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Sheikh Abu Usamah explains to us about the description of Prophet Muhammad SAWS; delivered at the Green Lane Masjid on February 8, 2017.

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He now Meadowhall when Esther in Ohio

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when a stuffed Pharaoh who in our ob la Himanshu Rory and phocoena

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woman say the Aditya Molina

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may have the level the level of woman doodle Farah had you know,

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a shadow and in law law Why should he care? Oh,

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why shadow Mohammed Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa it was setting them to slimming cathedra

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Yeah, you're living in Amman tuck la haka to karate weather to tune in lava into the moon.

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Yeah, you had NASA Taku of Boko malaria Fela Takumi nuptse wahida 10 wahaca minha Xhosa Obafemi bathroom in Houma. regering Catherine when he says what up la levita Sir aluna v well Erhan in Allah candidate Kumar Akiva, your Levine taco la ku Colin sadita you slay la comme la comida felucca lacandon back home woman UT la hora Sula, who further further falls in our Bhima abajo for in a halal Qur'an kurama ye Hagen Buddha who the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we shall move more data

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or column data in beta tune wakulla beatin banana Tomoko polariton, phenol CEF number 39 or chapter number 38.

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That is the chapter dealing with

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major calamity Rasulullah sallallahu it was setting them fee at summer.

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That is the chapter pertaining to the conversations that the Prophet used to have some a lot while he was setting them at nighttime.

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A summer is discussion that someone has during the night. The word itself shows the precision of the Arabic language. Because if you were to use this word, in any of its shapes any of its forms as a race to the wasn't in Arabic, the person who hears his word being used, he knows that it's describing some discussion that takes place at nighttime.

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And the wisdom of the bat is that talking during the nighttime is something that is disliked unless it's being done for a religious reason.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who has been sent as an example can Allah configural su de la he was sweating Hassan attune you have in the nebby, the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam a perfect example. He's a

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perfect example.

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So in everything that he did, anyone who was trying to go to Jenna, if you implement his Sunnah, whether people are doing it or not, then it's going to be in your best interest inshallah. So from his Sunnah was that he used to discourage the community from staying up after sellout in Asia unless it was necessary. And that was so that he can get sleep and then get up for the kiama Lane. Because the kiama Lane was a part of the personality of the Muslim back then. It was something that was granted that you're going to do keyamo Lane. And if the companions rather your loved lining found out that a person was not making camel lane if the sudden found out principles, making pm only

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during that time, it was a cause to criticize that individual, as it happened with the Prophet himself. So it was settled him when he said about his brother in law, his wife is hops up the center the daughter of Mr. Abdullah live in Rome, my brother from Miami said to the sister, his wife, some of it was settled down near Raja Abdullah, even Mr. Lu and know who Lamia to Casa La Abdullayev in her medical is a good man. Only if he didn't abandon the prayer. And the prayer that he abandoned was the pmla when hafsa told her brother about what the prophet said Southern lady was setting them up to live in her mind said I never abandon camel limb after that for as long as I lived.

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So that the person doesn't come and say it's haram to speak after a chat. You can have a lecture after Isha. You can have any Chi at the chat. You can have any function at any time.

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Is whadjuk to go to bed immediately after a shot, and anything that is done after a shot, then it is either her Rama Crow, these Hadith show that that's not the case. If there is a reason for a person to have some canal at the sellout of Alicia, then it's permissible if something is doing that it can only be done at that time and it brings benefit to him and his family to society, then it's permissible and imaginative Emilia Rahmatullahi, Thailand, he only brought in this chapter to Heidi, one of which

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someone with a Mercedes car is blocking the main gate of the parking lot.

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And remember telling me the right not to lie he Tanna, he brought only two Hadeeth in this chapter, but one of the Hadees

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is one of the longest Hadith, in the Sunnah. And it's definitely longer than any other idea that Eman academia has bought up to this point. And it's one of those complicated Hadeeth from the angle of the words that are being used. So we'll do what the first Hadeeth and that is that idea of our mother, Isha. May Allah be pleased with her. She said one night, there are so sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he started to relate an astonishing story to his wife started telling his wives during the night time about an amazing, astonishing stories. So it was reported that one of his wives commented by saying Gatto Sula, this story is an astonishing story. It is as astonishing as the stories of

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Rafa His story is like the story of carafa Prophet says of a lot Why do you say to them, do you actually know the original story of harappa where it comes from, said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam kurata was a man from the tribe of Audra

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home the jinn they kidnapped this man his name is her often the jinn kidnapped them and took them away. They kept him with them for a long time. And then they returned this man who were offered back to his people. So Harada began to relate the wonders to the people that he had known and came to known the strange things that he saw during his stay with the jinn. From that point on the people began to call every story that was incredible a too much for the mind to handle. They will call it karratha and the Arabic language, the word carafa, hoorah fat, it's like those crazy things that people believe in like superstitions do crazy things.

