Abu Bakr Zoud – Entering the Paradise from باب الريان the door of At-Rayaan

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the reasons why people should commit to fasting, including the fourth reason for fasting, which is a door in the residential area called bearable. The speaker also talks about the importance of fasting in society, including the belief that it is a vacation and that people should not commit to fasting until they are satisfied. The speaker also mentions the importance of fasting in achieving personal health and achieving spiritual well-being.
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The fourth reason for why you should commit to fasting three days of every month and the preferable three days as we said a year will be 13th 14th 15th of every Islamic month. The fourth reason is that there's a special door in the paradise. This door is called bearable the yen bearable by none shall enter this door except the fasting people except people who had a habit with fasting, except people who had a consistent continuous relationship with fasting, not on and off. People that had a continuous relationship with fasting.

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They enter through a special bowl in the paradise called Allah. Yeah, and what a beautiful name, the word or you know what it means it comes from the word array. Array means to drink until you're satisfied. And you know, when someone is thirsty, and then he drinks until he's satisfied. That's called array. We say you're

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alright yen means to drink to quench your thirst. What a beautiful name for the door and a suitable name for the door because those who enter this door, experienced first in this worldly life when they were fasting, so a Mars door gel compensates them on the day of judgment and admits them into the paradise through a door called quenching the thirst. Drinking until you're satisfied Allahu Akbar What a beautiful name for this though, and maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the Fijian that the bourbon you'll call una hora. Yeah, and yet the Holloman who saw him on a omo po layer the hood Omar whom I heard on your call oh no sorry moon failed hold on I mean who the * if

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you don't all the luck over later fell Amir the whole min Who? La La, la, maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said that in the paradise there is a door called Allah and none shall enter this door except those who are committed to the worship of fasting

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and no one will enter with them only them. Allah would say to them on the day of judgment in our society, moon, where are the first thing people

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imagine is Allah is calling out where are the fasting people when they imagine you're standing there are definitely you would regret the moment. Absolutely, you will regret the moment. If you are a person that committed to fasting you will definitely regret it. You'll say I wish I wish I had fasted so I can so I can answer the call of my Lord so I can answer the call of Allah when he says aner saw he more luck well don't don't don't afford and don't accept for yourself to stand on the plains of the day of judgment when the call Enos saw emotion is being called and you're looking left and right of you thinking why am I not part of them? Don't fall in that regret my brothers and

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sisters in Islam. So a lot of social will call them where are they

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failed Hello. I mean who so they know the door and they recognize that this door is open for them. So they enter this door when the vessel Allahu Allahu wa sallam he said for either the Hala home when the last person enters what I regret what a sad moment when the last person enters or lock the door closes the door locks Beverly Yanni seal the shop follow me at Holman who had no one will enter after them has the cheat these people have have f gone you don't have gone inside the paradise they've been in creation. They've been in all of mankind in the paradise and people that never committed the first thing Allah is still waiting outside awaiting their feet. Where are they going

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to go?

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Don't waste the chance my brothers and sisters in Islam Come on. All it is is three days of every month. That's all three days of every month for Allah for Allah, the sweetness in it, there is bollock in it. There is mercy in his health, you know for your buddy. Well, what about this spiritual revival for your soul and for your heart is nourishment for your heart?

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