Abu Bakr Zoud – Are the good and bad deeds multiplied during the sacred months?

Abu Bakr Zoud
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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam and no no, that the good deeds that are done during this month are noble and they are multiplied in reward. Yes they are multiplied in reward as a matter of Allah mention the good deeds. Then Tomorrow is Monday. If you fast tomorrow, it is not like fasting last Monday. If you fast tomorrow Monday a Monday employs your fasting it is not like fasting a Monday that was last week. The Monday that your fast tomorrow, the day you fast embrasure the good deeds you do the enclosure are multiplied. This is from market. And this is from Rahmatullah. So if you're from the Mercy, the compassion, the kindness of ALLAH, so version, and this is supposed to prepare

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us for Ramadan. We can't we have a beautiful month ahead of us. This is not any income, you know, these coming days are going months are coming months are going. This is a special mouth. wake up and realize what we're in this is the month of Rajab, Allah not giving you anything new. This is something that is established in the Quran in the Sunnah. Perhaps you're unaware, so I'm reminding you. This is a message not only to you, this is a message we need to spread to the entire world. People need to know what Russia is. People need to know the sacredness and the honor that Allah azza wa jal gave this month.

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So the good deeds are multiplied in their reward. And they are huge noble matter. They're a big deal when you do that in this month, and the bad deeds, the sins during the sacred months, the sin during the month wherein they are serious, huge matter and a crime. They're huge in their crime. It's a big deal. It's a huge violation against Allah. So again, however, they are not multiplied. Laquan This is from the Mercy of Allah has always been the same that's committed in the secret months.

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They are huge.

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In terms of their size, it's a huge violation. It's massive disrespect for this month. However, in terms of Soviet, they are not multiplied. So if you do a bad deed in Russia, it's recorded as just one say year one bad deed. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala he said in the Quran, mangia. I've been hassled the fella who Ashu unfairly hair. Anyone who comes on the Day of Judgment with a Hassan with one good deed, you see the condition you must come with your husband. We learned from this that you can lose it before the day of judgment. You can lose your house on Earth. The condition is you must preserve the hustler and come with it on the Day of Judgment. If you come with your Hassan on the

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Day of Judgment, then Allah azza wa jal will give you its reward. 10 times multiplies it 10 times Allah Akbar, woman, Jet A, B C Yeah. And anyone who comes with a bad deed, follow us is Illa myth, Lucha, it's not multiplied, and it's given us one bad deed for such a person.

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But yet my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is something about the Blissett month and the holy and the secret month of Russia. And this is how we're supposed to honor it.

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