used. So again, it is a time of great change and apocalypse. And the more we are sincere in our faith is, the better our vision will be.

01:25:23 --> 01:25:42

And it begins with your heart to be, you know, try to be as pure and sincere to allow in your heart as you possibly. And do your best that this is more important than reading 1000s of verses and whatever sincerity inside is the key issue, you know, for us,

01:25:44 --> 01:25:54

and as a new Muslim, or revive Muslim, that is the most important thing to remain sincere, you try your best, you try your best and ask for forgiveness

01:25:55 --> 01:25:56

and continue on.

01:25:58 --> 01:26:01

But this what is happening in the world. And again, I say that

01:26:03 --> 01:26:05

this is an extension of what has happened in the past.

01:26:07 --> 01:26:30

And so, sometimes, you know, people get overwhelmed when they see it, because they've never seen this before. But those of us who have lived through and understand the history of the indigenous people and African people here in the West, you know, we've already experienced a lot of this trauma already and had generations of the trauma, but you have to let that rage and power you

01:26:32 --> 01:26:33

instead of making you depressed.

01:26:35 --> 01:26:44

So that energy you have, needs to go into, you know, performing your prayers and, you know, stop eating, you know, at McDonald's.

01:26:45 --> 01:26:47

Don't go to Starbucks,

01:26:48 --> 01:26:51

you know, stop, really be in for real now. Right?

01:26:52 --> 01:26:59

And say, Be Muslim in the masjid. But you know, I love that flat Wait, you know, I have to get my Starbucks drink? No,

01:27:01 --> 01:27:02

we have to be for real.

01:27:03 --> 01:27:07

And if Muslims do that, you'll be surprised the power that we have.

01:27:08 --> 01:27:18

You'll be shocked. And I never forget, I was living in Cape Town for a while in South Africa. And you know, they have a strong community. And I'll never forget that.

01:27:19 --> 01:27:21

You know, in Ramadan,

01:27:23 --> 01:27:24

the Bucha

01:27:26 --> 01:27:32

you're the butcher, you know, we're so happy. Because Muslims eat more meat and Ramadan than any time of the year.

01:27:33 --> 01:27:38

Right. But after Ramadan is over, that his business comes down.

01:27:39 --> 01:27:42

And the power that Muslims have just in what we eat.

01:27:44 --> 01:27:50

We don't realize the power that we have. And the Muslim countries themselves have a serious amount of power.

01:27:51 --> 01:28:17

When they tried to insult the Prophet SAW, Selim was the Swedish before. And they insulted him and whatnot. And so then, you know, the Gulf countries, they said, No more cheese and no more products from Scandinavia. Say at first the Scandinavians they wouldn't even talk. They wouldn't even consider anything. Once they boycotted their products. Then they said what do you want?

01:28:19 --> 01:28:22

Right? Because we will for real, and not just talk.

01:28:23 --> 01:28:29

So the talk has to end. And we all do what we can do. But at least do something.

01:28:30 --> 01:28:42

Do something to try to end the crisis. It's It's long, it's ongoing, it will be with us for the rest of our lives. It's not going to stop

01:28:43 --> 01:28:48

right? So just be prepared. You know, for the struggle in sha Allah, may Allah make it easy.

01:28:49 --> 01:28:51

And the other questions are known anybody had

01:28:52 --> 01:29:20

so inshallah we're going to end the class the main class, you know now and then relax if you have any other questions or things, you know, we can we'll have a little time to you know, you know, to socialize, Inshallah, in any possible way. Okay. And so we pray that Allah would make it easy for our brothers and sisters and our children and would accept those who have died, you know, in his path and give victory to the Muslims on the ground. Subhanak Allah who will become deca, the Shawanda Illa and Anthony iStockphoto according to who we

01:29:21 --> 01:29:27

are going to tell one of hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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