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And they can be simple, and they can be astonishing and complicated. For an example Harada is a person taking a black ribbon and tie it in on the pipe of his car the door of his car, the mirror of his car, believing that the black ribbon will protect this car from the evil iPhone an accident that's hora effect, Rafa when the person makes the event and he says, I shadow under Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. For a person to believe in the religion that if he kisses his thumbs, and he touches his eyebrow, his eyes, he'll never go blind. That's what effect. That's what effect.

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The hatten the Yami hora effect

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come in sitting down Allah, Allah la hora fact, all of that is horrified. But it has to do more with the crazy things that people do people believe. Now some people they do things that are an innovation, but it has a basis for it. So you won't call it for a fact for an example. Making a door after every photo to prayer, the person raises his hand and they make community. That's an innovation, but it's not for a fact. Because there are a hadith that encourage you to raise your hands when you make da they're just doing it wrong at the wrong time in the wrong place in the wrong mode. They take general Hadith and add it to a specific situation that's not caught off that for a

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fact, I think is the best way to describe it. As I say all the time Hocus Pocus, that's horrified flying on a on a magic carpet and believing in that rubbing the lamp and the genie comes out like that and says make three wishes and you'll be okay. All of that is core effect. This Hadith, m ammeter may be brought in as a hadith that is not authentic as problems in the chain of narration. So the snad is problematic.

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number of people in the chain that chain migration, as well as the mitten, and the actual words of the Hadees are problematic. After hearing this story, the wife of the prophet SAW the light incident one of them said Gatto sulla. These words are the words of Rafa. Yo yo Columbus hora fact, no one is going to say that from the wife of the Prophet so Selena, if someone were to describe an authentic student as being Cora fat that can be confirmed they lay disbelief in you can possibly go out of the realm of Islam, someone comes and tells you is someone who many of them. He was raised up to a line, he's in the Senate and the heavens, and he's going to come back down at the end of time. If someone

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says to you, that's what I thought you believe in that. This can lead you outside of the realm of anything that's hard, complicated, difficult to comprehend, to get your head around. If a person says that's what I thought I'd get out of here with that Cora fat. If you describe the words of the Quran, or the sun as being that this is a sign and can be an issue that puts the person outside of Islam, how is one of his wives sallallahu Sallam who knows what a lot of setting the course on where my young tippu Island Hawaii in Hawaii law why you knew how he does not speak based on his desires. How can you be horrified that he doesn't speak on his desires? He speaks as a result of Revelation,

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his Sunnah. And the words of his Sunnah revelation. So if you came, you said that, and that's the problem. And you're far away from those Arabs who lived during this time, Southern la who it was settlement of the line whom the Bedouins especially, who used to come to him, and they were here hooked up to Hydra.

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And he would embrace Ellis lamb just from here, hold Peter Hatcher, he would read the Koran to the CO five Quraysh many of them will put their fingers in the ears and they will make noise they will make faces pull faces and do all kinds of things. But they will some people will go and they will listen and they will embrace Islam

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and the strength of the para the Nabi sallallahu sallam. So the point here is this hadith is not authentic, but you will find this Heidi spreading around amongst the sex and amongst the rings of the people who don't put a lot of emphasis on knowledge and their religion is what I thought the religion of the people have to so wolf is a religion of Rafah

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is horrified and that they have a cash, they come to know about things based upon how it smells, how it tastes, a dream you had, building your religion on dreams, your decision on dreams from hora fact, no one does that. I'm going to make a decision that's really important. Get married, don't get married, named the child listening the child that invest, don't invest. And I'm going to do it by opening up a page and putting my finger somewhere and making a decision. That's hora fat, people have intelligence people

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are discouraged from behaving in this crazy irresponsible way that people have covered, they are under stuff. Whereas LSM is the religion of knowledge, your level levena M and mingma levina all to learn diraja those people have Amen. And they do righteous deeds. And they've been given knowledge a lot, raise them up over everybody. So everybody is encouraged to have knowledge of the basics of the religion not to let your religion be the religion of horrified people to so worth that's their religion.

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So anyone in the audience at any particular time, he could be hidden. That's what I thought, yeah.

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There is not on the scene by the Lord of the Kaaba. So stop believing that that is here. Prophet Muhammad is sitting here sallallahu it was sending them and all of those crazy things that people have come up with. But next Heidi honey, as I told you, is one of the longest Hadeeth in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It is known as the hadith of Zahra. There are certain Hadith because of the theme, the scholars gave it one word and everybody knows what that Hadith is about. The hadith of jabril. One example,

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that Hadith is well known the Hadith of the icier, the young boy who had been hired to work for men and in the absence of the man, the young boy committed fornication with his wife, may Allah be pleased with all of them. A Hadith of the ASEAN you don't have to go through that long Heidi. You know, Heidi thought I see when it's talking about and this is the hadith of own Zara.

