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Episode 15 of the series Tafseer of Surah Taha – Ramadan 2017.


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aeroseal de La Nina Shay yo Barnea. Raji. What do

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you mean? The Halderman hemella

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wore me I met him you know sorry hurt you a warm

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hug man.

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will not be young

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nephew you mean Ye?

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Well saltwater nappy Mina de de la.

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Una de su that won't be cut off, but there are no long medical help.

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You welcome Rob Bz Dini.

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salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah Hamdan

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Mazda sallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine alarm alum Nana in phono when Ferran habima alum Tara was in Albania Kareem

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Chaudhary recently Emily melissani of poco de obesity, obesity any element or visit alohomora Atlanta, Georgia husana

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has an either sheet Asara Welcome to another episode of the seal surah

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Allah subhana wa Allah says Renata Woohoo.

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And then we'll do the faces they became,

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they became humbled for you for the one who happens to be ever living. And for the one who happens to be a human, right? These two names are really powerful and hate to you. And in fact, together, the couple together, they make a very, very beautiful meaning some of which inshallah we'll discuss in a minute. But before we get into that, Allah is currently painting a picture of the Day of Judgment, Allah spoke about how the day of judgment will be kickstarted bye enough, by blowing in the trumpet is that I feel a certain will be blowing in this trumpet and the Day of Judgment starts, then Allah spoke about how people will gather how their reactions will be on the Day of Judgment,

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that Allah subhana wa tada spoke about how, what Allah will do with the earth on the day of judgment and how a lower level the earth on the Day of Judgment, then Allah, Allah also spoke about how the Day of Judgment is going to be fundamentally different than this world. And that is that people have choices in this world, and they don't have choices on the Day of Judgment.

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Now, since that's the case that people have choices in this world that did not have choices on the Day of Judgment, and will not have choices on the Day of Judgment, then the Day of Judgment is fundamentally different. One of the other differences is that the choice is for Allah azza wa jal in this world and the Hereafter, but Allah had given some of those choices for people to make a lot allows room for people to make their own decisions within this world. But on the Day of Judgment, Allah said that people will follow the agenda, people will follow the color who's gathering people, to the mashup, to the place in which people are being resurrected and gathered for the compensation

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for the hisab for the account and so forth. Right, they will not have any language language, Allah, there will be no language, there will be no path away from this particular direction towards which the caller happens to be calling, then a lot told us that there is no shefa as well, in this world, you make a mistake, you can get away with things right, you can put something under the table, you can do some pull something under the table, you can perhaps talk to a person who happens to be your link in the company, you're linking the government, your link, and this and that. And the other law says there are no shafaq now that's it, it's over. So in this way also this particular time happens

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to be very different. Those people who happen to think of themselves as the aristocracy of society, and the rich people and so on and so forth, they better watch out because there is a huge difference between the day of judgment and there's a big difference between this world as well. fundamental difference, there are no choices. There are choices. There are no ways out. There are ways out on this particular day or on the Day of Judgment, no choices, no ways out in this world. There are ways out and there are choices. Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, but you know, a DM he knows what's before them knows what's after them. They don't have any knowledge of what of Allah subhana wa tada

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except in very limited ways. Allah continues now and he says,

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Well, no till we do who live here for you.

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Since that's the case, there are no choices. And since that's the case that there are no ways out, and since that's the case that Allah knows everything that they did, and that they hide and conceal within their chests as well, then considering that and Allah is the one placing them into account, they are now humiliated before Allah. Right? Allah is the one who's placing them to account Allah is the one who has the choices. There are no shafaq even though Shiva are chosen by Allah subhana wa Tada. Considering all of these meanings, their faces have now humbled themselves before Allah azza wa jal, they'll help you. They faces have humbled themselves before the ever living because they

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died. And then they were resurrected. Remember, I said I'm in Medina, right, who ended up resurrecting us from our mountain. So they were dead, and now they're alive. They were resurrected, and they got up. And they started to say, as Allah said, in La Vista, Ilaha, Illa Illa Yama, you stayed only for what 10 days, you stayed only for one day. So they were having these conversations before a lot of the EverLiving alpha you the one who is going to be he will know t v, the one who is established by himself as an as a being right, he doesn't need anyone else to bring them into existence. And he is the one who brings everything else into existence as well. He is the one who

