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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the transformation of the Bible by the COVID-19 pandemic and gives a formula for achieving spirituality. They share a story about a person who lost momentum and lost everything, but eventually found success by staying on the same track. The segment emphasizes the importance of keeping a book and reading it to motivate and inspire future generations to pursue careers in the spiritual field.
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Bismillah he was salatu salam, ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad in a world riddled with turmoil, turbulence, chaos, mayhem and unagi. Often a believer finds it difficult to sustain a level of spirituality. A person sometime has a good batch, but it's difficult to sustain it and then he dumps and he loses the momentum. Well, today I share with you have a profound or onic formula. It is a verse of the 11th chapter of the Quran Surah Hood, the 12th Joseph and it is verse 120, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what will Lana Pasquale come in?

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Your rosani man was happy to be here for that. Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we narrate to you the tales and the narratives of the prophets that preceded you, by virtue of which Knuth be to be here for that. We give strength and comfort and we console your blessing the heart. So from this, the scholars deduce that Allah, Allah and Allah, Mata boo Lena, see Ratan Phil looby. That's the 10 What can we attend? What can she upon the verse gives us a strong message that then the narratives and the tales and the stories of the pious have a profound impact in invigorating energizing and spiritually inoculating a person what makes them a little more subtle, the hikayat in only our hands

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when we look at our teachers, and when we look at the Center for Science in they went the extra mile in preserving the legacy and the biographies of the tutors so that it could motivate and inspire the generations to come. So the message is simple, my brother, make it a point to keep a book by your bedside. Make it a point to keep a book with you, my sister, and who better than the impeccable legacy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, lead, lead and read again that is a great motivation to keep you spiritually aligned. May Allah bless you all

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