Abdullah Oduro – Invocations of God #09 For the Blink of an Eye

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The discussion centers around Jesus Christ's philosophy of being a good man and how he gives examples of his qualities through his ability to handle people's needs. The discussion also touches on Allah's desire to grab control of the world and use it for forgiveness, which is important for individuals to accept and avoid negative consequences. Islam is a philosophy of forgiveness and acceptance when faced with accusations of bragging about themselves is crucial.
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Salam Alaikum so even though clay moves on here after speaking about how

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the individual that does the good deeds but he brags about it and he thinks that he is better than people and he you know Allah Allah Aslan Yanni has been a fan said well if I don't have such a fillet as Allah Yamuna Behala rugby, as though Allah subhanaw taala owed it to him or he deserved it or he's doing a lot of favor or the deen of Islam a favor, or that is hacer una is doing something for other than him, therefore deserving some type of reward or praise.

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He mentioned how the individual continues on to that and how if Allah wants to give him higher he will wake him up by teaching him a lesson when he said to him Oh, hello to Allah. One or audibly he Leila, delicate Hello, who works but who will keep her home if he wanted other than that Yanni to to embarrass him in front of the people, which would be a sign of Allah subhanaw taala wanting good for him to wake him up. If not, he would just leave him to continue and doing what he what he's doing and internally feel that there is nothing wrong with it will have the who will hit land and Mooji booty hierarchy and that is the ultimate destruction and debasement that necessitates his

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destruction in this life and we ask a lot that it's not in the next especially for someone that recognizes who he is. have ever been okay and goes on to speak about this when he says fit into it fit when he says fit in an hourly fee Nicola whom much me Aruna tofield got a layup kala kala who to Allah in NFC, clearly those that are knowledgeable and those who have knowledge and understanding

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all of them and consensus. They all say that Tofik is that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not leave you to your own vices. Allah kala kala who Lnf sector he doesn't leave you to your own vices to yourself to think that you have it all figured out. Well, then a yucky like Allahu Taala Illa enough sick and hit land and debasement destruction is to where Allah leaves you to yourself, he leaves you to your affairs, meaning that you're the person that does not rely on Allah and does not hope from a ward from Allah subhanho wa taala. You rely on yourself and your vices and your abilities and your strengths and everything that you think is good, or what is known to be good amongst the people. You

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rely on that and you think that you are the best amongst people. You don't have any type of remorse for the bragging that you have done in a good deed or thinking that you are better than someone else because of that good deed. Allah will leave you and Allah will not show you a sign that will you sell Hiraoka as he mentioned, will you then it will be here in a buck or two debase you in a way that you will feel debased.

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Rather he leaves you to your own vices, and that coincides with the dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whether to kill me either ILA NFC bottle for terrain and do not leave me to my affairs for the timespan of the blink of an eye. Do not leave me to think that I have it all figured out. When I face a problem that I think I can figure it out all by myself. And the third part of this he says, from all firemen allowed Allahu be hired on Fattah Al Fatiha LA who babba thoroughly well in Khesari What do I mean? leggi the light I will lift your Cadila he will you will be enough see what God has afforded me how where do I only have one wish I had that if only Robbie were in

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Santa he was mighty. What Joe that he he was with God he will bury he Where are they now who will Hamdi so here? He's mentioning

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this he says and whoever Allah subhanaw taala wants good for him. He opens for him the door

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of debasement and feeling broken, and dilemma legit and always turning and resorting and retreating to his Lord and deprive mints feeling deprived, and letting that depravity come to Allah because he is Eleni to where you only feel enriched by him. And it's already and looking at there you will be looking at his deficiencies, and his ignorance and his oppression and his enmity and looking wish I'd had to follow it up and look and witnessing the greatness and virtue of his Lord upon him. That is a philosophy. Allah subhanaw taala wants for him good. So as we mentioned earlier, Allah you saw the hero who he will lessen him and debase him, when he starts to brag about himself or think that

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he or she has it all figured out. He teaches them a lesson and at that moment, if Allah wants for him good, he will see something. The actualization of it is up to Allah. He may see something someone Someone may say something to him like, Do you not feel Allah subhanaw taala brother that was not all because of you. And at that moment, he has the choice and the opportunity rather to debase himself to realize it's not all because of me.

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To realize, while this can easily be taken away from me, Allah subhanaw taala is one that has given it to me and he can easily take it away. That is Allah wanting good for that person.

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And this is an important point, that when someone does something good in front of the people, and they may have bragged or had a slight, you know, sense of arrogance or acted arrogantly in front of the people,

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there may be people that want to speak down upon him, if that person comes back and seeks forgiveness from Allah, or he admits his faults. This is where it's important for the Muslim to accept the lawyer to accept what he or she says when they say, You know what, I was arrogant in that and I'm sorry, I had no place in doing so and so that good deed or that action? You know, may Allah subhanaw taala accept it but it was not my place to be a little someone else. Or it is not my place to think that I deserve all of the praise. The praise is for Allah and Islam is what gives me is I don't give I don't give Islam is Billahi is it to me and for Allah is all of the might and glory and

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that is important because when we see that we should say Alhamdulillah that Allah subhanaw taala wants good for that person and they recognize that if we don't pay him or him Allah goes on to say for the articles I don't need the lights out I've been had they didn't Jenna hain. So the

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the the knowledgeable person is always fine going to Allah subhanho wa Taala traveling to Allah between these two wings. Now yum que sera Illa Illa be Hema and it is not for him

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to travel except with them to so matter of fact to Hawaii, I don't mean Houma for hookah lady lady folk for the hydrogen or he, whenever he feels that whenever he loses or passes by him one of those virtues then it is like the bird that has lost one of his two wings. And Allahu he is talking about these two things of Raja and Hove, as some scholars mentioned, explain this is hope and fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala hope and Allah's mercy and fear of his punishment, and what we were particularly talking about, when one does a bad deed, and they seek forgiveness from Allah, they hope for His mercy and that's a subtle border Mateen that as a means for His mercy. When you

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recognize the deficiencies in your bad deed or sinful practice or action, and also

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a Rajah, a hope. It's fear of his punishment when you do a good deed and you're bragging about it when you do a good deed or bragging about it and it could be in either way. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best

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