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takes care of everything else as well. So that is a young and high alcohol. Pot ha Birmingham, Alabama, and the person who carries wooden, the person who carries

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transgression, the person who carries in justices, the person who does in justices, and the law uses the word hemella. Because it says if he's carrying weight, right, similar to what Allah subhana wa Taala told us earlier about the person who, who turns away from the reminder of Allah azzawajal Allah said was Allah, homeopathy Amati in law, and how evil will be the way that they happen to be carrying, because this will be a very heavy weight that they've carried simply because they carried wooden what's the volume that ally is referring to over here?

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Even our boss explained this and he said that wattpad haba Mohammed Allah, Allah He said that the person who ended up disbelieving Allah, the person who ended up associating partners with Allah as origin, then this person has done a wound so long as he doesn't he actually said this as well. If he didn't make doba and he carried any died on this, then this person has carried a very, very great weight, a very, very heavy weight. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to not put us through the carrying of that weight on the day of judgment and help us die on belief and live on belief. I mean, yada yada me. So the one who dies on disbelief, then he's carried a very, very severe weight on the Day

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of Judgment. He's carried us of your week, about which Allah said wasana home how evil will this week be? And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, rockethub and this person will be at loss. So the county already knows if he's carried this belief in his heart. And this will be if he's carried disbelieve in his heart, and he's carried associating partners with allies origin in a scale that already he knows that work at heart, he's come to a loss he's come before an account and he already knows he's going to fail. Well, but harbor and hammer level Ma.

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Now allows messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us of this in a hadith as well. He said, a woman will vacuum and piano that injustice will be will numeric on the Day of Judgment, injustice will be darkness is on the Day of Judgment. Now one may say no, this is must be referring to injustice will say the greatest form of injustice is actually the injustice in your relationship with allies origin. And that is when you do not believe in the laws of origin as the supreme and you don't believe in allies origin as the only god that's the greatest form of injustice, as we found within the Koran and other in other places as well. Right?

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A lot continues and he says something very important and very engaged very, very like everything else in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what may or may not sorry, that the person who does a follow your heart. Well, who I mean, the person who does have solid heart, the person who does good deeds. Originally the word is woman, meaning the heart, the one who does some of the deeds which happened to be good, but a lot drops the word, man. Why? Because everybody is doing auctions anyways, right? I'm doing an auction right now. You're doing an auction by watching at home. Every single person is doing an auction. Now those auctions can be good or bad.

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Whether you whether you are a person who's a Muslim or non Muslim, whether you are lazy or you're not lazy, you're active everybody in one way or another acts, right? Some people, their action is sitting on the ground, other people are jogging around, other people are walking around. Other people happen to have worked, they go to other people have businesses and so on and so forth. So every person is actually acting. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is not as concerned about actions because by nature allows me to so that we don't just want to sit around, except if a person has corrupted his entire existence by becoming a couch potato, then that's a different story. Other than

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that, people want to get up and do something, right. That's how a lot is created this world that human beings just don't want to sit around, they want to do something. So Ally's not concerned about the actions, he's concerned about the piety in the actions. So he drops the word actions and simply brings the object of the of the object itself. And that is the piety. So he says, woman Yeah, man, we know sorry, heart, whoever does does from good deeds.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't wish for you to do every single good deed, right? Meaning that he wishes for you to do every single good deed, meaning that you have other tasks as well. Those are good deeds as well, right? Some people think that good deeds are simply going to the masjid, reading the Koran, and doing a B, C and D, right? But Allah subhana wa, tada wants you to be balanced your responsibility towards your family, in your responsibility towards your children and your responsibility towards your spouse and your responsibility towards society and your responsibility towards the larger world, a lot wishes for you to be responsible, a responsible citizen, or wherever

