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Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker is giving advice on how to practice the quran during the month of ch hurt hurt and mentions that the plan is to make sure everyone is safe from shackles of laziness and heed consuming. The speaker also gives advice on how to practice the quran, including opening a tafsir of the quran and not drinking water at night.
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i want you to do something special with the quran during this month read the quran in order to learn something new something that will bring you closer to allah so i can my brothers and sisters in islam make sure you do not close your oanh until you have learned something new even if it's small doesn't matter

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learn something new every time you sit with it this is the plan this is something new we want to do now in the month of chabad make sure you're learning something new that will bring you closer to allah so vision and if you do that for the entire month of chabad allah i promise you be if neela you will be safe from heedlessness you will be safe from heedless heart from a hard dead heart

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and when ramadan enters you will feel that you have been freed from the shackles of laziness and heedlessness

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and you realize that you will achieve so much in ramadan like you have never had an experience before when it comes to the month of ramadan who are my brothers and sisters in islam open the quran learn something new that brings you close to a lot it's very simple it's not it's not difficult it is not difficult open any translation of the quran keep it side by side with you open a tafsir of the quran there is an english alhamdulillah many i always and i continued to recommend the sierra saudi it has been translated in 10 volumes it's a tafseer of the quran an explanation of the plan 10 volumes emember saudi hello hello hello joseph hello hold on for this enormous work that served the

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oma keep it handy side by side and it's free pdf on the net

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learn something new every time we read the poor and during this month of chavez and implemented implemented in keeping in your heart during the entire day so for example if today now chabad you decide

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that you're going to open the choir and you're not going to be of those who are heedless open the pool and and read for example for example if you open the quran today and you read what are we going to share with you and allah he there's so many examples but it gives you something simple let's see your read

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alhamdulillah helping me and humbling they help me hamas you want to read that enough but keep this ai in your heart so that any time of the day or the night if i was to catch you off guard and say what ai is living in your heart right now you're quick to say humbling low health bill me and try to implement it during the day anything that happens in your day that is like kind of difficult or you experienced a hardship during that day remind yourself that before you left the house the area that's in your heart is at humbler hill but i mean so if you're faced by a calamity or a difficulty during that day remember to say a humbling lay hill up behind me when you eat that they see and

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humbling they're helping me write it whatever it wants and if you've got good news see and humbly lay help but i mean i want to implement what i learned new today in the morning from my recitation of the quran keep the heart alive keep your heart alive with the plan this is not just a book to read and close and have no relationship with and i tell you why people are suffering this is why they're suffering that no al quran which is the medicine in the cure is there it's in front of them that they know how to engage with it didn't know how to take the medicine from a lot of notes abraham allah he said the person that that begs for guidance when the quran is in front of him is as

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bad as a person that begs for water when the cup of water is in front of him

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if a cup of water is in front of you drink while you're begging for it similarly the guidance of the colon is there it's in front of you what are you complaining of that can we then know how to tune in with the quran it's very easy it's very easy anyone can do it so do that in this place that month of chabad

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