The verse that made Shaytan cry

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The transcript describes a situation where a person, possibly a member of a church, refuses to receive forgiveness for their actions. The church leader explains that the person is a member of the church who is not returning to Christ, and that forgiveness is a fruit of their actions. The situation is described as a disaster for the church.

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What is the verse from the Quran that made shaytaan cry and why did it make him crush and that it's been narrated that NSE medic, the great Sahaba it'll be Allah Who and he said when this verse was revealed that shape on cry, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in Surah Eliot lon, chapter three verse 135 Watt Latina either for alpha t shirt and a one mo infosum Those who do that which is fascia that which is immoral, although mo unforced to whom they oppress themselves meaning the oppressed themselves by sending by shortcomings, what do they do? What's the first thing they do when they fall into the sin when they do that which is immoral, that got on law, they remember a law they

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remember the greatness of the one they're disobeying the greatness of the one that they're sinning against. And then right away the second thing for stoke Fuli the newbie him and then they seek forgiveness for their sins. Once they remember the greatness of Allah right away. They raised to have ALLAH forgive them. And Allah said when they have failed with the no but in the law, and who forgives the sins other than a law, and then the third thing, Willa musu, Allah for Allah homie, Allah moon, and then they will not persist on doing what they're doing while they know. Imam even cathedra Rahim Allah in His Tafseer he mentioned that it's been narrated that NSU medic, the great

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Sahaba it'll be Allah Who and he said when this verse was revealed, that shape on cried, why would this verse make him cry? It's because of the power of the meaning of this verse that he understood that unfortunately, many of us don't understand. If you look at the verses which came before this verse, Allah is describing the mortality in those who are striving to have a law forgive them and striving to enter into the Jannah. But it's natural that even if you have a high level of the man, that you're going to sin, that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in the Hadith Kulu, Benny Adam Hapa, or Hydra kappa in a to a boon, that all of the children of Adam, that they

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make mistakes, they have sins, and the best of those who sin other to a boon, the ones who are constantly repenting. In this verse when Allah is describing them with a theme, he says, if they do that, which is fascia that which is immoral, is something could be big, over on a more fulsome, Aarthi sin that can be at different levels. So just because he's from the Philippines from the pious doesn't mean he's not going to fall. But what makes him unique, it will make him special is that right away, once he falls into that, and she upon got him that he that could Allah He remembers a law there right away for still feeling a little bit him then he seeks forgiveness for his sins. And

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then the third thing, well, let me also blow that they're not persistent on doing those sins, and that he has not persist them. And he's not constantly doing that sin. Therefore, when shaytaan understood this, he realized there's no way for him to be successful in taking those decayed with him to jahannam because of the greatness of Allah in their hearts, first of all, so once they send they remember ALLAH, and then right away, they know the importance of striving to have ALLAH forgive their sins, and they're not going to be from those who are persistent and consistently doing them. And that's why I lost it in the next verse in verse 136. Hola Iike Jas, who loved Pharaoh to Mira be

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him that those mean the ones mentioned the verse before that they're going to be from the ones who receive not Pharaoh mail will be him that they receive forgiveness from the Lord what Jana to integrity mean daddy, Helen her Holly Deena fee her and Jana that they will be entered into the Jana that which with beneath rivers flow to be Holly Dena fee has to be eternally there will never magically I mean, and what a blessed reward for those were the ideas those who are working those who are striving for a law