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you happen to be a lot wishes for you to be an active member of the global world as well. That is what a lot wishes from you. So you actually have some sort of impact on this world, right? So what Ally's saying over here is that whoever does from righteous deeds as he acts, not everybody's going to be able to do everything right. We're not expected to simply cut ourselves off to go ahead and all we do is simply pray one after another after another until we die. That's not what's expected of us what's expected of us is to become proper whatever in the world, it's for us to become proper vice gyrus of Allah azza wa jal within the land, right? That's what's expected of us. And that's a

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task. And so a lot knew that people are not going to be able to simply sit around and worship Allah. So Allah uses the word min over here to allude to that and in addition to that, even if a person sat around worshiping Allah all the time, he will still not be able to do everything, because he's still one person. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, says, woman yam, Elmina saw the heart, whoever does from these righteous deeds, whatever he's capable of, whatever his time limitations allow him to do, what whoever I mean, in addition to that, he happens to be a believer as well. So that's a condition for your good deeds to be accepted, as opposed to some who wish to corrupt the word of Allah believe

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today Federica hoffa, littleman Voila. That

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then he should not be afraid of learning that he should not be afraid of injustice, and he should not be afraid of Haldeman as well. He should not be afraid of being shortchanged as well. Okay.

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Now, this is very, very, very, very engaged, right, because the person who committed volume rockethub, Armand, hammer, Allah, Allah, whoever carries loom on his back. Now, the greatest form of loom is what we said, it is to disbelieve in Allah azza wa jal, and associate partners with Allah. But there are also forms, which are lesser than that, and the ayah. Because it's a general principle at the end of it, let me give you a very important benefit over here, Allah subhana wa, Tada. He talks about a concept. And then at the end of the verse, He gives you a general principle. And he wants you to realize that that general principle is applicable on the IRA before it, but he also

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wants you to realize that this is a general principle it can be used out of this context as well. Normally, you can only use versus in this context. But when a lot finishes versus off with a general principle that generality is supposed to be a onic Maxim, a general principle by which we understand our religion, so ever happens to be a volume of whichever form now the greatest form of that word is disbelieving in allies origin, okay, and that is what these iarracht were discussing. But the general principle is include inclusive of all forms of learning, even when you are when you when you do injustice towards those who work for you, or those who you work for, or when you do injustice for

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those people who, who happen to be within your care your children, your spouse, your family members or those who you happen to be in their care and so on and so forth. So when you do any form of

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injustice, Allah says that person is going to have labor, that person is going to have loss in this life and loss in the hereafter as well. Okay, considering all these things, what is the loss of a person who does injustice on the Day of Judgment, meaning he does evil deeds on the Day of Judgment, the law says two things a, the person will receive.

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If he's if he has done learning to other people, right? He has done injustice towards other people, oppressed other people. Then on the Day of Judgment, they will be coming to Allah azza wa jal, and asking Allah azza wa jal for their rights, when they asked for their rights to things will happen, one of two things will happen, either

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the good deeds of this oppressor will be granted to the oppressed. And if the good deeds and the finishing of the oppressor, then the evil deeds of the oppressed will be thrown on the skill of the oppressor. So Allah says the one however, who believes in Allah, and he does righteous deeds, and he doesn't oppress other people, fella harmful, how women he shouldn't be fear, afraid of the fact that he will be dealt with unjustly on the Day of Judgment, or that he will be shortchanged or that his scale will be decreased. Okay, so what is the first thing mean for Leia Hoff oldman, he shouldn't be afraid that he will be stripped of his good deeds, like the oppressor because the oppressor was

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stripped of his good deeds. In order for him to compensate for the oppression that he did against people in this world. his good deeds were taken and placed in the oppressed skill, right? However, the one who was a righteous person did not oppress anyone and did good deeds, and believed in Allah, He shouldn't be afraid that farming skill deeds will be taken and placed in someone else's guild because he didn't do one. So even metaphorically, no one will come his direction. Right? Well, I have not, and nor shall he be afraid of the fact that that some of his good deeds, nor shall he be afraid of, of the fact that other people's evil deeds will be coming to his direction. So he

