What to do after the Fajr Prayer

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So nothing special finishes. You sit down, don't rush, sip a little bit, the world is coming, you can go into work after this sit and make some vicar, the minimum of Subhan Allah will humbly Lao Allahu Akbar, the minimum is to say, a 10 times, at least sit down and say a 10 times before you move, at least, then after this, if you have this time, see an engaging of girl solid white girl who's sober, the supplication of the morning and understand that reading of girl after solid, and reciting the morning vicar is much better than reciting the Quran during this time. Why? Because it's prescribed for the time. And Quran generally is the best liquid on Earth. But when there are

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times in which other Afghans are prescribed, then they become better. So you make of garden of God after solder. And then you begin with a goddess of ash. After you finished all this, you begin to read some Quran that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada allows you to read and when you make us government Subash then you don't go now and look into the app also have Allah you see it's about 2325 26 pages. It's gonna take me half an hour, where am I going to read I've gotten sober, relax. If you're not if you're new to this and you don't know this, pick two or three and stay on to them for a month, pick two or three do something from I've gotten sober. I've gotten sober who will give you protection. It

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will give you strength. Winter as you read avocados sada you come across some of them that are familiar we all know, like La ilaha illallah wa

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la Hui Maluku Allah Al Hamdulillah, who Allah cliche in Korea, this liquor is supposed to be said 100 times during the day in the night, you can see 50 In the morning, you can say 50 In the afternoon, but as you save his liquor, which we all know, be conscious of the fact that this entire universe was created because of this world now ilaha illallah the Paradise and the Hellfire was created because of la ilaha Lama nine unkind was Shem and the angels and everything that exists on earth was created because of la ilaha illa Allah. So when you read it 50 times in the morning, it's sure to do some effect in your heart. As you read it. You be conscious of the fact that this vote in

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life is worthless without Lila and Allah. What was I rushed into? After a salad I'm rushing? It's like someone kicked me out of the Masjid. Why is it that why is it the fact like this after salad, people want to run straight away. It's like, you know, they've been choked in suffering inside, that we cannot wait to leave, someone's kicking you out. Sit down and make these as go when you see La ilaha illallah wa, Cherie color muku Allah who were who were equally Shane Kadir, trust me, it'll settle you, it will settle your heart they knew you will know. And then eventually at the end of the day, without this world, nothing would have existed. Everything is worthless without this word. So

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give it its time. Give it its right, sit down and read it and recite it and perfected. And now the sun hasn't even come up here and look how much a person has done. This is the life of a productive Muslim during Ramadan. And outside of Ramadan, you continue this strategy as well. By now you've proven to yourself

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to humble that Allah truly, really the hereafter is my concern.