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Overcoming fear

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Wait for the difficulty to arrive. And then Allah subhana wa tada is ease will be with you, no matter having the fear of the difficulties to come in life. This is by yourself. You know there are people that fee fee, they feel the concept of fee. Yanni there's no problem in his life, but he just sits down in his fearing he's worried what's going to happen and then this such a person lives in misery. Then if the difficulty hasn't happened yet, wait, when it happens Allah subhanho wa Taala is tranquility upon your discernment? you'd learn how you'd be able to deal with your problem. Now why would you see something that still hasn't happened yet? You need to understand the you're living for

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Allah subhanho wa Taala you live in the Nana Allah azza wa jal wants you to do. And you engage yourself and you busy yourself with religion subhana wa leave em Shukla stem of the damiel Himalayan he says

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that the one who doesn't busy himself with victory

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and he just keeps to himself. And he has moments in life where he's just silent. doesn't do anything. You know what this does? It brings was was to share about adults. It brings was was to shape on shape on begins to give you a swears what's going to happen later on what will happen tomorrow. But when you're when you keep your mind and your tongue occupied basically there is no there's no there's actually no room in your mind to think of anything else. For us was to show up on goes away. That's very true. It's very true. Sit down yourself and don't do anything. Watch where your mind goes. Watch where your mind is going to take you to the most horrible things.

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The only way you're going to protect your mind from these negativities is to keep it busy. And the best thing to keep it busy with his boiler. He's so proud of