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A very powerful name and description of the Quran. In the Quran itself is huck huck. Now, the word hupp very commonly translated as truth or al Huck would be the truth. But I want us to have a little appreciation for where the word comes from and what it means. The word Huck, you know, the Arabs, the ancient Arabs had a very fascinating idea, and that was to autofill a shirt will be a daddy hat, that a lot of times, things can best be understood and even recognized and identified by standing there opposites. The antonym the opposite of the word Huck is bartholin. Now, the word Huck, in its etymology, and its origins refers to something that is very solid, something that is very stable,

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something that has a very solid, you know, foundation and bottle on the flip side as an opposite as an antonym. It refers to something that is very flimsy and weak and not very stable at all. So the word Hulk does mean truth, but it means something more than just truth. It is the undeniable, irrefutable absolute universal truth.

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It also refers to the consistency of the Quran. Because when you told the truth, then you never have to change your story. Because the truth is the truth when somebody lies, they have to constantly keep changing their story and keep adding details and keep, you know, glossing over different things and aspects and explaining certain things and explaining away certain things. But when you tell the truth, there's no need to ever change what you're saying or what you're doing. Why? Because the truth is that the truth is the truth. And that's why we say the truth shall prevail. So the Quran is referred to as the truth, the ultimate truth, all right, because it is consistent. It is solid, it

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is stable, and it's the truth that comes from Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate truth. So Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran in surah Yunus is number one, wait, he says yeah, yohanna spolia yonezawa Mohammed salatu salam announced proclaim and say to the people, yeah, UNESCO humanity, but the Giacomo hakomi Rob become the truth has come to your from your Lord and your Master Allah subhanho wa Taala the ultimate truth has come to you from your Lord and Master Allah, and he's referring to the Quran. So the Quran is the ultimate truth and the Quran is stable, solid consistent, it's not going anywhere. It has and it cannot be

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undone or it cannot be explained away. And the Quran has always said what it said and will always continue to say what it says