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shouldn't be afraid that his deeds, other people's evil deeds are coming towards him. And he's the one who ends up having to pay for other people's evil deeds, that would be willing, that would be an injustice. And he shouldn't be afraid that how long he shouldn't be afraid that the good he had done will be granted to someone else, because he hadn't done any injustice, he had no more volume wouldn't be bad. He had no injustice done towards other people, he did no injustice to other towards other people for what you should be compensating on the Day of Judgment, that wasn't the case. So he will be granted his reward in full and along will increase up to 700 times as he so pleases. Well,

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karateka Anza. Now, Koran and I'll be here. And just like that, we revealed it as a pull on which happened to be in Arabic, hold on, and how do I begin? Well, Salafi, he made it white, and we we exchanged or we gave in many ways and forms, the guidance and the warnings they're in, okay. The serif means to reform something, literally take the form of something and reform it into something else and reform it into another thing. So you change the form of something. That's what the serif means for yourself. All right. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that I have taken the warnings and I have formulated them in so many different ways, while saltmarshe nafi humean ye nanometre coup

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de gras so that they may end up finding fear in a law, they may become God conscious of Allah azza wa jal, because one word worked for them, perhaps that the other one did it in a way that the other one did not. Right. And that's why sometimes we can have the same idea. And we deliver the message to someone, that message works for one group of people, but it's not going to work for another group of people, all right. And another message may work for one group of people, and that same message does not work for, you know, another group of people and so on and so forth. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I, the warnings in the Quran, I have placed them in many, many different forms that does

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leave, right sort of offering something free to change the form of something well sort of off no fee mean right now.

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So that they may become fearful of Allah so that they may be God conscious, or Oh, you know, oh, these hula hoops, or this particular put on that's an Arabic that has many different forms of warnings within it, that particular idea might end up leading to some form of a reminder. So they may be reminder reminded, and they may leave their heedlessness losses, but the law whole molecule, so Allah, the evergraze, the one who happens to be the king, and the one who happens to be the ultimate truth. Why not that is ever Hi. Now Allah says What are you waiting for?

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This is very important.

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Okay, don't become hasty with the Quran. Allah is telling this to the prophets a lot. Why do you send them? Because from the Prophet sallallahu, from the habit of the prophets and send them in the early days of the revelation was that when God Ronnie Salaam would recite to the prophets and send them, the prophets I send them would start repeating with jabril as he's reciting, right?

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So a lot of the profits incentive not to do that a lot told him to listen right?

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For EDA, for Ana, Suma Elena Brianna, right when we decided on to you that, that listen up where you know,

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when we decided on to then then then listen to that for our listen to what he was saying so that you actually comprehend it. Because this mufa city they said the reason for this and the wisdom for this is because before you understand something you can't truly retaining so a lot of wished for the profits on the law while he was setting them to understand what you've read was saying when he was reciting the Quran, so that it's easier for him to retain and also, Allah is the one who will allow for that arm to be remained for that Quran to remain within the heart of the profit center. And the same goes for other people as well. Today, you know, when people want to recite the Quran, and they

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want to memorize, they go really fast. datalogger and you can't even understand what they're saying, right? And then when you ask them, why are you doing this? They'll say I'm just doing this to memorize when I get time to actually recite the Quran then I'll say further law wouldn't medical help, right? saying oh yeah, Allah subhana wa tada said, why not?

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Don't become hasty with the Quran. Take your time if you're not able to memorize in in the one year that you've set for yourself because you you don't have the choice to read fast. So be it slowing yourself down someone so how about took a lifetime to memorize the Quran. Others took, you know, a few years to memorize it take some time. But don't become very hasty with the Quran even the prophets SLM, if you think about it took 23 years to memorize the Quran because that's how long it took for it to come down upon him. So hang on, slow yourself down. Make sure you're reciting the Quran. Make sure you're reciting it with the wheat. Make sure you're citing it correctly. Make sure

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you're understanding what you're reciting. If you're reciting the Koran, and your heart doesn't find a need to understand it, then there's a problem because the prophets in them had been given the Quran for meetings. What not digestible Koran Minh company and you

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don't become hasty with the Quran before we complete the revelation down to you on messenger. Well, good luck visiting here at na and say, Oh messenger, oh my lord, increased increase me and knowledge the scholars they said that there has never been any. There has never been anything for which Allah commanded the messenger to ask of an increase except for knowledge. Right? This is the beauty of knowledge that even allows messenger Mohammed even more Abdullah is being asked by Allah, he's being commanded by Allah azza wa jal to see from Allah and increase within that knowledge. The only thing that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told by allies or to ask of an increase for right.

