Abu Bakr Zoud – Tafseer Surat An Naas #3

Abu Bakr Zoud
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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Germaine, all praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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Last time we concluded with bolita Allah, Minh Chateau de la sua still hotness we just discussed the word al was worse. The scholars have a hammer home alarm, they mentioned two opinions for the word and was worse.

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It could be a shape one and number two, they said Allah Suarez could be any person that we speak evil to you could be a jinn another human being is an ally as well as could be a shape on or could be a human being that evil whispers into you. Both these opinions are correct. And how do we bring and merge them both together and reconcile between them? note about why mahoma last they said that Allah Suarez is ultimately a shepherd, he is a shepherd. And if we were to see that the evil whispers of other human beings is also classified as Allah Suarez then the question is what causes that? Why would people whisper evil into someone else? Only because the Chopin had already told him

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to do that. For even ultimately, whichever opinion we go, it's going to go around the fact that it was worse is a cheban. mean shoveling was worse. Yeah. And he basically we conclude that the word loss was it teaches us the dangers of the show barn and his strength, his strength point, his point of strength is that he causes and casts evil whispers inside of us that could possibly destroy our world in our hereafter. Allah nurse is the next one. And the word unkindness is opposite to the word that was worse. The word alumnus is going to teach us the absolute weak point of the show upon what is his weakness is an illness worse is the problem. The solution is the word alumnus aka nurse comes

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from the word connoisseur

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has the means to hide after appearing or to retreat.

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After coming into view, to withdraw to step back, allows or shall he says in the Quran, Allah oxy mobile harness allows origin took an oath by aloneness will hold us is the star.

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The stars that hide after the A p and a twinkling star twinkles on and off, on and off. That's what aliveness is, that's what further absorbing wholeness is. For even we find something here

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that the word that is used in the Quran to describe a star that turns on and off disappears and appears, the word used to describe it was aloneness, which refers to a star. And in the same word aloneness is used to describe a shape on even now.

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The question is, when do you start a p? What's the relationship between alumnus being a star and being a shavon? When do you start a p during the day or during the night? during the night?

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will only present himself before a person when his heart is in the darkness of heedlessness. Can you understand that metaphorically, when the light of Vicar has gone in the life of a person, the darkness of the heedlessness rises in the heart of a person, that's when a sharp one begins to attack him? For even the word alumnus. And since Yani, it is with a shutdown, harness the shutdown it implies in the intensive form it implies the one who steps back free will frequently the one who steps back frequently. So now we understand alumnus means the one who appears and disappears steps back. But how does he do that? How does the Chopin step back?

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And the re sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as in the hadith of actually this is the Hadith and the narration of an Abbess will be a long one. He says a show upon which a seminar called Adam Carolla harness was off and I was was that the show upon the devil he sits on the heart of the son of Adam. When the son of Adam remembers a law when he engages in Victrola a showdown harness, he retreats any withdrawals he runs away. And when the son of Adam is heedless, a shavon whispers That's right. For even the solution.

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The solution to combat was worse is the word unharness which comes by the vicar the solution is decoded and there is nothing more disturbing to the show palm than Nicola has suppiler hautala Nicola Sturgeon number two

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when the show upon he's there then he runs away harness

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steps back when he's the other one of them is the Corolla, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the hadith of Sahaba hora de la one who narrates, he says either an audiobus salotti abolish upon one who brought when the call for the event is made a Shea upon runs away while passing gas. And you know what that means? while passing gas. Now we cannot see him and obviously we cannot hear him. Why does he do that?

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Mohammed Hola. He explains why he does that. Linden abyssal Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith

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that nothing that he is the call of them are nothing that he's the other with an insight from the human beings or the gym, except that they will testify for him on the Day of Judgment, a good testimony for cheban. When he he's the other, he runs away while passing gas, which is going to make sound. And as a result, he's not going to hear the other. Why he doesn't want to hear the other because if he hears it, he might have to stand and make a good testimony for the person who made the other. One doesn't want to be put in a position where he's going to speak highly and make a good testimony for a believer. So he makes sound and he runs away. Right? This is what Mr. Raja mo Lai

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explained. So he runs away, when the event ends, he comes back right.

