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The customer discusses their experience with a recent deployment, including a camp in a valley and a rainbow. They also talk about their favorite rabada, which is the third top form of rabada.

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Why did you choose to go with these deployments? Taskforce, Jenna.

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From the very first deployment that I went on, I experienced some things while I was over there that I've never experienced in my life. I still vividly remember being in the Bekaa Valley, the blessed place that is in our religion, as the Prophet mentioned, is the place of his shadow.

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I remember looking out, and behind me, there was a camp of people who were trying to help.

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And before going into the air, make Schiff house, the tent, I was out there, and we were in a valley mountains, the sky was about to rain, that rainbow was there. There was some drizzling coming down, there were clouds. And I was just overwhelmed with the whole spectacle of the optic that I was there and that bless it pleased trying to help people, human beings. And

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I knew that that was my call, that I will have to come back to this place as much as possible because in terms of Eman in my experience, I've never experienced anything like that. Allah mentioned in the Quran, what he called in which had turned him over Leha for stebic hierarchy. Everyone has been put on a path that he has to tread. So get on your path and be in a race to do good. So I used to always love O'Meara, and hatch, and I continue to love those two forms of rebar

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when I was there, and that place in the Bekaa Valley, and when I continue to go, I feel that this is probably the third top form of rabada that makes me feel happy to be alive to feel like I'm doing something. And this is rad. Probably the main reason why I keep going back and ask Allah azza wa jal to accept different from all of us at Task Force GLM.