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AI: Summary © In this video, the host discusses the Sunents' era of boasting about their success and their success in the past. They explain that the Sunents are focused on teaching the people the message of the budget time and encourage others to join in the massager community. The host also mentions the importance of educating people on the budget time and promoting a boasting culture.
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Something which has become somewhat of a forgotten sunnah and that is making slotland Phrygian long, not reading short sorrows or half of a page and people claim that we want to cater for the people we have elders make things easy for them to encourage them to come to the masjid. Is this correct or not? I'm gonna answer this in another video inshallah. But here we want to learn what is the Sunnah? What are the sources, we should focus on reading and selected fajr What is the link of the era of the RE citation that we should be reciting and selected Vijaya so we can revive the Sunnah. We should be reading from the wall and Mufasa as the scholar said, Bollin will foster the long stories

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from the hostel, which is from sort of all the way to sort et al Morissette and Emmanuel de mentioned this is the each match the consensus of the scholars that this is what you should read for selected Fajr. So we read from these sorrows, or what is the same length was equivalent to disorders in length from other parts of the Quran, and it's been confirmed in the Sunnah and so hidden, quite insane Muslim that our prophet Ali salat wa salam he used to read between 60 to 100 verses for selected Fajr and also, the Hebrew quite insane was in the Sunnah of Yama Juma that our Prophet that a salat wa salam he would read when the first record from Suez sort of the sedge then the second

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record was sort of that and said, sort of the sense that is how many pages it's three pages and sort of that insert is two pages. So that gives you an idea of the length of the Sunnah. Also, it's been confirmed in the Muslim imam admin that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam he read when he led the people in solitary budget that he read was sort of so far, which is seven pages, it's important to know that the ones who are coming to prefetch in the masjid, there are a select few the quarter have rejected that the true men, the true meaning and the true believers who are coming in shadows on it. So inshallah if you make it a bit longer, they're not going to complain about it, because that's

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something they're looking for the answer that's why the they're the ones getting out of bed coming to the masjid. And also, it's important that if you're the Imam, you teach the people the Sunnah, so they know why you're making it a bit longer. Now, if you're from the administration, the Masjid you're from the elders who have an influence who have a word tell the people hey, look, we're going to revive the Sunnah. This is the Sunnah we shouldn't be praying too short. Let's enjoy as Allah told us in the Quran will Quran Al Fajr that this is the Quran of the budget time let's enjoy let's listen to the ayat and benefit from it. Therefore let's revive the Sunnah and ourselves and

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encourage others in our local massager to revive this soon as well. botica rafiqul