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alumni come

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that shot

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that should have been over in

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that shattered

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my soul

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de semana

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de vida

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a lot more

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in Alhamdulillah

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Muhammed when I say no when I still feel when we love Him and surely unfussy now I mean so yeah Dr. Molina, Mayor de la HuFa la mala Houma, UDL, Farah heard Yara or shadow en la, la la shadow no Hamedan Abdullah solo. We praise Allah subhanaw taala we seek his forgiveness when we send blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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all the messengers of the past all the prophets of the past.

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One of their main missions and goals was to engage with their communities.

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Those who believe as well as those who disbelieve

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those who were more friendly to the truth, as well as those who are more verbally abusive and offensive.

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And one of the ways that the prophets of the past

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that they engaged in was to debate argumentation, proper debate.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, when I know Ceylon mursaleen in Shireen, our Mandarin, and we have not sent any prophets except that they were giver of glad tidings, or to warn the people from the punishment of Ultron talent and accountability that is required.

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Well, you Jad you don't live in a comfortable Bilbao

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and the disbelievers the their counterparts, that would argue back against the prophets and the messengers, they would argue with falsehood. Bilbao clearly kneel the head over heels in order to invalidate truths in order to you can say muddy the waters, not for actual understanding of the truth, but simply being a devil's advocate.

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But didn't say sisters, this is one of the great characteristics of the prophets of the messengers that they would engage and when the engagement is cease

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To bring any benefit, they would

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disconnect from that. frivolous and waste of time of argumentation.

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Brothers and sisters,

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argumentation, debating disagreements, they are part of our life. It is part of who we are as humans. We have different experiences. We have different educational backgrounds. We have different perspectives. We have different views. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong. So argumentation is always going to be there.

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But the most important thing is about how do we come to something of benefit? Is this argumentation something that is going to lead us to something beneficial? Is this discussion and even debate going to lead us to something such as making truth apparent, or will it just simply be a battle of egos a battle of personalities?

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Allah subhanaw taala condemns the characteristics of the hypocrites have Medina and he described them as being excessively argumentative. And he said, Well, Mina, Nancy mejorar gebouw colouful, heretic dunya and there will be people in which you will be amazed

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in this world, the way how they talk the way how they present themselves the way how they're able to

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illustrate even falsehood and they will repackage it as truth you'll see this a lot in YouTube etc. Social media.

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Well, you should Allah Allah mafia Kobe, and they will invoke Allah.

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They will they will say by Allah, Allah knows what's in my heart. They like to swear by Allah subhanaw taala to show their sincerity. They will employ bombastic charging language in order to show how sincere they are. Well who let Dooley farm and they are the most

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brothers and sisters.

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw his companions during the Battle of a hood after Hamza or the Allah Han had been killed and other companions had been murdered on the battlefield and some of them had been disfigured, stuck for Allah some of them had their noses cut off their ears cut off Hamza, while the Allah and his you know, his stomach was cut open. And when the companion saw this, they were so upset that they said that we're going to do exactly the way how they have done to us and we are going to get back revenge exactly the way how they did to our companions. And Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down the verse odo Isla sabe Lyra, DECA Bill Hekmati, well Maori bottle

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has an anti wotja deal whom bility here as a call to the way of Allah with knowledge with a Quran with wisdom. Well more Ella till Hassan

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and in a rightful nice form of discussion reminder a good reminder which I didn't humility here arson and debate them in which what is good, a political Yeah, that was tough.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam, ala Sula, while earlier savaged by the bad

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brothers and sisters. This trend that I will be talking about, has been going on for a very long time. But I want to focus specifically on a point that is becoming more and more obvious with, as we all know that with the use of social media,

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whenever we see oppression as we saw

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what happened in Palestine and other parts of the world? Of course, our hearts should tremble in anger. And we are angry with what the oppression that we see.

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But at the same time to the sisters.

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Have you considered the fact that social media has now shaped

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the way in the sense that people will now slice and dice and cut and trim clips and videos

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to trigger people?

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Even if they are half baked truths? And it is and we experienced this because we see the oppression and people reframe it, and they will say no, it's not actually as bad as you think it's just simply a misunderstanding. smila

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and brothers and sisters, I think it is so important that in the midst of all of this chaos that you see on social media, that we have to be very careful with what kind of argument you want to pick, and wasting time commenting back and forth on Twitter and Instagram, whatever is back and forth, commenting, arguing.

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And if you think about it, even scientists have, as well as psychology, They've analyzed the trend of arguing online. And they have said Subhanallah,

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that most of the time when people are arguing on social forums, whether it is to elicit sympathy, or whether it is to elicit a form of outrage, or maybe the outrage that you're not as outraged as they think you should be outraged in the way they think is righteous outrage.

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What do they do mob mentality. Look at this person's a hula this person is and he

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doesn't care for this or doesn't think about that. So think about how you interact on social media. Most of the time, the arguments that you find on social media are a waste of time. Because scientists have proven that the majority of the people who spend their time arguing on forums and social media, they're not actually doing it in order to get to the truth. They're actually doing it in order to get followers or in order to become famous or in order to have an echo chamber. And this is not the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala has taught us nor is this the way of the messengers of the past.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he talks about

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the reward of leaving argumentation, even if you're right the person sentence says whoever leaves argumentation even if you are in the right, let's turn to Allah will build for you a palace in the outskirts of paradise. Think about that brothers and sisters to not engage in senseless

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argue argumentation and finally brothers and sisters.

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The prophets Allahu alayhi wa sallam gives us a look into something that we are seeing today. And he says Allah subhanho wa Taala despises and condemns three kinds of people.

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The Prophet SAW Selim, he described them as Java Rayyan Jawaban, Zahal. Jhaveri is the person who in this context, it means the person all he cares about is eating.

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And Joe wealth is the person who is full of air Fafa you know, err and arrogant, being arrogant for something they don't have. You see that on social media posers and their counterparts, trolls

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and Sahar, the people who are always arguing dzifa Couldn't believe they're a corpse at night. They don't engage in prayer 200 At night, hey, mountain Ben Shahar and they're like a donkey during the day. Alright, Lehmann. Be more dunya Joshua and Bill Afra. They are scholars of all the little nitty small details of the knowledge of the world but completely ignorant of the true knowledge of the era. We ask Allah subhanahu wa Jalla to protect us from unnecessary argumentation. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to protect us from those who would oppress Muslims around the world. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us. We ask Allah Subhana hotellet to give us the best that is in this

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world and the best that is in the next life Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad come isolated Rahim. Allah Abraham if I'm into Majid, or radical I'm Hamid Ali Muhammad Kima Baraka like Rahim, Allah al Ibrahim in Camila Majeed, welcome salah.