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In Al Hamdulillah nama do who wanna Stein who want to study he want to start from when I will go below him in short order on fusina or sejati Lena Mejia de la who Fela mobula or Manuel Glynn Fela Dianna why shadow Allah Allah Allah ma hola hola hola Cherie Keller y shadow no Mohammed and Abu Rasulo. Yeah, you NSO taco bekommen la vida halacha ko menacing Wahida Holla caminhadas Ojha, or the Thurman humanity darlin Cathy along one is

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what up hola hola de Luna b1 are in America and Ali kumara peba Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku Allahu Akbar to party you want to move to LA on to Muslim on

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your Latina mono top Allahu wa Pulu Paul Poland sadita your slate like Amana hola como la la luna con la mejor para la hora su level further further frozen Arima for my my bad okay now Stoeckel Hadith he Kitab Allah he's Alana O'Hara Nadia do Mohammedans Allah Allahu Allah alayhi wa sallam were in a short run mood emotion to her Hakuna Matata setting Vida Wakulla be the atom Bala what couldn't love Allah let him feed now. Ronnie level El Camino now my brothers my Sisters in Islam or praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala and may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my brothers and sisters in

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Islam, there is no doubt that we are living tough and difficult days very dangerous these to our Eman and our relationship with Allah azza wa jal

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there is no doubt in this the Phaeton increasing day by day, hour by hour, and many are becoming confused about their Iman their relationship with Allah about their stance and how they're supposed to respond to certain freedom that are arising.

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And this is not special. And this is not something strange Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam in the authentic hadith he mentioned this reality, as in the hadith of Anis ignominy, Calabi Allahu Anhu. He says, that as time goes by the Phaeton become more and more. So the Phaeton the trials and the difficulties of today are much more than 10 years ago, and what they will be 10 years from now will be much more than what we are experiencing today.

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These fit on many drugs, alcohol, murder, the LGBT community, and their propaganda and their agenda, and they evil planning and plotting against us and against our children. This is one of the major hidden that we are seeing in today's day and age. And the believer has to have knowledge in terms of how is he going to respond to this, and how is he going to stand strong against this? And how does he respond to these matters? How does he protect himself and how does he protect his children against Alphington?

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that to Arrabal fita no Alan Kulu be rude and ruder that the Phaeton they would present a person's heart like straw mats, you know, a mat and the straws. You see how close they are to each other. This implies the speed of these fitted, they come one after the each other

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and they are presented on the heart of the believer. So all of a sudden you wake up and you hear of a huge fitna. When the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam He says, For AML Colombian Sheba looking at the tree he looked at and so that any heart who absorbs this fitna and engages with it, and deals with it, and accepts it into his life. Then a black dot will be inscribed in his heart. And any believer who sees it and recognize it as a fitna and he rejects it, and he condemns it, and he runs away from it. Located fear can be knocked on by a walk. He earns a His heart until unreasonable Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that that have zero clue what Allah calpain then society

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at large becomes people of two types. The hearts become of two types Albon Abayomi philosopher lettable roof with Neptune modernity similar to an orb, a wine crystal Polish tart. Such a heart will never ever be affected by any fitna that comes later on, hit me with any fitna and the person has strong Eman to reject anything. But the other half they engaged with the Phaeton and did not run away from them and did not know how to respond to them. What

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happens these are Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Caliban Earhart more than Cal coos in Bucha. Here, it becomes like a vessel that is upside down.

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The heart becomes like a vessel that's upside down. What does that mean? You know, if there's a vessel that's upside down, can you put anything in it? You can't pour water in it. So the idea is that this heart becomes so blackened and hard that even if you tried to fill it with goodness, there's no space for it. It rejects any kind of goodness, that's when the heart becomes dead. How does the heart die? When it engages with the sweetened, and it accepts it into its life, then under the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the sign of this upside down vessel layer, the former Wolfen William Kildonan, current endemic Shibam in Hawaii. The sign of this heart that has become upside