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Then when the coma is made, he runs away again. Then when masala begins, he comes back and he begins to give what sources to the person saying to him You did this and you did that reminds him of the distracts him until the person forgets how much has he prayed through like art or for God. And the result? Allahu alayhi wa sallam says if that happens, then make such that the soul at the end of the prayer. And that would be basically rectify that issue. Or even what do we learn from this hadith that the Quran ma was what made the shape on retreat? the vicar stopped he came back. He disappeared and he appeared with the glory so paradise Allah that's exactly what the word unkindness is

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teaching. Another Hadith there was a companion unknown Hadith is in Sahaba wood. He says that I was writing behind Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the camel, whatever it is.

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And he says as I was writing with Rasul masala Salaam, a donkey tripped and fell, it collapsed. For them this this companion, he said Ty sachet upon May the devil perish May he be destroyed, he goes to show upon, you know, nowadays other people cause to show up on something. If you see something wrong, I need the Lebanese culture. What do we say?

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Yeah, this is cursing the show barn and I know other cultures will have other things that they say, when cursing the show barn have seldom heard this companion sanitizer shape on May he perish maybe this be destroyed. For never saw seldom he said to him, don't say that. Because if you say that, he begins to inflate, he becomes bigger and bigger and bigger until he becomes the size of a house. Why? Because now the shape on assumes that it was by his strength and by his decree that he made the donkey form. Right? That's what he's going to assume you said May the devil be perished. In other words, it's like you are the one that was seeing a show Tom was the reason for why the donkey

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perished. May you be destroyed for it and he grows he loves it. For them to sell them he says

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he says that showpony aku, Guwahati. It was by my mind it was by my power, he loves it when the people curse him, rather than the dishonor seldom he said to him say Bismillah say Bismillah When this happens, and then we saw Selim said to him indeed, if you say that, he will begin to shrink and shrink and shrink until he becomes the size of a fly. For you then we learn in this Hadith, that it is number one incorrect to curse the shape on it is not a worship to curse the Shabbat you curse him, he loves that. And he begins to grow. And he says what he does my by by my pain, my empower. Rather, we are commanded by Allah Xhosa to seek refuge from the ship on. So if something happens,

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you either say Bismillah or you say Oliver will lay him in a shape on the regime. With such a word he begins to become smaller and smaller, and that is alumnus when he disappears when he retreats when he becomes small by him. Number four, all we know obey the law of the Allahu anhu there is a difference concerning the authenticity of this hadith but its meaning is true.

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He said Maria Chopin Yeoman who asked her what? Her Walla Walla

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Fie Yo Mama, whenever kailali my mentor Sula, Mohamed to to Josie la hytera on it.

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Beautiful narration a shavon Jani palabra de la la mano, he says that the shavon has never been seen on a

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The day in which he is the smallest, the most humiliated, that crushed the defeat of fantasy and its meaning other than the day of alpha, because this is a day in which allows mercy comes down in his blessings come down, and the day of alpha is a day of victory. And the greatest victory that he said on the day of alpha is

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is laid

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out hombre Allah condition Kadir therefore Jani from among the days of the the most the in which the shape of * is absolutely the most bulimia humiliated, and crushed and defeated. The most D in which he is alumnus he's received, retreated and stepped backwards and becomes more is on the day of arafah. Because basically everyone from among the Muslims around the world is declaring the oneness of Allah Zoysia engaged in continuous vigor. For them, there is no precedence for him and he is the smallest on those days. So Pamela, for even

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the word alumnus is what kind of relationship we want to have with the show bond. We don't want to have the relationship of Allah Suarez, we want to have the relationship with Allah ness, the one who becomes small upon vicolo Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is with the word Allah nurse in where we learn the importance of the Quran Allah subhanaw taala and its effect in keeping one protected Formosa to shape on as I said to you, nothing disturbs or shape on more than the koala Subhana Allah and this is why we find in the Quran and the Sunnah, that there has been a great emphasis on reciting advocate, Yanni The only worship in the Quran, in which allows or shall commanded us. The

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only worship in the Quran in which allows or shall commanded us to make the most of is the Chroma is nothing else than he should have been solid and unfurl. Well with guru Maha caffee on made Vicar of a law in abundance in an absorber Thank you Nina la caffee on those who made abundant Vicar of Allah Xhosa solten Azalea, you're under the Name of Guru Mojave current Kathy.

