Shapes of Burdens #4

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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Then there's the burden of looking after the sick of looking after the agent or having to cope with a child. That's a victim of drug addiction.

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This another big burden for parents, Oh Allah, please have mercy on the parents, Oh Allah, please rescue these children, or Allah, please give them healing and cure them or remove them from this addictions. Because these students, they are victims of the evils in this society. What of the burdens of children that were born with congenital birth defects, children that are born with diseases with some sicknesses, with some dependence that will not go away.

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May Allah be the strength of such periods. You know, when you buy something from the market, there is a warranty, that will say you can return the product if you don't like it COVID has fought, what would the parents do when they give birth to a child that has birth defect, you can return such a child back to Allah.

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You just have to accept that we pray Almighty Allah should give them the strength to be able to be this. But let me mention one more burden, the burden of being a burden,

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the burden of you being a burden to others, because you are broke,

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because you lack because you are in problem because you have impairments, because you have had accidents that made you not to be able to function because of a natural disaster, because of the fire incidents because of the financial calamity, because of the loss of job because of the medical emergency. Oh Allah, anything can happen at any time. For you to know that this life is not something too serious. Sometimes

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any medical emergency can happen and it can become a burden to other people, Oh Allah, please save us. And please protect us from being a burden onto others. So we say for all of those who are going through one form of burden in their life or the other, including the burdens of marriage, a person has been married.

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This marriage is not working. You cannot keep your wife You cannot divorce her

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burden of problems of bedroom burdens of problem of incapacity and some inabilities or some defects or some deficiency in bedroom matters, burdens or problems that you cannot explain to anyone burdens and problems, that you can be too ashamed to even let people know that you have.

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Oh Allah we pray for all of those who are going through this. May Allah give them healing. And may Allah give them kill? May Allah give them a way out? may Allah have mercy on them. You should note that you are not alone in this. Many other souls are bearing their burdens, both openly and secretly. You have to be strong.

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Don't lose hope. Don't give up. You see be alright. This life, whatever the ship of your burdens are, as we speak now. Many people have similar burdens. And we know that with the grace of Almighty Allah, Allah is going to help you to relieve your burdens to Ravana to Athena in Athena, Dr. Anna Ravana. Hola Tamil Alena ISRO, comma Hamilton, Allah de

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COVID Lena robina wala to humble Nirmala po catalana de robina wala to Hammond po catalana de robina wala

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po catalana de la for

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Waterfield Anna Warhammer

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Tama una

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una comida fury robina attina Minato karasuma ye Lana, Amina Amina Yoshida Subhana Allah melby Hamlet, the shadow.

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Isla in

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the stock Furukawa to buoy Lake Suba Hannah Robin hanabi Camila is

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foun wa salam O Allah mousseline Al Hamdulillah, Europe Bella