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The scholars of Islam they dealt with this Heidi in explaining it it's been collected by Imam Bukhari and Muslim obviously, Amanda hedger

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For Bodhi, he did a very extensive job talking about the benefits of the Heidi. And he man and No, we didn't talk a lot, as much as Eben hedger did, but nonetheless, you have to give this hadith is

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it's half in terms of the attention that it deserves because it's a lot. And Eve also was explained in the book by itself by different scholars, probably the most famous of witches and emammal kadhi Yod wrote a book about this book, we're to Alamo wide, limited de mano, who had his own Zahra mineral for why. The point here is the scholar secured this Hadith, what I'm going to do here today, inshallah is just read it. The Hadith shows the virtues of Isha, or be aligned, and her because she's the one who's actually tell them the story. It's not the profit, some of it was Senate, I was telling about the incident in which these women came together, and each one of them decided, as

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women do,

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let us come together and talk about our husbands, we're going to tell the good, and we're going to tell the bad, and if some of them have good and bad, we're going to share that issue amongst ourselves. So I issue went on and she told the story until she got to the last lady, the mother of za, own loser. And then the prophet SAW Selim said some words to her that showed her virtues. So this ad was sold, I never said it sold a lot he was selling them. It's a story that I Isha is saying, but the Prophet, listen to it. And he occurred to her and he, he gave her the tacit approval. So the sooner is the thing that the Prophet said, sell a lot. Why didn't sell them

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himself? The thing that the Prophet did sell a lot, why do you sell them? And the thing that was done in his presence, he saw it, he witnessed it, he heard about it, and then he smiled, or he shook his head, or he commented, given his tacit approval that that thing is, okay. So it's now referred to as being from his Sunnah, although he was the one who said the thing, read the line, in Arabic, honey, listen to me. You get any Arab, in the city of Birmingham, any 10 Arabs in the city of Birmingham, and you tell them to read this hadith in Arabic, they are not going to understand what this story is talking about.

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They are not going to know that normal average Arab, who is educated in Arabic language is not going to come off the street, pick up this Hadith, and read it in Arabic, and understand it be able to translate and explain it. Because the vocabulary of what's being said, is on another level. And the fact that I Isha is telling the story is a proven indication that Prophet Mohammed himself sort of Latin, Selim was more eloquent than her. He was the reference point for the Arabic language, because he's to say words, they will say, what does that mean, he will educate them and teach them what these words meant that they didn't know. And yet, she's still brought a story to the table that in

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the Arabic language, the syntax of what's being said, the nuances of what's being said, the description and illustration of what's being said, is on another level. And because of all of those factors, because of all of that, there's a lot of if the life and how some of the scholars understood what some of the ladies were saying, When lady was saying one thing, some of the scholars felt and understood, she was praising her husband, like the lady who said, When my husband comes into the house, he comes to the house and he's like a fight. He's like,

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a Panther, like a Black Panther. But when he goes out of the house, he's like, Tiger, like a lion. So I'm understood that both of those descriptions of positive, someone is good, understood, no, one description is positive and one is negative. The positive one is him going out into the world. He was brave, it was tough. You know how to deal with people like a lion. But when he came into the house, the Panther is known for being lazy, just laying down and just relaxing and being lazy.

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Whereas some of the other scholars and know the Panther, although he may be lazy, he has a beautiful animal that is sleek, and a beautiful animal that is easygoing. So husband is like the individual comes into the house. Like all of you husbands out there, when you go into your house, you're real easygoing, and you're relaxed, and the kids are jumping all over the place. And you don't have anything to say except Mashallah, that was what some of the people indistinct. So we're going to read this to you honey in shallow eyes or just go to the next chapter because it is quite long.

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He showed me a lot be pleased with us. She said that one day.

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They sat together 11 women

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and they made an explicit promise amongst themselves and integration

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meant that they will not conceal nothing about the spouses which is a muscular

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is a problem for men to talk about his wife unnecessarily to people, especially men, and for women to talk unnecessarily about her husband's faults when they are going to reflect bad on either partner. If the situation has gotten to a point where you have to reveal a person's weakness and his shortcomings then as a religion allows you to do that and reveal the side of him the other side of him in the chapter Bella Kiba. And him Imam and no we say lazy Tila Riba to fee sector tell Reba is not in six things. And one of the things that there is no Heba en, is, when you're making your complaint about someone who does something to you. So she has to go to the judge has to go to the

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Imams, let's go to a wedding. So let's go to our killer dad or brother, uncle. And he asked, he says, My husband did this and this and that. He has to go to a father, her brother, he has to go to the court and say, she did this, she did that she did this. But just to sit around and to kick the Willie Bobo, and to eat the cut and chop it up with your friends and your women, your girlfriends. This is a bad tree. And the Prophet told us some of it was sell him so that nobody would sit out there and think that we're on this level, none of us do that. He says something love while he was selling them during his time with those older yet. He said, Do not let any of you sit and describe

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to his friend, what he does with his wife. The Companions put their heads down, nobody said anything. And ladies stood up in the back and she said God also law will law he, the men do that. And the women do that. The Prophet says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam don't do it. For verily The one who does this is like a shade Thawne who has relationships in the middle of the street. So you can't get too deep. When you have problems, you have issues and you want advice from your friend or someone you can get too deep about those things that reflect negatively on your partner is similar to taking your dirty underwear Baraka Luffy, calm the top and the bottom, and just put them in the

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middle of the street who's going to do that?

