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seventh day they say it's sunnah and the amount of care they say that it's obligatory is sunnah to, to give a child a name on the seventh day and to sacrifice an animal on the seventh day. And Hadith apostle some also mentioned, for the for the male child is two, and for the female is one for the male charges two are for the female is one so to sacrifice an animal, if possible a sheep, two sheep and for the boy and one for the girl also to shave the head of the child, the young child and take the the weight of that hair. And to exchange that with the weight of gold for the boy and silver for the girl and some salt Scott has mentioned gold or silver, and you give that amount of gold in

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charity. So say the fairway fairways point one or point eight of a pound. So you take point eight pounds of gold and give that in charity, you can take that gold and look at the standard of it and some money and give it in charity in shallow time. But what's beautiful here is another understanding and in sha Allah is where Ron is, again, you give something in exchange for something temporarily. It is as though ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is giving you your child temporarily.

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It is as though Allah subhanaw taala is saying here I've chosen for you to have this child or what have we talked about earlier, heavily Mila don't Kurama that was was actually also said

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that you Allah is giving you this child, giving your child because we ultimately don't own ourselves. We don't own anything that shows that we are ultimate ultimate deprivation. So when we look at our children, particularly in this beautiful event executive being born May last one to how to preserve him, and we will preserve all of our children. May Allah preserve all of us because we are all children, not children of God but we're children of our parents, the only Hamdulillah I realize I mean some of the last one to Allah preserve us in sha Allah and really understanding this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim to remind us of the blessings that God has given us and

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never to be negligent of that inshallah to Allah and to show gratitude. And this particular way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has shown for us to practice the Sunnah of sugar of gratitude by sacrificing an animal if possible. And if in naming the child on the seventh if possible, what is not able to name on the seventh it is totally fine not able to sacrifice in the seventh, it is totally fine to do it on the remaining days be any lag time and the last $1 protect all of you and bless all of you and preserve all of you inshallah Tada

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met him in indica was attacked it for a bit I mean Allahumma it now we're at him. Eva quadratic, i do and i j because it'll take care of an adenine or Salah who will send him a vertical and it'd be in a Muhammad Ali he was here to me