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Abdul Rahman Chao
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a dynamic where evil people celebrate and celebrate with pride and pride of what they know is better than what the Prophet tells them. The manager at whom bills by Unity is proud of what they know is better, while the manager at whom Bhima in the hoomin Allah is given the job, they are proud of what they know is better. The importance of sharing beliefs and values, including the belief in the Bible and the Sun airline of the Bible, is emphasized. The discussion between father and daughter ensues, and the speaker discusses the importance of celebrating our deeds and Islam as a way of life and guidance for us. The message of Islam is to celebrate and be proud of our deeds, and Islam is a way of life and guidance for us.
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A long long way

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a long one?

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Everyone so oh

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hi Dee

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Hi Fi

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hi fi

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AE is

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a lot more

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in Alhamdulillah Muhammad who when I started when I stopped when I was relying on surely on phocoena I mean Dr Molina mejor de la Philomel de la mejor de Lille Fela harira or shadow Allah ilaha IL Allah or Haddow luxury color or shadow anna Muhammad and Abdi Hora su

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Yeah, you have leadin Tapachula hyper to quality Ala Moana Illa to Muslim moon. Yeah, you have NASA taco Rebecca Milady holla Paco Minassian Wahida Holloman has Hello Jaha

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well that's the mean homage Island if you don't want isa what up Hola. Hola de Tessa Luna be here well or harm in Allah who can Alikum Rafi Eva?

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Yeah, you Hello. I'm Anna toquilla Apolo colon. Sarita use la Melaku microphylla Canoga como minneota Allah Hora Sula, Takata further frozen Alima

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Am I bad enough? estoppel Hadith ICA la mala? Well, hold on. Have you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Oshawa Mortimore to her Akula more desert in beta Aquila without him vanilla or cola dolla to infinity

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during the time of the province of Salem, there was a hypocrite by the name of Jed in place.

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And during the Battle of taboo because of also salam invited the Muslims to join him in this campaign.

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And many of the Muslims joined and of course the hypocrites they gave their excuses one one after the other.

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Either they're too old, they have family they have reasons why they cannot join.

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But this hypocrite was very special. Just in case.

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In fact, in a verse came down from Allah subhanho wa Taala regarding this hypocrite

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In the process, LM approached him and said, Why don't you come with us on this war expedition? He said Messenger of Allah, I cannot go.

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I'm a weak man.

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And he was referring to weakness in desires.

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The husband said it sentences if you go to war, you get the war spoils you will get captives

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prisoners of war

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and during that time, it was normal for prisoners of war to be exchanged when a invading army wins the enemy soldiers returning to prisoners of war.

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So if you said to the Prophet SAW Selim jasola

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I cannot control myself with women. So let the Fini do not test me. Because if I were to see the women of Bizen, dies NTm I can control myself

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and Allah subhanahu wa Bucha Allah actually talks about this verse

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Amin who may well mean who may go lower than Lee while at the skinny, he said, the Allah says and there are those who say, then Lee give me permission to stay back.

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That's what he wanted. He was. It wasn't because he has this fake self righteousness of Oh, Salah. I need to stay away from the fitna. He didn't want to go.

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One at 15 You do not test me. Allah Phil fit naughty SOHCAHTOA or inner Johanna Malema hate or fumble caffeine. But Allah says that the greater fitna that these hypocrites fell into was in the fitna of disbelief, the fitna of the FARC.

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So he said to the pastor Salam, permit me to stay back.

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Don't test me because I cannot control myself.

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And I will support you with my money instead.

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The next verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the reality of the hypocrites, something for us to pay attention to.

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In which Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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into supercar Hasina, tune Tehsil.

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If a good thing happens to the believers, those hypocrites would be upset, they would be angry. And so whenever the hypocrites heard of the Muslims winning,

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they would be angry, they would be sad.

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Went into sluka mostly but we

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have a Marana, Ming Pablo.

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And whenever something bad when something bad happened to the Muslims, the hypocrites around the processor limb, they would say, well see, we knew better.

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We know we plan we could see this. We're smart. That's how we were able to avoid that kind of a misfortune. And this is the key part that I want you to focus on. While you're while we're home 30 horn, they would turn away, happy, proud, celebrating smug thinking that they were smarter than the believers thinking that they were better than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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but in sisters, the conflict between truth and evil

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since the beginning of time since the breeding of messengers from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has been of this nature, that when the truth comes, the disbelievers those who reject and despise the truth.

