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Without Him the law salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hamdu lillahi Hampden you wash in your Emma who you Caffee OMA Zita or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was such a huge Ameri Allahumma lymphoma and fertile now on Fernando Bhima hoodlum Tina. Was it an arrangement? Yeah, Kareem publisher actually so they were silly Emily, what are the melissani? If Bocconi are visiting your element or visiting your element or visiting the element, la melesa Hey lemme Jalaja who Salah wanted to join has an ADA shaped Salah welcome everyone to another class on the deceit of Sula to dakara Allah subhanaw taala said, According to her, the Allahu Allah den Subhana Billah, whom F is

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summer word, he will have the cooloola hook on it. They said that

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Allah has taken up a child, who are these, we explained yesterday that this is referring to the Jews and the Christians because the Jews were saying that Allah has made but his aid his child, and the Christians were saying Allah has made it so they said, I'm Jesus, His child, Son of God, but Allah who manifests sama wa T on Earth, but rather, he has ownership and sovereignty over everything within the heavens and the earth good Lulu who CORNICHON every single thing comes to Allah in humility. Then Allah says buddy, or some wealthy will love. Allah is the One who brings about the heavens and the earth, out of nothing.

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I want you to think about the correlation between the two verses. The previous verse is talking about

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the Christians and the Jews saying that Allah has a child.

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Why are they saying Allah has a child, specifically the Christians, the claim of the Jews is not that famous, but it's there as well, at least within some of them. The reason why they're saying that is because they saw our child born without a father. So then they have to come up with an explanation of this child that is born without a father. So Allah subhanaw taala says, This is not nothing to be surprised about. Because Allah is buddy Russa wa T will Allah, Allah is the one who brought about the heavens and the earth without any material to begin with.

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He's the one who created all of the material that you see around you as well. So for Allah to bring about the heavens and the earth without any material whatsoever. This shows you that the capability and the capacity of Allah is far greater than for him to be incapable of making a person without a father.

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He is the Creator, not just a creator, He's the beginner of the heavens in the earth.

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What either called a moron whenever Allah decrees a matter for in Nehemiah kulula, who couldn't fire corn, whether it be the creations of the creation of the heavens and the earth, or it'd be a child born without a father, or be someone born without a mother like her well, or it'd be someone born without a mother and a father like a family, Sarah, or anything else. All Allah has to do is say Gooden become, and favicon, it becomes, Allah needs no one to be there, who guides him through the process of developing or who gives him the supply chain management, none of that is needed by Allah. Allah knows everything. He has all capacity in every scope. He's capable of all things. All he has

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to do is say B and it becomes what Carla leadin Allah Allah.

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Those people who don't know, they said, Who are those people who don't know?

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The same phrase?

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We discussed it a couple of days ago.

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Allah said the Jews said, and then the Christian said, and then we're Carla leadin, Allah, Allah Monomyth Nikoline. Those people who don't know they said the same thing that the Jews and the Christians said, Who are they? They're the machete kin. So this is Allah using acquainting this term for them, which should be king because they don't have a book to go back to. So they don't really have knowledge in the same way that Christians and the Jews did. Because even if they have a distorted book, at least they have a book, right? So they have some knowledge and some access to information. So even over here, just like previously, Allah refers to them as people who don't know,

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he refers to them in the same way over here. Well, Allah Lavina la Alamo. The people who don't know they said, Lola, you call him when Allah Oh, Tina.

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Why does an Allah speak to us directly? Why does he have to have an intermediary between us and Him? In terms of delivering the message for the purposes of delivering this message? Why doesn't he have a direct conversation with us?

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Oh that Tina or he brings an IRA or Allah sends down an IRA as well.

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What's the IRA? There are many ayat they asked for. Some of them asked that they see Allah Jehovah as the Christians, as the Jews have done. Others they said bring down a book in a physical form. Others they, even the pagans of Arabia, they asked for many different Iraq many signs.