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down and dead is that he will no longer be able to recognize a fitna and he will no longer be able to recognize the good for what it is. And he will no longer be able to recognize the bad and the evil for what it is 11 we should examine our except whatever suits his desire. So that means if something that Allah loves, He loves it, he only loved it not because Allah loves it. He loved it because his desire was to love it. And if there's something evil that Allah condemns, he won't condemn it because Allah hates it. He'll condemn it because his desire says condemned, there's no goodness in it. That's a very dangerous state. We don't want to reach there. We need to understand

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that the enemy of Allah subhanho wa Taala has a huge agenda and a plot against mankind, especially against the Muslim what is that? You know what it is? You need to know, what is the greatest agenda and the biggest evil planning and plotting of the disbeliever of the enemy of Allah against the believers against those who say that Allah, Allah mentioned in the Quran, he said, What are you, Luna you call it Luna come have to do command the nickel Minister Powell, Allah azza wa jal, he says they will continue, let us alone meaning they will continue to fight you. Fighting here is not limited to weapons, they will fight you with their ideology, their belief, their propaganda,

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whatever it is, why why are they doing this had to do command the nickel Minister power so that they may let you apostate from your religion? Turn your back from your deal? Abandon your Islam.

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If they are able to do so, this is what they want. This is the plan. Allah azza wa jal warns us once a year 30 Min command de fer moto Hua careful for

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dunya Al and karate ecohome will house rule anyone who gives him to this plan and turns away from his deen and dies a disbeliever such people their deeds will be shattered and destroyed on the day of judgment. And such are the losers. They ended up in the Hellfire forever. We need to recognize I want to tell you something, one of these greatest fitten that we are seeing in observing right now. And I say this because I've been in Australia for a month and I'm leaving soon.

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And I went from Masjid to Masjid. I was in Melbourne for a couple of days as well. And almost every Masjid in every community I met the bring up the discussion of this rainbow colored community, the LGBT community.

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What do we do? I have children at home.

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You know, the propaganda is spreading children books, it's in schools. It's everywhere. It's on the bus. It's on the news. It's even in your app store. If you open the app store the feature page at the very beginning. There are apps you can download in where you can absorb this type of material. It's trying to become normalized in society shoved down your throat, you must accept it. Right? And this is bombard every single thing. And the believer is getting tired. What do we do? This is too much should I do he should or should I leave the country? Where do I go? Should I homeschool my children? Should I bring him out and it's a lot of chaos. First and foremost, we need to understand

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who these people what are they doing? They've called themselves rainbow. This is the description they've given themselves.

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And this is very dangerous because this is how they sell you their product. They make it colorful, and they decorate it. And that's exactly the plan and the plot of a Shabaab. Allah azza wa jal, you said was the IANA level will show your power no armor alone. A Shavon doesn't present the haram to you as it is raw as haram no one will accept that because it looks this

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dusting and dirty the hot tub. But he's got to decorate it. That's what the show plan has to do. And he's been doing that from day one. When he was in paradise without them. He Salam, Allah azza wa jal said to Adam, let the club the show's over. Do not come meet this forbidden tree. Don't eat anything from it. You know what, how did the show how did Adam our father end up eating from the forbidden tree? How you know how Shelton decorated for him how he said to him, Adam, don't look at other shows you're not in hold.

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Should I direct you to the eternal tree? That if you eat from the Kula umbrella, Kenya otaku national holiday, if you and your wife eat from this tree, you're going to become two angels in the Paradise mother came out the Coonamble Holly Dean, and you're going to be in here forever and ever. Mahatma with a forbidden tree. But look how we decorated it. He called it shows you a little hole shattered hasn't stopped his game. He hasn't like alcohol. It's called spirits. He says he's decorated the deep. So now spirit, meaning if I'm down, drinking alcohol and your spirit will be lifted. Drugs. It's called Ice speed. Ecstasy, ecstasy means happiness. How is it satanic name?

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Drugs turned into a name of goodness, ecstasy, right? A shaitan diseases ways. You know there's a special swimwear for women. They call it burqini burqini. The first part of it comes from the word Polka, which is an Islamic modest clothing. And the next word is bikini, which is a Satanic word that refers to nakedness and shamelessness. Look at the shape on it.

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He was good at deceiving the people. He broke this name and called it burqini it's like it's got a it's got an Islamic it's got an Islamic paint to it.

