The Ultimate Proof of Resurrection

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the importance of creating a second time around in the culture of Islam. They explain that the first time around was difficult, but the second time around is more intense and requires a lot of effort. The speaker also mentions a woman who had a miscarriage before four months, but it ended up becoming a woman once again after four months and eventually becomes a woman once again.

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Losses after IE net income was a difficult upon me to create the first time. The point is that if Allah was able to create us the first time, how do you doubt that he can bring you up the next time? How does one doubt that? How does one doubt that even though creation from first time is more intense than bringing the creation a second time round, because the second time round, the way we're all an image that will help. But the first time round, it's much more intense. And there is a sign for us every single day to reflect over the fact that a large Zoysia would bring us back to life. And that is through

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and that is through the entire scene of pregnancy. Have you ever thought of that? The sperm cell enters into the womb of the mother dead sperm cell goes in dead that's why before for months, there's no law, it's dead. So if a woman had a miscarriage before four months, just put it anywhere, it doesn't matter. You don't need to wash it because there's no law in that.

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Then after four months,

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it went from death to alive. Give it a few more months. It comes out alive baby screaming and just like that a person would go dead into the earth and he ends to the tailbone which is the last bone in the spinal

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law surgeon will put him into the womb of the earth and then he's after that for me there * whenever he wills inshallah he'll resurrect us once again on a vertical Allahu Ghazi is nothing is impossible on Allah subhanho wa Taala