What does it mean to be a true follower of Muhammad ﷺ

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The second major and important pillar of an accepted good deed is

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that the good deed you're going to do, as sincere as it is, it will not count. It will not be recorded in your good deeds, if it is not in accordance with the suit of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, let me understand what that means. So here the name of Allah. He says this, he says, it is the battle is it Mr. bata, Allah, I hope God second elaborate.

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He says if you are able to not scratch your head, except with a duration, then do some yet to be seen. don't scratch your head. Unless there's a narration. If you find a narration scratch your head based on the narration that you saw in the heading. That's what he means any any implies in this be strict on yourself in terms of following the suit of all the laws of the law while he was set up in what he taught my brothers and sisters when we say the second part of the show, but what is what should one not mother? What does that mean? What does it mean to say I bear witness and testify that Mohammed is the final messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala it entails four things.

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Number one is that you believe in everything he informed us about everything in folders that you believe in. Number two is that you adhere to these commandments and performed obligations. Number three,

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you avoid and stay away from what he prohibited us to see this is all in a sugar, coma and the last one and is the most important here. That alone should only be worshipped by that which we saw a long while he was seldom legislated

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Jani the early part of the Hmong coma is that which is seldom legislates and teaches us. That is true. No Mohammed Osama losing one of these four doesn't make it from those who say I should.

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Even if you claim to love him, look at the best case in that is Bianca homosassa. Getting we can argue that maybe he loved him more. Maybe

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he lived at his time.

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His uncle, he defended the Madison center. Anyone who stood from the disbelievers in front of him he defended

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himself would say

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to him Polish as a matter of volume, he said I was never harmed by police, except on the day that my uncle died. How much did he love you? And how much did he defend him? But did he truly I don't know how Osama

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happened he became from the people of the Hellfire, but he gets the minimum punishment in the welcome party.

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And he proved his love flirting and that didn't even benefit him for the one who sits back and I love him and doesn't want to do these for Heather with the eyes. Just like just like upper body just like a bodybuilder probably a bit bit worse because I will volleyballs therefore homosassa for Be very careful in what we means by saying why shampoo under Mohammed Osama for this last point here in where it says that alarm shall only be worshipped by that which was almost legislated. This nullifies what is known as a beta, what is known as an innovation with maybe some of them, he used to warn his companions every single week, every Friday from the beta when he used to do the hobo you

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do here on Fridays?

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Mohammed, Salah, wash, moody muda. Worship one

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every Friday, telling the companions This is not anyone these are the companions, he's saying to them.

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Be careful and be very careful from newly innovative invented marriage and innovation and also have all of their love every single week and this hobby if we know and that's the very same thing that the people would fall in even right now. How important is this is this idea of following them and worshipping Allah according to that which was in the Muslim Ummah he was send them legislates. And I said to my brothers and sisters, and then your worship, what do you intend to do what you intend closeness to Allah closeness to Allah azza wa jal into his pleasure into the paradise. So what's in the Quran and in the sutra is enough to get you to the highest level in the paradise. There's no

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need for something new there is absolutely no need for something