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There is no other worship in the Quran. That you and I are told to make plenty and plenty of other than advocate you see the importance of Vicar in controlling and waswas in your life. 13 times mentioned in the Quran, other than the suit which is mentioned in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that journey for the person to make plenty of sushi would meaning plenty of solid, but then even then when you look at that, how do you associate is the highest form of liquor. Why? Because the body is invigorate the limbs are in vigor, they've made salute the heart is in Vicar and the tongue is indicative when it says supine or below Allah.

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And what we mean by this is the morning Vicar, the afternoon Vicar ethical before you sleep when you wake up, every movement, whatever you do in life of the good of the good is always going to keep you protected. And that's how you're going to earn hunts ministry upon that's how you're going to keep him away and keep him small and keep him disappearing. Keep on disappearing in your life. The victory lap is

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so mean surely it was slushy. aloneness, for even a show born is weak. That's the word hardness it highlights his weakness allows oil when he described the show upon, he said in the key the shape arnicare no bifa that the evil planning and plotting and the whispering overshare barn has always been weak. But you know,

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the worse worse of the show pawn is only weak. When you fight it with a vicar and worship, otherwise, it's going to be strong. yelling, imagine now if someone was fighting,

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if you just let him keep hitting you, then he's always gonna be that he wouldn't move. But if you keep up a fight, and you double him back, right and this one function, and eventually someone's gonna go the battle, the battle will stop and one will leave. For Same thing with our relationship with a Shabbat. He keeps hitting you with what's worse, what's worse, what's worse, the only way you're going to defend yourself and hit him back is basically liability, love with the worship, that's when his evil plotting becomes weak. Otherwise, he'll take over he'll destroy you and it'll destroy this life and the hereafter for you. And that's why it's very important to understand that

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the most effective solution against the shape on is that every time you fall into his trap, make a make a hazard a straight after it getting if you fall into this trap by sitting or by missing an obligation, or by leaving out a sooner that you regularly perform. Make Up For the day after. If you backed by someone fast tomorrow, if you miss an obligation pre

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workout the next day for every of the solid

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Yani if you missed a Atiba in where you used to play them, then make up for it somewhere in the in the night prayers before you sleep or after you wake up before solid and do something to a house and after. And you're fighting a shape on and you're fighting his was was a Allahu Allah Uri, the word alumnus also It doesn't mean that he did

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A piece completely set ohaneze only means he disappears and then he reappears that's what a mess is very important to understand. It means he is going to need to step back and that's exactly what we achieve. We just want him to step back you cannot get rid of him fully. But impossible it'll never happen in the show Barney oh god manipulate them. He flows. He flows in buddy Adam like however blood flows in the in the veins and arteries of a post and he cannot get rid of it. When there is a lot of water your salami says as Buhari, that when we wake up, put water in your nose and blow it up. Why? In the shape on it, you beat a show bound sleeps inside isn't a sleeping inside of you.

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He's in every inch of your body, you cannot get rid of him. But what you want to achieve is keep between you and him a distance. You want to see him from forest something small, that is achieved in the worship, and the Chroma is

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when one falls into an evil trap of the show upon immediately seek repentance. This is also one of the greatest weapons against the ship on why because he builds any builds and he builds to destroy you. With your one Toba you'll destroy everything he's building against you for even allows or shall he mentions the greatest evil of a shell bomb in the world, Allah SUAREZ And then he mentions the absolute weakest point of the show born in the world straight after an alumnus Now, where does this was was at a place a lot of Zoysia Lee says and loving your swizzle fucile baldness.

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The one who whispers evil into the chest of mankind.

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Olivia was us with the word us Swiss has been repeated. We just have a Swiss alumnus love us Swiss. It's been repeated. And this implies that the action of was Russia is always going to be repeated in the life of a person just like the word has been repeated in the soul. And us Swiss is a present tense and present tense implies continuity something that happens over and over again. Wishing upon he whispered to our father or the mother is set up to the prophets except in the recent past. And he continuously whispers to them and never stopped yelling to other mothers Sarah was always JAL he says for the lair who may be rude for suicide, Alicia bajo de la who may be rude. What does that

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mean? The La hoonah meaning he directed them to their destruction. With the word de la Houma. It comes from the word della della is a bucket that is put in the world. You know how you bring out that bucket? You got to reel it in? Bit by bit? Right. A lot of boys will use that word to describe what a police did to Adam de la Houma to Adam and Hawa being he reeled them in was awesome afterwards was afterwards was afterwards was otherwise think about it, the entire paradise all of it far cooler I mean how you fishy to me eat from whatever you want. But see this one Korea Don't come near it. So the question is how is he going to find that one tree among a billion trees and the