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They will mean on they will revert back they will celebrate and they will be proud with whatever evil and misguidance and sin that they're on. And they think that they're so enlightened. They think they know better than what Allah tells us tells them in the Quran. Allah tells us the Quran explaining this phenomena.

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For the manager at whom Russolo whom bill by Unity fairy who Bhima in the hoomin Allah

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when the messengers would bring them the truth will pay you not clear what is halal, what is haram, what you can do what you cannot do.

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Funny who be nice to whom they would be proud of what they know of. In other words, these evil people they would celebrate and be proud of what they think they know is better.

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And you see this

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in France,

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they think that by not allowing women to wear the hijab, this is enlightenment, we know better of how to treat women.

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And this is what you see in the media. They're always dunking and slamming Muslim these backwards people that you don't know, we know better.

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In fact,

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over a decade ago when I was in Divinity School, and the running joke was

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Christians have reformed. And so there are 500 years ahead of us. So Hala, reformed into more misguidance.

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And so, here

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30 Hobi, manga homea. And they would be, they would celebrate with whatever knowledge they think whatever enlightenment 21st century values, whatever they think.

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Well, how about the human mind cannot be used as human, but Allah says, and Allah would surround them. Yeah, and Allah would punish them for what they used to make fun of from the truth, the morals, etc.

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With the advent of social media, you see so many people like cockroaches coming out of the woodworks.

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You see a report, you know, months ago, the people in Turkey and Syria they had the earthquake. May Allah accept those who died as martyrs. I mean,

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you'll see people commenting such vile things. Good. They deserve it.

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You see people looking at what is happening in the West Bank,

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in the in the Middle East around the greater Muslim moral Muslims suffering. And then you will see people without specifying you'll see people say yes, this is what they get. These people look at them so backwards.

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And does that make us sad? Of course it does.

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Allah tells us in the Quran,

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in terms of scum, Hassan atone so when something good happens to you, when something good that Muslims do, they become upset, or in to say because say you're too young or healthy ha. And when something bad happens to you, they get happy. But Allah reassures us and tells us

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that when we are living in a time

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we're holding up morality and good values and the truth and the deen and the Quran and the Sunnah of the Bible says Allah,

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you're gonna get pushed back.

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So don't be sad because Allah immediately in the next verse what he says he continues and he says, we're in hospital. We're Taku la Bowral Kincaid, to whom dome che. In Allaha, Bhima, Yama, Luna Maria. But if you are patient, and you have taqwa, in other words, you don't give up in your morals and beliefs. Law, your guru Kincaid, who share their plots, their machinations, whatever little things that they're trying to undermine us with Lario to communicate and share, it will not harm you, in any way, shape, not even in one way. In one thing, in Allah Habima Yama, Luna Maria, verily, Allah is well aware, well, a compass in his knowledge, fully encompass in knowledge of what they do.

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But within sisters, I want to focus a little bit here on the celebration of self righteousness like this. Hypocrite during the of the process, Selim that we mentioned at the beginning of the hotbar Don't test me Messenger of Allah,

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the celebration of

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so called enlightenment, the 21st century, that celebration of we know better, the celebration of oh, we told you so.

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And brothers and sisters.

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What does Islam what does the Quran what does the Prophet SAW Selim, tell us about

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what we should be celebrating what we should be having joy for what we should be having pride for?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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tells us that humans naturally will celebrate things that they earn things that they own.

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So if a person was to, for example, purchase a very large house, something to be happy about rightfully so.

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A promotion in their career rightfully so a newborn child would celebrate.

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In fact, in a hadith and even headband, the prophesy sell themselves for things

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among four things, there are four things in life that will bring you happiness.

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And he's mentioned four of those. And he's the first one is a righteous woman, a righteous wife.

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A good neighbor,

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a good ride

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and a comfortable house. This is an even headband.

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And for things that bring about the opposite, or the opposite, and unrighteous spouse

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difficult to place to live in a horrible neighbor, and also a you know, an unreliable ride, like back then doing during the time versus animals referring to horses, but now it's car.

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And so brothers and sisters, Allah subhanahu wa ala Says law who Yep, so to raise palaemon Yasha way up to there were 30 hoeveelheid. The dunya Malhotra dunya fill atheletic Illa Mata Allah bestows Rizk to whomever he wishes, and whomever he has ordained. And the people they are happy from that there's nothing wrong with that. But Allah tells us that when you celebrate the wins in this world, remember that the wins in this world the happiness in this world is fleeting. It's not meant to give you long term happiness the real happiness is in the Astra

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button in sisters

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What does Allah subhanahu wa taala want us to celebrate about

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the permanent things that we should be celebrating about? Allah tells us no Quran and Allah addresses this to all the people in the world. Yeah, you have nice oh mankind, God comes to him Mira become

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Oh mankind instruction has come from your Lord, what she felt when the mafia pseudo. Number two, a cure has come for what is in the hearts in the chest. Number three will who then and guidance number four, Russia maternal meaning

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and mercy to the believers.