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belay alika, ask all of you, I'm talking about washing them and then put them in the front of the door who's gonna do that? What about while they're dirty, even if they're clean, who's gonna put his wife's undergarments, or chroma comala in the front of the house, who's going to do that? Upset a man except the person who's a day you die if miskeen that's the only person who can do it. And the woman who does that she has no Vera, she has no edit, she has no option. And this is a trait common with women. She has so many problems, she got so much drama, she doesn't discern who she's going to talk to. So anybody who comes you just start telling issues to the person. So we say, if a person is

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forced to do that, then we have to seek refuge in a local town and do it with the right people in the right way. I had a call and she said that these women agreed amongst themselves, we're going to talk about our husbands, which is a bad thing. Because if your husband is good, you're going to make the other lady want your husband. And if the husband is bad, you show this hour unnecessarily you just sitting around kicking the Willie Bobo, we're gonna just talk about them just entertainment. Instead of turning on the TV. Let's just eat the flesh of our husbands. They agree. So they begin, the first lady said that my husband is like the meat of a lean week camel, which is kept on the top

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of a mountain which is neither easy to climb, nor is the meat fat, so that one might put up with the trouble of fetching it. So it was clear. She don't like her husband. Because he's way up like the meat of a skinny camel and even got no meat. He's on top of a mountain. And the mountain is not easy to get to husband is complicated. Maybe he doesn't communicate well. Maybe trees is like a piece of furniture. But clearly, her husband is a problem in her eyes. The benefit of saying that

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but in the Arabic language is I mentioned whiny if you listen to this in English, my husband is like the meat of a lean weak camel which is kept on the top of the mountain which is neither easy to climb known as the meat fat. So that might one might put up with the trouble of fetching it. That khammouane got no mean on it. I even did mountain is high is he's not worth it. He's a bone.

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That's what she could have said my husband to me is a bum. not beneficial. But she went through all of that was eloquent words saying in a nice way. The second lady said, I shall not relate my husband's news. For verily I feel that I should be afraid and I do fear that I may not be able to finish his story.

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Because if I were to describe him, I will mention all of his defects in his bad treats another lady who's not happy with her husband, she declined to get into the details. But she says Sufis suffice it to say, if I start talking, I'm not going to stop. And all I'm going to say is bad and negative things about them. So that's enough for you to know where I'm coming from. So husband was a problem. The third one said, My husband is a tall man. And he is useless, due to him being fixated and ill mannered. He got a big head a hard head, thick, nothing goes in, he can't comprehend. Never gets the point. She says, Take the M one. He says, No, I'm gonna take them for. And he always does the

00:25:46--> 00:26:26

opposite. He always get lost. It's always a problem. He never listens. And he didn't get the point yet, that hey, sometimes we should listen to the handmaidens of Allah, because it's shown time and time again. They're not always wrong. But that's this thing that we have in our mind that she didn't know she talking about. But they do know what they're talking about at times. So that lady said, the third one, my husband is a tall man. And he is a useless man, due to him having a thick head and he's ill mannered. If I describe him. And he hears that I described them, surely he will divorce me. And if I keep quiet, he will neither divorce me nor treat me as a wife. So the third lady, she got a

00:26:26--> 00:26:38

problem. She had fear of her husband, though, because she knew if this news got out that she was talking about on in that illmatic way, there'll be a price to pay and that price would be he's going to give a lot. The fourth lady said,

00:26:39--> 00:27:21

my husband, he is a moderate person, like the night of T Hama, the night of the hammer. And the Arabian desert is the night where the previous day was very hot, and people were burning up and in the shade, it was burning up. But when the nighttime came, there was a nice wind that you can fill in it makes a big difference from what the people dealt with early in the day. So I don't know if any of you have ever been in those types of places like when you go to Mecca, when you go to Mecca, Mecca is like that sometimes so hot than the nighttime comes, and that breeze comes and because it was so hot during the day, the night up to him is memorable. So as a result of that they need to the

00:27:21--> 00:27:24

night and they also give this name to women.

00:27:25--> 00:27:56

She said that my husband is moderate. He's a moderate person, like the night of tea hammer, which is neither hot nor cold. She said I'm neither afraid of him, nor am I discontented with him. So one out of the four women, she has something positive to say about a man and that was he's an easygoing, man. He's not too hot, not too cold. It's not perfect. And it's not all bad. But I can deal with that individual. The next one, the fifth woman, she said my husband, whenever he enters into the house, he's like a leopard.