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Paradise is much bigger than this worldly life. It's like I put trees around this world the life and I told you he enjoy everything but this tree he that is at least address Don't come near it. roam around the world and eat whatever you want. here that's it's a big mission in our show been brought in in the lead. And then

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just a taste of the tree that's all so Pamela even yummy. This is why we need to understand your

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present tense implies continuity. He did this with my father. And he did this with an MMR but as he was dying, he didn't even leave him as he was dying. him everyone will tell you more him on Monday says Siobhan will remain upon was swiza over mankind until the moment he dies, Mahatma either love your Swiss Wi Fi. Fi implies deep into something. That's what fi implies, allows origin did not say and love us was

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the one who whispers to the chest of mankind, the one who whispers inside of the chest of mankind. Even now it gets even more serious. It's not from the outside its internal fee. Like if I was to say you are filled Masjid, meaning you are surrounded by the walls of the masjid you're inside deep inside. For even the waswas of the shape on is deep inside the chest and leather us with Sophia.

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The word sleuth is a plural, singular

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fuseboard a nurse a nurse is plural.

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So who is plural a nurse is plural implying that this happens to everyone plural, the whole of mankind, the believers, the disbelievers, the righteous, the rebellious every single person is affected by this was was continuously nearly as forms of the righteous maybe shavon can come and teach him that Allah Mashallah, you did a good deed today that no one has ever done before. A lot of work but people need you brother, yo yo,

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yo something and he begins to believe believe believe until a shape and destroys him. And he can come to someone that is engrossed in sin and say Tim doesn't matter. What did you commit? Right? something small, don't worry

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People many people have committed way worse than you relax until the person settles with the sin and feels like it's easy and it's not a big problem to deal with. Hi, Chopin is coming to everyone, whether righteous or whether corrupt, I love your Swiss who feel savouriness. Now the evil whispering it takes place in the chest. Now the chest is the cage of the heart. What is inside in the cage is the chest. Why does he do that? Firstly, when a lot of soil says fucile would immerse in the chests of men, mankind, we are being taught to look after our chest. Then if we looked after the chest, by default, you're looking after your heart, right? So you're only looking after the chest

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will look after the most precious organ within it, which is the heart

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weights from the mercy of loss origin that he said he was with fusil and not feel alone. Now, here's the discussion. Let's understand why wasn't the way always the wisdom behind leviosa Sophia Salinas. Not Alavi was with Sophia aluminous. That a shavon is evil whispering is in the chests of mankind. And more did not say in the heart of mankind. How do we understand this? What does it mean? It will tell your mama how long he has a beautiful analogy to this just listen to it and appreciate it. He said think of the heart like a castle, a castle.

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And the southern the chest is the open field around the castle. So you know you have the castle in the middle. Then you have open film could be really big. And then there's a fence on the outside. The castle is your heart and the chest on the outside. Yani basically or southern is this open field here. A shape on your Swiss fuselage for solder in the chest. So he goes around in circles. He's in the in the open field. He wants to enter but the heart is closed it's protected Allah basically lay at

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the heart is a place and an organ of goodness this liquid inside here is protected. fortified by Vickers please circling around waiting for an opportunity to go in.

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A lot of Xhosa he says in the Quran in surah al are off in the levina taco is Amazon Paul if wouldn't mean a shell bond does a total favor who moves around very interesting I when a lot of Xhosa spoke about the believers he says whenever you're Paul even and I want to I want to translate party one as a spinning evil folk that nobody even comes from Oh Papa Papa

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of social he says about the believers whenever a bar if from Wish Upon whenever a spinning evil for or or whispering from the shape and touches them he goes around does the believers does that go immediately they remember a lot of social for either home up soon and automatically they clearly see things correctly again as though we only when a show barn was giving them was less they were blinded to the truth. And then when they remember the law moves around their eyes are open and they can see what's right and what's wrong. Even the Whirlpool even had to interestingly is one the result Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim masala who Adam alayhis salaam

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Taka who Masha

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Allah He blew up when a lot of social created Adam at least set up in the paradise and left him. What did he please do? The Hadith says he began to circle around him had checking out the creation of a law or what's going on. Right so he began to circle around him for this this ID, the heart is in the middle and you have a chest which is the open filled with shape on begins to circle and circle round and round waiting for an opportunity to get into that heart. Now.

