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And had they observed the Torah, the Gospel, and what has been revealed to them from their Lord, they would have been overwhelmed with provisions from above and below. Some among them are upright, yet many do nothing but evil. [5:66]

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Sooner hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah 30 verses 30 days day six, Allah subhana wa tada says in Surah tonight, verse number 66, one unknown, the karma, the waratah will enjoy Allah wa unzila illa haematobium can Omen felt to him or mentality or Julian min, moto matassa Tanaka.

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In this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the people over the book, and he wants to send us a message through this particular comment that he makes about the people of the book, and he wants to send them a message as well. Allah says, if the people of the book would have established the Torah, that the rot or the end, they would have established the Injeel as well ie the Bible.

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And whatever else Allah Subhana Allah revealed to them, they would have ate from above them, they would have eight from below them. And then Allah continues on, and tells us that from them are people who are good, and a lot of them do a lot of evil as well. So

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what he's saying here is that if the people of the book would have taken the rulings and injunctions that Allah subhanaw taala had sent seriously, and they would have abided by them, that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah would have blessed their lives. And that's what he means when he says the Akan woman felt to him, they would have ate from above them and they would have ate from below them. If my boss he explained, this means that Allah would have sent rain down for them, ie from above, for the crops to grow, and that would be eating from above and eating from below. And other necessities they said other things they said is generally means it's a metaphor, referring to general blessing within

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provision that Allah subhanaw taala would have given to them. Now I looked at the doughnut itself to find where Allah subhana wa tada said this and I found this in Deuteronomy, where Allah subhana wa tada tells the Jews and an extension of obviously the Christians as well. He says, If you pay attention to these laws, and what are these last, these are the 10 commandments, and the ones the commandments that came after it. All of that is in Deuteronomy, Book of Deuteronomy. So he says, If you pay attention to these laws, and are careful to follow them, then the Lord, your God, will keep his covenant of love with you, as he swore to your ancestors, he will love you and bless you. and

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increase your numbers, He will bless the fruit of your womb, ie the children, the crops of your land, your grain, new wine and olive oil, the calves of your herds, and the lambs of your flocks in the land he swore to your ancestors to give you, he will be you will be blessed more than any other people. None of your men or women will be childless, nor will any of your livestock, be without young. The Lord will keep you from every disease. And that's the reason why I'm bringing this verse up today. One of the things that a lot promised the People of the Book is if you establish the book of Allah, if you establish the laws of Allah subhanaw taala, if you follow the instructions of Allah

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subhanaw taala if you avoid the prohibitions of Allah subhanaw taala He said, The Lord will keep you from every disease, he will not inflict you, or he will not inflict on you the horrible diseases you knew in Egypt, but he will inflict them on all who hate you. My dear brothers and sisters, we are living through a very, very difficult time, a time in which we can barely even step out of the home, a time in which we have a world which has advancements that human history has never seen. But at the same time, with all those advancements, all of human civilization has been paralyzed by a virus that the naked eye cannot see. And this is a reminder from Allah subhanho wa Taala, for you and I, to

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turn back to him, because he told the Israelites and he told also the Christians there after that, if you establish the laws of Allah, if you follow the injunctions of Allah, He will keep you from disease and He will give you in multiples and He will bless you as well. Sometimes we think within the within the type of world that we're living in the world which is completely empirical, the world world where everything needs to be tried and tested where the world, a world which only knows the physical means we forget that a lot has means which are beyond the physical means everything in this world was going fine up until a couple of months ago, couple of months ago, and suddenly everything

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came down collapsing, one economy at a time, one airlines at a time and so on and so forth.

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And then the whole world kind of just came to a screeching halt.

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A lot can do that.

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Allah has the power to do that. He can start it all back up again as well. But what he wants from us, and he's giving us a warning he wants from us to turn back to him, he wants us to repent back to him. He wants us to accept that we have made mistakes, and correct our path a lot doesn't want us to go through difficulty but Allah wants to send reminders and those reminders, the people who have hearts Take heed from you see, my dear brothers, my dear sisters, now that people are living through poverty around the world, some people I mean, it's been a couple of months now. We're going from a crisis of Corona to a crisis, which is beyond that. And that's a hunger crisis because people are

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finding it hard to find food now. You know, people that happen to be living month to month paycheck to paycheck, now they have come to a point where they cannot even find food, there are people being evicted from their homes, a lot can switch all of that around. But what he wants you to do is to follow this generic law that Allah subhanaw taala had given to every single nation just as I showed you to the people of the book and us as well as Allah says in the curar, mania, tequila, tequila, Maharajah whoever fears Allah, Allah will make a path out for him and he will provide for him from directions that he never ever imagined. Among the means of provision My dear brothers and sisters is

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that Allah gives us good health. Allah Subhana Allah gives us good wealth and the loss of panel data gives us a place to stay and to play in food to eat as well. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to turn back to him to take heat from the warnings that Allah subhanaw taala sends us and I asked Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to establish the injunctions, the loss of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to avoid the prohibitions and follow Him and be among the people of taqwa or something Allahu Allah say et now Mohammedan Allah Allah, he was so happy he made