00:27:57--> 00:28:03

Leopard of fact, a leopard. Not a panther fight is a panther as well.

00:28:04--> 00:28:48

She said that my husband is like a leopard. And when he is outside, when he goes out, he's like a lion. He does not ask about the state of his house. So that can be because he's generally an easygoing guy. That's your domain, you handle it. As long as it's no problems in there. No needs no issues to be dealt with. You go ahead and you relax, you and I will bait you relax. But some of the scholars say no, this is a battery that the man is movement, passive. He's like that guy that doesn't know that electricity needs to be topped up. The gas needs to be topped up. Gotta go shopping. The refrigerator is a somebody wake that brother up because his mouth is open. He's gonna

00:28:48--> 00:28:49

start snoring pretty soon.

00:28:51--> 00:29:14

And then and then Welcome back. Welcome back. So there is that individual, that individual, he doesn't know what's going on in his house. His kids are getting high. His children on Xbox, his children on the internet. They're watching porn. They're doing this daughter's talk to someone she shouldn't be talking to. The man is so

00:29:15--> 00:29:22

out of tune and out of touch and disconnected that the son took his car and he drove his car to London.

00:29:23--> 00:29:25

And his son is only 12 years old.

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

And he drove his car to London, and the father doesn't even know. So this guy, he could be it could be a positive trait or negative trait. Now clearly acquainting the one in which demand comes in and he's easy and he's not an ignited fire. This one is a good thing to be like that in your home. Although everybody in the other Bay from the Bay they should know this is a house have a system we have an immediate we have any ma'am and we have an Amir up and we have no vom here. We got respect here, the way things are going to go but nonetheless, that's what she had to say.

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Six woman, she said if my husband eats, he eats too much leaving the dishes empty. And if he drinks, he leaves nothing, he drinks everything. And if he sleeps, he sleeps alone away from me covered in garments. And he does not stretch his hands to avoid touching my buddy, as he may see me grief. So there's some good and bad in that guy. He is a bit over indulgent when it comes to eating and drinking. And he's a bit insensitive and self centered, because when he eats, he's everything in sight. And it doesn't leave anything for her other people. When he drinks, he does the same, he does the same. And that's not a good treat. Obviously, she said also, after eating, he never picks up his

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So in our culture, in our culture, where we've come from an Africa, the African woman, she is proud to be a housewife, and to pick up the plate of her husband, if that's the culture, she's getting close to a law by doing that. But although that may be the culture, and that's her nature, as the coach, and as for nature, she doesn't mind that you actually eat. And while she's doing whatever she's doing, if she's busy, she's washing, she's ironing, she's putting the kids to sleep, whatever she's doing, she's studying for her master's degree, the final exam, whatever she's doing, after you ate, you got up and you left the plane, she'll come in, and she'll see it without saying anything

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without having a second thought she'll pick it up, put in the sink and clean it. Second nature time. Although all of that may be true, it doesn't mean that it's against being a man to pick up the plate into cleaning and to help. So this lady mentioned that shown that her husband was a person who was self centered, but she didn't mention something about him that was positive. Along with the negatives. She said about him, that whenever he goes to sleep, he sleeps alone, which is a problem. She's saying, in a nice way. He doesn't give her her hop, the physical hop that she deserves, that every woman deserves, just like the man deserves, he sleeps alone, and he wraps himself up in his

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garment by himself. But when I am sleeping, he never pushed his hand out to touch my body. As he may see me grief, he doesn't want to wake me up. He doesn't want to bother me. He wants he would allow me to continue to sleep. So this has some negative and this has some positive. The second seventh lady, she said, My husband is an impotent wrongdoer. He's weak, and he's foolish, all the defects that a person can have their present in him, he may injure your head, your body, or he may do both,

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is a problem. He's impotent, which meant in Arabic here, he doesn't have the ability to have relationships. So he's impotent. So that's a problem. In addition to that, he doesn't have style and sophistication. If he goes to kiss her for an example, tenderly, gingerly, he pokes in the eyeball, and the process is too rough, he's too tough. Now, some people just got the skills and some people don't have the skills. When you first start off in your youngster, when you first start off in your young stuff, you tend to be a little bit rough. Like if you one of those brothers, who we mentioned in the salaat. And you put your foot next to the other people, more than likely when you get

00:33:37--> 00:34:21

married. You're gonna be you're gonna be hard as nails. So you can practice being gentle right now, by these things like that. be easy in the salon. be easy when you shake people's hands. Don't be those people you think you're gonna shake people's hands, no hard like that. I don't know what's wrong with some of the Shabaab of our community. But it's a consistent pattern that shows this is just part of the junoon of the Chabad roughing tough, rough and tough. It gets in the car and he slams the door heart, relax, take it easy. Everything is relaxed. So her husband was a problem for many angles. And the one who has a wife and this is his characteristic, the wife is going to