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If a person continuously seeks a loss protection Jaco he reads saltiness with liquid or solid to his DNA is good and protects his heart with the victory. Because that because the liquid as we said earlier basically led to

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the heart is reserved for the love of goodness. And the chest is reserved for evil whispering of a show barn.

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You know, when you continuously are indicative, that means you're guarding your heart. And so long as you're guarding your heart, he steps back away from the council to the outside fence alumnus. He steps back from the heart to the open field. He remains in the chest circling isn't gonna go anywhere. He's there. He's awaiting an opportunity. When the liquid becomes low and low low. He's gonna hit. No chance he'll come.

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If you move away from the realization and you keep moving. The closer he gets to the heart. You keep moving the closer he gets to the heart. If a long period goes by, in a neglected advocate, we did not do any tober

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He enters in the heart and if he enters in the heart, it becomes tough. Allah azza wa jal he says football Allah He went a long time went by focus at

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the heart became tough and it became Richard house. It's like just a castle that has been abandoned for ease and ease. The doors open the windows open bats living insects live in their spider house, it's destroyed. See that? Even What a beautiful analogy that he brings to us, Yanni SubhanAllah. If you if you let him in, then he will cause you to start stepping back from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now how do we know that the shavon has entered the heart or not? How do we know we've we've kept the guard on our heart on

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all their lives I shall describe the believers those who love Allah subhanaw taala sincerely, Allah azza wa jal, he says, When I came to La Habra, la casa de man was the you know if you could overcome the law, so shall he indeed to you, man, and he beautified it in the heart block to the believers along beautified amen in their heart.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:32

Walk away in a common control for so common I said, Allah azza wa jal made the believer hate disbelief and transgression and disobedience. That's a believer. A believer finds beauty in the men. He finds beauty in belief in Allah. He finds beauty in the remembrance of Allah. He finds beauty in the good deeds that he does. He finds beauty in that

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and he hates the sin. He hates the sins and disobedience he hates it. That's why one of the conditions of a sin see Toba is that when you make a Toba, you regret the sin for the sin not for the consequences of the sin. Yanni. For example, if someone used to drink alcohol now wants to make it over. But he wants to make it over because it's cost him a lot of money. That's not accepted. That's not a sin Titova. You have to make Toba from the sin itself from alcohol itself, not because of what troubles led you to even the believer has this natural hate and disgust for the sin. And so long as that is still an ID in your mind and in your heart. Then a Chopin hasn't entered the heart

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in America as

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if this ID has been twisted around in where you love the sin and you begin to hate the good. That's a sign that he has entered the heart and the heart has become abandoned. And he's inside now in the chest in the heart wherever you want him to be his there will last so shall he says in the Quran.

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was a urinal a homeless shelter Oh man, the home for the disbelievers who do the wrong shape on beautified the deed he made the bad look good.

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He said for you Hello mahana la Zoo Yana home Zoo Amelie him, Allah azza wa jal, he said that they made what is haram Hillel meaning they made the sin, something look really good. Allah azza wa jal, he said Do you know whom to marry him? Jani, the evil deed was beautified by the shape on you know to the extent in which our lives origin says what cause early cause iannelli caffine Milan mushy came up to the old lady him a mohawk about into you know when anything you understand, sometimes he he says someone killed his child. Right now in the news about in Gold Coast. I think the young girl in her her homeless parents abandoned neck on the on the shore of the beach. She lived for a few

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days and then she died. But how does one kill his child? Not only nowadays this was happening in the lifetime of Russell masala before they were killing the baby daughters and burying them alive. Right at a fee of poverty. Meaning how are we going to feed them? We're going to look after ourselves first. A lot of social he said how z yada ashtray upon beautified that major sin for them. I looked good at the person that killed his child. He thought of it as a good deed. He saw it as being something beautiful and good. Allahu Akbar. Okay, Delica z and le cathedra Mira, mushy kin, Cutler old lady him for ease and this is the test. If a person begins to find beauty in the sins, and is

