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AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during the month of operation is discussed, along with the need to complete the appointed timeframe and remember the date. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fasting, being a good judge of one's behavior, and offering help to sick guests. The speaker also highlights the benefits of offering breakfast and water to guests and the importance of celebrating a busy day with family and friends. The segment concludes with a discussion of giving guests the opportunity to eat and drink before their arrival.
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so there's the portion of the verse was from God says, Allah wants for you ease and does not want for your hardship. So he just went down the whole I mean it's good and he says, he went down the whole line of the verse of Ramadan I might as well just go through the month of the month of Ramadan that the Quran was revealed. And it's a form of guidance and criterion from what you're calling as a form criterion for administering they may come with shock and failure so whoever witnesses from among you then fast Shahida Minko Mushara witnesses the sharp shadows month meaning you witness the moon then they should fast woman can admin committee Allah Oh ALLAH suffering whoever from amongst

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you is sick, or traveling, then they're appointed days or other days. And we know what that means, right? If you're sick, then you can make your faster on these days and the show out or till the next Ramadan, or traveling and then they're, you know, they're appointed days or other days as well. You need to rely becoming useless, Allah wants for you ease and does not want for you hardship when he took Camilo Ada and to complete the data and the data that we know in this subject matter hamdulillah is the editor of the time period of fasting Ramadan and Premiere is interesting the scholars mentioned as a difference of opinion that are you considered fasting the whole month if you

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still have days to make up?

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Number one, number two, can you fast the six days of show while if you still have days to make up so say you traveled this month four times and when you traveled you decided to break your fast you didn't have to but you're allowed to someone say even recommend it to so you still have four days of Ramadan left right. So some would say you can't fast the six days of show up until you complete those four and what's their logic behind it? Allah said when he took me into complete the ADA and you haven't completed so this is the logic right just for you to understand the source of the differences of opinion. So let's move on to assess and to complete the appointed timeframe when need

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to cut Biddle Ah Hi lemme hijack home and to make a lot great upon what He has guided you with. And making Allah great is by doing what

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this is where we get the Allahu Akbar Allah, it is in the Quran, Allah, Allah Akbar, Allahu Allah, Allah and Allah Allah, Allah, when Allah in hand this is how to make Allah Subhana Allah great upon the completion. So with that being the case, we have entered and we have completed the month of Ramadan as a community so we say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allah Allah, not only here in your homes and the companions were narrated, Abu Huraira was narrated to do what

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he would say are in the market, okay. So if when you have to start by Kroger or 711 Before

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you know he will say it in the market he will say it everyone you get in your car Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah and Allah played at home with your children turn the TV on if you have the Roku I think is moku Stoeckel right you played the Mecca say it let your children see it let your family see it mentioned in any house that they have, you know the children decorate the house you see the masjid here is decorated in praise Allah subhanaw taala make him great in your life. So yes, you can say it after every single lodge you can say it at any time. When do we stop saying it

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before right before the salon right before the Eat salah. The other three days is for when?

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Evil odd ha because those are the days of what

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There's a what

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tertiary, right the three days of tertiary those are the days because you have the 10th 11th 12th 13th that those days if you were making hij you would be in MENA and you will be storing the Gemma dots on these three stoning the German Arts on these three or two days if you decide to go early. So yes, it is permissible in Sharla. To say took beard from from now till this a lot at every moment you think about it said Allah Allah Allah Allah Akbar, Lena Allah Allah Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah Hill, Hamed, just a couple of rulings in our camp for us to remember, these the cats and fitzer is with this machine is $12 here 10 $10. And the way that they for for those of us

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that don't know the way they determine the price range is determining how much it would be for saw

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maybe two handfuls of dry staple food, which would some scholars you mentioned even be a meal for someone. The best way to give us a cat is if you were to go yourself to someone that is poor and destitute and you were to give them food on that, in that particular fashion. That's the best way. So if you know a family, if you know someone, you use $10 or more $100 $200 it's just fine. And you go personally to that person and give it to them. The individual that is an elder and is not allowed to fast, they would pay $10 per day that they didn't fast or they could pay how much at one time how much

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is there too you can you can pay $10 per day and feed a poor person or you can feed 30 Poor people in one day.

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So how much would that be?

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The $100 You could pay $300 for a good meal a good maybe go to Texas King, right Texas queen, I don't know any one of these and you pay $300 for a meal and then you invite 34 Poor people you invite 30 Poor people to a feast or one day five people one, day six, whatever the case may be, and you feed them in that fashion and if you are sick and it's a chronic illness you fall into the category of the elderly

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that is the general ruling on in regards to the counterfeiter now, this has to be done before what

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before the salah before the salah. This is very important because if it's not the Prophet SAW Salam said if you do it after the Salah, it has sort of gotten Minnesota caught it is just charity is not considered as a cattle show to anyone can be considered a sin, it could be a sinful practice because you're not fit to fulfill the now with the serratus eight we're offering you here at 7:30am and at 9am and we will have slots of Joomla at 2:30pm Inshallah, there will be no 430 Joomla Okay, so when offering the the categories excuse me, the slots of aid when the prophets Elijah was selling would do is he would eat some dates and some water and then he would leave his home. Now one thing that he

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would do is he would leave he would come in with in one way and then leave and another pathway, right the reasoning behind that allow them that he would leave one way so we will come in one path and then leave in another path. Okay, so lots of eight here, the tech we're about to be starting at 715 715 and the prayer will be offered at 730 Inshallah, tada as you know the prayer is first and then the hotspot is second. It is not obligatory for you to stay for the hotbar but it's highly recommended the hot will only be about 10 to 15 minutes in shot low data. And lastly, it's important for all of you to celebrate on this beautiful glorious day and to make a large rate in that so go

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out with your family, spend time with your families, and have fun with your families with your children. This is the day when you buy your new garments. This is the day when you celebrate Allah subhanho wa Taala you celebrate the shittier you celebrate the deen of Islam, that he has brought us this far throughout what we have experienced through COVID through you know the weather etc. And he's brought us this far to celebrate and praise Him subhanho wa Taala so those are the general I can rulings regarding ages primarily right now for you to remember to give us the cats and fitzer

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before the actual prayer in sha Allah may Allah Subhana Allah reward you all by grafico.

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Juma can

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I pray Juma can I make it for Raka as a guru? Yes.

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Did you ask this question?

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If you explain why.

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Number eight can suffice on your Joomla number one and number two, if you don't offer Joomla and you you miss Joomla you can make for archives for this door. Laura saw more.

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Any other questions? Any other questions regarding filters at the Conservatorio region?

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Do you have to

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if you have

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any other questions

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no other questions regarding reads from Alon

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the cat

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by Zach Lowe here Aquila ennovata

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