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The reality of it is as in the the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Cassia

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Cassia meaning clothed from top to bottom. Yes because this bikini covers the head the covers the neck covers the hands it covers everything. But then underneath it.

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In reality, it is nakedness and such people in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about them, and that these are people that have no foul. I said maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said so it's a major sin. How was the shape on food mankind? For women to believe that this is an Islamic word has been sold as Islamic and modest when Shavon Shavon come to homosexuality now.

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And how is it presented today in the world? Remos colors. Love is love. That's how it's presented. But come to the reality of the Quran. What does Allah call it? Doesn't call it homosexuality, because that's sexual orientation. What does he call it?

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Dude and fair Heisha term as a vaca cumbia in the middle LME. It's called Alpha Heisha. The Shameless emote vulgar, lewd act. That's what it's called. That's the real name. So that's the first thing we need to know we need to identify the sweetener and strip it from its rainbow colors. We need to strip it we need to until it from its decoration and it's designed so we can see its film finish and dirtiness. It's called Alpha Heisha Wahaca you don't Xena, Xena, which is a man and woman that don't have a marriage contract and sleep with each other. That in the Quran is called fair Schatten fair he Schatten which means shameless evil act.

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But homosexuality is called

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Bucha there's only phlegm.

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Alif Lam means the shameless Act,

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the lewd act, the vulgar act, meaning all the meanings of shamelessness are in this community. All the meanings of vulgarity are in this community and what they do.

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Because end of the day, Xena even though it is a horrible crime. But at the end of the day, it's something that happens.

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Zina, what's the difference between Xena and a correct marriage? The only difference is the contract. That's all. One said. I accept you through the word of Allah azza wa jal, and the way he accepts, and that's a marriage, and the other two decided to skip that process. But at the end of the day, it's something natural, but this was a sin because that's that process of Allah azza wa jal witnessing the marriage has been skipped. But this homosexuality is not Allah calls it alpha Asia is and that's the first thing we need to recognize. We need to unpeel unpeel the decoration and peel the rainbow and these colors we can

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All them deceitful rainbow colors. They're a deceit. They are not real. They're not true. This is a show your bonds coloring of this deed, my brothers and sisters in Islam?

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Don't we don't have fear in your heart at all.

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We in fact, have been law abiding citizens.

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We are not the ones that are backwards. No. Is this what they want you to make out of yourself? That you're the one that's backwards? You're not accepting them? How dare you? How can you have an integrated and accepted the society and these community? They're the victims. They're the poor ones. They're the ones that are being bashed. They're the ones that are being abused and mocked and insulted. Right? And people feel this way. So people are scared. We shouldn't talk anymore. I tell you something. Let's look into history to see where did this come from. So we can see really, really who's the victim, and who's the criminal, you know, this LGBT.

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From when Allah created the creation, all the way until 1969. This was a shameless did, morally, politically, socially, on any front, you wanted to see it, it was condemned and it was punishable. It was a crime punished by the state, by the law wherever you are around the world. But in 1969, specifically in June, this is why June is Pride Month, understand this and listen,

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something happened, a huge event happened. And this is the event that is labeled in the books of history as the one singular event that brought about the greatest gay rights liberation movement. This is where they started, what happened on that day, specifically on the 28th of June 1969. In Manhattan, New York, on Christopher Street, there was a club, a gay club there, it's called Stonewall Inn, it's the club. The patrons will go in and practice their act in there. And the mafia used to pay the police to turn a blind eye and not come there.

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So one day, the mafia did not pay. And the police came to do their check, because homosexuality was a crime against the law.

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They came in, they seen these patrons. They crossed check them in the bathroom to see where he was wearing like a woman, but he's a male, Allah to prison, fines and so on, to cry.

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Until the people the patrons that were in this club at that moment, was supported by other gay men that came and stood outside and began to scream gay power, we shall overcome and so on. Then they managed to come out the people. And there were two police officers in there. They locked them up and they lit the police on fire. They almost burned two police officers. There was a taxi driver that drove into Christopher Street.

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And they came in the reach that his car on the rock did back and forth. Eventually he made it out but he died that day from from from a heart attack later that afternoon.

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What is this?