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disgusted by the hazard ad and finds it too heavy and burdensome upon imagine that a batter will sign a Siobhan has entered the heart. But so long as the believer finds rest and comfort and beauty in that and in goodness, and loves to rush to that, like Musa alayhis salam, salam, O Allah, your Salah, the prophets and the companions, they rush to the good and he is disgusted by the sins and He keeps away from them as best as he can. And if he fell in one he quickly makes it over because of the sin itself because of the consequences. good sign that our SharePoint is still circling around the heart and he's still within the chest for you see the mercy in the

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The last version said I love your Susu few savouriness because if allows origin if the I was you was to Sofia pollute in the in the heart, go and fish house what chance would you have? If he directly attacked the heart to God? Allah azza wa jal gives us a chance. He's in the chest first keeps on going around and you got a chance. You're either a B that was worse than allowed to enter the heart or you're either keep away from Northwest and keep it back to the outside walls, which is the chest itself Olivia was whistle few Salinas last

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melongena at oneness,

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okay, middle agenda to nurse

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from among jinn and mankind.

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What does that mean? Meaning the one who performs the worse worse the one who performs the evil whispering are from among the jinn and from among mankind. And if this word mean it's used to explain something.

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Yeah, I mean shudehill was was in hardness, Allah said before we seek the most protection from the evil whispering of Allah Swiss alumnus whose This was worse on what he's saying to us from jinn and mankind, just like in Saudi Arabia, you know, and Allah Zoysia he says, marco de la Vina cafaro who's levina Capital who are the min allocatable mushrikeen, from among the People of the Book and the polytheists the Muslim faith and this is what the word mean does now, mean Elgin nothing.

00:31:32 --> 00:31:58

The word alumna what is the word jinda agenda is basically referring to Elgin, who are jinn and is there a difference between a general shell been a lot of oil he says, what a follow up to Gina will insert allele Abu isn't this to creation of a large Zoysia that are responsible to worship along a creation known as an accretion known as Elgin. Elgin.

00:32:00 --> 00:32:10

The really bad ones and the rebellious ones are called champion right for a sharpener from Belgium, but they the really bad corrupt filthy ones they call champion

00:32:12 --> 00:32:30

will gin themselves there are good from among them and there's bad from among them, will gin some of them are Muslim, some of them are disbelievers. Well Gina obligated with the same things that we obligated with they heard the call and some of them believed for all 11 Navy while initially carabiner hada will gin those who believed

00:32:31 --> 00:32:49

they will enter the Paradise Lost oil he says one Muslim owner Gina speaker up themselves Mindell Muslim woman across the pond from an Islamic Russia woman constitution for Canada Jana mahapatra. In other words, those that believed into the paradise and those that disbelieved and Johanna Malaya Villa,

00:32:51 --> 00:33:37

middle Jean nuttiness Elgin, Allah did not see me in a shell peeny oneness, because Elgin there are righteous jinn that do was was active people are there are disbelieving and there's also all the forms of gin all of them until the maximum one of them in shuttle which is a shame upon all of that kind of creation does was was up to mankind mineralogy, nutty. The word Elgin, it comes from the word gender and gender means, linguistically means to conceal or hide something. And when, for example, we say someone has known insane, meaning his intellect has been covered and hidden. When we say Algerian Algerian is what the the fetus in the womb is called Jenny and having the word Jim

00:33:37 --> 00:34:19

noon, because he's covered and hidden we cannot see him. Similarly magenta magenta is the shield because when the when the soldier holds the shield it conceals and it covers him. Agenda the paradise was called the Shatner, because it's full of trees. So as soon as you enter you're covered and concealed, no one can see you will gin a cold gin because they are covered and concealed. We cannot see them with our eyes. mean LG nutty, one nurse and nurse mankind. Mankind also make evil was closer to each other. For even Allah Suarez can happen from the gym, and it can happen from mankind. How does it happen for mankind? Someone casts doubt into others about Allah subhanho wa

00:34:19 --> 00:34:43

Taala right. And there are a lot of shell penal ins like this. They come to someone and they say to him, you know, it makes him doubt his Islam and doubt Allah subhanho wa Taala without the sooner masala and doubt his belief in Allah and he walks away. That is what's what's the two limbs he cuts the doubt into another human being and he runs all right, so panela even Yoni the ID is

00:34:45 --> 00:34:59

the difference he is that a shape on all mankind. They make us wiser to each other via the E. Mankind make us worse at each other via the E will him make worse wasn't

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

Mankind via the chest, your swizzle fusil and also via the E. Elgin can make us wasa to mankind via the E in the Hadith and also the last column he explains, and he mentions this that the angels when they're discussing