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And one of the unique things over here is that when Allah says, what could not be saved in your email, Allah increased me in knowledge, it is right after a lot telling the messenger to hang on with the Koran slow down because the purpose of the Quran is so you listen to it from God, you understand its meaning and you allow that to sort of come and settle within your mind and heart and soul and so forth. And then Allah will allow your mind to remember the Quran that was a specialty for the prophets Allah long running and send them that was a special miracle for the prophets. I'll send them if you want want to call it that, right, that the prophets I send them would would, by

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divine intervention, remember being reminded of the Quran, remember the Koran, right? So the prophets I send them didn't and of course, the type of culture that the Arabs also had helped as well, because the Arabs had a very oral culture, they would memorize things, sometimes entire lines have entire poems in just one hearing, right? So it was something they were already used to retaining large pieces of information and large documents orally without even without even

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without even having a document in a printed form. Right. So the prophets I send them in terms of Memory A Lot would allow for that to be retained within the memory of the profits I'll send them but the profits or send them was told that when gibreel is resigning, slow down, okay? Right after that ally says all profits tell, say oh my lord, increase me knowledge. So then we'll facility and they said that this is referring to the Prophet asking a lot to be increased in the knowledge of Koran. Look at that. So even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is asking Allah and Allah

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commanding the profit to the increased in the knowledge and the understanding of the book of Allah azza wa jal, that is that is profound. You see, the art is so powerful that it would even have an impact on rasoolillah we're in the month of Ramadan right now. And as you know, in the month of Ramadan

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gibreel Ali Salam would come down to the profits or send them every single night. And he would read with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Quran. And as the narrator said that the prophets are seldom used to be the most generous of people, period. But the most generous the prophets are seldom will would be, would be during the month of Ramadan when gibreel would come to him. And he would study the Quran with the machete with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the Koran would then have a great impact on the prophets of Salaam so much so that the narrator said, At that moment, the Prophet would be so generous, that he would be more generous than a passing wind. And

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what that means is, because of when when it passes, it affects everything right? If a wind is going by, it's going to affect me, I'm going to feel the wind, the car will feel the wind, the streets will feel the wind and the houses will feel the wind, the animals will feel the wind. So as generous as this wind can be, that blows and affects everything. The profits I'll send them would be that generous, anyone that would ask and anyone who would be needy, the Prophet would grant him but when would he do this? This would be because when he would be reading the Quran nightly with Gabriel Valley syrup so it would have an impact on him. So the Prophet had was impacted by the Quran he was

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touched by the Quran, the prophet was told by Allah azza wa jal to slow down so you truly understand the put on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told by Allah azza wa jal to ask Allah for an increase in knowledge of the Quran as well. If that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that How about us? how slow Do we need to be in order for us to truly understand the Quran? And how much time do we actually need to spend with the laws book in order for us to truly understand the Quran? And how much? How much of the Quran will it take for us who are just regular people, for us to actually be better than what we are today? If the profit at the best can become better, right? Then

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how little of the US will people need in order for us to go from bad to better? Right? Think about that. That if the profit is the best and even that when he reads the Quran, nightly job really is becoming better. How about people who are not even good? How much of the Quran will there be Will you need in order for you to become better, right? This is the power of the book of Allah xojo. So even if you take yourself every single day, a little bit of the Quran just a page or two you'll find yourself in sha Allah, Allah every single day improving and going from bad to good from good to better from better to best to be in the light era. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to

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understand the book of Allah and I make the same and I finished this episode was the same with which allow messenger was commanded to ask Allah for an increase in knowledge of visiting EMA or Sol Allahu Allah say, Dena Mohammed Mohammed Ali. He was a Marine, or said Amore, la camara De La Hoya barakato