What do you do if you feel like you lost Ramadan

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You and I know that NW so long are you gonna send them said

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that the humiliated one and the loser is the one who enters a llama bond and comes out on the lows of forgiveness you know that having

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any The idea is is that a form of on it did not earn a person complete forgiveness that person is a loser that's what we know what does that mean? Does it mean a person loses hope and moves on

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for that person the advice right now is repaired.

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repaired if you feel like you're lost

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and you are the loser because you did not earn a must forgive then repair the door of a door is open autobahn was teaching you that repentance is a way of life. So when normal bad finishes don't sit down at all I didn't make the most of it, you know, feel dirty on the inside. I didn't make the most of my mom I think I'm from that loser. probably feel from that loser anyway what do you do? Don't Don't worry the law straight away quick. Maybe a love would accept that. And you become much better than if you were to take from Robin some benefit. You know these are matters in the hands of a law usually do Allah is telling you to do a tober after Ramadan is very important, very important to do

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after Ramadan. And that you learn it's a way of life. And the beauty of this is that and maybe some Allahu Allah you know, Selim did teach us that in Ramadan, the doors of the paradise are open. This is something people look forward to, to hearing the news of the fact that the doors of the paradise are open. But didn't you know that the doors of the paradise

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they open every Monday and Thursday as well.

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They open every Monday tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day in which the doors of the paradise open. Again, you can relive your meal over tomorrow by fasting that day. This is why first Monday and Thursday, because these are these in which the doors of the paradise and open. Just like in Ramadan. When the doors of Paradise open people are fasting. This is connection between fasting and the door of the paradise being open.

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adobo would die and anything that a person is seeing in the leg would result would rise would be accepted.