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The seasonality of the holiday season in Thailand is discussed, with the six-day event being a complete waste of time and flexible. The importance of fasting during Schabbat and the possibility of combining the NIA between Mondays and Thursdays is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to finish the CFinancial and pray before sitting down. It is crucial to reach the optimal state of one's health, including practice of fasting on Mondays and Thursdays to avoid overwhelming the system.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. These are the six most famous questions that we receive, year in year out about fasting the six days of Shiva. The first question says is fasting the six days of Shiva compulsory or optional? Obviously, it's from the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And it's not something that we have to do. I mean, it's not far, we don't have to do it. But nonetheless, it has a very high reward, and has a very high status in the Sunnah. And it's something that shouldn't be left. In fact, it's one of those things that you think the person who leaves it and doesn't do it.

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He's got to be a little foolish when you get all of that reward for only fasting six days, and you're coming off fasting the entire month of Ramadan, therefore, it's actually easy for you to faster and these days. So it's something that we definitely should not leave and must focus on trying to complete to the best of our abilities in Sharma. The second question says, Is it true that fasting, the six days of Shiva equals fasting the whole year? Yes, this has been confirmed and the sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whoever fast Ramadan, he finishes the fast of Ramadan, and then he follows it up with six days of shawl. It is equivalent to meaning and

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the reward as he as if he has fasted for the entire year in shallow Tala, the third question says, can we separate the fasting of the six days of Shabbat? Or do they have to be done in order, meaning one after the other? And also, then another part of the question says, do they have to be done in the first six days? Or is it any time during the month was actually two than any questions in one. So the first part of it, it doesn't have to be done during the first six days, it can be done anytime during the month of show. And also it doesn't have to be done in order meaning, I confess today, one day, I confess five days from now, another two days, I confess then one day one day and

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he throughout the month, what's important is that you complete all six days during the month of Shabbat and they don't have to be in order. The fourth question is a very important one. We receive this question all the time from the sisters because they have their menses during Ramadan, so they missed those days. And also some brothers who travel or they were sick and they want to know that in you do have to make up the football we have to make up the days that we've missed from Ramadan first, and then we fast the six days of Shiva, or can we fast the six days of Shiva and then make up Ramadan anytime during the year. And this is this issue. There's a difference of opinion between our

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scholars and many of them do say that you must complete the Cabal first that you must make up the days you missed in Ramadan. Because the hadith is clear. It says Whoever fasts Ramadan and then follows it up with six days of Shiva. So if you haven't made up your COBOL, you haven't completed Ramadan. So this hadith, you wouldn't it wouldn't include you. The second opinion is that it is permissible for you to pass the six days issue on first and then you can make up the cola of Ramadan anytime during the year. And perhaps this is the stronger of the two opinions and it's the easier to follow in shallow Thailand. Allah subhana wa Tada he made the Cabal open for us. And we can make it

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up anytime during the year as long as you make it up before the next Ramadan. Also, the scholars who took his opinion they said that I showed the Allahu anha she made it clear that she would only make up her past from the last Ramadan. And the next coming Shabbat I mean, right before the next Ramadan. And they said there's no way that someone like I showed the Allahu anha, who was very keen on finding the Sunnah, that she would have left fasting the six days of schwa. So that's proof that we're allowed to do the six days first, and then to make up our codon later and Allah knows best. However, no doubt, if someone has the ability to do the Kabbalah first, and then too fast, the six

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days of Chawan that this is the better of the two choices. But if someone finds that difficult, he says, Look, I'm not gonna be able to finish both of them in the month of schwa. So I'm going to focus on doing the short and then shallow time as soon as I can. I'll make up the days of Ramadan. This is no problem. It's permissible inshallah Wattana. Another famous one can we combine from the days that we missed it Ramadan, and the fasting have shot with one near you have the duniya two birds with one stone? You have six days for example you missed during the month of Ramadan and you fast the six days as well all with one Nia and you get the reward for both. Is this permissible? No,

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it's not. Each one has to have a separate Nia. This is a separate a bad and this is a separate matter and we cannot join the NIA between the both of them. The last question, can we fast the six days on Mondays and Thursdays and he combined the NIA here between fasting Mondays and Thursdays and the six days of schwa? The answer here is yes. It is permissible for us to combine the near here. But what's the difference? Someone says okay, we couldn't do it when it came to making the NIA between the law of Ramadan and the 60s or show us So why can we do it when it comes to Mondays and Thursdays. And that is because what's meant by fasting Mondays and Thursdays is that we're doing

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good deeds on those days as the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said he said these are the days that the man that the deeds are raised to Allah subhanaw taala and I love my deeds to be raised when I'm fasting and fasting the six days of short it falls into that category of being from these good deeds

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And the scholars gave the example here of the Turo cards up to here to demonstrate when you enter into the masjid, and he before sitting down there, we're supposed to pray these two are cards. But if I come in and my intention is to pray, the tour cards and many of the Sunnah, and the two of the four before the door, I pray those or if I want to pray Salat to Doha or something like that, then this is permissible to combine the knee and between these two because what's meant here is to pre two workouts, it doesn't have to be to hit and measure this. It can be any type of slot, as long as you pray before sitting down. And this is the same thing when you come in you fast on Mondays and

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Thursdays with the intention of fasting the six days of short and long as best. In fact, this could be a very good opportunity for us if we fast on Mondays and Thursdays to get ourselves accustomed to fasting these days, and we can continue to fast them throughout the year.