00:34:21--> 00:35:00

complain. If the husband's husband is impotent. That's an eternal problem. She has to deal with that serious low Island. And also if he's rough, it's a problem. That prophet described the women sell a lot he will send them as the commodity or refund bill courier. The men and Joshua was writing in the caravan and he was going too fast and the women with with them on the camels, but this man made the pace of the animals go too fast. Problem Mohammed looked down and called out to me say yeah, and Joshua rescan the air Take it easy with the bottles with the with

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:02--> 00:35:02


00:35:04--> 00:35:55

gin, two vessels, these vessels, these women, they can break easily. The profit sets on the lighter side of that. Eve, however, was created from the rib and she's crooked. If you go to break her if you go to straighten it out, you're gonna break up and breaking up is divorcing her. So her nature, her emotions and physically. She's She's a what's that word? I'm looking for a share. Mohammed je Valley wrote the book, what do you call it? Something vessels fragile versus fragile, fragile. She's fragile, emotionally, and fragile, physically. And even when she's strong, because some women, they had to grow up strong as a doula. Even with those women, they still have those characteristics. And

00:35:55--> 00:36:06

you don't want the one who that's dead. And you don't want the one. That is data. So that is what the lady said about her husband, the seventh one. And she had the nicest thing to say, my husband.

00:36:07--> 00:36:40

Well, not so nice. My husband's impotent, and he's a wrongdoer. He's weakened. He's foolish. Now how Lola quwata illa. Allah, all of the defects that you can find in a person, you find them in him, and he may injure your head, or your body, or you may do both. He doesn't do the things the right way. He's too rough in too tough. He's always in a race. He's always think that this is the last thing right, just take it easy. And finesse that situation. The eighth woman said,

00:36:42--> 00:36:46

my husband, he is soft to the touch, like a rabbit.

00:36:48--> 00:37:05

And he smells like Zelda. And Zelda is a nice smelling grass. So she said that my husband is soft to the touch, like a rabbit. And he smells like the Zarrella now in our culture whiny.

00:37:07--> 00:37:30

And I always talk about the permissibility of superimposing our coaches on people and allowing other people to superimpose on top. That's their culture. We have to get to know people. And once you expose, the more you expose, the more you can deal with things. When I personally first saw the Arabic toilet, the Arabic toilet that is down on the floor.

00:37:32--> 00:37:40

I thought that they broke the toilet. And I said these people can't keep anything, they broke the toilet. And then I didn't know what to do.

00:37:41--> 00:37:56

So I had to figure it out. Am I supposed to take my pants I don't lie, I can't do all of that. And in addition to that, excuse the imagery, excuse the imagery, I'm just sharing with you. In addition to that there was no toilet tissue, can you imagine?

00:37:58--> 00:38:18

I'm coming from America, African American, no toilet tissue and all the other. And it was no toilet tissue. I have to stop the story there. Because I can't tell you how I had to do the thing how I had to do the thing, but it was a problem. Now, if I came out of that place, Sandy's a Ramses Arabs are backwards is that when in fact that's the best way medically to go to the toilet.

00:38:20--> 00:38:49

According to those people who have done research and study, when you go to the toilet like that, you put natural pressure on certain organs that help you to relieve yourself in a better way. And that's what the majority of the people in the world used to do. And maybe they still do the majority of the people. Whereas when you sit on the chair, you're taking the pressure off of those organs, and you're forcing yourself to strain. Is that right, doctor? Is that right? The doctor said it was right.

00:38:50--> 00:39:31

So here I'm going to impose what I perceive as being correct. So now on this individual, where we come from Africa, where we would come from, we're going to eat with our fingers than he would our hands. We're going to eat with our hands. So when I see someone eating with their hands, where I come from, we don't eat with our hands. That's a sign of being unconfident, civil Allah and civilized, but the whole country is doing the whole group of people are doing, I can come and say these people are uncivilized. Now I will say, the fastest way for you to cause your interview for the new job to go south and to go pear shaped, is that if you're eating lunch, dinner with the

00:39:31--> 00:40:00

people who are interviewing you, you start eating with your fingers. Now, if you want to jam up the interview, you go ahead and you do that, when I'm talking about is we can superimpose what we think is correct and other people why people can't do that to us. The West can't do that to us. And we shouldn't do that to other people. If this is the norm, and this is how they do, then as long as the religion was quiet about it, we don't take any position. But when the religion says something about it, we take a position. So we go when we see some places, for any

00:40:00--> 00:40:26

Example in Africa, where they put tribal marks in the skin, where they put ink all over the lips, where the women may walk in Africa and other than Africa round, and the breast out. So on the bus, she just starts feeding the baby on the bus. That's the culture. Okay, we're gonna say no, here, we have to draw the line. And we have to say, islamically. Islam came to change this thing right here.