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Rebellion, transgression, vandalism, violence. Immediately after this by a few years, the medical board in America decided to remove homosexuality as a mental disorder. It was removed from the books. It's no longer diagnosed as a sickness and as a disease. And slowly, slowly, it became it became a write of theirs. And they had these rights and even here in Australia in 2013, they were given the right to marry each other and so on.

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You see what happened? What happened Subhanallah I said to you were the law abiding citizens. We didn't do any vandalism. We didn't do any corruption. How did these people come about? And they are celebrating every June. They call it Pride March

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was proud about rebellion and transgression. You traumatize two police officers, no one held anyone to account. They killed the man. No one held anyone to account Allah azza wa jal records in the Quran. When low poly has set out and faced his people. That's the exact same quality he said about them. He said to them belong to

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you locked You oh Lord, you lot are transgressors. You rebel dune what changed? It is the exact same attitude of law that these people had. They only got there right after vandalism, violence, destruction, transgression, rebellion damage, this is how they got the right. So why have we made the feel that we're the ones out of the equation and were the ones that are backwards, and then when they're allowed to celebrate every year in June?

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What are you teaching society? Are you teaching society that anyone who feels like he's got a right? Go and break and destroy and vandalized and you'll get your right this is what you're setting. This is the kind of precedent you're setting for communities and society. When you allow these people to march and be happy for

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tomorrow, the pedophiles will do the same thing, though they'll break and whatever they'll do damage and destroy like the LGBT people, and eventually they'll get rights. This is we've been law abiding citizens. We haven't destroyed anything. We haven't vandalized anything. We're moving naturally, with what Allah azza wa jal has taught mankind. What have we done? So why are we free to talk? Why are we freed to face this kind of rebellion? We'll see. We'll be left with Allah He, if you jump onto websites and into history books, they call this they call this event Stonewall Rebellion. That's the word they use. They call that incident in 1969. They call it Stonewall Rebellion. They

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acknowledge they went against the law, they broke the laws.

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And they're celebrating them breaking the law. How do we support this? How does the world and governments around the world support it?

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How do Prime Ministers walk with these people? How?

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How long is this?

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Even we need to equip ourselves with this kind of knowledge? So that we know how we're going to respond? Right? And the other thing that I bring to your attention

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is that people are worried they're afraid right? With their kids. What do we do with them? I tell you something my brothers and sisters in Islam, don't worry. That's the first thing. Allah azza wa jal he says when low poly his Salam was afraid, the angels were with him in the house. They said to Him, lay Yasuhiro like they weren't rich you don't worry. This is angels, comforting low poly his Salam. We're going to use the same words with our community. I told you laying your solo like beef Nila. They will not reach you. Their propaganda their agenda they evil planning and plotting you and your children they won't reach you relax, relax. But there is something you need to understand what

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do you need to hold on to in order to have this protection from Allah azza wa jal I teach you something

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you know,

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Hola, Nabi. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says could look a moron or could look on Masuda Naga Yeti. All of you are shepherds and you're all responsible for your flock. And the father is a shepherd and he is responsible for his flock, his children, his wife, and the mother is a shepherd in her husband's house, and she is responsible for his children. Okay, so Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam described the father and the mother as a shepherd. What's a shepherd? You know what a shepherd is. A shepherd is a man who stands on a farm protects his sheep. If Wolf's Fox is coming, he pushes it away, he keeps it away. As a shepherd, that means

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attack will come towards your children and yourself. And the primary role of a shepherd is to protect this is the primary role of a shepherd is to protect. So now this evil is coming into your home, and people are worried what do we do? There's protests should we attend the protests the protests gonna do? It's gonna do nothing. We need to sign petitions, what's the petition going to do? However, this is not a prophetic solution. Scream only want shout only want protests the entire day in the night, sign petition after petition, it's going to do nothing. You will not protect your family like this. The shepherd can only protect the sheep if he's there. If he decides to leave his

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sheep and go to the city to protest against the fox, the fox is going to eat them all and damage them all. As soon as solution. You go back to the house, go inside and start teaching. Because if you're worried that they're being your children are being attacked,