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But Allah said, even if I was to give you every single IR, you would still choose to disbelieve. So they said one of two things. One of them is why doesn't Allah speak to us directly? Number two is why doesn't He send down signs as well? The ones were asking specifically, and Allah says Gallica kala Levine M and cobbly. Him mythological him, it is just in the same way, what they're saying is exactly the same as the people who were before them as well from the Christians and the Jews. They were also asking to talk to Allah directly, why does there have to be Musa in the middle? They were also asking to get specific signs that they would request, they would demand of the messengers

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without which they were unwilling to believe. So these people in Arabia, they're doing the exact same thing Allah says the Shabbat Oh, no, boom, it looks like their hearts are very similar at the end of the day, God Debian Yachty, they call me you can. And we have clarified our signs for those people who have your theme for those people who have certainty in God and in the Hereafter, because Allah had given the people of Arabia, the greatest of miracles, which was the Quran, the Quran was miraculous, many of them actually felt into fell into sujood when they would hear the Quran because they were overwhelmed by the beauty of the Quran. And they were people who understood this language,

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in the most perfect of ways. So they could see things that an average person, even someone who speaks here, Arabic today cannot. And because of that,

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they had every reason to believe and that's why Allah says we've already made our signs very clear, but it's for those people who have some belief inside of them, they have some willingness to believe in God. As for those who want to reject if we were to give 100 signs to them, they would choose to reject. Allah says in our cell Nerja bill, happy Oh Mohamed, we have sent you with the truth, but she urine one of the era. Now in this inner cell NACA will help there are three things Allah is alluding to. Number one,

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is the whole process of messenger ship, the whole process of sending a prophet and delegating a prophet or a messenger.

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And we know that Allah is the ever wise and we know that Allah is the Ever Merciful and the ever kind. So when he sees that shaitan is misleading humanity, as he had taken an oath that he would do, till the Day of Judgment, Allah azza wa jal, through his kindness at his mercy, He sent prophets, many, many prophets among them, and the last of them is Mohammed. So this is the aerosol. Number two, this aerosol is of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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The message is being granted to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So if you think about the first part, there's a sign in it, if you think about the second part, there's a sign in it as well. Because when you look at the prophet, and you look at the Sierra of the Prophet, his life, and you look at the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will have no choice but to believe. This is a man, that the deepest secrets of his life are no secrets, everybody knows them. Even Omaha, meaning would keep no secrets from the sahaba. They would tell them the deepest feelings that the prophet had for them, and they had for the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam, every Sahabi

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there was no incident in which the prophets and salam said, I'm telling you this, don't tell anyone, except for the secret keeper.

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That was one state secrets are there in every state, the Prophet was running a state. So there needed to be that but in terms of the general livelihood of the prophet or the general life of the prophet, there was nothing harsh, harsh, which one of us will have the ability to have our entire lives and open book, no one. But the prophets life is completely an open book. And even then, people continue to be in awe of the Prophet, we're able to portray an image to the world but there's always some dirty laundry that everyone has. And that's something that you don't want to show to people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has no dirty laundry, and that's why everything is apparent.

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And even then, we testify and everybody testify who is justly reads the life of the prophet that this was the greatest man sent to humanity. So that's enough of a sign that he's a prophet.

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Then on top of that Bill helped he was sent with the truth when you read the Quran, so many people end up believing just by reading the Quran, Bill happy Bashir on one of the

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you were sent for two purposes. Number one, you were sent to give glad tidings to those who believe in do righteous deeds when of the era and you were sent to warn people who are not following the guidance well to us Harbinger him, and you will not be asked or Mohamed of the Companions of the Fire, you're not going to be crossed question about that. They will be asked about that. Well, in total LA and Kalia hood,

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well in Nosara, hit that Debbie Amelia down. This is a very important verse, if you understand it correctly, the Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their path.

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Now, in this verse, apparently, there's a meaning. But if you stop at it deeper, there's another meaning. Because if the Christians had the profit on his side, would they be happy?

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They would be happy, they wouldn't be happy because that's what they wanted. The Christians literally came to the prophets of Salaam. And they said, what we have is the guidance. So accepted. Similarly, the Jews came to the prophets and Sullivan asked that of them as well. This is recorded in the Sierra. So they wouldn't be happy if the prophet had accepted Judaism already accepted Christianity, because this is what they're asking of him. But Allah is saying, the Jews and the Christians will never be happy until you follow their Milla.

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What does that mean? Until you become a Jewish Christian, which is impossible?

