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The speakers discuss the use of the word " Bella" in English, including negative proposition and negative opinion, and stress the importance of showing evidence and faith to satisfy one's faith. They also mention various examples of negative sentences, including a tweet about graduations, one about a woman being embarrassed, and one about a woman being angry. The speakers stress the importance of negating negative sentences and affirming them as negations.

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The word Bailiff comes in the court on a number of times.

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And it generally comes with one specific purpose and that is to contradict a negated proposition or denial. And then to affirm its opposite, let me write that down

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and negated proposition

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ordinance denial

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the opposite.

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So this is the fundamental purpose of the word the usage of the word Bella in the Quran. Let's take a look at a few examples of the usage and inshallah with this with the demonstration of these examples, it will become clear what this particular sentence means and how these how Bella is used in

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Zama, Latina kifaru lnu Basu called Bella hora de la to Boston from Madonna buena Bhima. Milton

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Lika, Allah La Jolla.

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Those who disbelieve have claimed that they will never be resurrected, say, yes, by my Lord, you will surely be resurrected. And then you will surely be informed of what you did. And that for Allah is easy.

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The usage of weather here, as you can see, occurs here in the words called Bella warabi. The toolbar soon similar to nobuna Bhima. I mean, we had said that Bella comes in the Quran to contradict a negated proposition or denial and then affirms the opposite. Correct. So here

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it says Zama larina, aka foru

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unlike the people who just believe,

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they say that, unless you buy from this, this is the claim, right? That they have claimed that they will never be resurrected, this is an negated proposition is the denial, right? This is

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And then our last panel comes and he says, Call say

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Bella, yes, meaning, what you just said.

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It's not true. And then to the contrary, by my Lord, to the contrary by my Lord, He will surely be resurrected, and then you will surely be informed of what you did. So, in this particular case, the there was a denial number one and then number two,

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the statement that was made was

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was negated first

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And then

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on the contrary, the actual reality is that you will be resurrected On the contrary

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right, this is going to happen, the toolbar when from Allah to number owner you will be resurrected and you will be informed of fortunate. So that's the first usage of butter

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and that it comes to Bala comes the first usage

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as a response

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and we had discussed that the meaning here is that we find in English is

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to the contrary to the

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very This is where this is the kind of meaning the Bala carries in this first instance.

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The second example comes in Surah Baqarah. The second example that we're taking here, it says it called Ibrahim rugby areni gay for to heal motor

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and mentioned but Ibrahim, Abraham said, My Lord, show me how you give life to the dead

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all over them took me a loss handler said, Have you not believed? This is a question asked in the negation. Have you not believed? as it did you not go to school today.

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Same question. He said,

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Yes. Bella, what I can do in Colby? Yes, I do believe, I do believe. But I asked only that my heart may be satisfied. It's a side point of this will mention a tangent, that sometimes matters of faith, you're not certain about them. That doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you. But you want more proof, you want more evidence is not because you don't believe, but rather because you actually want to strengthen your faith. So he said, Allah, I do believe while I can do Toma in Colombia, I want to satisfy my heart so that my heart may be satisfied. So here we notice that the statement the question that ultimately asked St. Abraham was evident to me, have you not believed?

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And then his response to this question was Bella

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like in the economy, he says yes, but I asked only that my heart may be satisfied. So here the usage of butter we find it comes as a response to a negative interrogative question to the interrogative sentence which is question a negative question

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or rather a question in negation, and the answer is yes. So he says Bella, and then for that, you can check out the other video, in which we are talking about and discuss this particular concept.

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So here now, the second instance of this Bella, first one was to point to as a response to a negative and negated sentence. And the second is as a response

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to a

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tweet a negative

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as a response to indicative, interrogative sentence in which you actually want the response to be Yes, indeed, as an Do you not Did you not go to school? Yes, I did go to school. Do you not believe? Yes, I do believe. So. This is where this usage comes in.

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The third example that we're going to take here is from Surah zomer. It says, Bella Casa jotka iottie? By Yes, they had come to you, my verses, forget that we have, but you denied them was stuck in you were arrogant, or contaminated caffeine, and you were amongst the disbelief.

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So in this particular one, this is slightly difficult. What we find in these verses, just the verses that preceded this particular verse, is, for example, this was a conversation. This was a scene that was happening on the Day of Judgment, where a person was regretting the fact that they did not become Muslim when they had the chance. So they would say something like, no and Allaha nidoqueen to Milan would have been if a law had only guided me, I would have been of the pious, so is this person in question, seeing these kind of statements.

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So it's not literally

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a negation, but it has the force of negation, that if only this was done, of, if only this was the case, if only Allah had guided me, I would be a Muslim. So but to negate this, allows popular uses the word Bella here, and it says, Bella know, what you're seeing is false. It's not because allows pantalla it's almost fault that you weren't guided you yourself. It says, caja Attica iottie. They had come to you my verses. Right. So it's not like you didn't know,

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pocket labtopia so you denied them. That's what you did.

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was stuck in you were arrogant, you could not humble yourself to your master. Well, couldn't terminal Catherine and you were amongst the disbelievers, or the ones who were so ungrateful to the flavors favours of their master, that they completely denied him. You were of those people, it's not like you did not know of this, you knew the jotika if you knew of this, or science came to you, but you didn't accept. So this kind of statement that Oh, if Allah had guided me, if Allah gives me guidance, then I will be a good person. It's this these kind of excuses are not considered anything and that's one negates them by saying

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there's no what you're seeing is false. To the contrary, this is the situation and this is what had happened. So this is the last example of how Bella is used in the Quran. And as you've seen, that they all come with a general

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general theme being to contradict a negated proposition or denial, and affirmed the opposite and just to complete the discussion here, we should add that number three is

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it's preceded

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but in negation, but in but in negation

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it is not literally,

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but it has the theme, it has the same feeling has the same force. So, these are the examples of how Bala is used. And as we had said, that, it comes to contradict and negated proposition or denial, and then it affirms the opposite. So, the disbelievers said in the first type as a response to a negated sentence, they said that we will not be resurrected, this is what this says Allah says, No,

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to the contrary, you will be reached by law

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or by law to action, right? Then sometimes it comes as a response to a negative interrogative sentence. Did you not go to school? Do you not believe Allah? Yes, I do. But I want to reaffirm my faith, I want to make my heart You know, satisfied. And then sometimes it's not really a negation. It's more like it's a denial. It's a listing of it is just really excuses. But they capture and they come to the same force as it being indicated. A negative sentence and negated sentence. So banner is used to say no, actually what you said is all false. To the contrary, again, the opposite is true. So the first and the third are very similar. But the difference being that the third one is not

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really a not literally in a negation. It carries the same force and the first one is a literal negation.