Umrah Series – Episode 02 – Tawaf Circumambulation

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live v. Live bacon Sherry Calacanis v.

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and complete the harsh and omura for Allah.

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Salam, alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh reminder, your brother Alexander, continuing on with our discussion of what to do. After you've completed the rights from Ra. And you're still on the trip, you have about seven days, a week or two weeks. So what are some good things that we can do to gain a lot of benefit from this trip? My second recommendation is to make a lot of dough off

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is an exclusive act of worship. It's only done in one place in the world. That is around the garba. Around the Kaaba, in the Haram in Makkah. And Aleph is an expression it's a really beautiful representation of many things. It represents the oneness of Allah, tala, how it is only one place in the world with the life happens, and how everybody in the world faces one direction, the garba when they're praying, and how it doesn't matter where you're coming from, or what you know, status you are, how knowledgeable you are, how ignorant you may be, how rich you are, how poor you may be, doesn't matter. When you come to the bottom. There's only one way to make the wall. When you join,

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you know, you're the CO off ranks and you make your co off. It's a very beautiful expression of equality. It's very beautiful expression of the heat of the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala It is really, really an incredible act of worship. The prophets Allah subset, man Botha bill Beatty, sabar giving us incentive. So the one who makes a laugh around the Kaaba seven times seven circles around the Kaaba, muslin, arakata. And praise to rockers after this part completion can occur at your Aqaba, it's the reward of this, the divine reward that we get from our last caller, is as if the person has freed a slave, as if the person has freed a slave.

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What is freeing the slave, freeing the slaves, it's like giving $40,000 in charity, like donating $40,000. That's the equivalent modern day of freeing a slave. The reward is so immense, because it is such a rare opportunity. It is so rare. So tawaf is a beautiful action. And when you're on your trip, I encourage you to make as much too often as possible, count the seven circuits, and play to rockhouse. Count the seven circuits again, and make pay to rockers. And this is something that you can do a few things about the off a few notes.

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Number one, you should have mobile when you're making pull offs. If you lose your mobile in the middle of tawaf, you can go and make your model, come back and join and pick up from where you left off. So I'm making the last me three circuits. And the last one will do a go a as completed three circuits, I'm in my fourth. I go and make my will do come back, I start my Fourth Circuit again, and continue on. So just a few pointers about the law. Also, there's no nothing specific that said in tawaf, you can remember Allah you can be on chemica you can do whatever you want. Basically, this Don't talk on the cell phone, don't interrupt, other people don't bump people don't elbow people,

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you know, just be nice. And the best thing in fact to do info off is to make a lot and we'll talk about the orange channel in the next video because that will fade in for watching so far.