Controlling Anger

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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The speaker tells a story about a man who was hit by a car while driving. He explains that the man was driving too fast and had a bad experience. He tells the story of how he was approached by a police officer and how he was arrested and arrested again. The speaker also mentions a book about tickets that can be purchased online.

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I'm gonna tell you the story, something happened to me.

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When I was in the second year of the university, or the first year, first year, the university and the Arabic department there

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was nothing was excellent second year, second year.

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I'm in Medina.

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And I just got an operation

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on my tooth the day before.

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I wasn't too distracted. It's very painful operation drill that was drilling into English and

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there's something left the next day.

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We're going through what we call an America a flea market, which is people selling stuff on the side of the road. Brothers and sisters with came from Chechnya was selling things on the side of the road. So when you know they had honey other things, simply go buy some things, get some good deals. This is a brother from France with me.

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As a pedal, as we start to go out, we hear this this horn.

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And this guy, sort of the guy was going crazy.

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And screaming at me and cussing at me running as fast.

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Anyways, he thought that I had went out before I didn't see him there. He wasn't doing because he was driving too fast. He came quickly. It was cars in front of you couldn't go anywhere anyways. So look at the brother. Awesome. Hear you there. I said, What do you got to hit the car? That's just going on our way. He ran my car drove straight into my car

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as the first test, okay, so let me control myself controlling I don't want to ruin my fast here. The guy just said the car, you know, killed him.

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So I'm being born wading pool. I said I

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asked him. I said, Okay, you do what you did my car. I said, Let's just go.

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What does the guy do? he spits in my face.

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Now that fellas, we passed the red line there, Irish blood starts to boil.

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And for me, because I know a lot of these things, these people they want to get an argument in front of people call you Kelvin Mr. and have people grabbed him pull him back and he swings a gun at you and things like this. So I said, I have another I have another program for you. When we come from an America how we're gonna do it, I take you the back row where nobody can see you.

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So I pull around the back road and he comes behind me. So I start to explain to my friend, I said I probably only one or two punches knock him out.

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So I said, but I did just get operation. So if he gets want to know his my two, it's gonna be very painful. So I said, I might need you to jump in there. Because I mean, isn't that I don't even know the guy's friends, different nationality, different people. I'm just saying, I know in America, how we've done it. We've had to explain the details to him. But I just said just in case. You didn't plan B.

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He said to me No.

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Because my face was a little too much right? He said something that he said you're a student of knowledge.

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He said the process is in the slide in the slide.

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So when I heard the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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all of the anger

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went away.

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I remember what I'm supposed to be doing as a Muslim.

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They work on the license plate when turned to the police. He got arrested.

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And then later but hamdulillah I was able to control myself during that time. I went to a different world different zoning laws. I mean, I didn't even think about the vast that went away but when I heard the idea in these slides

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like I heard it for the first time.

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So does that look good on your mind

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16th of March in central London. book your tickets now online light upon light dot info.