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The family law he will be rahmati he Febi their Lika failure fra who who are hiring me my age now.

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Say that by the blessing of Allah

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and by the mercy of Allah.

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This is all something you should celebrate these four things. guidance from Allah, instruction from Allah, Rama from Allah.

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And the cure from Allah subhanho wa Taala from all of our spiritual wounds.

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But then sisters let's look at the first one mo are the instructions from Allah?

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Have you ever been in a job sometimes where you feel like you don't know what you're doing? You know how frustrating that is? But look how merciful was pantallas everything that you're supposed to do? Allah has told you what you need to do. Everything that you're not supposed to do. Allah has told you you're not supposed to do very clear how to get to Jannah Allah has shown you every way of how to go to Jana. Every way of how to what to do to get away from Johanna. Allah has shown that to you.

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Shiva a cure.

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Allah strong Allah has given us this Quran this Islam as a cure for all of us a cure for all of our problems.

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Guidance brothers and sisters. Why is it that sometimes when we hear some non Muslim praising Islam, we get happy. But when we hear called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call Allahu Taala Vicki Debbie Hill Corinne it doesn't hit us as hard. Why?

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And finally, brothers and sisters, how many billions of people today are walking around on earth, not knowing who their creator is completely lost.

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These are four things we as believers should celebrate upon ourselves.

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Salawa. Ali was

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the wife of Jonathan, the cousin of the pastor Salam,

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a SMAP Vint amaze. She was one time sitting with Hafsa, the daughter of the Mohawk Bob

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as mapping domains had done as she had

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emigrated to Abyssinia when it was difficult for the Muslims

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To live in Mecca. So on that one day after she had returned some time later on on the photography hola Juan, by the way, this hadith is a Muslim, sorry, a Muslim Ummah entered and visited Hafsa. And she was sitting there and with her was Osama bin mace.

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So he said, Who is this? And she said, Oh, this is a sama bin, or mace. He's the one that went to I've seen here she said, Yes.

00:20:24 --> 00:20:30

So the discussion ensued between all three of them between father and daughter, and the friend snapped into place.

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And so on, might have made a comment. He said,

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we have more rights over the we have more rights over you. And when it comes to the prophets, I send them the Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and this angered a smell. And she said, I will not eat and drink until I tell the process of them what you said.

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Until I tell the President what she said. And so when she went to the analysis at lunch, she recounted to him

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of what had happened. And she said, Oh might have made this claim that he and the people who did hedgerow to Medina have more right than us over you, messenger of Allah. The pastor said him said, No, not correct. But in fact, you none of you have more right over me than the other. But in fact, you have virtue, because you did two hedgerows.

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And what is the point of this story, brothers and sisters, the point of this story is that when the other companions who had gone to Abyssinia

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when they heard of this interaction, they were so happy.

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Because this is what we believers should be celebrating. That when you do something for the sake of Allah, those companions, they emigrated for the sake of Allah. There is no regret ever for doing something for the sake of Allah, you should be happy about it.

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And so when those companions heard about it, they were so happy they're like, Wow, the prophets of salaam said this about this.

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Brother and Sisters,

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celebrating good deeds.

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is like when we hear the Hadith and Ramadan, in which the Prophet SAW Selim says, less saw me for.

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For the one who fights there are two times of joy the first time when they break their fast, why is it that you're so happy when you break your fast? Yes, of course, you're breaking fast because you're going to eat great. But the other reason that you're happy when you break your fast is because you are now enjoying what is halal. At that moment that food and drink is halal for you, you know, you know that you've done a day of hard work and fasting. That is the first joy and the second Joy brothers and sisters, is when you meet Allah and get your good deeds. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us clarity, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to celebrate and be

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proud of our deen of our Islam and the guidance that Allah has given us and the mercy that he has given us and Islam as a cure for us. And Islam as a way of life and instruction for us. About Allah in Allahu mobila Dhaliwal x&y eater ideal CORBA when handled fascia your material Bahia La La Quinta the Quran the Quran Allah Allah Allah Kabir wash guru who Allah and yummy he has it Kumala the Corolla he Akbar Allahu Allah Mantis now open the salah.

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