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and they're being bombarded by this propaganda and filth, then your job is to sit some carry on. I need to teach you 123 is wrong. Allah azza wa jal has set life this way. This is what the truth is. This is what falsehood is. First and foremost, you need knowledge. You need to know how to counteract this matter with knowledge. Not done in a park, screaming and shouting. That's how to do nothing. Well, it's not even going to affect the LGBT community. In fact, it's going to strengthen them, because then they can come into the governments and present Look, look, look, look how people aren't accepting us. Look at the violence of people against these people grow from behind our

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violence. They grow from behind the hand assault and abuse. That's how they grow. This is how they grow. You need to go and teach your children the truth. Look at an abyssal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. What he did with an ibis, you know

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have been our best probably Allahu Anhu he said come to Holloman I was a boy, whatever meaning seven, eight year old maximum nine Max. Then in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam said the Yahoo lab in new Alamo Calumet boy. I want to teach you a few words. Let's see what he's teaching. He said, hopefully learn how to safeguard Allah's commands, adhere to Allah's commands, and Allah will protect you.

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Either select the first Allah, if you ever ask ask Allah alone way the standard for Stein Billa and if you ever seek help seek it from Allah. Listen to what he said. This is an eight year old boy. Listen to this. While I'm Anil Omotola, which Tama Atala amihan PhoneCopy, che in lamium for oka 11 che in Catawba hula hula, you better know boy, if the entire Ummah, if the entire world was to harm you with something, they will not be able to harm you except with that which Allah has written for you. And if they all wanted to benefit you with something they are not able to benefit you except with something that Allah azza wa jal has written for you. I asked you a question. This is an eight

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year old boy. Why is he telling him if the old government on you, who's gonna gather on a boy, eight year old boy who's interested in him, but now we see the reality of this hadith? This community now is interested with these children. Well, Allahu Allah, if you start with a boy, and you spoke to him like that, people tell what are you doing? What are you scaring the boy? Why are you telling this eight year old innocent heart isn't an innocent kid? Why are you telling him if he was going to attack him and come towards him? Listen, look at look how weak look at our weak al Qaeda. Look how weak it has become. We're afraid Don't speak to the kids like that. Why didn't speak to him and our

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best like this. An eight year old boy, nine year old boy.

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This is what we should be doing. Strengthen the belief in your children's heart. From a from seven years old to God. This filth in this world is evil plaatsen agendas and eternal my boy of Allah. If you want to safeguard Allah's commands, you got to teach him because he doesn't know. Have mercy in your heart towards your children, then another deed they are relying upon Allah first and foremost, then you to teach them, teach them Allah's commands. And instantly after that, yeah,

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he'll protect you. Even if you are in the midst of dirt and filth, like Lopata is set up once upon the truth among 1000s and 1000s of people that are doing shameless acts.

00:27:44--> 00:28:12

He had value in the sight of Allah, Allah who made sure he came out before he destroyed them. It can be done. It's not impossible, but you got to know the right direction. You come to your children, you teach them in Islam, the correct Islam, you teach them that no matter what happens, no one can harm you. Don't come back home full of fried and then spew this fear of yours onto your children and your family and make them more scared. What did you benefit in that regard? House and then after that talk can Allah Allah

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and then Allah azza wa jal is aid and support will be descended upon that family be it Nila ako Nicola that was still for Allah Allah Allah confess tofu in the whole of

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this Mala Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala mela anNabi about the hula that has our Salah was salam ala hammock como Allah Allah He did very and was killed by Sharia, Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Hassan Hey Bill How are Shiva Amara como la Jota LLB Ambrym whether a fee Hibben FC within be Mala Katie Hill Musa battery could say why are you have become a Johan we don't have a call has been calling in hola hola ecotone Wilson Lunarlon nubby yeah Johanna Latina menos en la Ali he was a Limitus Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed Kuma Selita Allah Ibrahim Ali Ali Ibrahim in Nica, Hamid on machine or Erica Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim or any of

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Allah he met in Nikka Hamid Al Majid Allahu Marina

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bella bella bella bella notice or punish the Nova or been at Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta. simulium Matoba Lena in Akintola, but Rahim Allah Allah and Allah Allah will send you a date and put a bow in hand in fasho and Mercury already overcome Allah Allah come to the garden of God Allah Allah Allah Lehmann Julius Gurukul, much guru modern yummy he has it Kumala they could Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah mama does not own