Abdul Wahab Saleem – Shama’il At-Tirmidhi – Prophetic Characteristics – 06

Abdul Wahab Saleem
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Sooner or later salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah Handan UEFI Nana who you cafe de de la la vida CD Nam hamedan. While early he will Safi edge Marian alarm and live Nana frona. I'm trying to be very limited. I was eating it mania, Karim

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and hamdulillah have a bit I mean, we are back together in our study of Shama, Allah, Timothy, the prophetic characteristics, the physical traits of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the meaningful, meaningful traits and attributes of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, as well. And after a bit of a break, about a month long break, we have now commenced again and busy line data will be continuing up until portion of the month of August where we'll stop also for a little while, and then continue on into September within the length data.

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I asked him lots of hands on data to give us a feel feel to have patience on the alien, it takes a lot of time for us to gain knowledge. It's not an overnight process. And it is a process that is sometimes very painful as well. That's something that you'll notice over the years of seeking knowledge in the 90s that it's a painful, painful process. And not everybody is able to undertake this process. That's also something that needs to be noted. There are a lot of aspects of patients that need to be employed perseverance that needs to be employed. And it's not a pill that you swallow overnight. And that's the end of that, that's when you get it. It's something that is

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definitely difficult. That's why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, in a Hadith, which is extremely beautiful, but very, very relevant to what we are talking about right now. And that is that the

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Prophet of Allah already was sending me said that from every 100 people, there is one individual that will make

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meaning that has the ability to

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persevere over time, and continue over time and actually make it within life.

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And the way the prophets alive are you sending me said is and that's how the Arab mind would understand. The messenger saw Selim said that a nozzle get eaten meat, that people are like the 100 camels, they're like 100 camels.

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Let the guy do did you do? See how he that that you will not be able to find or barely in scarcely be able to find within the 100 people,

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one 100 camels, one camel, that will be able to take you for a very, very long journey. So anything that's prolonged, not everybody is able to handle not many people are able to handle that's why there'll be dropouts along the way, even within your realm. As you continue,

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you know, you will notice that there will be 100 people that will start or there'll be a, you know, 50 people that will start and basically every class that you've ever been to within your life, there's always a start off number that is much higher than the finishing line. And that's what the messengers I'll send them was talking about when he said that a NASA came up to me that people are like the 100 camels, you will barely be able to find within those 101 camel that will make you reach for very, very prolonged distances. And similarly, as I said, in your,

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in your seeking of knowledge, rather even just in life, even livelihood, even other matters. seeking your knowledge we could say even teaching them knowledge. It's the same idea that a lot of times people get discouraged when they see the numbers dropping but in reality, the numbers dropping is part and parcel of life and there's they're pretty much almost you can even say they're almost supposed to drop because if they're not dropping then they may actually be something wrong. Because the natural phenomenon over history within knowledge is that numbers drop they start off very large and they slowly but surely drop so your patients are much appreciated by me first and foremost. But

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even beyond me and above and beyond me but Allah subhana wa tada because the prophets of Allah right he was sending me said that the most beloved actions to Allah subhana wa tada are the few adore Maha were in call the more continue as even if they happen to be a few doable how and can the most continuous even they happen if they happen to be a few. So if there is a break somewhere, that doesn't mean we have to break our entire ascension. Rather that break occurs for a reason or another or a third and a fourth. And for me that break was primarily because I was traveling and then in the middle of it. I experienced a couple of sicknesses. But after that we have to get back to our

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routine but whilst we are traveling, or we are sick, if we have a routine

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Allah subhana wa tada and His Messenger have promised for us that he will give us the reward of those things that we used to do. During Allah subhana wa tada has given us this promise that you'll give us the reward for those things that we used to do during our normal days when we were in traveling where we weren't sick. There was things we used to do on a normal basis, a lot will give us a reward for those things if we continue them throughout our lives after we finished the travel or after we finished the sickness, I asked Allah subhanaw taala yet again to give us a token. Another thing that I wanted to mention over here is that if you've noticed a number of solid

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Academy's courses, specifically the courses that we do, that are on a prolonged basis, such as the previous one we did on Safina to ninja and such as this one that we are doing on Shama, and it didn't mean they don't necessarily have a start and finish date. Okay? There's a reason for that, because

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it's hard to understand what Allah subhana wa tada will bless us with within our learning. One day, Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah may allow me to say things that I didn't even think I was going to say. And other day, a lot of panel without me allow me to say things which, which were much less or much fewer than what I had thought, these are far too hot, either here, these are openings from a loss of Hana without which we can't necessarily constrict a time in place. So we can say, from this time to this time, this is what's going to happen rather, the, the pattern of the setup has, I've always been in this in this manner, which requires patience, that okay, generally speaking, it's going to

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take six months, five months, four months, but who knows, it may take seven it may take then it may take four depending on how much loss of Hannah Montana opens up upon the teacher. So this is something that that I strongly adhere to, in my teachings and that's why I don't necessarily make a start date and a finish date. And even if they are there necessarily start date, they're not necessarily start dates, and specific finish dates, their start dates, and generally Okay, five months later, we'll be able to accomplish this goal be the light on. Okay, so those are some things that I wanted to point out before we continue, especially because of the fact that there was a long

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brick. Now going to our topic.

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Our topic again is my sort of last little LaGuardia synonym, and what better month to discuss the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam than the month in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was blessed with Prophethood and today we're talking about the bob of the profits of the likes of him. Okay.

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We're talking about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam putting

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the prophets of Allah while he was sitting them dying is here or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam putting on henna. Okay, so we'll start off with the first Hadees that says that definitely not least not in either you're having a lot of

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money or death no shaman, or doesn't Abdul Malik even roommate in an ER Dominica family on a boat on a booster pilot at a total sort of flying solo LaGuardia cinema. Now evidently, for Paula even oka. Tuna showed up for an engineer on Lake Wanaka Genie Allah. Allah wa at to shaybah ama okay. This is a hadith from Emma diviner minear who said Sharma told them I've been really given or made from er developean who said Abu Hamza said that I came to the Prophet sallallahu it was in them not evenly and I brought my son along with me as well. Okay, so call to Nam. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said even Okada Is this your son or a Buddha

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so aboard him so I replied back Yes, on an eyeshadow v. This is what I will bear witness to that this is my son, Carl Elia Genially while at a genealogy, do not let him commit an offense against you, and you do not commit an offense against him as well. Although I hate to say but I noticed that the whiteness of the year or the greenness rather of the here with towards the red. Okay, now we've already spoken a little bit about the air of the profits and send them from other angles and how the color of the hair was and how much gray hair or how many gray hair the profits in the long run he was in an ad and so on and so forth. So now we have a number of factors within this Hadeeth that

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also need to be discussed number one, notice at the profits a lot more it will send them and abroad into bring his

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Son to him.

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So here's evidence that he's bringing his young son to the Prophet salallahu audio center. And that has a benefit there in for us and that is that our children need to be brought before the people of knowledge. And our children need to be brought in gatherings of height. And our children should not be the ones that we sort of, you know, hide under the table when we're going to these sort of places or throw them in, in some sort of daycare so that we can go and have a fun time ourselves know, if a lot is facilitated. And if the situation facilitates, and if the situation

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allows, then

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it is

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our duty if the situation allows that it is our duty, and it is our you know,

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it should be our prerogative to take our children also to these places of knowledge as well. Okay.

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We're gonna have to stop for just one second here and we'll continue

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so it should be our prerogative and or should be our duty to bring our children to the places of America to the places where Allah subhana wa tada blesses us with

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Baraka ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to give us Baraka within our lives, ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give our children the Baraka as well. Okay, so now we have

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number one, the fact that we should be bringing our children to these places number two, the prophets Allah sent him as soon as he saw this child, what did he say even Okada Is this your child. So when the profits or send them is brought, you know, this particular child, he doesn't sort of just overlook the child, okay? There's some chill child walking around over there rather, the profits of the long run, even send them stops to consider the fact that there is a child here. And that child is worth the profits, all synonyms attention. So the Prophet gave the child is due attention. Now, I tried to be so the man said, Yes, of course, I bear witness to the fact that this

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is my child. So the prophets of cinema replied back to him and he said, lie a genie. I like Do not let the child committed offense against you. Why not originally, and you yourself also do not committed an offense against him. What does that even mean? Don't commit an offense against him and don't let him events, committed events offense against you. This was a practice in giant Lee, this was something that the people the the pagan Arabs used to undertake a practice that was a giant practice in reality. And the practice went some, you know, something to the following effect, that

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whenever a child would commit a crime within society, such as killing an individual or something of such nature, right, the people from the other tribe would hold to account the family members of this particular individual, okay, someone killed somebody, the people from the other tribe, the person that's been murdered, remember, the Arab society was and even till today happens to be to a certain degree, a very tribalistic society. Okay. So people from different tribes would not only hold to account the individual that had committed the murder and the crime, they would hold to account the entire tribe. So they may see the brother of the individual, that's a criminal, and they may end up

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killing the brother or they may see the Father. And they may end up killing, killing the Father, and so on and so forth. So the prophets of Salaam wanted to cut this practice and he said, Nigeria, I think he should not be committing a crime against you, when I said you need an A, and you should also not be committing a crime against your child as well. Now, the molar shyed the point that was trying to be made over here by this particular tradition was what I know about a Toshiba, he saw that the great year of the profits of cillum was becoming red. So now we have a matter that we need to discuss whether the profits a lot already was and then had red

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here meaning that was the hero of the profits also

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starting to become red because of hanok meaning it used to be white. So when the profits are selling, put the hand on, it started to become towards the red was that what was happening or were there other reasons, different scholars have different ways to look at this. Some said that that was the case.

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That the profit center was putting hands on and the whiteness within the beard, or the hair in general was starting to become towards the red. But we already discussed it the profit center barely and Scarcely had gray hair, the profits of some had some great year in, you know, in the area that the profitsystem doesn't hear from a few here and there scattered in different places a little bit over here in the amfa and so on and so forth. But generally there was no white here. So how would there be redness within the here if the profits and then patina on normally the redness occurs if there happens to be some white, some great. Okay, so that is number one. Okay. Number two, a second

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position is that this must have occurred, because the prophets a lot more it will send them used to use a lot of a lot of thought. And you know, if you use fragrances within the here, they start to become temporarily red, red. Okay. And if he's there, also, if you stop using the fragrance, it starts to go back to here that's growing afterwards, it starts to become dark again. So it's possible that the profits of cinemas using fragrance and for that reason, the profits are sometimes here we're starting to become of that nature. But in all estimations, the here of the profits of cinema, as we've already mentioned in multiple occasions during our lessons, we're not we're not

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white, we're not great. And so the redness must it must have come from the fact that it was henna. Okay. had that said so if you're working on an app, I'd be unshaken and rithmetic Nima whip

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on ceman even mohab Allah through either Abu hurayrah haba basura licenser

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so if you are a rookie who says that working, I told them from Shetty, Akali that rithmetic Mohamed had said that that Abu huraira was asked what was he asked, How about a pseudo lines I send them the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam di is here. Right Alana he had died is here. Yes, that's true. Okay. Now this chain is from Earth man.

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Even Abdullah even mo hub and it's from Abu hora. So, if not even more upset, I will Herrera said such and such and such or I was asked but in other chains we find that Earth man even Abdullah a bit mohareb. He actually attributes to this to him sentiments about Isa Timothy says voila, I will run into worries that was ever Isa I didn't really the author of the book. While I wanna have an ID on earth man, even Abdullah even mohab Allah, Allah and we also find the same Hadith narrated by Horace Mann, even Abdullah even mohab that own Salah was asked or Osama had said and so on and so forth. And what he says says basically that this is a better chain, as we'll find out very very soon. So

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the next Hadeeth goes to such high def Anna Ibrahim of no one better than another brusilov IV Jenna and he added me nothing on

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Jama in Marathi btw Hassan sia okay the next this is actually not the hadith of Salah but in general, we know that the hadith of home cinema is the more accurate Hadith in this particular regard. Okay.

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So the next Hadeeth is

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in what do I do, but she even has LCF but

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uh, yeah, Gemma said a woman. She said that I know about $1 suit a lot. I saw the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yahoo do min Beatty in full watsa Who doesn't? I saw the prophets or send them coming out of his house. Right and he was just basically shaking the water off of his head as he was coming out of his house because he had just taken a shower so long said

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what we see here are the roodman hana. Allah Allah Allah the one shot caffee had a shift.

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Okay, so

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she saw the prophets I send them with wet hair coming out of the house and there was wet hair pretty much dripping from the hair of the water was pretty much dripping from the hair of the profits a little longer it was and then and she said at the same token, I saw a little bit like a patch almost of henna on the hair of the Prophet sallallahu it was send them so this is another evidence that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had used had not upon his here as well. But we said simply the redness in the ear mustn't have been from

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primarily from the handout, it may have been there partially from that, but it must have been there from either the fact that the profitsystem use different oils which may render a different texture in light and also the profits that alarm settler may have been using color not alone, or a tool which also changes the color of the hair and so on and so forth. Because it can't be a very large amount of red here that the profitsystem has at times because of Hannah because again, the whiteness within the hair was a very very little bit hot I had de nom de la ignorant man, Paula had this Emerald blossom and part of her death and I have nothing to say center not all dead center, Romanian

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and unasyn for me it says on the authority of Anasazi along with Jada a to shout out to the lights on Sunday when I saw the hero of the prophets or send them whilst it was died. So we noticed that he died is here in this particular chapter is all about that so basically dying you're here is not necessarily a problem except when it comes to dying and black that's when the scholars they have said that it is considered impermissible to diet black other than not dyeing your hair is not considered a problem. How about the lighting met in a parlor a to shout I was really nice on signum and the NSF the American McLovin I saw the hair of the profits or send them so I've done a lot even

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even appeal to saying that I saw the hear of the profits a synonym that was under the possession of NSF pneumatic whilst it was died, it had some redness within it that was the texture some brown Miss rather if you please, that must have been there within the hero of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So, now we have nsabp Malik narrating to us that

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His hair was dyed number one, then we have another individual a tabula

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copy, same saying that he saw here of the prophets and send them also died

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within the possession of an asymptomatic, but we have a number of other scholars in tabulating, who are also narrators from ns such as Mohammed and CDN such as dabit two is very, very strong narrator when it comes to the narration from ns ns and also a data and some other scholars thing narrating from Ennis, the fact that he negated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had died is here, okay. So, some scholars they said the way to reconcile within those two is that the narration we have wherein

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unless of Malik has the here within his possession, which is died, it may not have actually been died, but maybe they placed the here in like a little star

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or within it, okay, because, remember, keep in mind, that one may say, Well, that sounds really, really far fetched. It's not like modern day where you just go to a bar or you go to some corner store and the to, to ring it store or the $1 store or something like that. And then you can get yourself a bottle and put something in it, right bottles weren't a common thing to have. So it's very likely that the bottle that was used, it was probably reused either from a thought or it was reused from goodwill from mascara, or it was reused for other things of such sort, that's quite likely. And for that reason, this shouldn't be far fetched. It could be the case but in all

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estimations, we could say that the negation that NSF medic had done himself may not have been a an absolute negation, meaning that

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it didn't mean that he never did die is here, it may have meant that he had died is here at that particular moment, and a loss of Hannah with data at the end of the day and lots of Hello Tyler, he knows best All right, because we all have the incident between an acid malic acid and the aroma of nerve disease, right? Who had asked an acid Malik whether that he sent someone to ask innocent Malik whether the prophets of cinema died is here, right and I said Malik was a long living Sahabi. So when he asked

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he said that notice what nssc he said that the prophets of Salaam always had block here.

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Whenever I did to Morocco, Bella Alia Min shava he failed at Miko osito na, Allah, Dasha Russia, Shiva, that if I was to count the white here that the Prophet has said and had it in the front of his head, right, I wouldn't be able to say that there were more than 11 here. This is talking. Then he said that

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As for the here that you noticed you saw a disease that had some redness within it.

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He said that this must have been just as I said, in the Mojave Lily Lou Widom in a Cleveland levy Ghana up to shadow rasulillah. This was only because of the the plebe

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the perfumes that the profits of a lot of it was selling them would use to, to almost, you know, period to almost give a good scent to the hair of the profits and sell them and that would cause a color to occur and and texture to occur within the hair, the profits that allow us to send them but generally speaking, we have narration to say he did a narrations that say he didn't. And the thought either in the principle is that it must be to pat them on other nachi that the one who affirms or reality should be given precedence over someone that negates that very reality. So we're going to give precedence to the scholars that said in the Sahaba that said that the prophets of sentiment

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actually died is here. Number seven, chapter number 700. ala we are moving now we are planning on being the night out of doing three chapters today be the Bible, my geography quickly add on to the last

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chapter of that which we found within the Quran, related to the mascara that the prophet SAW Selim would put here and I'm just going to call it mascara for the purposes of understanding but coffin is basically a type of you know, rock, or a different different types of rocks that may be used to first and foremost be made into very, very thin,

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shredded pieces, if you please. Right. grinded, so the grinded pieces of the rock are then used, kind of like you would use mascara to be applied within the eye. All right, and there's different types of these rocks that can be used. The most famous and popular and the one that the prophets have a long way to send them would encourage us to use was known as an investment. All right, then we'll talk a little bit about the estimate as well. And the estimate that the profits are, the longer it will send them will tell us the US.

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As I said, it's a rock that's very easily grinded. So you can literally take the rock and it may start to even become grounded within your hand and break apart within your hand. So what you do is you make a grinded sort of powder out of it and after the powder is made, this particular proud powder is used to place within the right and the left eye. And even more like I mentioned that this investment has many, many benefits within it. Okay, amongst the benefits that Liam had mentioned about the investment, he said it helps the AI to become, you know, stronger Takuya linoone elbasan. And also what it does is it helps correct any problems within the eye. So if the eyes become weaker

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and so on and so forth, it'll help them

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and it helps make the vision more clear. Okay, some people have stigmatism within the eye, right, they might have good vision as in they can see far enough but stigmatism causes other problems. So this has a lot to hide also perfecting, and fixes those problems within it as well. What did you leave for lead magnet of idea. And everything continues to say that

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that are filthy within the eye that maybe slowly affecting it negatively? Right, those things such as inflammation and other things within the eye, those things are also corrected from this particular from this particular type of a rock that is used as a mascara. And other thing is that depending on the type of instrument you use, it can also have that beautiful beautification effect, that you get the blackness that comes around the eye. And that kind of looks, you know, that does look quite beautiful, especially within certain cultures, okay.

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And he mentioned that it's best to use this estimate when you are going to sleep why because it allows the item to really absorb it. And also if there's any negative adverse effect of equipment, it gets rid of it because you're not opening closing your eyes throughout. And hence your vision is not necessarily being used during the time that the estimate is undertaking the process of cleansing your art. Okay, so the idea, the first headings of the chapter, he says had definitely not this not in any way mo lapada had this or not, how many of you who made it, I definitely would have reality, and I didn't

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even know about it and Maria salallahu alayhi wa sallam uponor is definitely to be dismissed for ineligible bizarre, or even be too sharp. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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Use Izmit it'll be used it's meant to put on so notice is saying use it's meant to put on cohort. Sometimes people think the word itself includes the type of rock and so on and so forth that was used by the prophets I send them and encouraged by the prophet to send them know Quran is a general concept and this general concept is then further you know either used for the rock of investment or it may be used for other rocks as well so it's meant is the right rock that the profits of cinnamon curves that doesn't mean other rocks are not useful as well keep that in mind but it's meant is what the profits on the long run he was send them had incurred was that in the VSL along writing cinema,

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Goddess Lu koolatron, Executive inoculating Saracen theology which Allah set them up heavy and even a bastard thought that the profits are seven had a small little jar okay little mascara bottle if you please get a small little jar which the profits of cinnamon used to to apply the estimate within the eye every single night three times into one eye three times in the other eye as well so this is the practice of the prophet to send them during the nights are definitely not Abdullah it was sublime and we allow surely you will also it

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Hashem University, Allah about on our way to live in a Muslim Allah forgotten that it's so easy if a newness about urban monsoon Okay.

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So now we have

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one one narration and then he says how what is happening that we

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Okay, so he switches the chain and he says What

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are you getting on death and is either going hard on in Kaduna pilot had definite bad even monsoon and Rocky Mountain bus. So I bothered monsoon, he has to change to about a minute so number one is Abdullah Abdul Sadat and Hashem university or Obaidullah Moosa, it's our interviews this and I've got the muscle, the HA, that comes in the middle of a chain, it's almost like the author telling you that we are right rerouting. So it gives you another route to the same individual where he said after he said hi after a bad monsoon, so now he's going to reroute you to abandon them and Sudan again, so imagine you're going to and I'm simplified this way. Imagine you're going to CN Tower in

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Toronto. When you get close to CN Tower, your GPS tells you well you got another route to CN Tower as well. Let's give that a try. So it takes you back and takes you to the other route. And then you go back to CN Tower from the other route. So you're able to figure out the two directions to CN Tower. So the same thing is happening over here. I've got Devin Massoud happens to be that CN Tower, and

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he has two different chains to the moon. So he says first of all I've done lightness about how she made busteni or made the like Moosa saw 11 units and then about the muscle. The second route to about that muscle. I didn't even put it in his he didn't heroin and then have that even been sold yet again. And a crema and I have a video a bassin called Ganon he was on a law where it was cinematic. Look up La Nina Billy Smith, philosophy kuliah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would apply Quran in his eyes with Ismet you'd use the rock of Israel remember? And he replied how many times three times in every single eye

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and then he says the Add add our own add added

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it is narration he added in the Nabeel sallalahu it will send them a carrot long hula tonic the human hair and the Noemi philosophy. I mean that he also had a little jar that he would use some a lager it was set in a little pot of coral. Sort of of course that he would use to apply obviously to use. It is ice This is called a McCullough so the jar in which you put the equipment, the cooker is called a macabre, you will use it to apply within his eyes each eye three times. All right. So what's the benefit of using this corn? amongst the benefits of using this corn is as the Prophet himself mentioned for inelia Joon bustle, what does that mean? It cleanses and purifies the eye.

00:34:36 --> 00:35:00

Okay, having dirt and other substances within the eyes affects the eye negatively. So what is this do this cleanses and purifies the eye. And then he said well you can be too sharp. And also some people would like to have larger thicker eyelashes. So if you want that the profits of the logo to send them said that constantly using Ismet can also bring you more here around the eye and by the way that also has protection within it.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:23

Hair is not just about the beauty that comes with it within the eyelashes rather, it also protects your eyes because eyelashes are supposed to protect the things from penetrating within the eye little specks, and so on and so forth. And that's why you close it, open your eyes all the time, right? So this particular protection process becomes more when you estimate, which causes the hair to grow. Okay,

00:35:24 --> 00:35:27

by now, the next thing we shouldn't we have

00:35:29 --> 00:35:31

over here is that,

00:35:32 --> 00:35:50

by the way, one may say that three times and three times, right. And we know that the prophets I send them used to love with it, in many things, used to love odd numbers and many things. And three plus three, x equals two what it equals to six. And it's not an odd number that.

00:35:51 --> 00:36:16

And in fact, in terms of in terms of in terms of applying this type of investment in the eye, we have a specific Hadith in which the prophet to send them said either had to come fairly actively withdrawn. If one of you wishes to put the mascara on, then let him do it, what withdrawn three times or let him do it in odd numbers, 135, and so on, and so forth.

00:36:17 --> 00:36:40

But if we do it three in one eye in the right eye, and three in the left one, then it actually becomes six. So the scholars, they said the count is for each eyes separately, that's one way to count. Okay, so the count for this is separately, one, two, and three, the count for this is separately, one, two, and three, as well. Or they said the another way to count would be that you go one, two,

00:36:42 --> 00:36:51

okay, three, four, and then you finish off with your right eye, and that would be five.

00:36:52 --> 00:36:59

Remember, the right eye, and the right side of the body in general, the right is considered a blessing, you know,

00:37:01 --> 00:37:14

a blessing side. And that's why everything good you do with your right, you eat with your right hand, right? You hold the must have, for example, or any you say Salaam to one another with the right hand, and so on and so forth. So many things are done with the right.

00:37:16 --> 00:37:26

So for that reason, you start off with the right eye, then you go to the left, then you go to their right again, then you go to the left, and then you go to the right, so now it becomes five, and it's with it

00:37:27 --> 00:37:28

as well.

00:37:30 --> 00:38:10

And this particular standard that was placed by some scholars, they said that there's three benefits here, number one, you start off with the right, number two, you finish off with the right, and number three, you end up doing the right eye three times as opposed to the left eye, which happens to be done twice. So you're actually favoring the right eye over the left eye three times in this particular scenario. But going back to some of the other traditions, where the profits are low it was send them as said to do the last and frequently, you will do it three times in each eye. So if it's three times in each eye, then we know that it mustn't have been that the profits are slammed in

00:38:10 --> 00:38:51

12345 rather, it must have been 123412312 and three. So that's the correct methodology or that's the correct way to apply. And within the I had this little mini and called a definite homogeneity and Hamilton is hot and humid, imminent boom get it and jarvinen who are ignorant of the law called Apollo solar lights on cinema. La COVID Smith and the note you should go ahead and do Ismet you should go ahead and use if Midwest you're about to go to sleep for in the huya General bazaar where you will be to shop for verily it ends up doing what is called Jeddah and bustle it ends up

00:38:52 --> 00:39:10

you know, as we said, purifying the eye, cleansing the eye strengthening the eye. It also clarifies vision so if somebody is having blurry vision and stuff Ismet can help against this blurry vision. Well you need to shout and also brings the eyelashes more and more and more.

00:39:11 --> 00:39:17

The next one is called Death and I put a bit to say he didn't call her death rubbishing ebru Muhammad

00:39:18 --> 00:39:59

are alive with a answer he didn't debate in algebra bass parlor parlor also lives on cylinder in Halo callicoon is the best of your question is Ismet so now the prophets Islam is a testified to the fact that there's more than one type of court. It's not just one, there's many. The best of those is the rock that is known as an Islamic yet General bussum. This type of girl this type of mascara when applied, ends up fixing the eye or even be too sharp and it also ends up growing the hair which again is a protection for the eye as well because

00:40:00 --> 00:40:49

It keeps the specs for from penetrating within the eye on a high def Anna, in it and Mr. Al basri. You are a definite awesome man in the medic, and Salim and Roma Allah Allah sort of lights, I'll send them on a commitment for innovia June bussola up to sharp. If you're almost said that the messenger somewhat longer it will send them said on a commitment, you should go ahead and use the type of gopher that is known as it's meant for in human bustle For verily it, it protects the eye, it purifies the eye, correct the eye, it strengthens the eye it cleanses the eye, it clarifies the vision and you do all of that what you miss a shot as well. And at the same time, it also increases

00:40:49 --> 00:40:56

the hair. It's the same Hadees that he's repeating with different narrations. But one of the things to mention over here, by the way, is that

00:40:58 --> 00:41:10

if mitt is a product that has been over commodified, and oftentimes when things are almost over commodified, they may lose the

00:41:11 --> 00:41:20

originality, they may lose the the type of effect that it may have, right. So it's become a very consumer sort of product now,

00:41:21 --> 00:42:04

which means that many times the excitement is mixed with other rocks, which may actually have a negative and adverse effect on the eye. Okay. So when you're getting your estimate, if you want to get and put the courtroom, you have to make sure that the the estimate that you're getting is actually proper estimate. Because if happens to be mixed with something else, such as brass or other metals, or other rocks as well, then this may actually have an adverse effect, and it may not have the positive effect. In fact, there has been research done on the estimate that is sold in most markets as well. And you'll find By the way, when you go to Omaha, for example, I'm not sure you

00:42:04 --> 00:42:41

know whether you'll find it in your country very easily. You may, but wherever you happen to be, but if you go to a mall, you'll find people selling it on the street. So you should be a bit wary of the fact that the instrument that you may pick up off the street may not be the best quality, isn't it? And it may actually not even be it's muddled together. It's just maybe employing this Hadith of the prophets of Allah. Why do you send them for a monetary gain? Babu Mei Jaffe de Basilan, Sunni 19 sallallahu alayhi wa sallam chapter relating and regarding to the dress code of the profits or loss of the dress code of their profits in the long run, he was setting them. Before we even get into

00:42:41 --> 00:42:47

that. We should know that the dress code in general of a believer is that

00:42:48 --> 00:43:34

they're allowed to wear anything that is permissible. And most things within life are considered permissible to where in fact, the Prophet says And then he said kulu or shabu, eat and drink. When besu what are the whole mean ladies are often a llama feeder, that go ahead and eat and drink, and wear and gift soda as well. Without doing slough without becoming very extravagant. While I'm a leader and do not also do not also show off with the clothes that you are wearing. Don't do that as well. So in turn, in reality, the profits and send them is basically telling us that you can go ahead, eat, drink, wear, do whatever you want, just don't do two things. Number one, do not do soft

00:43:34 --> 00:44:18

don't become extravagant. Okay, so purchasing clothes that are extremely extravagant. That's not considered permissible. In fact, this is also a call to people that are into very, very expensive wedding clothes. That's a reality that some people, sadly, but but a very, very real reality that is occurring all across the world. I can't say such and such country and such and such people. Number one, I don't want to offend anybody. Number two, it's something that's across the board, everybody's doing that every person you see, if you ask them how much money you spent on your wedding clothes, for example, especially women I'm talking about, you'll find that they're not the ones that end up

00:44:18 --> 00:44:59

buying the clothes, the miskeen husband that has to cover all the other expenses as well. He's the one who has to buy these clothes, right? The clothes can range from, you know, at the very least, at the very, very least, it could be three to $400. And this is still something that is totally worth the while they're in reality, this is a very humble sort of dress to 10s of 1000s of dollars for one night. And likely than not, that cloth will never be worn in it. That's it that was the one time that this particular dress was worn, and it will never be worn again for the rest of the woman's life. Why? Because number one, the occasion will not arise to wear such as

00:45:00 --> 00:45:41

Fancy cloth cloth, right and garment. Number two, within a couple of years, the women will have a child or two children and three children and gain a few pounds and so on and so forth. And now, she will not be fitting into that clothes those clothes anymore anyway. So even if the occasion ever arises, which never will, by the way, right, the clothes will simply just have gone to waste. It was simply used for that one time, and 10s of 1000s of dollars were used for that one time and this is actually impermissible, it's impermissible, their profits or loss. And then he said, Guru shabu eat and drink well, best suit. And, and also go ahead and where men ladies are often without being

00:45:41 --> 00:46:03

extravagant. Okay, a couple of $100 here and there, I can let that go. And I'm not the one that's holding you accountable. But I'm saying that around, if we can let it go, social norms can let it go. Because that's considered very, very humble in terms of the type of where that entirely in terms of the type of clothes that are worn. And for that reason, some people take another

00:46:04 --> 00:46:14

avenue instead of purchasing clothes, they end up renting the clothes, but in reality, even sometimes their rent of these clothes happens to be so much that it's even above and beyond

00:46:15 --> 00:46:45

the amount that you end up paying, if you were to buy the coats, right by regular code status. Rather, what should be done is everybody wears simple clothes that are new, that are you know befitting for the occasion. But it doesn't have to be something that is super extravagant, that's going into the 1000s and sometimes into the 10s of 1000s. This is considered in permissible, this is not permissible. The profits I'll send them he said that eat and drink as I said that except if they're

00:46:46 --> 00:47:33

Eat Drink, where gets held up up, but do not become from the Mississippi, right. And then lots of panel data set in Nicaragua, in El mobis Irina can ohana Sheltie, those people that ended up doing that these, those people that end up becoming extremely extravagant in spending, they are from the brothers of Satan. This blessing occasion of marriage is not a time that you want to become from the brothers and sisters of Satan. In fact, this blessing occasion of marriage is your start of a life that's going to need to be the light out of prosperity, and many good things and many positive things, it's going to lead to a life where you're going to be starting a family, you're now going to

00:47:33 --> 00:48:16

be a person that is going to maybe even have children bear children, and you're going to be raising an entire generation. So a lot of noble things are to come after marriage. So the very start of marriage let's make sure that this start is not done wrong. Right. Because the start of matters is considered and also the end of matters is considered as well. And if the start and end happens to be good, the things in between even if there's ups and downs be the night Allah Allah subhana wa tada will give us the blessing of forgiveness for those things and Allah subhana wa tada will give us the blessings because we started off with the right intention and on the right foot. Right You start off

00:48:16 --> 00:48:57

something on the right foot normally Allah Subhana Allah blesses you to continue on the right foot. That's why they say for a human being right, if he ends up starting off his life within Shabaab while he's a young man and a young woman while they're of that age, if they started off with positivity, right, and it started off with goodness. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will normally help them die upon that goodness as well. Manisha Allah Shane metallian, some of the scholars, they will tell us that whoever is raised up on something that he will die upon that as well that's why lots of panel data that shabani starting his life, he will shade the shop if he is someone who fears the

00:48:57 --> 00:49:35

loss of Hannah Montana, he's someone who is considered of Allah subhana wa Tada. So you're beginning make sure you're doing it well. This is the beginning of an entire life. This is the beginning of not just your life, your family's life, this is the beginning of your children's life. This is the beginning of an entire progeny and generation. So the last thing you want to do is do a lot of head on things whether that be you know intermingling within these gatherings whether that be drinks music's party partying, not cuz no consideration to the produce of a lot of boundaries of a loss of data or whether that be extravagance, in the type of halls that you pick extravagance and who and

00:49:35 --> 00:49:56

the types of food that is presented extravagance also in the type of clothes that an individual wears. So extravagance is not considered permissible. There are other things that are also considered impermissible in terms of weird amongst those things, is that that having the Garmin for men below the ankles is considered impermissible.

00:49:58 --> 00:50:00

Now, there is some difference

00:50:00 --> 00:50:12

discussion about whether this is really impermissible or not, and so on and so forth. Okay. And for that reason, if somebody feels genuinely, Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna mention something very, very important over here.

00:50:14 --> 00:50:19

There's a hadith in which the prophet SAW Selim said menjaga sobelle quiana

00:50:21 --> 00:50:24

Lem Jamboree now in a Yeoman, Tiana

00:50:25 --> 00:50:58

Allah Subhana, WA tada will not look at the person that ends up dragging his clothes out of arrogance, Allah will not look at that person on the Day of Judgment. Okay, so we came to the prophet to send them and he said, old prophet of Allah, I try my best to take my garment and keep it up top. But then what happens, it slides down, then what happens? I put it back on. And then it slides down again. Then I put it back on and slides out. So the Prophet has sent him said less than a month if he if

00:50:59 --> 00:51:35

you're not from the people that ends up, end up doing it out of arrogance. So some scholars, they said based on this, that it is only impermissible when it's done based on arrogance. And if it's not done based on arrogance, then we'll notice that the prophets are seldom excused, Abu Bakar who tried his best to do it, and he wasn't able to do it. Okay. So based on this, some scholars will say, Well, this is her poem that is a yet it's restricted, it's qualified to what, to those people that do it out of arrogance.

00:51:36 --> 00:52:14

Now, there's a couple of things that I want to stop out over here. And I'm not necessarily saying that they're wrong. Okay, because that requires a lot more than this session, because long discussion, and it's one of those things that though it is a highlight issue, but some people they almost make like a differentiation between their sect and the other sect, because of this, this is not something that should be done. sectarianism is not part of Islam. We're not supposed to, you know, break the SFX, the, the the rows of the believers, we are all believers, we're all in the boat together, and we're all trying to get to the same place. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa

00:52:14 --> 00:52:57

sallam, he said that the shavon had been despaired of being worshipped in the Arabian Peninsula when I can fit the Haitian VEDA. But what he has not disappeared out, is the fact that he's going to be able to cause problems between you so problems, let's not get into them. But in questions are something that deserves an answer without us becoming Mutasa. Without us becoming sectarian. And, and also, at times even violent, because of small matters of such such, you know, nature. Now, if it's a halal haram issue, I take back what I said in terms of small matters, it is a big matter. But nonetheless, if there are scholars that said one way and the others didn't Said another way, we

00:52:57 --> 00:53:28

should still be considered of that because they may have evidences, which we have not yet seen. So now we have one Hadees, which is saying that whoever ends up dragging his soap player out of arrogance, some people, they take this hadith and they said, Look, a last messenger only said that whoever drags out of arrogance, and Abu Bakar didn't drag out of arrogance, right? He couldn't keep his job up. Now, the key word is I will go through trying.

00:53:30 --> 00:53:41

I will buckle the along with that. I don't surely and truly and definitely did not have any arrogance. But the fact that he tried is the sign that he did not have arrogance.

00:53:43 --> 00:53:46

The fact that he had actually attempted to,

00:53:47 --> 00:54:11

to take itself his garment and keep it above the ankles. That is the proof of the fact that he didn't do it out of arrogance. That's all when he came to the messenger. He said, I try to keep it up. The Prophet says you're not doing it out of arrogance. It's happening. It's actually happening. For some people out there. Even if you tell them brother the messenger sallallahu leaves it. Who cares? Kind of like that arbitrary.

00:54:13 --> 00:54:53

Brother the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that we should keep our film above the ankles. Oh, but you know, there's different opinions in there scholars. It's not it's not just don't get hung up. If you're being told that the messenger saw along or it was said them said, Stop and ponder who you're talking to about. You're talking about the messenger sauce and the mayor, the prophets all along where it was sending them. It taught us that there's a certain way to wear a garment. And there's a certain way for us to address. There's this trust me. This is some people may say, Well, this is not a bad. Let me tell you something. There's a reason why a loss of Hannah has

00:54:53 --> 00:54:55

taught us to save hamdulillah

00:54:58 --> 00:54:59

Al Hamdulillah. We'll get to the hypothetical.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:02

Tiny millenia, holy Mineola, for

00:55:03 --> 00:55:43

all praises due to a lot of the one who taught us to what the one that he had given us, his garment, miscellany held without our strength and without our power. We had it we didn't have to try to give it to us and the laws, messengers all sudden them, he said, Whoever says this, when he wears the cloth will fit on a whole method of government, the law will forgive him, the sins that he has committed from before this, the matter of clothes may not be an act of worship. But there are limitations and other factors within clothing that are supposed to be considered and they're meant to be there. So we can develop a connection with a loss of power without our devotion, and our

00:55:43 --> 00:56:23

dedication to our loss of power without so much he has told us don't keep your clothes above your below your ankles. Let's not do it. Right. Now, again, I say I'm not talking about held on and held on here. I'm talking about an attitude. I'm not talking at all about how long and how that I don't necessarily go to people that are wearing their garments below their ankles, and tell them brother, you've committed something how long because I do understand that there is different differences of opinion on this matter. But if it does happen and someone does it, and then the person feels like I'm above the Sunnah of the messenger so often and that in and of itself is arrogance, that in and

00:56:23 --> 00:56:30

of itself is arrogance, and that is what the messenger sallallahu wasallam had forbade us from

00:56:31 --> 00:56:39

first and foremost. But there's also another thing to note that just as there are traditions that are restricted, whoever

00:56:41 --> 00:56:59

a loss of Hannah Medina, whoever drags it though, out of arrogance, Allah subhana wa tada will not look at him, right? Allah subhana wa tada also has a sin that he has dedicated for the person who just

00:57:00 --> 00:57:10

ends up dragging their soap dragging their garbage, whether it be because of the fact that they are doing it out of arrogance or without so this is a general one not restricted.

00:57:11 --> 00:57:25

This general one comes with three different punishments and not just one a lot, a lot of messengers also themselves said Atherton law, you can leave a home alone with three people alone will not speak to on the Day of Judgment.

00:57:26 --> 00:58:09

When I am little Elaine, and ally will also not look towards them, when I use a key and a law will also not purify them. So what's at stake is quite great. That's my point. Right? The scholar said they said they didn't mukou MOBA different people said, Okay, I'm gonna admit, I'll be the first to admit this, I don't have a problem with that. Right. But what you have at stake is very great. So just be careful about your theme. Because even if scholar said, she said, he said, You'll still be accountable for your own actions, not me, not the other scholar, not anybody else. Just read the Hadith for yourself. And I am against the methodology of saying that Hadith is clear, and the end of

00:58:09 --> 00:58:25

the world, everything else was thrown out of the door. But sometimes, there things are not said because they must be done. Even scholars that said that it's mukou, if you ever looked at the way they dress, they don't end up doing it themselves. That's my point.

00:58:26 --> 00:58:29

Not everything is said to it must be done as well.

00:58:30 --> 00:59:11

All right. And if it's done, then remember that when and if a person is advised, arrogance is not the way to go. Because if arrogance comes in the middle, then this is how long it does happen. This is how long by the consensus of the Islamic scholars, this is considered impermissible by the consensus of the Islamic scholars. And that's why arrogance and pride is what allows messengers so something related this particular her come to so my point here is two things. Number one, there's a lot at stake. So when we're deciding how to dress, let's dress as best as we can and closest as we can to the subnet also the loss of number one, number two, that if somebody chooses to do otherwise,

00:59:11 --> 00:59:52

and I can't, I can't lie to myself at times, it happens from all of us, including myself, because again, I know that there are scholars that have said that it's a restricted concept, right, but I try my best even if I'm wearing pants to have them cut and hemmed to a degree where it's not above, it's not below the ankle, and so on and so forth. But it ends up happening. We just got a new pair of pants and so on and so forth. Didn't get them him yet. But I have plans and intentions to do that. Right. So my point is that at times that can occur from anybody and everybody, right? So, but if a person is advised, then the advice shouldn't be taken in the light of the guise of john. He

00:59:52 --> 00:59:54

just read the Hadith. He didn't look what the scholar said.

00:59:56 --> 00:59:59

And that right there that attitude is the attitude of prayer.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:37

Because what what's pride both on denying the truth and a lump of NASS and, and looking down upon people so when we're denying that there is a hadith that tells us that there is three people or laws messenger will not look at there's three people, a laws messenger will not speak to analyze, sorry, a loss of Hannah with Allah Himself will not look at on the Day of Judgment Allah will not speak to, and Allah will not purify as well. And they will have a very severe pendant punishment. The first one, the messenger said, it must be the one who drags his clothes, the one who lacks the clothes be below his ankles.

01:00:38 --> 01:01:17

So we totally just overlooked that there's a general Hadith as well and the brother is giving me sincere advice, right and and sometimes even mock that that right there is given that is an attitude of given itself. Okay? There is a difference, as I said, between educated Li making a decision and deciding and that when the student is Rasulullah saw someone comes to us, we simply deny it. Or if we don't deny it, we end up having killer at that moment, saying that, Oh, well, this guy really doesn't have knowledge of the giant, he's this. He's that. And, you know, there is falon said, and he said, and she said, and so on and so forth. So there's a two sided point number one, that if

01:01:17 --> 01:01:58

somebody ends up doing it, then there shouldn't be a severe Nikita against it. But if someone there shouldn't be a severe, you know, brother, you're off it, you're, you're committing a sin and so on and so forth. Because maybe he did an educational decision, an educated decision on the matter. And he decided that while the muscles that are mutlak that are that are unrestricted, they, they in this case shouldn't be restricted with it. They shouldn't be restricted with the restricted one that the the general ones should be qualified with the restrictions found in the restricted ones. That's an understandable argument, right? And the one that brings this particular argument to someone, the

01:01:58 --> 01:02:13

person shouldn't be arrogant at that moment and just sort of pretend like he knows better and so on and so forth, because that's the arrogance that the prophets all along it will send them at forbidding us from in this particular scenario, I asked him not to give us the practice that can be

01:02:15 --> 01:02:44

made in the desert and follow blusa but Abu Tomita was able to survive in the movement. Even Khalid Abdullah hidden the Buddha and Minamata palace can have was Habu CRV. It also relies on a lot Hollywood cinema comics that home cinema said that the most beloved of close to the messenger saw send them was the commies. What's up amines? Are commies is the following things. Okay. This is called a jape. I'm just going to open this up here, this here.

01:02:46 --> 01:02:48

Right where I put the neck, this is called a jade.

01:02:50 --> 01:03:17

A Jade Jade. For some of you that know some Arabic or even Urdu, for that matter, you'll know that it's a pocket, right? But in old Arabic Jade is referring to the area where you put your neck in into the garbage. So this is your third and you put your neck and from here, right this area here. So that area is known as the J. So this is number one, it has a j number two it has come on. It has two sleeves. So sleeves just like these ones here and that j

01:03:18 --> 01:03:22

okay. Number four, it covers the outline as well.

01:03:25 --> 01:03:46

And some people they will tell you that okay, well, if you look at a meal, it's a has a job, it has a place to put your neck and as to, to comes to sleeves. And if we look at and it covers a large portion of the body, then it must be the shanwa means that that's predominantly used in the

01:03:47 --> 01:04:25

the indo * Pakistani culture or the subcontinent culture right within India, Pakistan, the subcontinent in general. So they should watch out for me, but it's not referring to the Chautauqua means I assure you that why because of the fact that the Burmese has three conditions. Number one, it has to have a date. Number two, it has to have the command the two sleeves as well, where you can put your hands in number three has to cover the entire outlaw. And Chautauqua piece by its definition does not necessarily or by the way, it is it doesn't necessarily cover that if you were to take off the Shinhwa, right?

01:04:27 --> 01:04:35

Excuse me for that one. But if you were to take off this, you know off, then then that would be catastrophic. But the idea is that

01:04:36 --> 01:05:00

that it doesn't cover the loss so for that reason, should walk by me so is not what's meant over here rather what's meant is simply the amines meaning the thump. So what we call in modern data thobe, or in certain cultures, they'll call it the conductor and so on and so forth. Right that so we're just told right here that I'm wearing that starts here and goes close to my above my ankles or above my knees.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:03

above my ankles. So that is what is known as the

01:05:05 --> 01:05:07

that is what is known as the mummies in history.

01:05:09 --> 01:05:45

Okay, so that was considered the most beloved garment to the profits and similar. So this is a beloved garment to the profits of the loss and keep that in mind that sometimes people end up hearing a job and they say that we're trying to follow the suit. So in reality there are in one way of following the suit now, meaning a sooner that they may be rewarded for because of their love for the messenger, some love audio cetera. Some people will say garments, this is just something of social norms. It's true, it is of social norms, but we say that they are there and the principle that my teachers used to teach me and their teachers would teach them and so on and so forth. It's a

01:05:45 --> 01:06:22

fun little light I had, that the virtue of a loss of Hannah without the grace of a lot cannot be limited. So you're not allowed to you're not permitted to limit the grace of Allah subhana wa tada the grace of Allah is very great, very grant, if someone is trying to follow even the way the prophets have said, I'm used to dress why because of his love for the messenger, then this is from the great grace of a locking can accommodate that. And for that reason, we should be able to understand that the grace of Allah is accommodating of that. And hence, and say that even the nightrider they can get the reward as well the card as I said, fugly will lie now you have done the

01:06:22 --> 01:07:02

grace of a lot is not to be not to be limited, right so somebody decides to wear so because they think that it is closer to this should not work, they may be rewarded for it because of their love of the messenger because the messenger used to love this dress as well then that is something that that that's not a not a problem at all and Allah subhana wa tada may reward them for that. However, for every single situation, there's a statement, certain situations necessitate that you dress a certain way. Some people they have the tendency of wearing their thobes even when they're going to the airports and trust me, it's not a fun thing to do when you wear your job and go to an airport

01:07:02 --> 01:07:30

especially within the Western world. It can raise a lot of eyes and they can actually do more damage than it does anything positive just keep your phone in your bag and wear it after you get across the the you know the immigration and you'll be okay but through those gates and through and other scenarios as well. That's one I'm singling out because it's a very common one that's discussed nowadays otherwise, there's other scenarios as well. Every single scenario has a way you're supposed to dress and and

01:07:31 --> 01:08:04

keep that in mind. However generally if a person prefers to wear a job, this is something that is beautiful because the messenger is also used to love this. The next Hadeeth had deaf and hard to live in mandibular Hajaj pods on had definitely not more I've been in sha Allah had definitely Avi and Buddha Elan yeah and every Mesa Bailey and shadow shivan and a smart Binti as he call it, Ghana. Como permisson, Nabi sallallahu, I do send them out. Como camisa de Sala LA to send them out.

01:08:06 --> 01:08:16

He loved was the sleeve of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was of the of the profits of symphonies we said is basically the thought the, the, the,

01:08:18 --> 01:08:28

the comb, the sleeve of the throat of the profits is seldom used to be up to the rose, what's the rose the wrist, okay, certain bones on your hand have different names.

01:08:30 --> 01:08:32

different names for different bones on your hand.

01:08:33 --> 01:08:34


01:08:36 --> 01:08:41

what alimony hammer who have won yellow Abraham

01:08:42 --> 01:09:27

the bone that's right after your hand, this bone right here. Okay, there's the bone if you if you notice these two bones over here, they crisscross. If you hold your hand right here and start going like this, you notice a bone to bones criss crossing date, their joint on both ends and they crisscross as you move your hand right, the aid in the process of your hand being able to move in different directions. So the one that is attached to your thumb was the one he added a Bama core and this is known as the court well I'm on the Alabama court and one I le defenses II and the one that is attached to the pinky over here, right also you can notice a bone right here that bone your home

01:09:27 --> 01:09:30

city he grew that bone is known as the cursor.

01:09:32 --> 01:10:00

What was who was out and the little bone almost like the carpal tunnel that area that is known as the the risk. Okay when sometimes you use the term loose and you mean generally the wrist as well. But if you want to get more Nitty and gritty then the Arabs have a name for every single Boehner so does English as well for that matter. So the other over here is known as the core. The one over here is known as the pursuer and the one in the middle or the area in the middle of the joint. Almost

01:10:00 --> 01:10:13

That is known as the roas. And that is also simply it can be translated as the wrist, so the garment of the messenger sauce, and then we'll go up to the wrist and go up to just around here.

01:10:14 --> 01:10:49

Okay? Now, of course, it will be different in different situations, when you're standing like this, there'll be a different spot, when you go like this, you may see a little bit more than just the wrist and so on and so forth. But generally, it wouldn't be extremely long that it would hide the hand of the prophets and send them why there's a couple of things. Number one, this is amongst the manners that some people have given us, and they can use and they continue to use still today, in order to show that, you know, look at us, we've got so much money that we can't even have a garment this long, and so on and so forth are just a way to, to show some kibber that I'm big, and so on and

01:10:49 --> 01:11:26

so forth. And this is what I have. And big clothing, by the way is it's considered a a trait of some people when they are trying to express their kibble and arrogance, that is even in modern day, it may not be showing its rendition in this particular matter in your culture. But if you think about it large and heavy and extremely large clothing every now and then they can turn into a symbol of arrogance as well. Right? So that's something that was being negated number two, when the Prophet says enemies using his hands that poor that sorry that can become can start to become really dirty if it's always in the way and so for that reason, the prophets I send them would have a very

01:11:26 --> 01:11:59

balanced garment, a garment that would have the comb that would have the sleeve reach only up to the wrist. And so it wouldn't be half sleeves as well. That's another thing to note aware. How to have definitely not abort a mob and proceed obliteration. potterhead definitely Boomer. Amen. pod had death Anna zohaib and Ottawa de la Ivanova. shaden. And where are we at? No Pura, and we call it to Masuda LA. He's a la jolla cinema prr didn't mean Rosina. 30 Nobel Yahoo. well enough coming soon avec la

01:12:00 --> 01:12:08

I was approved by Musa hemoglobin RFID country ID fee JB pharmacy for my sister hardener. Okay. So

01:12:13 --> 01:12:38

where are we at with Nikola? He says that he heard from his father who said that I came to the messenger Sawsan and field layman was aina. I came to the messenger Sawsan them with a group of people from a law means a group of people that are from three to 10. Those are up. So he came to the messenger saw send them without off from Musina and

01:12:40 --> 01:12:47

he says over here, Lino value Nova so that we make pledge allegiance to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

01:12:49 --> 01:12:57

And he says we're in the peninsula, mukluk. And his commies, he thought was much luck, it was opened up.

01:12:58 --> 01:13:16

Okay, so the upper area of the throat, not that much, but the upper area of the throat was opened up like this, the profits I'll send them was kind of, you know, resting basically. So the idea is that some people, they find it difficult in awkward in public places to open up their, you know,

01:13:17 --> 01:13:52

their thobes slightly, right? Because it doesn't look too professional, and so on and so forth. Now, that's, by the way, that's appreciated, that's not that's not looked down upon that for a moment. That's something that's appreciated, looking good, looking fresh, and looking, you know, prim and proper, if you please, that's a good sign Actually, that's a good thing to do. And a lots of panel data, he loves beauty in the law. Hi, Jimmy, don't you, man, that Allah subhanaw taala is beautiful, and he loves beauty as well. But keeping it slightly open, and so on and so forth. This is not something we should be to, that we should find too strange. Or if somebody's doing it, you should

01:13:52 --> 01:14:35

find it very strange. But the apostle the primary situation that a person should be in the way to generally conduct oneself is that you are you know, you know, you're nice and enclosed and so on and so forth. Also comfortably so that is something to consider it as well. Sometimes these things can start choking you right? So comfortably so but if it's slightly enclosed, open, sorry, that's not a problem because we see in this case, the prophets I send them he had his shirt open, zero coming in, so he would look or that the buttons Now over here on the button, I have a zipper but the buttons have the clothes of the profits or sell them are open from the front. That's the idea.

01:14:36 --> 01:15:00

Now he says, My father, he says that I ended up taking my hand and I placed it in the back of the profits and send them to feel the hotter to feel the seal of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from sstl heart of that I ended up feeling the heartburn but the point of these over here is to show you that the buttons can be open and the buttons can be

01:15:00 --> 01:15:13

Close to all of that is head on, though again, I say that some people, they end up putting it like this, saying that look, this is the sooner and I'm following the sooner, but no, if you notice that the province has actually had buttons,

01:15:14 --> 01:15:56

you see the garments at that time they're all pump person, you know, personally catered for an individual's taste. They weren't made, they were literally they're, you know, they're all custom made clothes. They weren't made for consumer purposes. And then a person wears it as he pleases, meaning that the profits of sillim had placed buttons on his clothes by his choice. Meaning that the buttons were actually there for a purpose the profits isn't and wouldn't. And again, keep remembering the fact that they don't have the same sort of resources as we do have a couple of buttons on your shirt today. And even if you don't like opening it, even if you don't like actually

01:15:56 --> 01:16:33

closing it is not a problem at all right? Because buttons come staple with T shirts, with shirts, even custom made shirts that people throw some buttons on there, right? That's the, that's the reality of, of modern life, things are very easy to get. That's not the reality of it, you know, historic and ancient life. The reality of that life is that if you want to get buttons, you have to buy those buttons and place those buttons and stitch those buttons and get a needle and get some thread and so on and so forth. And if you don't know how to do it yourself, then you have to get someone else to do it and ABC so they're a very long process. So the fact that the profits isn't had

01:16:33 --> 01:17:08

buttons on there, because he said, zero, I mean, see him Look, look the buttons of the shirt of the profits and send them more open. That shows us that they were placed there for a reason, meaning that generally the messenger sallallahu Sallam would use his buttons. But in that specific scenario, the messenger may have felt heart may have just rested and been been resting or so on and so forth. So he opened his blessing buttons from his blessing chest. Allah had definitely not abdominal for me to heart I had dessiner hammer who follow Allah. Imagine salah and Habib Shaheed and it has said an unnecessary American. Well the long data

01:17:10 --> 01:17:53

and the nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the messengers from the law where it will send them hot Raja Jolla thick you are allowed assignment that Musee Allah He said we will go for the unit, our shahabi for solar beam, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came out. This is when he was six out alongside them. He came out and he was wearing a soap a garment that was so good *. Okay, so blanketly units a type of garment that is known as a cookery nakatani. By the way, it's known as a 31. By the way, some scholars they did say that this is referring to cutoff. Okay. So it's referring to the area that is close to the head end that is known as alpha, which is basically the

01:17:53 --> 01:18:31

country caught on. And by the way, the same sort of, dude, the same boundaries don't necessarily apply to historical names, but generally the area is that same area. That is what some people said, but generally scholars, they said it's not referring to ortho. It's another type of garment. That was from Yemen. Okay. And the thing about this garment was that it had lines on it. So the prophet SAW Selim would wear clothes with pattern just as the profits and cinema would wear clothes without pattern. He would love to wear white clothing just pure white and at times the profits of cinnamon also wear clothes with patterns to thoburn pop it you are deadly you will actually have some sort of

01:18:31 --> 01:19:06

pattern on it but that was shabby the profits I send them he made it a shot which means he made it up cloak okay fossil lobby him and then in that cloak, the messenger sallallahu Sallam ended up praying Salah with all leading all the Muslim need in prayer after having help from NSF medic to actually come to the masjid. But God made in Harlem hamdulillah bin Salman and Yahya blumarine and how that Hadees What up my agenda as opposed to destiny? magical cinema Paulo Cara Nikita. Okay.

01:19:08 --> 01:19:09


01:19:11 --> 01:19:54

over here, if you didn't know for me, and this is by the way, a very important point to note. Ivan didn't even made the saying that he heard my dividend photo saying that Yeah, even my hammer didn't follow the rules Mohammed didn't follow. Mohammed they will follow is one of the narrators of this hadith. There's a definite update made on hamedan Timothy he narrates from abduct mermaid who directs from hammer the grandfather who narrates from him I didn't tell him that Habiba can shade and has an basri and unnecessarily madico the allowance, so that's a shame. So I've been made says that Hamad bin Favell told me, okay. And Mohammed bin Salman

01:19:55 --> 01:19:59

is he's a teacher of abdomen mate. So you say Mohammed will follow

01:20:00 --> 01:20:04

Me that Yeah, they've been marine had asked me about this Howdy.

01:20:05 --> 01:20:17

The first time he came and sat next to me. Because the first time he came and sat with me, he asked me about this heavy. So what did I do? I was about to tell him Have you spoken to

01:20:19 --> 01:20:52

him I didn't celebrate madonsela told me this hadith. And as I am allowed to tell him the Hadith and the chain of the Hadith, you have been Marina stops me stop. So Mohammed bin forward, he stops me and he tells me Hold on, hang on there before you tell me that Howdy. What did he say lo ghanim? And kitabi? Can you go bring your book and tell me from the book directly? Why? Because if he's telling them for the book that he's more sure, you know, he picks up the book from the library. And he literally opens it up and he reads the lion out of the book, whatever the case may be, so that

01:20:54 --> 01:21:09

what does that do that ensures the fact that there's accuracy that ensures that that hammer they've been following is narrating accurately. So you have in mind wants to make sure that this is this is DC gets accurately writes it down.

01:21:11 --> 01:21:38

So as Mohammed didn't follow, he's about to stand up. He's just about to stand up. He's standing up. And what happens now? He grabs his soap. Right? Literally, it says for Ababa, Toby. So he ended up grabbing my phone. So your mind is grabs the Toby's hold on hold on. Hang on, before you leave. Right now, that sounds a little bit rude. But I guess there's cultural differences over history as well. Now keep that in mind as well. And

01:21:40 --> 01:21:57

I leave with your pilot, by the way, amongst the adopt that ideal the amount of data I had, I knew it had taught us there's a long duration. And she teaches us the dogma of how to treat an AMA. And amongst the things he said is what I thought I thought would be and don't grab this.

01:21:58 --> 01:22:37

And no rabbit. Nobody wants to stand. So your herd marine is doing just that. But again, as I said, Yeah, mine is from a different time and a different culture. So what's happening? Maybe totally acceptable, right. But the next thing that he says Mohammed even following is actually boastfully telling the story, meaning he was happy to see how marine was so keen on the Hadith. The next thing he says on emiliani. Is he said you're about to tell me that he said just just finish the Hadeeth off, please. So he hammered it, it felt like he starts to tell him that he thought I had medical Santa Paula

01:22:38 --> 01:22:40

habibollah shape or

01:22:41 --> 01:22:46

an unnecessary medical or the lungs is about to tell him that it's not right.

01:22:48 --> 01:23:26

Before he can complete a snack, he tells them Can you tell me from the book? Now, as Mohammed didn't follow the standing up? He starts thinking in his head what if I lose the opportunity of hearing the Heidi? What if my mobile phone dies? What if What if he starts getting a lot of different what ifs in his head and he's so keen on making sure that he gets to it before something happens to him a different folder. So he says hang on hang on. Just tell me with your with your mouth me here and in the in the halfway mark, I'm afraid that I won't be able to meet you I'm afraid that you may die on the way to your library me within the house itself. So then he heard me when he told him he says I'm

01:23:26 --> 01:24:10

late to Who are they he then I ended up telling him this Hadeeth some courage to kitabi sakara then I ended up taking my book out and I read it out to him as well. So he told them that have you been to manners and this is the great, the very severe, the very serious attitude that the Senate used to have towards the heavy civil suit a lot of a lot more it was setting them as they would like to get every single portion of it and lose nothing of it and everything accurately so as well. I definitely do not sleep on the library. And so he didn't he asked me to do it. And I mean he said he didn't really have a camera so life's a little longer I do send them either stated the settlements and now

01:24:10 --> 01:24:10


01:24:12 --> 01:24:19

where I'm at in commission, Oda and Kudo Allahu Allah can handle kemiska Sultani as

01:24:21 --> 01:24:25

well here on Mount Sunni Allah who will be coming shortly he will shed the mount Sanjana.

01:24:27 --> 01:24:53

This Hadith narrated by Abu Salah either hoody, the profits of a lot he will send them whenever he would wear in new so is this either stagette death Omen somehow this means he would wear it with it, he would give it its name, meaning you would call it a mama or he would call it Amin. So your mama means that turban that you work on nice means as we said, I hope that that means a cloaking, sort of like a you know,

01:24:54 --> 01:24:58

like a towel type of thing that is tied to the bottom to cover

01:25:00 --> 01:25:19

So you would name whatever name it had. And then he would say a law, medical or law for you is the priests cannot consult any had Now over here he says Kanaka so that he wouldn't let me in right? The heart is the dummy. It's the pronoun. But before that he told you he gives it the name.

01:25:20 --> 01:25:59

Somehow bismi he uses the name, he doesn't use a pronoun. The pronoun is just using the dog to tell you how to make the dog. Now you change the pronoun you have to know some Arabic for this with whatever garbage or area like you can say a llama like an hamdu Kanaka Soltani has a nice Allahumma Look at him to get Microsoft and he has a Libous just if you just say how the liberals or how they felt, or how that manifests. It includes everything, this garment that's inclusive of the turban that's inclusive of the goofy, whatever you're wearing. It's inclusive of all that. So you'd make the out like this. If he's wearing a new film, you would say a law home mannequin, do camera consult

01:25:59 --> 01:26:08

any other sober? I look at hoorah. Hoorah mousumi Allah, I asked you have the dust of it and the best of what you have created it for.

01:26:10 --> 01:26:51

Right What what are you becoming shedra he will shed the mount Sunni Allah. And I asked you for the I seek refuge in You from the evil of it, and the evil of what it had been created for. So garments can at times lead to evil because there is a times evils within the garment. That's the point. Meaning that if you were to wear something that is held on for men, it is impermissible to wear silk. For men, it is impermissible to wear certain dresses for women, it's impermissible to undress themselves. So they're shot within guard garments as well. Sometimes, you know, wearing tight clothing is a sharp. So when you're wearing a cloth, if you want to be protected of the shadow

01:26:51 --> 01:26:59

within the cloth, within the Evil Within the cough, and the messenger sauce Adam taught us that when you wear that cloth, and this is by the way,

01:27:01 --> 01:27:40

a clear sign of the type of devotion we're supposed to have to unlock the pattern without I already mentioned this earlier, that even within clothes, their acts of worship that allies included, there's the opportunity for you to stay away from the things that allies forbidden allies forbidden us from dressing in tight clothing, see through clothing, lots of parallel data has forbidden us from wearing clothes that are above that are below our ankles for those people that are that are that are men, allies forbidding us from wearing for women wearing clothing that reveal parts of the body, the hair, the neck the there's a certain way to dress. So the messenger Sawsan them said when

01:27:40 --> 01:28:19

you wear the cloth then say Luca Harada. here Oh, I asked you have the highest within this coffee one law I asked you of the goodness within this top of our last panel. Well honey on that Sunni IRA when I asked you for the goodness of which this was created upon and for, what are we becoming, shall we here and I asked you refugia seek refuge within you from the evil that can be caused because of this cloth, but shed any amount sooner than when the evil that this particular cloth was created for. had definitely shabu Yunus and Kofi Honda definitely possible romantic in was any I need your ID.

01:28:21 --> 01:29:04

I'd be another law. I'd be sorry, you didn't hold it a Yanan hooded iyana being a solid law. And I'm just going to give you a simple example, garments that are that are suggested, right? garments that are graded sometimes with the word laundry, that can be used in height, because there is height between a husband and wife coming together in sexual intimacy, that is height, right? But if somebody has such garments, and then they and then as time passes, there is no husband and there is no wife now. But the garments are still there, they can still be used for evil Now isn't that so they can still be used for things that are evil. And that's why every moment even when we're

01:29:04 --> 01:29:23

dressing ourselves up, it's an opportunity for us to get closer to a line Allah has given us this opportunity over here and he's highlighted this message of the messenger is very clear. You might say what's going to be evil in a cloth. Right? And I'm being very explicit about it over here. So it's clear, you understand it allows messengers saying,

01:29:24 --> 01:29:59

seek refuge in a lot from the evil of a garment, or Lupica. I seek refuge and you all love and shut up from the Evil Within this Garmin. Well, Chevy mazzoni. I know because people have evil in dungeons when they're creating garments when they are manufacturing when they are making garments. So even for the purposes that it was created for I seek refuge in the evil of it. I seek refuge in You from the evil of it on a desert island with the unit Yunus he shared with us a coffee he said Allah acemoglu Malik al Madani, awesome even Malik and Mussolini and enjoy the ivy Nagata

01:30:00 --> 01:30:13

Sorry, didn't hold it a yellow the Allahu Giada de Sala la Why do you send them? Right? From the Prophet sallallahu I didn't send them he said the exact same thing in this particular had he says well, right. And there's another Hadith

01:30:15 --> 01:30:43

in which we also have the drop, that the profits are lower you send them and taught us there's this dog that I just mentioned. And, and there's other day as well anyways, this is enough if we memorize one da, but there's also a guy that you should give to a person that wears new cloth clothes. Sometimes you see a brother, a sister dressed up with brand new clothes or brand new soul but brand new, I buy a shirt, t shirt, pants, whatever it may be. And at times jealousy can also occur sometimes

01:30:45 --> 01:31:24

they may be protected from jealousy at one point in their lives. But as the heart becomes rusted and a little bit more rusted, and a little bit more rusted and a little bit more rested, then sometimes that very pure soul at one point can now start to become an evil soul at another point I asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from such quality. So there's the idea that we are given so that we continue to remember the goodness and the height and things that are actually good. When the prophet SAW send them would you know, it taught us in the Sahaba would practice this by the way amongst themselves whenever somebody were where I knew so they would say to Billy

01:31:25 --> 01:31:27

Where are you from that

01:31:28 --> 01:31:31

let this garment become old and

01:31:32 --> 01:31:33

and very very

01:31:34 --> 01:32:16

badly and really really old cloth well you can leave a lot And may Allah subhana wa tada replace it with another 40 now this guy actually it's a very beautiful drop. If you think about it, it sounds actually kind of made me a lot making this garment old for you. Right It means a couple of things like keep this garment within your possession for a long time to believe me or like keep it with you for a long time as it grows old. Number two, it also is a draw for the person to continue in his in his life. Because if the garment is with him and it is growing old and he's wearing gold as well that shows you that you're making $1 not just for the garment you're making it to offer the

01:32:16 --> 01:32:33

individual to also grow old with his garment as well. Number three well you want me for law and May Allah subhana wa tada replace it also with something else for you something else that is very good as well. So these are the eyes of the profits isn't that made this dryer as well from holiday said, I believe

01:32:36 --> 01:32:57

what they may or may this particular soap of yours end up getting old and and very, very ancient meaning May you be able to wear it for a long time. And may you be able to use this for a long time until it actually grows old instead of ripping instead of it, you know, being thrown out and so on and so forth, or being lost.

01:32:58 --> 01:33:08

And there's other parts of the set as well for this purpose. But what the hour that we've learned, or the draws that we've learned are enough if we practice them on how many people have a shot and

01:33:09 --> 01:33:32

even shaman either had death or need to be on patata unnecessarily Maliki can have Wistia but you don't realize a little longer I need your cinema in the zoo. And Hippo, the most beloved cloth to the Prophet sallallahu it will send them that he would wear was an habanera wasn't hubba hubba is the garment that you place.

01:33:34 --> 01:33:34


01:33:36 --> 01:33:39

a garment that you place that

01:33:40 --> 01:33:42

that normally has stripes on it.

01:33:44 --> 01:33:58

And we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to love white, the profitsystem used to love gummies he would love those as well. And similarly, like a cloak, or something of that sort that had, you know, little lines on them,

01:33:59 --> 01:34:36

little designs on them and so on and so forth. Those are different garments of the profits that silom would love. So what may say well, the most beloved was a soap so how is also a cloak most beloved to the specific cloak and hedorah as I said, that's what's most beloved that's Moroccan lamb. It has little lines on the mismo hotpot. Okay, those lines, so maybe it's a line of red and then a line of black and so on and so forth, those lines and that pattern, along with the cloak, that's when the Prophet does and then would really love it. And the way to reconcile is that the stitch floats. The most beloved of the

01:34:38 --> 01:34:41

the most beloved of the stitch toes with was the thought.

01:34:42 --> 01:34:59

And the most beloved of the non stitched was an A Baba a cloak that has patterns on it. It definitely did not lay down on her dessiner Abdullah was up on Sophia and only Bri IV IV hit

01:35:00 --> 01:35:04

are at Maria Salallahu audio cinema. Why are they here? Listen hammer.

01:35:10 --> 01:35:15

Can the Unruh elaborate is sappy para Sofia for all her?

01:35:16 --> 01:35:35

Okay, so in this one I don't even have the driver says Abu hanifa had said that I saw the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whilst he was wearing a hula Hamra. What's a hula? We already mentioned hula is a two piece garment.

01:35:36 --> 01:35:40

So now who like can be close to the idea of

01:35:42 --> 01:36:31

it can be close to the idea of shawanna and Camus. Right? It can also be close to the idea of the Tsar, right. These are the, the bottom garment, the bottom cloak, almost the towel that's wrapped around in hygiene and the.as. Well, so these are on the reader. It could be that and it could also be the shadow of the mean such type of cloth but it's closer to the is out and redact closer to the type of dress you'd wear. It has that same sort of dress code. That's what he was wearing. And it happened to be red. It was her lead that was red. Get a neon blue. He got really sappy. It's as if I could see the illumination of the legs of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So Seon says I

01:36:31 --> 01:37:08

think he was referring to the HIPAA law. And we already explained that HIPAA is a cloak, it's not stitched and the cloak that has patterns on it. So when he's saying it was a hula hoop law, it was a red cloak. That means that it was a red cloak with a pattern on it as well, because soufiane explained that I think it was the headline that he was talking about. And we've already spoken about the red clothes clothes earlier on in another in another class father had definitely meaning that it's had on according to some scholars, and according to the Hadith of the prophets and centenary forbade it as well. But read mixed with other colors is okay, how to have definite and you know,

01:37:09 --> 01:37:25

all the recent new units and so on. Each of these have been involved in your acid color model. He had an accent if you're letting him la muratsuchi nine sallalahu it will send them in Ghana to Jamaica who who Caribbean will keep that

01:37:26 --> 01:37:37

as long as he mentioned that I have never seen anyone model ahead and meanness I've never seen anyone from the people who let in Hamra in a red cloak

01:37:38 --> 01:38:12

in a red cloak, remember ride with stripes on it, middle a suit in law, I've never seen anyone more beautiful than this reticle so the red cloak with stripes must have been a common garment that they would wear during the time of the prophet to sell them that's why I bought all these saying that I've never seen anyone more beautiful than in meaning there must have been other people wearing it as well. And it must have been considered a beautiful garment in their in their time. And in their situation in gannets geometrical. They tell the debugger, even monkey by the hair of the prophets and send them would be close to the

01:38:14 --> 01:38:38

the mannequin, the shoulders of the messenger Salallahu audience and so when the Prophet says it will make the hair go like this, the hair would start touching close to the shoulder of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa send them out. And that's what a drama is. We already mentioned that jamaa there's different ones what Fatah, Lima and drama. And the way to organize them in order of height is well a truffula means up to the ear lobes.

01:38:40 --> 01:39:02

And limit means up to the neck. Juma means up to the shoulder, and he's saying over here was a drummer, that was that was very, very close to the shoulders, and that's why he called it a drummer. And another thing to note over here is that the word Duma historically was the Arabic word for the modern battulga.

01:39:04 --> 01:39:05


01:39:06 --> 01:39:07


01:39:08 --> 01:39:09


01:39:12 --> 01:39:26

it's the Arabic version of French word, which I don't know how to pronounce, but it's something like the Hulk or something like that. And there's someone that speaks French, they can correct me, but it basically means a week. Okay, so the wig

01:39:27 --> 01:39:59

has a historical equivalent to it as well in terms of a word. But over here, the reason why I'm mentioning this is I don't want anybody to pick up a dictionary and read Joomla and it actually comes out to mean bottle color. It comes out to me in a week or so on and so forth. And they think it's referring to a week. That word Joomla over here is as I explained, it's a here that is going all the way to the back of that and another meaning of the word German history is the wig as well. Paula had definite but nowadays the word drama is not used for weight. Nowadays, people use bottlecap

01:40:00 --> 01:40:24

Other terms, but not wink. But, but not jamaa. But it should be that amongst our agendas, to re Arab eyes, our own language, Arabic is a very beautiful language that is extremely vast. In modern day many words, which otherwise happened to have an Arabic equivalent to them, are now are now

01:40:26 --> 01:40:27

are now also

01:40:28 --> 01:40:28


01:40:30 --> 01:41:09

with words that are actually non Arabic words or Latin words or French words, English words and so on and so forth. However, Arabic has an Arabic equivalent to it amongst them, as I said, is the wig over here. So the wig actually had a name for it, it was a concept that was known, the Jamaat was actually worn by some of the halifa as well. So it was something that was known and hence it has a name behind it and we should be able to understand what that name is. Honda had death and I'm a diploma shop. I had Maddie and Paul obey the law him yaghan I beat him beat him. holler at him to be a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was la he bought Danny Baran. I saw the messenger sallallahu

01:41:09 --> 01:41:11

alayhi wa sallam wearing

01:41:12 --> 01:41:16

what whilst I saw him he was wearing true boots. Okay.

01:41:17 --> 01:41:50

But again, it's a cloak as well. And it's also a cloak that has lines on it. These are all different types of clothes. We cannot understand exactly how they are but generally their cloaks would line so pattern clothing was a common phenomenon. That's the point. Allah had done enough for me that Potter have done outside of the Muslim in the center of the library son and I'm very I'm jealous that they do Hey back. What are they back? He's narrating from two of his grandmother's do haber and labor and a letter Binti mahama

01:41:51 --> 01:41:52

so there's

01:41:53 --> 01:42:21

three women over here. Have salad I'm buddy. I'm delighted even Hassan and I'm buddy. He's narrating from two of his justice. Two of his grandmother's de haber and our neighbor who are narrating from Fina, which is also a woman had been mahatama she said I saw the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he a smellin moolah yet in Ghana, Tabitha wakad in a folder.

01:42:22 --> 01:42:29

And I saw the messenger saw Selim, as he had upon him a smile on moolah getting what a smile.

01:42:30 --> 01:42:43

A smile is, again a type of cloth but it's a old cloth. So the prophet SAW Selim was wearing a very old stitched cloth. Okay, kind of like

01:42:46 --> 01:43:03

almost like a crocheted cloth if you please. So he's wearing an old one, though. Okay, so old that would happen. gonna die because I thought they had been colored with saffron. Well, enough other two and a smile. It ended up.

01:43:04 --> 01:43:44

It ended up. It's as I said, this particular type of garment is what it's crocheted, it's not actually stitched together, I must have used the word stitched earlier on. So delete that from your vocabulary to understand someone or someone is a singular investment. It's almost like a crocheted garment, right? That doesn't have any stitches attached to it. Rather, it's just like one long thread that's been crocheted into a garment that the messenger, so the longer it was send them was wearing. So that's important to know. So this particular garment was then dipped in saffron. Now over time, over us, and so on and so forth, the saffron didn't necessarily fully settled into the

01:43:44 --> 01:43:54

color did not settle fully. So the color started to leave of saffron. And then the end, that's why the profits and allow it to send them was very good, right.

01:43:55 --> 01:44:36

And the reason why it's important to know that the saffron color was no longer there is because of the fact that the messenger had forbidden men from wearing clothes that have sat saffron or another, another dye called and what else? He forbade men from wearing clothes that have any of these two dyes in them, right. So the fact that the color of saffron was already fading, then it becomes permissible for a person to wear that that's the reason why that's the reason why I ended up adding that particular clause in there. And I had definitely put a bet to say he didn't call it a definite bitumen father and Abdullah have numerous man, even who they mean and say the image of a anybody

01:44:36 --> 01:44:47

Abbas in Kala Kala Rasulullah sallallahu it was cinema on a comb built by all the ministry yet go ahead and wear white clothing and that's why I said amongst the beloved clocks to the prophet to send them is white.

01:44:48 --> 01:44:59

Right go ahead and wear white clothing. Li Elvis haha oh come lecture. People that are alive wear this particular type of clothing white clothing. What does female feel

01:45:00 --> 01:45:44

no.com and also your deceased you can put them in the coffin that is white coffin as well for in the half a euro CRB comm For verily the best of your clothes is the white clothing as well. And there are many reasons why white clothing is considered good amongst those reasons is because having clean clothes is a sweetener. So when you have white coats, right, for example, this hair, any little bit of dirt, any little bit of filth that comes in touches the white cloth you right away know that this is dirty Now, take it off, and you can cleanse it because you know right away it's dirty. And it's not feasible to wear dirty white coats, it's feasible to wear dirty black clothes, it's feasible to

01:45:44 --> 01:46:24

wear dirty, dark brown clothes and so on and so forth, but not white. So for that reason, the profit loved white, so that anytime it becomes filthy or dirty, the profits are settled right away, cleaning out the Upper Ottawa bog. Okay, as the profit center said it's cleaner and it's more pure. And you'll notice even in the dryer the profits are seldom used to make the offer right. What did you say? The profits instead of you would say Aloma nothing you know how theia Canada you know 1000 abbia, Lumina Dennis. A lot pure me from the evil deeds that have purified me from the evil beats that I may have committed. Can I went up by someone who minute Dennis, just as you purify white

01:46:24 --> 01:46:28

clocks and white clothing from any

01:46:29 --> 01:46:51

any any filth and dirt that may have made it dirty, the man made it filthy, they may have made it messy looking and so on and so forth. So just as you just as people end up cleaning white clothes just like that purify me all, Allah subhanho wa Taala because White is a symbolism of purity. pada definite. Do more money on

01:46:52 --> 01:47:37

Korea, even a visa call me on Mousavi Mousavi Venetia on Sofia taburiente shea butter and eyeshadow do longtown ha ha jealous or lying? Some of the longer audio seven by the way. Over here we're noticing how many times just in today we've had female so how bx narrating or female narrators within it are there are many many female narrators within these little sort of muscles send them ask Allah subhanaw taala to revive scholarship within women in our times as well. How'd y'all know sort of law he sallallahu it was cinema doctor adapting while he Middleton min Sharon is what the profits on the law it was setting them came out one morning cadaques meaning early morning.

01:47:38 --> 01:47:43

The profits and seven came out one early morning. Okay. Why they he Middleton

01:47:44 --> 01:48:01

and he happened to have a middle. He was wearing a long garment a minute there's a long garment, a very vast garment but not long enough by the way to be below the ankles. Keep that in mind. So he's wearing this and it was made of black. But you know black

01:48:02 --> 01:48:05

threads showed us what basically comes out to meaning black

01:48:07 --> 01:48:38

sort of color in the cloth how to use it and Marisa Allah had death in our key room. How to use it use units of No, I mean it's hard on over here on the show began over with a little detour about i B and then the BS en la how to send them an evisa ju betten oromiya 10 billion potential make the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sure about moving out on the shore that brother Omar says mohila ignatova My father had said

01:48:40 --> 01:49:29

such and such so believe Ivan Chavez the narrator this hobby that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had more a Juba Rumia a Juba, a garment Juba kind of also means the Philip as well, similar to a syllabus Well, okay, so he was wearing a drug that Rumia or Roman thobe almost. So historically, the Romans would also wear thugs that also wear what would be called a jewel, but it's kind of like a cloak ish though. Similar to what you'd see, maybe a certain priest in churches where not everywhere, but certain people. So that will be kind of like a drop out. So you'll notice that over here, the prophets I send them is wearing like a Roman job but of course they had no signs of

01:49:29 --> 01:49:33

religion, religious related, you know,

01:49:35 --> 01:50:00

sense to it. That wasn't there, but the prophet SAW Selim was wearing a Roman yo but nonetheless, this shows us that doing business with people that are from anywhere in the world or wearing their clothes and so on and so forth is considered permissible the provinces and then we'll conduct business with the Jews in Medina. Even though the prophets have said and knew that the people that are Jews in Medina, they conduct themselves with Riba you know in their business transaction

01:50:00 --> 01:50:38

They have a lot of interests between themselves. But when the profits instead of his doing his transaction is held on, so he doesn't have a problem, right? Similarly the profits or send them with us doctors from all over the world, he showed for the load data, and I had mentioned this as founding the other party Mousavian that the profit galleries can and abuse, awesome. radula, nice calm and the profitsystem gets sick a lot. Right? But then actually the whole da da boo feta da, so that. So then at times, the Arabs would give him a prescription, the profits are somewhat accepted. And then for then it would then add to the who, Elijah who faded out, and also non Arabs. And what

01:50:38 --> 01:51:06

that means over here is non Muslims, non Muslims would also give him prescriptions, and he would end up using them as well. So again, a third example in which the prophet to send them is interacting with non Muslims freely, no problem. He's even wearing clothes that are coming from Rome. Now, what's Rome? By the way? Rome, that is meant over here is not Rome of today. It was actually referring to what we know today is Syria. Okay.

01:51:07 --> 01:51:12

Historically, the term Syria, Syria was never actually there. Okay.

01:51:14 --> 01:51:23

Let me correct myself. Historically, the term Syria was never actually specified to this particular location we know as Syria, it was there.

01:51:24 --> 01:51:28

It was used by the Romans that were the inhabitants of a shop.

01:51:30 --> 01:51:36

The Arabs would refer to this area as a sham. Or they would refer to it as a room.

01:51:37 --> 01:52:21

So this particular cloak that the prophet SAW said that was wearing was it Xiaomi cloak. And that's why I said, priests of the Eastern world, they were such things, not priests of the Western world. If you notice, priests of the Western world did sometimes wear clothes. But if you go to the eastern world, priests and Christians, and that I've stuck to the Roman sort of culture, till today that I've inherited over generations, because Muslims don't force people into their religion, they simply allow people to live as they please. Right. So the people that are inhabitants of the Roman culture, in for example, Lebanon and other places, and even Egypt, for example, the coptics the way they

01:52:21 --> 01:53:00

dress, they have kind of like a cloak sort of thing that looks more like more or less like a thought that they were right. So this is the type of garment that the profits of someone was wearing over here, drew back Rumia Roman, but as I said, this is actually a drew back shamia as other narrations actually explain it to be a joke. dashami so a room and a sham in history were one and the same, there was no difference that was the name that was used. And if you look at the Xiaomi people, the their physical features are actually very similar to what we know, as the western physical feature, the Caucasian features, that's the reason for that, because they're actually the same people. Turkey

01:53:00 --> 01:53:31

all these places are actually the same people in terms of their lineage ology, but they are different in terms of their religion, and now of course, in terms of their culture, and so on and so forth as well. And they have now of course, intermarried between, between Arabs and so on and so forth, because of which they do have slightly different physical features, but some of them over generations if they married within their own culture, then they maintained the same physical features and so on and so forth. So the Jew bottle Nia is actually a double shot meal.

01:53:34 --> 01:53:45

But again, the benefit of this is at that time during the time of the Prophet ism Sham was in a Muslim country, right? Sham when I say Sham with Sham, Sham is Syria. It is

01:53:46 --> 01:53:47


01:53:49 --> 01:53:54

It is Palestine and when I say Palestine, I'm actually not considering

01:53:55 --> 01:54:06

you know, the occupied land to be a land I'm saying Palestine and I mean, within that what we know today is Israel even though all of that is Palestine, okay, so Palestine,

01:54:08 --> 01:54:26

and Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, all these areas were known as a shop all of this and all those particular areas that we're talking about. They're all very similar in their physical features. If you go slightly south towards

01:54:27 --> 01:54:48

Arabian peninsula physical features change immediately almost immediately start to look different right? So that's why as I said the room and a sham are one in the same in history. So when he's saying a Rumia the job bottle Mia he really means the job. Shania

01:54:49 --> 01:54:59

and both of them are really the same thing. But if I didn't call me and they were very tight in their sleeves as well, so wearing tight sleeves is also not a problem.

01:55:00 --> 01:55:25

ask Allah subhana wa Jalla to give us a trophy to where that which pleases him. I asked him lots of hands on with Donna to give us the hairstyle that pleases him. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us a tool to understand the life of the messenger selected them and take benefit from the life of the messenger sallallahu it will send them jaql below him for listening while some Allahu Allah say Ed, now I'm coming in, right out of your sight. bH me was said Mr. akel. Mohammed the light are what our cattle

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