00:35:18 --> 00:35:30

alive in the heavens, a ship on a climb each other. Yesterday Buddha summer they eavesdrop they steal something from what is being shared. Then the Hadith says they come down for your

00:35:31 --> 00:35:53

fee O'Neill care when they pour the words into the he of the magician or the soothsayer He then said just like one post something into a bottle right for them. Yeah neither was worse of a gin can happen via the chest and that's the most common and it can also happen via the he will last or shall he says look at ellika

00:35:55 --> 00:36:28

organic velyka Zonda nikolina V and Otto one shell Pina linseed oil Jean Yogi Babu Mira bobbin Zulu Falcone hora de la Xhosa he made shale being from among the instant shell bean from among the gym, that whisper to each other Jin Jin Jin to mankind, mankind to mankind and so on. Right. The last thing we discuss is mineral agenda to oneness, why agenda before unless why not Milanesi agenda. Why? Because fundamentally, the evil whispering is the job of who

00:36:30 --> 00:37:07

have a Siobhan have a gym. For even they came first because that was the fundamental role. And they were the first creation of a law to make was swiza which is at least making was was a to Adam Allah His setup. And there was was the evil whispering of mankind to one another only happens we said initially that comes from the shape on himself. That's the end of the soul. When also the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam ended and finished reciting the soul. He began to recite salted Fatiha immediately after it mean agenda to nurse Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim, Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen. And begin

00:37:09 --> 00:37:26

this is sooner than that when you come to the end of the call, and you don't just read the unece and you stop there and close it up and next one will begin to read. Okay, so you need to have a recitation every single day. And when you finish all of the nurse, read solothurn Fatiha and some ad from solothurn bacala do that. Why?

00:37:28 --> 00:38:02

This is teaching us that the study of the Quran never finishes, and that it's a cycle and that you're in need of the end of it as much as you're in need of the beginning of it and just keep cycling with the recitation of the Quran. We studied sort of the nurse what is the purpose of studying soul of the nurse? The purpose of studying the solar is that we learn the dangers and the effects of a show Barnwell was worse in our life. And as a result, we're supposed to continuously seek loss of patatas protection from an O saucer. How do we achieve that one of the main There are many ways but one of the main ways of doing that is reading school or to nurse continuously reading

00:38:02 --> 00:38:42

soul of the nurse whenever you're affected by our slice inside of you. Whether it's through your worship you seal or swells or through your relationship with others, or with your own self. Immediately rush to reading the surah when the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says that this is a surah in way, no Yani its likes has never ever been revealed. Nothing like it has ever ever been revealed. In other words, the power it carries by the permission of a lot to heal a person from the danger of a loss was is immense. It's great. It's greater than anything else. Let's hold on to Soul of the nurse and keep reading it day and night. After our solo ad before we sleep in the morning, in

00:38:42 --> 00:39:08

the afternoon. Whenever one feels like it was he's been affected by Northwest reads with a nurse how many times read it for as long as you need. Once two 310 times, keep reading until you find that and worse, worse has cooled and calm down in in whatever situation you're in. And there is no bad time to make Vicar of a law there is no bad time. Some people Janiak he's got a thought that if he's engaged in a sin, that's a bad time to make Vicodin.

00:39:09 --> 00:39:50

There's no such thing as a bad time to make liquor. Actually, that's the time where you're supposed to make liquor. When the temptation for falling into the sim is high and it's great. That's the time to make liquor. But right then and there whatever scene you're in, someone Yani in his sin of of smoking, let's make liquor have a lot of social as you do so right muscle and he's young, he engaged in some other similar He will make still fall or make liquor laws or *, perhaps that the government will come will come that temptation and that desire don't come down. And as a result, you can control yourself once again. Wish Upon becomes commerce he begins to disappear, then nobiliary

00:39:50 --> 00:39:57

law with the victim of a monkey runs away straight away. Once the vicar stops his back faith and don't give him a chance. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:39:58 --> 00:40:00

that he protects us and our family

00:40:00 --> 00:40:14

Is the Muslims in a shape on with a reality? I mean, at least we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us people have a plan people who benefit from the reminders of the plan in the holy a vertical further Allah, Allah who said oh Bella collina Vina Mohammed while he or Sophie

Surat An Naas (Mankind)

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