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Allah ﷻ descends to the first Heaven

Abu Bakr Zoud


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When jabril alayhis salam comes down, it's later when you believe comes down, it's the little puddle. He imagined the case and the night in which unlock himself comes down. This is a huge event. And you might ask, if it's such a grand event, why does Allah subhanho wa Taala come down every night? Why and why Ramadan in the last two thirds of the night, why? Because this is teaching us how much we are in need of a lot of social that Allah subhanho wa Taala every night he comes down, and this is an implication as to how much we are in need of His mercy, and how much we are in need of his forgiveness and how much we are in need of his blessings. For the one that sleeps during this

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time, hasn't really fulfilled what a believer is supposed to be doing.