Hajj Live 2021 – 09 – Stoning the Jaramat

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When I'm on a promise 11 pager, and we just finished owning the fridge, I'm not on

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the wall here is the agenda.

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So on the 10th picture, we only started this one on the 11th and 12th. And if you stay till the

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13th, then you don't want three journalists jamala to saphira

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till October, which is the small drama, the medium side, the medium, the middle Gemini, and

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this is a jumble. So you notice, it's like a wall. It used to be like a pillar, but they made it into a wall and all the stones, they funneled down into the hole on the pond below it, so it's fine if you hit the wall, or if you don't hit the wall, all the stones will actually, you know, funnel themselves down

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down to the bottom of the home. Now, one thing to bear in mind is that this is a one way, you know, it's a one way street. So you come from that side, we're actually on the ground floor now then jump off themselves, this entire complex, it's quite big. It has a number of floors, I think maybe five floors, maybe even more. Okay, so they have a number of floors. You can see up there.

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Look, those are some of the different levels. See the stack of escalators open.

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That's not the staircase and escalators, the bridges. You know, it's it's a really it's a marvelous it's really a marvelous complex

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that they've built her Alhamdulillah so yeah, so we just finished stoning all three cameras.

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On the first day you don't on the 10th of the ledger, which was yesterday. You don't make the after stoning the German till October, on the 11th 12th and 13th. You make do I after stoning, the, the first jamara, the small one and the middle one. You may go after stoning the first and after stoning the second, but not after Jamila tilaka. And actually there's an amazing wisdom behind that is because people don't crowd often the last jamara and they carry on walking because if they crowd then obviously the crowds will carry on. We see lots of people here. There's only 60,000 jobs this year. As I mentioned before, in my other videos, and at the time of the profits, I sell them there

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were 100,000 but today there is a bit of a hustle and bustle.

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So in sha Allah, we're going to

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we're going to make our way back to back to the tents.

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Hopefully, were in sha Allah, kind of hoping that the lunch is ready there in sha Allah. Okay, so I'm your brother block this salam, speaking to live from Mina from the jamara

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from the jamara we just finished the jamara salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa