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Verily Allah does not look to your bodies nor to your faces but He looks to your hearts," and he pointed towards the heart with his fingers

 Sahih Muslim 2564

About Abdul Wahab Saleem - Prophetic Characteristics

Shama’il At-Tirmidhi is one of the most inspirational topics in the Islamic Sciences as it details the physical features of our handsome Messenger Muhammad (SAWS). It also describes the characteristics, personality traits and some of the personal belongings of our beloved Muhammad (SAWS).

This great learning experience will include the description of many of our Messengers (AS) personal belongings, such as his bedding, cup and more!

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About Abdul Wahab Saleem

Abdul Wahab Saleem

Upon completing high school in Toronto, Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem went on to obtain a diploma in Arabic Studies at the renowned King Saud University, the highest-ranking institution in the Middle East. Therein, he successfully completed a Bachelors in Fiqh & Usool al-Fiqh with honors.

While pursuing his university education, Abdul Wahab Saleem studied numerous classical works from a plethora of distinguished scholars, particularly under the tutelage of Sh. Anwar Abdullah Al-Fadfari. He has obtained licenses (ijazaat) to teach numerous sacred texts in all Islamic sciences including Fiqh, Usool, Hadith, Tafseer, and Aqeedah, as well as the recitation of Imam `Asim (Hafs & Shu’ba).

Abdul Wahab Saleem is the founder and Academic Director of Salik Academy, an instructor at Mishkah University, and an author of a number of articles and books, some of which remain manuscripts to this date. In addition to lecturing around the world, he has made appearances on various TV stations and YouTube channels including Ramadan TV, Sharjah TV, The Daily Reminder and more

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