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Why is this important? The reason why this is important is because

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every group wants you on their side, people are calling in different directions. And even today, all the different philosophies that which are basically replacing religion to some capacity within the world today, they all want you to be on their side groups in every domain, they want you to be on their side, political philosophers want you to be on their side. Every form of philosophers, they sign science sign people of science, they want you on their side as well. Every single person wants you on their side, but no one is going to be happy until you're completely on their side. Okay. And that's why we say to people don't make concessions, many people end up making concessions, right?

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They'll say, Okay, I'm a Muslim, but in this angle, this is how I believe they're making a concession. But technically, that person is never going to be happy with that concession. Because he's gonna want you to believe in another thing that he believes in as well. Then the next guy, he's going to want you to believe in something else, the liberal is going to want you to be liberal, the Socialist is going to want you to be socialist, the communist is going to want you to be communist, the feminist is going to want you to be feminist, and none of these groups are ever going to be happy until you follow all of them. And the reality is, it's impossible inherently to follow each

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one of the philosophies sometimes which are inherently opposites as well.

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So Allah is saying that the Jews and the Christians are both calling you in their direction.

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They're not going to be happy, until you become a Jewish Christian, which is impossible. Since that's impossible, Allah says pull in who the Allah He who and who the it is, but the guidance of Allah that is true guidance. It's only the guidance of Allah. That is true guidance. You don't need to be a feminist. You don't need to be a socialist. You don't need to be a communist. You don't need to be a hedonist. You don't need to have any interest. The only

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religion that you need to follow or the only philosophy that you need to follow is the philosophy of Islam. The inner who Allah He who will Hooda say the only true guidance is the guidance of Allah azza wa jal

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whether in Tibet and if you choose to follow their desires, by the Lidija coming in, after all of the knowledge has come to you, Monica mean Allah he mean when he you want to see,

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after that you will have anyone to help you from Allah azza wa jal, you will neither have a Willie and an OCT. As I explained last time, that huali in the suite always goes together in the Quran, because one of them is a friend, and you can count on your friend for help. And then there are people who are not completely your friend

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Since but they are friendly with you, they're the ones who actually go and physically help you as well. So you're not going to have a friend to console you, when Allah azza wa jal takes you to account. And you're not going to have a friendly helper to stand by your side and help you as well. Because this is a law you're dealing with. When you follow the desires of people, and you try to make concessions and you say this part of my religion, I'm just going to put it aside because I believe in this philosophy, but I'm still a Muslim doesn't work

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well enough with Allah He who will who that the true guidance is only from Allah.

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Look at the Quran. That's enough for you look at the Sunnah. That is enough for you. Allah says MA for Robina fil Kitabi ministry, there is nothing that we have left out in the book

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in the form of this book, and the extension of this book, The Sunnah Allah has placed everything you need. Every aspect of your ideological needs has been covered over here, either directly or through analogical reasoning you can get it you don't have to go elsewhere to find something that will fill that gap within your life. Your ideology is the Quran and the Sunnah, your ideology your philosophy is the Quran and Sunnah your religion is the Quran and Sunnah. That's enough in the hood Allah He who will Huda. The true guidance will always be Allah's guidance. The problem is we don't know what's going on. We don't know what's in the Sunnah. Ask yourself honestly. When was the last time

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you actually went through the entire Quran and learn what's inside of the Quran? And this is why we're trying to do this. This is why on the weekdays, I do Friday nights I've seen like I mean outside of Ramadan, I do Friday nights to have seen and Saturday nights so now because we need to connect ourselves to the Quran and Sunnah we need to know what is within these books. We need to know what Allah had said to us. We need to know what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said to us and we don't even know how are we actually going to look for guidance Elsewheres and start to believe or assume that maybe that there is a void and we need to find something else and we

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need to, you know, get that next thing. And we need to get the latest fad in the trend next, and so forth, because there's a void here. You don't know if there's a void you've never actually looked in the Quran. You've never looked at the Sunnah. And that's why I encourage that. You take advantage of these lessons because they're being done for this purpose. So you have an opportunity to understand what Allah said, at least you hear what Allah had said at least you went through and understand before Allah on the Day of Judgment, you will have this as a her job for you and not against you that you you try to you understood what Allah had said in the Quran at least once in your life in

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sha Allah does not come from low head and inshallah we'll continue next week with some of Allahu Allah say he didn't want to he was like a big Marine.