Muslim scholar knocks out 3 racist thugs

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The transcript describes a chef who deescalates a group of men while on a train journey in the UK. The chef takes turns using a hand and a chef's shoulder, pushing the men to "has been knocked out" and pushing them to leave. The chef then deescalates the group by firing a second punch and then sending them to a train station where they are knocked out. The chef's plans to upgrade the men to the first class are discussed, and the group is advised to be ready to defend themselves if needed.

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one of the famous shifts, he was with his wife at the train station in the UK waiting for a train after he finished a lecture to go to another city, his wife is in full niqab Mashallah. Three raises thugs walk up to his wife and they start to curse at her. They started to slander her with different any anti Islamic slurs. And the chef automatically he stands up and he raises his hands. And anyone who has trained they know this is textbook in a one on one self defense. You have your hands up ready to de escalate the problem if possible, but if not, if you need to defend yourself, then you're ready as well. Your hands are up SubhanAllah. Now they're looking at the chef, the chef he's

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in his late 40s got his Islamic attire on but they don't know at the same time that he's trained and he's a boxer Mashallah. So you deescalate the problem. One of them takes a swing at this year, the chef he avoids, moves away, boom knocks out the first one, he's out. The second one comes in to try to attack the ship. Same scenario knocks him out, puts them asleep. The third one should understand now there's not a normal duty knocked out to my boys. Maybe I should step back when he comes in and tries to attack the chef. The chef puts a move on him pop pop, puts him to sleep as well takes a nap with his colleagues game over all three of them out laid out on the platform and the train station.

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All of them asleep. So panela at this the police obviously come in they arrest they grabbed the sheriff, what's going on, you're knocked out three dudes, he explains that look, it wasn't me. They attacked me first. I was just trying to de escalate the problem. So they look at the CCTV, it's all on camera. They see it and they see thrown up. The Chef's got his hands up. He's de escalating the problem. They threw the first punch he defended himself knocked him out. What do they do they let the chef though they apologize to him. And the train company upgrades him and his wife to first class so they end up traveling instead of the economy or the regular they travel and first class

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after they hit after he had defended himself what is the moral and what do we gain from this story that we should be trained we should be ready at all times to defend ourselves if necessary. And if we have to so we defend ourselves we defend our honor. And what happens in the end when you do so you might just get upgraded to first class inshallah.