How Does A Woman Trim Her Hair In Hajj or Umrah

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry explains

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How does a woman trim her hair and hide your own rock?

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Um, the last the last olara Rasulullah. Number one, a woman never shaved her head. She only trips and hedge or an ombre. And so the trimming is actually very easy. She just collects her hair and she trims what is equal to a fingertip of it. And she's done. As far as can a woman trim her own hair or does she? That's another popular question. Can a woman trim her own hair does you have to actually have somebody else to do it? She can trim her own hair. The The reason for that question is that people think that the trimming or the cutting of the hair is prohibited act and haram but you are able to do that because that's how you exit in the first place. And so that's allowed as well. Thank

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