Exploring the name of Allah, الشافي Ash-Shafee (the one who heals) when falling sick

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My brothers and sisters in Islam when a person falls sick and ill, this is the time to explore and discover the beauty of a last name sheriffy the healer. Whoa, this is a time and so it is important to know what are we supposed to do when we become sick? Listen to this incredible have even the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says that there is no calamity that afflicts the believer whether this calamity is a wassup wassup is a chronic illness, a permanent sickness in the recent llamada he was sending me see any believer who is afflicted, he is tested with wassup meaning a permanent illness that has no cure until today, when a nossob and any kind of fatigue or tiredness that you

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experience when a circum and any kind of temporary sickness succumb could be a headache, could be a toothache, could be anything could be a fever, when a person an even sadness, any form of sadness that the believer experiences as a result of his sickness had the hammer you have move even the depression and the sadness that befalls a person all of this whenever it flips a believer what's the result and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said and he adds one more thing to show getting you share. Even if you are pricked by a phone, anything of this sort that I believe that experiences and maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala wipes away expats

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his sins are from his sins, Allahu Akbar, and there is some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in another authentic hadith that Allah azza wa jal will continue to afflict a person with calamity and sicknesses and illness until he begins to walk on earth, and he has no simply his name whatsoever. He walks on earth sinless luck about that could be achieved as a result of all these calamities that you remain patient upon and you call through a law's name a Chevy to kill you, we're going to speak about these how we do so these kinds of illnesses and sicknesses. All of them, become a source of good for you, and what are we supposed to do when we are sick? And so it is important to know what

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are we supposed to do when we become sick when we fall ill and this is bound to happen. You will experience sickness and illness in your life We ask Allah sosial to give us chifa the first and foremost thing that a sick person is supposed to do listen carefully and I'm going to share with you a Hadeeth so that this point I can drive it into your mind and into your heart. The first absolute thing is adore

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one of the best you could ever make a lot of money as a local I have here and this is a authentic hadith Allah I asked you for complete protection in my health and everything. Number two, I was on a banner ad Tina dunya Hasina, give us a hustler in this life and maybe Salalah while he was alone, as in this authentic hadith whenever he would visit a sick or whenever a sick person would come to us all Allah salallahu alayhi wa sallam in the visa mamajuana he was alum would put his hand on the sick person and he would see Allah ma badness of the builder's wash fee and the Chevy lash if Shiva, Shiva alair Johar doodle sakana la Hochberg is a great dryer, it is the best dryer to make when a

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person is sick. Let's explore this dryer, why am I telling you this is the best dryer because within this dryer we find the name of a lot a Chevy Allahu mushy and the sherfield law cover. Anyway, this guy begins by using Allah hum or badness, Allah, and you are the lord of mankind. This is the beginning of a dryer. So now I want you to imagine you're sick, someone is sick, and you raise your hands and you see Allah robinus Allah, Lord of mankind. In other words, from the very beginning of the dryer, you are recognizing and acknowledging Allah's greatness you are invoking, and supplicating to Allah through his name, Allah, the master, the Lord of everything. Now as you're

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weak and as you're sick, look how huge these words are using our banners. You're the lord of mankind. It's like you're saying, my sickness is nothing. All my sickness is something easy for you to cure, and for you to heal. For me, every sickness allows social news about a lot of my openers. He's the lord of everyone. This is the powerful dryer in You see, the hidden bears straightaway ask what you want from Allah now that you acknowledged and you recognize that allows

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Soil is the Lord of mankind and he's the lord of everything immediately you see after it of heaven bears remove my sickness yet Allah remove my illness Allah remove it completely agreed to remove it to remove it. So you're one side than the sickness is gone totally on another side, it's disappears from your body altogether. That's what the bill does means. And then ish fee and the sheffey que me heal me. Why? Because under sheffey You're the one who cures You're the one who heals love. Now my brothers and sisters in Islam, from the names of Allah is a sheffey. What does sheffey mean? You know the word sheffey. It comes from the word chef. And chef is the edge of something. So when you

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say Allah give me She fed ishee under Shafi, you're asking ALLAH, take me to the edge. In other words, it's as who you are in danger. And you're asking our Lord, take me out of this danger and bring me to the edge of safety. Bring me to the edge of a shift to the edge of safety, Allahu Akbar, that is a shift. That is the name of Allah sheffey, the one who takes you out of the danger of the sickness and illness you're in. And he takes you all the way to the edge of safety, to the land of safety, Allahu Akbar, and health and strength and power subhanho wa Taala, powerful name of allah ish and the sheffy. And then you say after this lecture, she fell, Ill, she fell, there is no cure

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at all. There is no treatment except your cure, except the oh she know my brothers and sisters in Islam, that the diseases of the heart like envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, arrogance, these are all diseases of the heart, they are much worse and more dangerous to the human being to the believer. There are names of Alonzo version that you and I could never live without their names of Allah that if Allah sosial did not name himself with this name, you and I would have been miserable in our life. Such names are like his name sheffey unlawful name, these are names we're lucky we couldn't live without the name of Allah sheffey we would have definitely perished without this name. A chef

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he is the one that's going to cure you from every sickness, especially the diseases in the sicknesses of the heart. Raise your hand and say a mama yeah share fi issue can be wapa here can be minimal Hindi well acid worrier when people when nifer O Allah purifying and cleansing clean my heart from hypocrisy and jealousy and envy, and arrogance, ask amar sosial because it is only a large social who can cure the heart from these diseases. We hope you will continue to enjoy our content. Don't forget to subscribe. And by pressing the bell next to the subscribe button. You will receive updates and notifications. Thank you