00:40:27--> 00:40:53

But the fact that a group of people using chopsticks to eat food, we don't know how to hold those chopsticks is complicated as soon as complicated. So we say most people complicated those people, they have this. No, that's not for you to say. And don't allow people to do that to you to make you feel like you're a second class citizen. Because of the things that you were Eat Drink or the way you are the way you speak. Other than that.

00:40:54--> 00:41:34

She went on to mention again, that the lady said that her husband was like a rabbit. I would think in our culture, rabbit, I don't want my wife to describe me as a rabbit. If she said I was like a rabbit. That means I'm weak in our culture. But that's not what she was saying. She was saying that her husband was a fine man. He was a guy who was taking care of his style, he was a stylish man. And plus, he had good smells. So there's nothing wrong with that, because the Prophet heard it. Subtle. It was I mean, he allowed it. But he didn't allow the man to go overboard with that. He says sometimes you should go without oil in your hair. Sometimes you should go without wearing shoes.

00:41:34--> 00:42:17

Sometimes. He said, and by that I mean, he man, the word I forgot what the word is. I'm not sure if it says but that I want to take that word off the table. He said that this thing was from me, man. And the meaning of this thing is not to groom yourself excessively. The next lady and we're almost telling you the night when she said My husband is a tall, generous man. And he wears a long strap for carrying his sward. his ashes are abundant in his houses near to the people can easily counsel him or consult him. So this guy right here was the man and that He was tall. He was generous. And his strap for his soul was real long, meaning that he was like a warrior and he was a business guy,

00:42:17--> 00:42:45

you don't mess with this guy because he got a long sword to deal with you if you mess with him. So his wife was pleased with the fact that she had a warrior man and his ashes were meaning. I think you all know what that means. It means that he had a lot of guests. So the more guests you have, the more you have to attend to the fire to put the coal in the put the wooden so when you live with the Arabs, we live with the Arabs, especially in a place called hot in, in Arabia, but other Arabs as well in Iraq.

00:42:47--> 00:42:49

Wherever the real Arabs are at Lehman,

00:42:51--> 00:42:56

they put that kawada t thing that kinda thing. And the,

00:42:59--> 00:43:40

the stove that they are warming that stuff on, they have to keep adding on keep adding on ashes are gonna come more and more and more to find it until the ashes away. So when you see a man being described as being a man who has a lot of ashes with the Arabic men, he was a generous man. And his house was close to the people so that people can come and consultant they can ask for his advice. So he was an intelligent man and a wise man. So she had very positive things to say about her husband, the 10th woman said My husband is Malik, he is Malik. And what is Malik Malik is greater than whatever I say about him. He is beyond and above all praises which can come to my mind. Most of his

00:43:40--> 00:44:19

camels are kept at home, ready to be slaughtered for the guest and only a few are taken to the pastures. When the camels hear the sound of the lute or the tambourine, they realize that they are going to be slaughtered for the guests. Some of the scholars who narrated this idea explained it they said that this 10th woman wanted to do the ninth woman up because the ninth woman she was the first one to talk about how generous her husband was and talked about his chivalry and how he was a boss in terms of the size of his sword and the people needed him. So the next lady wants to show her husband is more generous. First of all, his name is Malik. And what would tell you how would you

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

know what magicadz Malik and she went on to say? He's this he's diocese that he got a lot of animals, but he doesn't take his animals out to pasture to graze and look for water. He takes a few of them out. The other ones he keeps close because he's gonna always slaughter for his guests. And there's a lot of tambourine playing and a lot of flute playing meaning he probably has slaves. He probably has slaves, men and women who are going to play instruments dance for the guests who come. So when the animals hear that the conditioning like Pavlov's dog, the conditioning, when you hear something

00:45:00--> 00:45:25

All the time, every time it's associated with something else, you know what's about to happen. So those camels know, someone's about to get slaughtered. Because Malik has a bunch of guests that he wants to be a host to. So Malik had a good word from his wife or from the lady that he was with the 11th. One. She is the final one, and we're at the end of the Heidi.

00:45:26--> 00:45:43

The 11th lady said, My husband is Abu Zahra, and the Hadith is called the hadith of Zara. This idea of this lady. The 11th lady said, My husband is Abu Zahra. And what is a bizarre mean and how would you know what can I say about a boozer?

00:45:44--> 00:46:36

She said he has given me many ornaments, bracelets and my ears are heavily loaded with them in my arms have become fat, fat, why? Because she eats in a good way. Not she just let herself go and fat in an ugly way. Because the Arabs used to like plump women. So this lady is saying, I got bracelets all on my arms. I have earrings all over the place jewelry in my arms got fat two, moms got fat because this man takes care of me and I'm eating. Unlike the other lady who her husband doesn't feeder and she's stressing. So when people see it, they always pray for it. She said, my husband, he has pleased me. And I become so happy that I feel proud of myself. He found me with my family who

00:46:36--> 00:47:10

were mere owners of sheep, and they were living in poverty and brought me to He brought me to a respectable, respected family. And his family had horses, camels, threshing and purifying green. And I come from an impoverished background. Whatever I say, he does not rebuke me, nor does he insult me. Whenever I sleep. I sleep late until the morning. And when I drink water milk, I drink to my field. So today is having the life a rally where everything is easy for her up into this point.

00:47:11--> 00:47:19

sleep wake up when I want to wake up, eat what I want to eat, drink what I want to drink, and it doesn't bother me. She's gonna have to save the mother.

00:47:20--> 00:48:13

And how would you know and come to know the reality of the mother? What can I say about the mother of loser? He said her saddlebags were always full of provision. And her house was spacious. As for the son of Abba, Zara, my son, this man's son, the son of abusers. She didn't call the boy her son. She said the son of a buzzer because she was so pleased and impressed with her man talked about his mother talked about his son. Now, what will tell you and what can I say about the son of apples? She said his bed is narrow as an unshielded sword. And an arm of lamb for months satisfies his hunger, an arm of a lamb of four months. The boy can eat that. And he becomes satisfied after being hungry.

00:48:13--> 00:48:53

As for the daughter of a buzzer. And what can I say about the daughter of a bizarre. She is obedient to her father, and she's obedient to me. She has a fat well built body. And that arouses the jealousy of her husband's other wife. The daughter of Mozart, Mozart got a daughter got a son daughter's big, so she's mad. She's voluptuous, fat, well built body as a result of that her husband's other wife is always jealous of her daughter. As for the slave girl of Ibiza, what can I say about the slave girl.

00:48:54--> 00:49:31

She does not disclose our secrets, but she keeps him to herself. And she does not waste our provisions. And she does not read the rubbish scattered everywhere in our house. She went on to say one day it so happened that a buzzer went out of it went out at a time when the milk was being milked from the animals. So he went out. And when he went out he saw a woman who had two sons, like two leopards playing on her breasts. They were sitting on her lap, and our two sons were playing with a breast and he saw that situation and seeing her he divorced me and he married her.

00:49:33--> 00:49:59

They after I married the noble man who used to ride a fast tight his horse and he used to keep a spear in his hand. He gave me many things and also a pair of every kind of livestock and he said Eat eat as you please and give provisions to your relatives as well. She said yet all those things which my second husband gave me, it can feel the smallest utensil that abuser used

00:50:00--> 00:50:00

Give to me.

00:50:02--> 00:50:05

I have the narrative this Heidi. She said yada

00:50:07--> 00:50:08

yada sulla

00:50:09--> 00:50:51

I used to say that Rasulullah said to her as she finished the story, guy Isha. I am to you the same way I Bousada was to ooze out. And that was his way of saying that he accepts the story is benefiting the story. Nothing wrong with narrating the story. And that's why it's considered to be a Hadith of the Prophet saw the light of seven, although he is the one who is narrating. And as you can see, each one of those ladies they had something to say and a lot can be extracted from the Hadith, but just reading this alone takes a long time. So May Allah bless you brothers for your personal schema and for your suburb.

00:50:52--> 00:51:30

Some things that was said in this Hadith, we have to make this clear, like I need said I was or he saw the two kids playing with the breast of the child with the woman and the other one was impotent and things like this. And these things are mentioned because the Hadith mentioned it and it just goes to show these are the realities of life we have to get away. We have to get away from that false hypocritical taqwa that we'd be having, where if you mentioned things like a woman's period or something like that, our elders and people from the community they get uptight, if you mentioned in the context of educating the people, then it is permissible. Okay, when if you brothers have any

00:51:30--> 00:51:36

questions about the Hadeeth of omos or you can put your question or comments, put them forward and in the cache.

00:51:38--> 00:51:39

Now, further Yeah.

00:51:45--> 00:52:31

There is another narration that the prophet SAW Selim said, I am like I was or I am like, I am like, I was, I am to you the way Abu Abu Zahra was to move, Zahra except I want to voice you, that part of the Hurry, hurry Muslim, some of the standing behind him, some of them scholars, they had an issue with it because he did divorce Asia, and he did divorce hafsa Salalah while he was Salah, but still, it can be accepted because what he could have meant is I won't divorce you for another woman. I won't divorce you forever could mean any of those things. But that is a good point. In the science of Hadith, that Ziad came, and there's some news that some given intake, is it authentic or not? We

00:52:31--> 00:52:43

accept it and we embrace it. And allies Allah, Allah Salallahu salam wa barakaatuh Nabina y the Isley he was hobby as main was Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Allah bless you guys for your good listening, man. Good job.

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This year from Norway.

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I'm going to Denmark tomorrow, inshallah